Manchester United – A Tsunami of Shite

Manchester United are cunts. (Without even looking at the author, I just knew this nom was from our Norm – Day Admin)

I have heard all the usual crap: ‘New season! New manager! New start!’
Well, all I can see is the same rapacious vermin owners, the same ineptitude and lack of ambition, and the same array of festering turds on the team sheet.

First of all, Erik Ten Thingy. It wouldn’t matter if he was the greatest manager going (which I don’t think he is!), not even Sir Matt (RIP) or Cloughie (RIP) could do anything with the useless pieces of shit on United’s books.

Which leads us to the players themselves. Lazy, arrogant, slack arsed cunts like McGuire and Rashford have got yet another second chance. Yet they just stroll around with their usual ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude. Pissing in the face of the new manager and the supporters.

McGuire is the worst defender and captain in our club’s history. And Rashford is a useless turd. They are not the only ones though. Sacks of shit like McTominay, Fred, Shaw, Bruno, and Dalot should be put down and sold for glue. When Brighton and Hove Albion can bully Man United at Old Trafford and play them off the park, then you know you are well and truly fucked and your team isn’t worth a shite.

Then there is the Glazers and their laughable ‘input’. As usual, the United of modern times go for some mercenary cunt who doesn’t want to play for the club unless he’s paid enough (some cunt called Frankie De Schlong).

So, they don’t get him and they have no other options. So they panic at the last minute go for yet another joke of a 30 odd year old relic of a striker that no cunt has ever heard of.

Once this club signed daredevils and heroes like Hughes, Cantona, Van Nisterlrooy, Keane, and Robson. Now we are lucky if we get some Brentford reject. An absolute joke. We know the owners are scum, human leeches. But surely nearly 20 years of piss taking is enough?

I will say now, that this team of cunts will not get a Top 4 place, they will not win a major trophy, and they will not play in the old United tradition. The new ‘start’ and the new manager doesn’t change a thing.

You can put a ribbon around a turd. But, at the end of the day, it is still a turd. No wonder Ronaldo wants to fuck off. (And relax! – Day Admin)

Nominated by: Norman

(Fucking ‘ell Norm, the season is only 1 game in at time of writing and already you’re ready to top yourself! – Day Admin)

(Update: Sorry, should say TWO games in… – Day Admin)

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‘A joke’, ‘bullied’ & ‘rotten’ – are Man Utd at rock bottom?

108 thoughts on “Manchester United – A Tsunami of Shite

  1. My old man did his National Service just after the war at the Woolage Arsenal. All the players were from the area, back then. They were professional, polite & always well turned out. He helped at the weekends during home matches, Got free entry, & was given free fags, & cigatette cards. He became a life long supporter as a result. But as we know in the end, like many other clubs, Arsenal is now just but a name.

    • They are now franchises. Fuck all to do with the towns and cities. Overpaid foreign cunts.

    • Poor Norman. What a start to his season. I’ve actually known United fans who believed they were somehow entitled to be at the top of the premiership, but I understand his disgust at the players because the present bunch make it all too obvious they’re only there for the money.
      My team isn’t in the prem but they haven’t lost a game yet.

    • Back when I had a season ticket at Spurs, Southampton showed up at the Lane with Bruce Grobbelaar in goal. This chant went up (to the tune of My Old Man’s a Dustman):

      Oh Grobbelaar is dodgy
      He wears a dodgy hat
      And when he saw that fifty grand
      He said I’m having that

      To his credit, he laughed along with the crowd giving him shit.

  2. Oooohhh, Ha Ha Ha, Hee Hee, Oooohhh, nah, stobbit, it’s so funny.

    I hate this scum and they deserve everything that’s coming. Which is …. Nothing, no trophies, not even top 6.

    For years they bullied their way to titles, cheating, lying, alky Fergy and intimidation of the match officials, of the FA even. And now Brentford destroy them in less than 30 mins.

    It’s so good to see them fall. Utter scum.

  3. Everybody is laughing at Man U.

    Norm is right, they won’t get top 4.

    Bottom 4 more realistic.

    They need a few relegations so that Harry Maguire can play in the league that best matches his ability.

    Why nobody at the club can see how utterly shit he is I don’t know but at least they have a 5 ft 9 partner for him now, which every centre forward in the league will bully this year.

    Oh well, Liverpool next up

    • In fact I would have sacked Ten Hag the minute he thought a 5ft 9 centre half could do a job in this league.

      Utter moron

      • To be fair he’s the same height as David Alaba and he’s a starter for Real Madrid. The issue is more that Fred and McTominay absolutely do not work as a double pivot.

  4. Saint Marcus of Rashcock is too busy with virtue signalling and ‘charidee’; such as ‘paying’ for school meals, not with his millions, but with tax payer’s money.

    Oh yes and putting his holier than thou name to shite, smug ghost written books. Football is just an afterthought and steady income for the cunt.

    Waste of a football shirt and uber cunt.

    • Someone called Rashford ‘The Black Birtles’*.
      But that’s an insult. Even Birtles was better than Rashford.

      * That’s Garry Birtles. For any post 1992s who don’t know he is…

    • It’s becoming more and more commonplace.
      Female studio pundits and female co-commentators.
      It’s bad enough with cunts like Clinton Morrison but at least he played at a decent enough level of the mens game.

      I hear (from a Sky subscriber) that you can’t even have crowd sound only (which seems a bit of a con to me)
      Surely to fuck with the prices that Sky and BT charge people for subscriptions then you’d think in the modern era of technology and everything else that an authentic crowd noise minus the babbling commentary would be an option.
      Apparently not.

      • Apparently not indeed

        They intend that there is no alternative to having your eardrums scarified by the clueless self entitled wittering of D-grade entitled tuppence lickers

      • By complete coincidence the crowd noise only option on Sky vanished around the time the forced wimminz into the commentary box.

        They want to force this shit down your throat. I stick music on if a split arse is commentating.

      • Also notice that when a familiar chant starts up which the commentary cunts know contains bad language, they start to talk more over the top of it so you can’t hear the words.

        It’s so fucking obvious.

        I have longed for a no commentary option for many years. It is pathetic you don’t have that option. Sly Sports used to do a player cam option. I expect they’ve knocked that on the head now too. Anyone?

        Female pundits and co-commentators are an abomination. It all started with that slag lineswoman. Her mere presence led to the downfall of Keys & Gray. Crowbarring women into anything to do with the Premier League is such an obvious ploy to be ‘inclusive’. It’s an insult to the other pundits who have played at that level and to ex-EPL pundits who don’t have a slot because Sly prefers to pander to woke virtue signalling.

        Search Youtube for interviews with Matt Le Tissier to get the inside scoop of how Sly Sports operates. It’s disgusting. Anyone still working there is complicit in this abomination and thus has no platform to spout off about anything. Cunts.

    • And Match Of The Day 2 has some tart as a pundit, spouting shite about a level she’s never played at.

      Six sugars, luv, then fuck off.

  5. After last weekend being outplayed by the mighty Brighton & Hove Albion, I did expect a reaction from Manure and a sound thrashing of lowly Brentford.

    4-nil down before half time says it all. I did watch the second half and a number of things really surprised me. To win the game, they needed to score 5 goals. The forward line was not changed or strengthened. Why? Also, in years gone by if Bacon Nose had been 4 down at half time (not that that ever happened I’m sure), his team would have been camped out in the opposition half, peppering their goal. That didn’t happen either. There was no sense of urgency to get back in the game at all. It was deep into the second half before the Brentford keeper had to make a save!

    That has nothing to do with the owners (cunts), the coaches (including world beater McClaren – hahaha) or the new bald cunt manager. It had everything to do with the total lack of heart, desire and passion of the players. In years gone by, Manure players would have rolled up their sleeves, thought to themselves ‘we’re not having this – we’re Manchester United’ and launched a full assault on the opposition’s goal.

    It really is shocking how far Manure have fallen away. This will take years to fix. Changing the manager every 10 minutes will only make it take longer. Oh dear, what a shame, never mind.

  6. Is it possible that they could be relegated?

    Fingers crossed prayers said Mot

    😂 😂

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