Gender Neutral Skeletons

…or more precisely the bunch of woke cunts who have decided that skeletal remains should no longer be classified as male or female, black or white.

Apparently this is because scientists cannot ascertain how they self identified whilst they were alive. Well, I’m pretty sure that in ancient times men were men and women were women because in those days to portray yourself as otherwise would have lead to quick reassignment to ‘dead’ at the point of a sword.

But that aside, it’s also racist because categorizing the remains by race ‘contributes to white supremacy’

Clearly this is nonsense. Even Professor Jeremy Black says so (see link). I have encountered him at close quarters on more than one occasion and IMHO have found to be, shall we say, a bit of a dickhead to put it mildly. So if you can’t even convince a bloke like him, it must be crap.

Is there no end to this woke nonsense? Apparently not…

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Nominated by: Rt. Hon. Dioclese

74 thoughts on “Gender Neutral Skeletons

    • Funny that because recently a viking burial remains were found to be female,
      In the grave was a sword (a expensive item that wasnt available to all) and had all the hallmarks of a warriors burial.

      They went fuckin nuts for it!!
      Girl power✊
      Loads of articles dispelling the myth of the macho vikings,
      Loved it they did.

      What they didnt say is that sometimes female slaves were sacrificed and buried to accompany warriors to Valhalla.
      Also horses sometimes buried alongside warriors.

      Skeletal remains tell a story,
      Did they die of disease?
      Die of injuries?
      Loads of things.
      Why stifle scientific understanding of history?

  1. At a archeological dig somewhere near Islington there was a find of human remains.

    Professor Fidler of Northumbria declared.

    ‘This skeleton identified as Woke’

    The Guardian reporter asked ‘how can you possibly know that’

    To which the professor replied ‘it had its head up its arse’

  2. Slightly off-topic but may prove useful for those who want to read behind paywalled newspapers such as the Telegraph, Times, Indie etc

    The following link works as a workaround to paywalled news items. It isn’t absolutely perfect but there is an option (bottom right of the screen) where you can prompt the author that a particular paywalled page has not been cleared. The author may then fix the problem at some future point

    • Nice Header Pic admin👍

      That posh spice and sir Mo Farrar?

      Go on my son!!!👍

      Thanking you, Mis. It did make me laugh when I found the pic online. It’s one of those where a caption wasn’t needed, but your Posh Spice reference was pretty funny. That would have worked. – NA

    • He posted last night on the Quidditch nom.

      I’m currently in hiding in an abandoned caravan in Northumberland.

      Damn, I have said too much and can hear some dogs approaching.

      • Who did, The Worcestershire Warrior?? He’s far too quiet. If he rears his grid above the bike sheds, it’ll be comedy gold😁

  3. The majority of great figures from the past were actually black transexuals. I read it in the Guardian. Netflix is remaking Julius Ceaser with Oprah Winfrey as Julius.

  4. This is the type of thing you used to find in the morning newspaper or TV news reports as a joke on April Fools Day. These days it seems every day is April Fool’s Day.

  5. How long before the mob are demanding that gravestones should be gender neutral and no more ‘devoted husband’ or ‘beloved sister’?

    Even in death these cunts just won’t fuck off

  6. Gonna play havoc with police forensics.

    Find a missing person in a shallow grave after ten years.

    Police officer “OK doctor what can you tell me about the deceased?”

    Dr “Not much I’m afraid”

    Police officer “Well, surely you can tell whether it was male of female?”

    Dr “If I have to put it in writing, then I can’t say”

    Police officer “That’s this enquiry fucked then”


  7. Fucking hell, even the trannies that have been dead a thousand years are throwing a hissy because they’ve been misgendered.
    I was always suspicious of the Roman Legionaries wearing those mini skirts. Fucking poofs.

    • Richard IIIs skeletal remains were found under a council car park.

      Nowadays youd be unable to prove if it was him or other notorious hunchback Teresa May.

      Cause of death-misgendered.

  8. No one outside of the Anglosphere gives two fucks about pronouns. The nutters who are obsessed with pronouns have no clue what a pronoun , verb or noun even is. That’s our “education” system for you.

  9. I bet Elizabeth 1st was really a geezer wearing wimminz clothes. We’ll never know now but I could write a book about it and rip off all the wokies.

    • Thats weird?
      I saw a documentary the other night saying Elizabeth I had a rare condition possibly having a vagina and small penis!
      And the little bollocks inside flooded her system with testosterone.

      No shit.
      Ginger and a pussy with a little winky inside.
      Bet they were queueing up…..

      • I wouldn’t be at all surprised about Liz1.
        Her dad supposedly had syphilis, the knock on effect being sprogs with congenital deformaties.
        He was also completely loony tunes in middle age, raving lunacy also being a symptom.
        Imagine, a country being controlled by a literal mad man.
        That would never happen in modern….
        Oh, wait!

  10. Well, the shrill voices of the Woke community must be running out of things to be outraged about.
    Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel.
    This is just laughable, and should have been ignored by the media.

  11. They should hire a witch doctor to help identify skeletal remains. They are good with bones and teeth.

    They can even make jewelry out of it.

    Wouldn’t have to look far either, plenty of witch doctors in Hackney, Ealing, Peckham, Brixton, Croydon, Tottenham, Harlesden, Plumstead etc, etc,

  12. For my twopenneth, i thought blokes had a more pronounced forehead over the eyes. Women have a larger cervical opening whereas a blokes is narrower? But still with Wokies don’t let facts get in the way of a steaming heap of shit that they spout on an hourly basis.

  13. I presume Mother Nature is now just called Gender Neutral Nature?

    Mother’s Day = Gender Neutral Day
    Father’s Day = ditto

    In fact any reference to mother/father will soon be cancelled and we will all be neutralised/normalised and become fucking nobodies.

  14. Let’s break this down to its lowest common denominator using language the woke left can understand.

    If in the past, we didn’t have a clear division between birthing persons and inseminating persons, our species would not be here today to cause person manufactured global climate change.

  15. An after thought…

    We wouldn’t exist today if these gender neutral skeletons were indeed non-binary. Monkey pox would have wiped us out in the stone age.

  16. Those two skeletons shagging in the picture are obviously a couple of poofs dug up on Brighton beach. The tide came in but one of them got his cock stuck up his mate’s bumhole. A 17th century tragedy.

  17. How about fuck off!!

    5 years ago no one gave a fuck about gender, there were men, women and a few mentally ill cunts who if I saw one I’d ignore and avoid.

    I’m not playing their game.

    If you were born a man you die a man, what ever mutilation you have performed doesn’t change what you are!

    I can buy a kit to make a shitty old for look like a Lamborghini. When I try and sell it I won’t be able to pass it off as a Lamborghini because any cunt who knows what a Lamborghini is will know my ford kit car is a pale imitation.

    If they insist on being called women remove the trans prefix and substitute fake or imitation in its place.

    Try and pass a fake anything off as real and it’s called fraud unless you are a fake woman. Let’s stop this bullshit!

    As for skeletons, the gender of a skeleton is easily identified, whatever the cunt thought he or she was when alive!

    You can take your identity war and shove it up your faux vagina.

    • I remember back in the late 70’s, there was a guy on the bus route from school that built a kit Lambo (think it was a Countach, but can’t quite remember) but ran out of the necessary money before finishing it. The car looked great, as Lambo’s do, but sounded totally shit with the 1.6l Ford engine he ended up putting in it.

      • Imagine the disappointment when opening it up to find it performs like a plastic pig, but probably not as much of a disappointment as find out you just penetrated inverted cock meat I’m guessing.

      • I felt rather sorry for him. He spent months putting it together but clearly hadn’t budgeted for an extremely expensive V12 to put in it.

  18. Apparently Hollywoke have produced a film about “Batgirl” (yes it’s aimed at grown ups not primary school children) which is so woke even the wokies cringe at it. At several audience screen tests it’s been slaughtered like no other film in history so they’ve binned it. Ninety million dollars down the shitter.
    Go woke, go broke cunts!

    • Good call Freddie*

      The film was such a shitfest of wokefuckery, that it has been described by insiders as irredeemable.

      However, the Phonywood woke left is in complete denial (as usual) and is claiming the cancellation of the film had to do with taxes.**

      *Off topic…but still a good call.

      **Sourced from a “Variety” story by Adam B. Vary and Brent Lang. (Whoever the fuck they are.)

      • I’ve heard about this woke shitshow. Batgirl (or should that be ‘Blackgirl’?) Is supposed to be the worst piece of cinematic excrement since Halle Berry’s ‘Catwoman’ film. And I bet this Bat/Blackgirl isn’t as fit as Berry was either.

        And I bet Michael Keaton is the only white person in it.

    • Didn’t know there was a Batgirl movie being made. Cancelled the release? Damn, not heard of that happening to a big budget movie in a long, long time. It indeed looks awful, the Batgirl character has no presence, gravitas, looks like a cosplay character. With these kind of movies you either have to make them very dark or very campy. The lastest Thor movie was hard to get through and I loved the first three, but this one was just confusing and kinda gay.

      Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley in Alien in 1979 made the point well that women can be intelligent badasses in movies without spelling that out in crude, clunky ways. Hollywood needs to dial in back to the days of pure cinema that entertains not lectures.

      • Bizarrely, Batgirl was directed by two Muslim filmmakers, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. I reckon many bad choices were made. I would have zero interest in seeing this, but now I do, as catastrophically bad movies are fascinating. I can’t understand why this can’t just be made available for streaming on Amazon etc and recouping some money. If 30 million people worldwide pay to rent it from Amazon, then Warner will break even. Weird.

      • I agree. Release as a novelty like Sharknado. Everyone knew it was a a piece of shit but it was fun. Like fucking a fat girl on a dare or to earn Wingman of the Year award.
        It will be a huge tax write off for WB.

  19. I wish id become a archaeologist.

    But the careers adviser at school never mentioned it.

    Id probably be world reknowned by now?
    Easily the best in the Uk,
    Probably the world.

    Ive got what it takes.
    Like being dirty,
    Love dead stuff,
    And like making a mess on other peoples land.

    Sadly t’wasnt to be…
    The worlds loss.

      • Id insist on being addressed as “pre eminent” or “groundbreaking” dr miserable, head of field studies in archaeology and paleontology at Oxford university.
        Maybe “leader in the field’?

        Little joke there! Ahem.

        When on talk shows or this is your life, if Aemonn Andrews didnt show me due respect id storm off the show.
        Call him a cunt .

  20. Here’s me thinking I’d heard it all before. Even the dead are being fucked with by the wokies. Pathetic, necrophilic, virtue-signalling cunts.

      • Good evening, JP. There’s probably good money to be made dreaming up utter excrement like this. I need to start and think outside the box and not be constrained by my whiteness.

        Denim jeans (first thing I clocked) -> made from cotton -> slavery. Anyone wearing 501s is bearing an historic totem of white oppression. I’ll complain to the legions of cunts on Twatter and demand an apology from Levi’s. Better still, Cotton Traders…

      • 😄😄😄
        That’s the spirit.
        Let’s make a business out of it!
        Run out of stuff to get worked up about?
        No problem, call 0800 OUTRAGED.
        We’ll find summat for you to wank off about.
        Satisfaction guaranteed!
        Fucking sock puppets are bound to fall for it.

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