Strictly Come Wokeing (5)

(Who’s up for it with this little ray of sunshine then?-  Day Admin)

A what the fuck have the BBC done now cunting for the woke show called Strictly, the show you remember that used to be about dancing, traditional man and woman doing the Foxtrot or Jive.

For some reason the winning formula wasn’t quite good enough so we get same sex couples, the odd mutton thrown in and a couple of disabled but quite reasonable dancers.

This year we have Dick Fiddlers favourite, yes Ellie Simmonds is in the line up, can’t wait for the ‘free dance’ or whatever the fuck they call it, we can see dwarf throwing on the BBC.

Just reset the fucking show back to what it should be, a celeb (lol) and pro male – female dance contest, not a fucking freak show.

I wonder if they will pull in a professional midget dancer to be her partner

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73 thoughts on “Strictly Come Wokeing (5)

  1. I’ve never watched this programme but now I definitely wouldn’t watch it. Better things to do than watch diddy men and lezzas dancing.

  2. Never watched it, but good to see the beeb sabotaging one of the few remaining reasons the ageing license fee payer still forks out.

  3. The thing with these fanatical BBC monsters is they are trying to push all these fairies, trannies, and other freaks onto the viewing public. The ‘Beeb’ attempting to tell us that these ghouls and deviants are ‘normal’ and that their antics are to be encouraged is what I can’t stand. Every programme they fucking make (NeverEnders, Football Focus, Doctor Whoke, even childrens programmes, you bloody name it) has too feature either pooves or trannies or both (usually both). It’s like a deviants Blitzkrieg…🤨

    I remember my mother being on the original BBC Come Dancing, representing Manchester in the early 70s. Back then it was a show featuring real and dedicated dancers. Not a load of attention seeking F-Listers or a bunch of freaks who would give Papa Lazarou’s Carnival a run for its money….🙄

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