Strictly Come Wokeing (5)

(Who’s up for it with this little ray of sunshine then?-  Day Admin)

A what the fuck have the BBC done now cunting for the woke show called Strictly, the show you remember that used to be about dancing, traditional man and woman doing the Foxtrot or Jive.

For some reason the winning formula wasn’t quite good enough so we get same sex couples, the odd mutton thrown in and a couple of disabled but quite reasonable dancers.

This year we have Dick Fiddlers favourite, yes Ellie Simmonds is in the line up, can’t wait for the ‘free dance’ or whatever the fuck they call it, we can see dwarf throwing on the BBC.

Just reset the fucking show back to what it should be, a celeb (lol) and pro male – female dance contest, not a fucking freak show.

I wonder if they will pull in a professional midget dancer to be her partner

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73 thoughts on “Strictly Come Wokeing (5)

  1. They would never have dared do that with The Black & White Minstrel Show. Good, clean, Saturday night family entertainments.

    • If this Lilliputian dances with a bloke of average height then her face will be at noshing height. Quite right Sam, George Mitchell will be spinning in his tomb.

  2. You should take a look at the comments below the article . Pure vomit inducing , virtue signalling wokey bullshit. I wonder if I can get a bet on her winning it?

  3. “I think that some people must get pleasure in provoking response by posting inflammatory comments – perhaps we should just ignore them. Rather like children being naughty to draw attention to themselves”.

    OK, which of you cunts has been on the BBC comments page?

    • The same logic applies to those posting overly-enthusiastic, virtue signalling comments.

      ‘Aren’t i a good sort fo endorsing this sort of shite.. look at how great I am!’

      I used to see it on Facebook and Twitter all the time, usually from Karens.

  4. Jaded Adams is the illegitimate daughter of rich speculator Gomez Adams
    Black clothes
    Big glasses
    Filing complaints
    Small talk

    My money’s on that midget
    Nothing says entertainment and glamour like a dancing midget .

  5. Better still ban the whole lot along with the BBC itself. I fucking loathe this piece of shit programme. Just one big advert/celebration for poovery and back door merchant activities.

    Can’t stand that talentless lazy eyed Jéwess bitch Winkelman either.
    Another reason why the BBC should be cancelled for good.

    A better programme would be ‘strictly hood violence’ where they get street criminals, druggiés, ràpists, murdérers, pàedos and foreign crooks and put them in a ring together madmax thunderdome style with a few empty beer bottles, broken chair-legs, meat cleavers, scythes, golf clubs and other melee weapons and see who comes out alive thus gaining their freedom.
    Could even have a dangerous wild animal round where some hungry Leopards are thrown in the mix.

    Could even have the para-olympic version where Warwick Davies and Ellie Simmonds would have to face angered and starved domestic cats Inatead of Leopards for example, just to make it fair………
    Now that’s what id call entertainment.

    And as for Jayde Adams, I haven’t got a clue who the hell this cunt is but she deffo looks like a bean flicker.

  6. So exciting to think that Ellie Symonds is going to be partnered with Eddie ‘the Beast’ Hall. What a match made in heaven.
    As a tiny aside if I may, check out stupid bitch Emma Watson in her Prada clothes doing what could only be described as doing an impression of Frankenstein’s monster having a benny:

    • Thomas, that reminds me that one of the Stewards at Hull Minster today suggested I visit The Deep – Hull’s aquarium. I think they are missing a sea-monster, possibly even conjoined parts thereof.

  7. Never watched it. Never will. Even if there is a token dwârf. BBC shite, couldn’t give a fuck, even the missus won’t go near it – says it all.

    Great cunting, btw. 👍

  8. I’d definitely watch this..

    If they flew some Vietcong in and had them booby trap the dance floor.

  9. Peter Crouch to be Ellie Simmonds’ partner.

    She seems dead nice to be honest, but she’s only on because she’s a ‘small person’.

    Recently, the BBC had a panel for the Commonwealth Games that had a dark key bird (Denise Lewis), a gay dark key bloke (Colin Jackson), a tuppence licker (Claire Balding) and a ‘small person’ (Ellie Simmonds).

    It’s like a fucking circus. If you’re white, male and straight, you can get to fuck.

    Still, probably a ‘right-wing conspiracy’ so fuck it, eh?

    • Anton Du Beke used to be the poor sap who ended up the comedy value no hope but he has been promoted to judge.

    • I don’t see the problem on being called a dw@rf if the condition is dw@rfism. Surely their insistence on being called a “little/small person” is even more patronizing making them sound like something from LOTR or Narnia.

    • That’s just her public image CB.
      Bet she’s a right little cunt ?!

      You’d think differently if you’d had that massive head nut you in the love eggs.
      Like a sledgehammer in kids clothes.

      • Waves her arms around too much when she’s talking. That will annoy the fuck out of you now I’ve pointed it out. I’m a cunt for that. Once pointed out to a mate who likes the snooker that commentator, Clive Everton’s voice raises up a pitch at the end of every sentence. He ended up having to turn him down.

        Yes, midgets heads are massive, aren’t they?

        I thought their heads would be too big for them to swim, but I’m no science cunt.

        Imagine as dark key midget trying to swim? Be like a fucking paving slab being chucked into the deep end (both ends are deep ends for midgets).

        They have an unfair advantage too, do these midgets.
        They can practice swimming at home in the sink. And everything is supersized for them.

        In fact, they should be paid less thinking about it (really badly).

  10. What a world class line up.. Will mellor, David Mellor son..some bloke who does the travel on zoe balls radio show. I can only hope Tony Adams has a relapse and drives his car through the studio..

    • Fuck me…I watched two minutes and she’s shit. She seems to think taking about ‘fashionable, woke, young stuff’ is funny. The sad thing is these young cunts, well, …….just read the comments on that vid.

    • Anyone who takes the piss out of the overrated $hitshow that is talentless yank (apart from appropriating whitey) Beyonce
      and her gangsta hubby yank Jayzee hubby is fair game.

      Despite what the UK comedian looks like imho.

  11. Revamped from the sixties ” cum” dancing, when it was :
    Smartly turned out dancers.
    No jews.
    No bliks.
    No peacefulls.
    No arse bandits.
    No dwarfs.
    No spazzers.
    No lard arsed.

    White and Just better….🇬🇧


  12. Don’t give a flying fuck about this deviant weirdo gay trans homo bullshit fest or the bbc. Can all fuck off into Terry’s oven.

    Ps I like dancing 💃 but hate everything mentioned above.

  13. If Ellie Simmonds doesn’t win Strictly at least she has a career rabbiting for Fiddler.

  14. Unless Ellie Simmonds wears a revealing dress that shows a Combat18 tattoo, chooses the Horst Wessell as her dance tune and ‘Sieg Hiels’ four be two host, Winklemann at the end of her routine , she’s nailed on to win.

    As a former betting man, put your life savings on it.

    • Or comes out goose stepping like Basil Fawlty. Although I don’t think her little legs would do it justice tbh.

    • Wonder if she’ll bring out a keep fit video?

      Sit ups and pushups are easier when only half inch exerted.
      Maybe a hamster wheel?

  15. The only way that pile of cunt would be worth watching is if the dance floor was littered with high explosive land mines and bear traps. Then flood the fucking place with the deviant so-called celebrities.

  16. Spotty little oik.
    It looks like a transbumder Molesworth from St. Custard’s.
    If “Strictly” had a few prison tawses and canes in evidence, that might get them hopping around a bit.

  17. Strictly Come Anybody……As long as your not white and normal.

    No work for you here at the Beeb. Move along please.

    Mastermind…..Dark key host.

    University Challenge…..New jam spoon taking over from Paxman soon. “Tonight Oxford will have a stab at beating Cambridge.”

    Sue chimp-faced Barker and Co, replaced by that annoying Guinness bloke and some other primates on A Question Of Woke.

    Strictly……A myriad of pôofery, blackery, and general freekery.

    The sooner the stinking BBC cesspit overflows and drowns all of it’s management and clingers-on the better.

    • Its not it’s. Stupid phone. If I want an apostrophe, I’ll make the decision. Cunt.

  18. Good nom. Question is- how are the ratings fairing with all this diversity? After all, some cunt in a wheel chair isn’t going to be as deft of feet as someone who can actually use their legs? Or is it like sports days now, and everyone gets a winners medal?

    Talking of Ellie Simmonds and dwarf throwing…..this is my favourite midget sketch. Short, subtle and fucking funny.

    Every time me and the wife see a dwarf now it’s a race to see who can say ‘how far away are they’ the quickest.

  19. The BBC can’t half fuck up a winning formula, I was hoping that Harvey Price was going to be announced as a contestant, just to see him shit his pants,fondle his partner ( Male or Female) then knock Craig’s teeth out for giving him a 2.

  20. Good nom. Questions is- how are the ratings fairing with all this diversity? After all, some cunt in a wheel chair isn’t going to be as deft of feet as someone who can actually use their legs? Or is it like sports days now, and everyone gets a winners medal?

    Talking of Ellie Simmonds…..this is my favourite midget sketch. Short, subtle and fucking funny.

    Every time me and the wife see one now it’s a race to see who can say ‘how far away are they’ the quickest.

  21. Fuck me. I’ve just Googled that Ellie Simmons.

    Shergar is still missing, but at least we know where his teeth are.

    Has she got rickets or something?
    She must have been deprived food as a youngster, and existed entirely on a bowl of Alpen all day.

    Poor Ellie. At least your cock would look big in bed with her. A 69er would be disappointing.
    I wonder if her fanny is as small as the rest of her?
    No need to ask her to open her permanently bowed legs.
    And just imagine those big gnashers rasping away at your bellend.

  22. I tried reading the comments below the article. Fucking hell.

    I noticed that Kym Marsh is on the list of cunts.
    How the BB fucking C has changed, a few years ago she is on the net tromboning her boyfriend and now flying high. She’d have been out on her arse back when.
    P.S. The video is still available on yoooooporrrn or similar.

    • Wasn’t that another Corrie cunt who looked like Ms Marsh, played a lezzer but she could handle a big cock in the vid got a right face full.

  23. Well, one of the few who have been in the news for the ‘wrong’ reason and kept their job on the BBC, so don’t knock it. Consider all those that have lost theirs for simply saying the ‘wrong thing’ and the inevitable trial my twatter.

    • CC point taken. If she makes a pron and it’s leaked to be posted that is fucking madness for making it in the first place
      Not that it matters but I think she was working for itv when she made it

      • The Nude Alex Jones ones are very nice…and genuine. Not that fat american cunt on the other thread….the welsh bint

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