Alex Jones

No, not the dippy One Show host, that fucking American conspiracy bellend.
In court this week for causing grieving families of the biggest (so far) massacre of children by a fucking dickless gun nut.

The cunt told his viewers, all of whom if asked what is their favourite lollipop flavour would reply ‘window’, that the senseless murder of these school children was a hoax perpetrated by Obama do that the government can take all the legal assault rifles from the patriots.
Obviously bollocks, yet this cunt, with no sense of decency, carried on with his lies, meaning the bereaved families were subjected with threats and hate from Jones’ arsehole followers.

A decade later, they had their day in court, and the fat fantasist cunt was bang to rights, caught perjuring a couple of times, and now faces a huge bill for his troubles.

The shameless cunt went on his show bleating that he couldn’t afford it and everyone who supports him should send him money. The crooked fat lying cunt has declared himself bankrupt before the trial, to try and isolate himself from his grifted fortune, but forensic accounting has found out he his worth far more than what he owes.

Reminds me of Tommy Robinson, during his recent appearance in court for lying about that Iranian school kid and pretending to get divorced so he can plead poverty, even telling the court that he blew all his supporters cash on gambling. They still support him, proving there’s none as dumb as scum.

As luck would have it, another Alex, he of the Belfield, has been found guilty today, of stalking and harassment. Smug wanker, like his yankee namesake, is saying he’s being victimised because of his views.
And dull cunts will believe him too.

Might get the bunting out……😃

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Nominated by: Gutstick Japseye

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    • Spot on it only took 1 line lol. Always believe the establishment line any critical thinking tinfoil hat cunt. No evidence to any conspiracy but always evidence to the official line.

      • The young lad was Syrian wasn’t he?
        I haven’t checked so I could be wrong but that’s what nationality I seem to remember him being.

      • And where is big bad Robinson now? Hiding under his bed from the inland revenue.
        Apologies for the nationality of the child the cunt decided to troll, it obviously makes a big difference.
        Also, Apologies for being off message, that all foreigners are bad, and the government is out to get me, personally.
        If any of the shit spouted had a shred of real evidence I might be a bit less of a disbeliever.

      • Tinfoilers always include a fact or two in order to give their bonkers theories a veneer of legitimacy.

    • Get away, you were there for Julian Clary 🤫

      I’m normally a legs and arse man, but my oh my that Alex certainly has a fine pair. I don’t reckon it turned ole Jules however.

  1. I agree Jones is a cunt and must answer for his crimes, but I also feel he is a useful idiot in terms of being a thorn in the side of a leftist woke government and establishment.

    Having the fat cunt constantly bleating about the wrong doings of the government and co. and shining a light onto the shady areas the authorities don’t want average Joe cunt to see is a much needed thing, despite him being an odious fat fuck.

    If his deluded followers want to throw money at the twat, then fine let them.
    Let him face punishment for what he did, especially to the affected families but I hope he bounces back to become the proverbial fly in the establishment’s ointment.

    Same for that Ginger dickhead Belfield. He is the bane of the BBC and exposes their shit. Whilst not my cup of tea (or humour) he does really piss off the BBC cunts and gets under their skin so therefore a necessary evil in my books, and one I can tolerate whilst he puts a stick up the Beeb’s fetid arsehole.

    As the old saying goes, ‘my enemies enemy is my friend’. (for now)

    • AJ has always been a distraction asset,enplaced by strategically salting the bigger lies with grains of truth making the lies more effective,as well as keeping a pressure-valve element to gowing anger across the spectrum..MK-Ultra does exist.’lonewolf’ gunmen and assassins are a (going back to 1940’s) reality-John Lennon,Reagan (dodged it),Bobby Kennedy assassinations etc and false flag school shootings using crisis actors are a reality.

      AJ as well as Brand,Rogan etc are on the same deep-state dime and exist to corale the narratives in specific directions causing confusion and chaos for the emergent awakeners.Awakening in huge numbers lately.

      If they can arrange for two airliners to incinerate 3 thousand innocents in New York they would clearly have no issues wiping out a playground full of kids if the game was worth the candle…let’s say de-fanging the US patriots and seizing their AR-15’s given that they represent the largest civilian army on the planet and thus a major obstacle for the Cabals’ mooted ‘re-set’ as well as being the bulwark for the rest of the planets hopes from escaping the dystopia planned for the collective.

      You bet they would.I even have suspicions of our own gun based attrocities-Dunblane,Hungerford.All weapons and gun-clubs shut down pretty soon thereafter,Hamilton was a Mason as were those who allowed it to own firearms.

      People can’t seem to generally comprehend the satanic-grade levels of evil controlling our world, but Jones is for sure a controlled opposition project and l wouldn’t trust the nutritional wares he hawks.

      • It’s funny how the people who say he’s a deliberate crazy put there by the government usually come out with far crazier stuff than him.
        See above.

      • I’m a member of the Thule society and my dad was in Opus Dei.
        The conspiracy theory around these August organisations is comical.

        Our meetings are generally a jumble sale to raise money for the homeless,
        Then a hot pot supper.

    • To be honest, It would be stupid to think something isnt going on in the world:

      Green policies – even if you believe in greenhouse gases, there are 100 stinking rich companies in the world responsible for 70% of emissions, but they arent forced to invest in carbon capture technology, yet the little guy is paying ULEZ charges and now for carrier bags and soon plastic packaging at supermarkets. Everything ‘Green’ is ruinously expensive and now green taxes have opened up new taxation revenue streams for governments but no one sees it like this, its all ‘for the greater good’.

      Why is Bill Gates, a computer guy, buying farmland? And his pal from the WEF Jeff Bezos is opening supermarkets not warehouses all of a sudden?

      Why were the last 3 names on the ballot to be our prime minister all people with membership profiles on the WEF website?

      what the fuck was covid all about?

      What the fuck was the hysteria over Ukraine about? I think its more about the powers that be being angry at how Putin has identified wokism and globalism as the two biggest threats to Russian society and taken steps to stop it there than that they gave a shit about ukraine.

      Why are they offering money on the .gov website for farmers to retire or leave the industry and why is europe trying to tax them out of existence? What the fuck are we going to eat? Why have the weeks of protest recieved 0 MSM coverage?

      The problem is, this thick fat mouthed flat earther has stuck his neck out on it first so its easy to glue all these reasonable and rational questions based on actual fact on a bloke who comes out with delusional shit.

      What should be a very important conversation about these things is immediately discredited because of the connection to this cunt.

      • One word.Depopulation,covers all bases.The Cabal can’t utilize the tried and trusted warfare model for herd thinning and general geopolitical manouverings of old, given the zero-sum-gain that nuclear escalation would ensure,so they’ve instigated a bio-weapon assault against billions via Pharmakeia with a side order of economic takedowns at the behest of the Jesuit/Khazarian mafia overlords…controlling our world.

        It’s not Gates,Bezos,Zuckborg et al who are calling the shots,(n.p.i) but the ancient bloodlines of Italy, and Babylonia originally.

        They never disappeared,they merely re-tooled into secret societies-(CFR-Bilderburg-Club Of Rome-Pilgrims Society-Atlantic-Council-RIIA etc, controlling events at the covert level through minions such as Soros,Roth/Rocks,and political whores (blackmail controlled usually) such as Obama,Clintons,Blair and many more.

        They play both sides of the street,realize there’s a mass epiphany going down so they install the disinfo-assets such as Rogan,Clay Clarke,Jones and Russell Brand et al to dilute and distract the massive…Scales falling from the eyes situation gathering significant traction by the hour.
        Trouble is,they still have powerful weapons to deploy in the shape of mass media,with tv-programming,an especially potent ‘arrow in their quiver’.

  2. I don’t know who this daft cunt is.
    But I’ve heard the opinion before,
    That US massacres at the hands of some bed wetting goth cunt with a high powered rifle,
    Or swivel eyed conspiritard with a automatic weapon is staged.

    A insult to the victims and families.

    I’m not a ‘ban guns’ character,
    And if I was living in the states I’d definitely be armed to the teeth.

    And I don’t give a shite what yanks do,
    That’s their business.
    Their country.

    But nutters like this make things worse.
    Fuck him the tinfoil loon.

    He’s gotten his self into the shite by talking bollocks,
    Now he’s got to face the consequences.

    Bet ZOG are behind his downfall?

  3. I’ve listened to him over the years so am in two minds about this nom.

    He’s clearly a mentalist on one level, but also fucks off the establishment. That’s no bad thing.

  4. After reading the last paragraph, I say you are Jeremy Vine GJ, and I claim my GO Pro helmet camera!

    • Well, I’ve been called a few things on this forum, but this is a step too far.!
      I’ve tried watching Belfield but he comes across as such a smarmy sell important cunt who is obviously jealously bitter about my, er, I mean Vines’ job, I can’t last more than a minute or two.

      • Slimey self important cunt isn’t that Vine and his brother is a an unfunny cunt as well.

  5. Bellfield found guilty of stalking and harassing Jeremy Vine.

    That cunt Vine stalks the entire country on his wireless radio show and TV shite everyday. The establishment looks after its own.

    • Alex may as well have just punched Vine in the face. At least it would have been entertaining.
      And deserved…

  6. The trouble with odious Cunts like this is that they taint anyone who has legitimate points… makes it too easy for “the establishment” to just tar everyone with the “tinfoiler” label.
    Of course there will be “conspiracies” but when every fucking event is down to “a conspiracy”…and not just what it appears to be ( school shootings etc.)…genuine questions are drowned out by headcases screaming regurgitated hysterical nonsense ( backed up the fact that apparently lack of any evidence is,in itself, evidence of whatever the wild claim may be).

    • Amen to that. Fat wankers like Jones ensure any legitimate arguments are stifled and then the fairies win without a fight.

    • Exactly. These cunts aren’t a thorn in the side of anyone, the powers that be laugh at these cunts with their unprovable nonsense, while their corruption and incompetence gets swept away.

    • Have you and Vernon Fox made up after your ‘Disagreement of opinions’, Dick? 😁

      • A few hundred years ago they would have been pistol duelling on some misty moor at sunrise, DCI!

      • @DCI

        Vern and I recently spent a very enjoyable day pushbiking,rambling and picnicking in the Peak District only to discover that our accommodation for the evening..a luxurious mobile-home..had been hitched to the back of either an ambulance or removal van and towed away!…rather took the sheen of the day,I can tell you.

    • Indeed Dick,
      Still not a patch on Chris Spivey. Like Frankie Boyle, the only things I care to know about either of them is date, place and time of death.

      • The World will be a better place for Spivey’s death…and the sooner the fucking better as far as I’m concerned.

        Afternoon,Cunto….Keeping well?

  7. He’s like the Viz character Grassy Knollington. Everything’s a conspiracy when in fact it’s just due to this world being a fucking up horrible place run by dickheads.

    • Some people love this shite, makes the world less monotonous,
      More exciting!

      Being privy to arcane secrets the masses aren’t aware of.

      But life isn’t like that.

      The agents of Hydra aren’t tunnelling beneath Westminster,
      The Freemasons aren’t holding satanic parties where bloods drunk from children’s skulls, etc.

      It good to have a imagination,
      But if it effects your decision making, family life, career, you need to calm the fuck down.

      • “Some people love this shite, makes the world less monotonous, more exciting!”

        Poor lambs. Imagine how empty their lives would be without it. 🙁

    • I wish Viz would produce a deluxe opus from their glory years.The best of the bunch.Maybe swerve Roger Melly and the peripheral stuff but include,Mr Logic,Sid,Slags,Finbar,Victorian father,modern parents etc.The higher-brow stuff lol.

      What an epoch event it was when those Geordie geniuses cooked up this stuff back in the 80’s.First 5 years was the golden period l reckon but l doubt it’s still surviving the cultural marxist assault in the present times.

      Seen some good mr Logic strips online but no Grassy Knollington,to say nothing of the Folk singer.

      • I bought Viz from the 1980s all the way up until the weeks after the Brexit referendum. Sadly it seemed almost overnight to morph into The New European with Tourette’s.
        No longer produced by Geordie kids, but by middle class London cunts…

      • And they ditched Modern Parents and The Critics around the same time.
        John Fardell is a genius who predicted the kind of absolute cunt that now seems to be in charge of the Western World….

      • Viz is a very conformist normie publication now. It’s fucking awful. They are 100% pro-vaccines, all the government bullshit swallowed. They even did an issue that was vehemently anti-conspiracy theories. It’s meant to be a “fuck the government , media and all sail in her” comic. It’s the same was all satirical outlets now though. We have the ultimate satire target in Joe Biden but no one rips into the grade-A degenerate shambles in the mainstream comedy world. Media is controlled? Nah! They just can’t find an angle to attack Joe and his squeaky-clean son.

        As for Alex Jones, I’ve never been a fan aside from when he was unintentionally hilarious. I’m pretty sure he is controlled opposition like David Icke and many other “big name” conspiracy authors. The best researchers are the ones who have zero fame, no wealth aside from wealth of knowledge and don’t inject themselves into their work. Graham Hancock is like that – he is weak sauce compared to the unknown authors of lost knowledge of the ancient world.

        One more thing with Alex Jones: before the Sandy Hook trial, most people didn’t know who he was or what he did, but now millions of people do! D’oh! He wanted to settle out of court for $9 million which seems a fair amount, but they dragged him through court and now millions of people who were clueless to who he was now know who he is and will be going down the rabbit holes. The FBI Trump raid has also backfired, as Trump is more popular than ever now, d’oh!

        We live in amazing times, that’s for sure.

        Let’s have some music, take it away, Mr Stipe…

  8. I don’t know who’s worse…the foaming at the mouth types like (the American) Alex Jones who spew this crap, or the head in the sand deniers who try to tar legitimate dissenters with it.

    • Everyone I know in the truth-seeking community doesn’t trust Jones 100%. Most think he is controlled operation.

  9. He’ll now have to sell his shares in Bacofoil to pay off his huge fine.

    Deserved cunting GJ.

  10. Just one cunt out of many who realized after watching a former president that they could make a lot of money by telling lies. Now he’s having to answer for it. Let’s hope they all do.

  11. Alex Jones, I haven’t seen very much of him but I guess if you say everything is a conspiracy eventually you will score 😂

    All the moon landing conspiracy nuts will be out again soon, NASA planing more trips to the dusty rock. Expat Taffy where are you 😂

    It’s supposed to be (has been reported) part the mission to get people to Mars, I think this is bullshit because the real reason is to get a woman and a ‘person of colour’ to walk on the moon (NASA ticking the diversity boxes).

      • 👏👏👏👏👏

        And actually right on the button, if a darkie does walk on the moon he (or she) will be a c**n cos space is a white construct 😂

      • ” Dat one small step fo’ da giant leap for interplanetary fried chiggun sales…Now,where dem lil green wimmin at”

    • The moon landings were faked to cover up earlier African landings. David Olohuga has unearthed ancient African writings, well not writing exactly, stick drawings, on a cave on the Congo.
      King Umbongo of the Congo, the one who definitely didnt start the Atlantic slave trade in the early 1500s by selling slaves to the Portuguese in exchange for crayons, sent a rocket there in 1498.

    • NASA are cunts. Freemason cunts. Even if they were legit, what the do is so lame. Nothing they have ever supposedly done has benefited mankind. 34 million miles to Mars, supposedly, right? So how much fuel is that? How heavy would the “space” craft be? Look closely at those rocket tanks – they are helium-filled balloon. NASA owns almost all the helium producers in the world. Supposedly to purge tanks. Uh… use nitrogen, maybe? LOL! Fuck NASA, another tentacle of the Satanic elite child-rapists.

      • So, bare faced lies about space, yet completely honest about its ‘special operations’ in Ukraine.

      • and they used Nazis to build their so called ‘space rockets’.

        The bloody bastards!

        I bet they gave Josef Mengele a bungalow on the moon.

      • @Le Cunt

        Regarding fuel requirements I have one word for you….. momentum.

        PS. Due to the constant motion of the celestial bodies in the solar system including both point of departure and destination, complex calculations are done to account for this and they can also use the gravity of certain celestial bodies to slingshot and also increase velocity which is another variable that’s factored into their calculations.

  12. I watch Alex Belfield. Well I used before he was banned. Agreed with almost everything he said. Very normal, very sane.
    Dont know the Vine case. But I am pretty sure the ‘harrassment’ charge over- inflated. Easily done now.

    • Guilty of ‘stalking’ he is. So criticism of the BBC, naming individuals, is now considered stalking.

      I mean these people are supposed to be public servants aren’t they.

      They work for a publicly funded organisation.

      I know from AB’s previous videos that it it is he who has been ‘harrassed’ by the police.

      And Many court cases that have found FOR him.

      But getting back to that. Has he been physically following these people? Surely not. Yet he is guilty of Stalking. How’s that?

      • Stalking or Following that is the question.

        What is this situation, I go into Tesco and spot a particularly fine arse, now it just so happens that I am shopping in the same aisles as the fine arse, not my fault 😂

        OK, it was a bit difficult to justify why I was in the feminine hygiene aisle 😳

    • If you are not familiar with the case, how can you make the assumption that he is innocent, and a victim of injustice?

      • Bottle calling the kettle black there GJ. I mean you were caught doing that in real time. On the Ukraine thread a video 30 mins long and your comment ‘utter rubbish’ two mins after the post was put up.
        How could you make a jud*ement after such a short time?

      • If it had been a credible source, with more than supposition, I would have watched more of it.
        As I explained in the thread, other more reputable sources deny these accusations, and once they had revealed what they were basing their biased story, it was no longer watching, especially when they forgot to sound like genuine reporters and started talking in conspiracy tropes.
        That is fundamentally different to not knowing anything about the topic, or it’s consequences.
        I would however like to fuck some sense into the Doris on there, but I think it would be a waste of time. 🙂

      • The BBC should be prosecuted for the ‘misuse of public funds’

        That’s all Belfield was pointing out–(when he is allowed to) the corruption and abuse at the BBC.

        I notice there hasn’t been examples in the media of the tweets or videos.

        They are not described as ‘vile’ or ‘threatening’ just a lot of them.

        A travesty.

        ‘In his evidence, Vine, who launched separate defamation proceedings last year, said of Belfield: “I found it shocking and distressing, and it made me worried. I have in the past had a physical stalker who followed me.’

        So Alex isnt a real Stalker (a terrible thing for a lot of women) but a virtual one.

        I mean the word ‘Stalker’ sounds as if he was in the physical vicinity chasing him on his bicycle or something.

      • I’m not sure who brought the case against Bellend, whether it was the BBC or the individuals concerned.
        As for the stalking, if I was getting threats in the quantity Vile was getting, I’d have found where the cunt lived and set fire to him.
        Not sticking up for Vine, I don’t like the cycling cunt one bit, but a clash of cunts is one thing, the torrent of hate, threats and abuse inspired by Bellend is another, and not on in my book. The guy has kids for fucks sake.

    • Alex Belfield
      ‘Very normal, very sane’.

      Apart from the livestream where he made lewd childish comments about a female caller’s tits while pissed.

      I could see he was heading down a dark path.

  13. Alex Jones? Alex belfield? Pair of cunts of universal properties, oven both of them , Jones first as all the fat will make a good fire

  14. I thought Alex Jones was the one who Taffs it up on the fucking appalling One
    Show with whatever fucking effnik the BBC can wheel out.

    • I know she’s a Leek eating BBC cunt but I’ve gotta say id French Kiss her arsehole if ever I got my hands on her.

  15. That narcissistic cunt Alex Belfield seems to have got himself in the same sort of pickle.

  16. Too many of these “truther” types ask for money for my liking.
    If you’re sincere in your message then you shouldn’t be charging people for the privelige.
    Simple really.

    However, in my opinion you’d have to be a naive or generally dimwitted cunt to think all this retarded shit that is happening around the world is all purely by chance.
    Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome springs to mind.

    I suppose that’s why the NPC meme has gained such traction over the last few years.

    • There’s been a ton of these cretins thankfully neutered mostly,especially yanks.Cirsten w, Scott Mackay,(streetfighter patriot no less) and a real fucktard called Mike Jaco…’Did l mention l am ex Seal team 6”?…only every fucking ten minutes.

      Takes to banging a himafukinlayan bell occasionally to presumably demonstrate his..more spiritual leanings these days ? after a career presumably of opening the throats of enemies of his fortune 500 corporate paymasters on Capital Hill.

      Grifting,Hopeium merchant cunts,each and all although Brendon O’Connell has an interesting youtube presence if you can keep up with his rather vast and somewhat perturbing spiel.But he’s far from hopeium dealer,more of a modern day Pilger type albeit with heavy Adrenal fatigue issues.

      • The long-hidden truths of this world are bubbling to the surface almost organically now, it isn’t necessary to swathe them in flashing fabrics anymore to grab the attention. For those paying attention, it’s all becoming clear in our days. Evil can only have power for so long, then it gets exposed and destroyed. We’re lucky to be alive to see the final battles. We won’t be in a Utopia by 2050, but the world won’t be the Satanic circus is has been for what feel like forever. I just hope we can clone Ant & Dec for the coming Golden Age!

  17. What I found amusing about Jones on trial (obviously the look on his stupid fat fucking face when he was called out for perjury, and the judge said ‘this is not your show, you have to tell the truth here’) is the silence from his friend and former colleague, Paul Joseph Watson.
    Literally hours after Trump had been raided by the FBI, Watson had a video up, giving everyone watching his expert opinion, blaming the FBI of corruption for picking on Trumpy, though he forgot to mention that the current head of the FBI was installed by….Trump.
    Yet, absolutely nothing on the trial of his friend. His mentor. The person he has bigged up so many times wasn’t worth a minute of him sneering to camera.
    Bearing in mind the texts that Jones denied existing, that were sent to his prosecution team, thereby proving he did in fact perjure himself were from…….Watson.
    Watson, who helped sell Jones’ stupid supplements to dim witted fuckers. You know his patented brain boost formula doesn’t work, he’d hardly sell it to his idiot fanbase if it did, they would wake up, and fuck off.

    As for Jones? To normal people he’s a fucking idiot, appealing to other idiots.
    But to the ‘truthers’ he’s either too crazy, or not crazy enough.😂

  18. Stalking, get to fuck.

    Back in the 80’s we had adverts like this

    Or the Milk Tray Man who regularly broke into wimminz bedrooms to leave his calling card 😂😂😂😂

    That being ‘Milk Tray’ oh dear lots of fun to be had with that one.

    Could you imagine Impulse of Milk Tray trying to get those past the Nazi Regulators these days.

    ‘Oh my lord what are you thinking of, firstly you have some male stalking a lady and forcing her to accept flowers hence passive aggressively forcing her into a situation she feels pressurised to accept them knowing how the patriarchy control everything in society (via the Masons, Clinton’s, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos) and secondly you are seriously advocating for a man dressed head to toe in Black breaking and entering a lone females bedroom to leave his calling card…….’

    Get out of my office you imbecile.

    • I think that if people insist on uploading disturbing content onto the internet such as the 1980s Milk Tray and Impulse adverts, they should at least have the decency to flag up a suitable trigger warning at the start. Something along the lines of:

      “Warning! Contains outdated attitudes, language and cultural depictions which may cause offence today.” 😂

      And especially if the offending material contains moving images of adults smoking cigarettes.

      • You sucking runt RTC.

        Even though I live in Lancashire I’ve just been visited by the Hampshire rozzers.

        They told me that I had uploaded material on the internet that had caused somebody ‘anxiety’ and that I could be arrested under the malicious communications act but on this occasion after warning me to ‘check my thoughts’ they’d let me off with a £30 fixed penalty.

        It was you wasn’t it….

  19. I was never too enthusiastic about Alex Jones as his appearances have often been put into a context beyond his control. When i saw him on the Joe Rogan Experience , Rogan let him make an absolute fool of himself; his thoughts were all over the place, he couldn’t back anything up, he was an obnoxious dickhead.

    There was nowhere for him to hide; he had complete freedom and he made a tit of himself.

    This is why I question people like Ptarmigan; where’s your evidence that Joe Rogan is under the same nefarious umbrella as Jones, as his ramblings had no structure and Rogan was not supportive or too critical of his views either?
    Where is the ‘WEF narrative’ being directed here?

    Alan Moore had the best – and the scariest for the conspiracy crowd – explanation for world events; society is rudderless, as those controlling it (western society) are driven by self-interest. What happens in four years hence is not their concern.
    They are socio- and pyschopaths -end of.

    The trajectory of western society can be summed up by Hanlon’s razor, here made into a parody of Clarke’s 3rd law;
    ‘Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice’.

  20. Am I the only one who thinks Jones can say what he wants, even about Sandy Hook? How are his hurty words worse than what actually happened there and why on earth should he pay millions for words that offend (sorry, apparently defamed), if that is what the trial was all about? Did he incite violence or racial hatred or kill anyone? Not that I know of, so let him spout.

    We all think Tony Blair is a cunt – he did some actual bad things – he hasn’t had to pay anyone anything, just rakes it inwards.

    Ok I’ll get my coat.

    • Good point Cuntologist.

      Serial liar and Uber cunt war criminal Tony Blair, responsible for the actual deaths and abject misery of God only knows how many innocent people – receives a knighthood.

      Fucking joke

      This is all part of a war on freedom of speech. Which has been rumbling on for quite some time.

      I’m not in the slightest defending Alex Jones or any of what comes out of his mouth but at the end of the day for fucks sake – sticks and stones and all that.

    • The problem with saying what you want on the internet does have consequences when you have a large following of idiots.
      Those people who had needlessly buried their children had to put up with Jones’ followers harassing them, calling them liars, shills, all that other hatred shit these wankers pour out for the slightest of reasons.
      Also, don’t forget who Jones was saying would be punished, the gun lobby, by saying this was a lie to take their guns away, a subject that isn’t the most reasonable debate at the best of times.

      Sorry, I don’t have children, but I have nieces and nephews, and if it had happened to them, and my family had been subjected to the tidal wave of hate these poor people had to endure, I wouldn’t be suing the fat cunt. I’d be feeding him to pigs, after a very slow and painful ending.

      Free speech comes with responsibilities. And consequences.

      • Threats, intimidation, being told your dead child was a lie, if we lose our guns etc.
        While trying to grieve.
        All because of a fat LYING cunt.
        But hey, whatever.

      • Image for a second a loved one shot by a gun nut, your father, your son, daughter, mother,etc
        Only to be told in your grief that your loved one was a stooge of ‘the Elites’ and it never happened by some fat tin foil mentalist?

        Free speech is fine
        IF you accept the consequences for what you say.
        Including retribution
        Legal action
        Laughed at
        Mocked etc

        Kids getting killed by a maniac is something that might be best treated with a bit of compassion rather than another point to score against some imaginary cabal.

      • Not in the same league, but like being told by some tin-foil-hatted spangle that you’re part of a big conspiracy and all the people you’ve seen dying and witness die, were faking it or weren’t real.

        Fucking weirdos.

      • I think hurty words would be particularly ‘hurty’ when you’re grieving. Piercingly so.

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