The Fatwa and Hadi Matar

Salman Rushdie, knifed in the neck, possibly more than once, near a place called Buffalo, a city in N.Y. State. (That place is distinctively familiar, for some reason??)

The Fatwa has been in place since 1988 and is still out for the author of the Satanic Verses. And Allah, ( Bless them both!) and all those rag heads, have been waiting for this moment, for all these years, to get their revenge.

Who’s been paying for this cunts protection, over the last thirty five years? Suicidal Sid, from Viz made me laugh, when he wore the T. shirt “ I am Salman Rushdie” back in the 80’s. But I guess some, have no sense of humour. Cunts!

Nominated by: Lord Scunthorpe

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Supported by: Mild-Mannered Reporter, Cunt Kent.

An EMERGENCY CUNTING please for HADI MATAR, the heap of stinking pigshit that allegedly knifed Salman Rushdie

Never been a fan of Rushdie myself, always struck me as a know-it-all cunt, but anybody who stands up for freedom of thought and expression, especially against the you-know-who, scores points with me.

Let’s hope Rushdie lives to annoy them another day.

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90 thoughts on “The Fatwa and Hadi Matar

  1. I despair at the media saying the motivation was unknown.Wake up and smell the coffee they never will though.As my Dad said before he was named “I bet it wasn’t a Michael Smith or John Jones”.

  2. just another mentally challenged murdering cunt, nothing to see here, and so say all of us, for he’s a jolly good fellow and so say all of us. This is the 9 o’clock news, beep beep

  3. Trust the BBC to be harping on that the motive is unknown, like it’s a big fucking mystery.

    It’ll be some bloke called Dave who got sold a dodgy timeshare off Salman.

    The BBC is s fucking joke. I saw a meme recently that summed them up. In fact, it’s more ridiculous in reality as the black gent is a bummer an’ all.

  4. Diversity. Strength. Lessons. All that shite.

    Mass deportation sounds like a plan to me.

  5. As usual you can write the script.

    Complete the checklist:

    1. Is born in a western country and traveled there/ or parents travelled there for a new life/opportunities for a better life.
    2. Benefitted from tax payer funded education, medical system, taxes, etc.
    3. Is a follower of the religion of peace or has sympathies with it.

    You never seem to hear of the Jewish, Sikh, Buddhist, Hindu or Rastafarian stabby brigade…..

    And what were the security arrangements….

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