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The Guardian. And lest we forget, it was founded on slavery.

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Just for a bit of a jolly I have copied random Guardian headlines for a couple of weeks. I haven’t read the fucker just picked off newsfeeds. Each is a headline.

”Questioning the lack of diversity at Glastonbury
If you think Denmark is all Borgen and social equality, take a look at its awful ‘ghetto’ lawUK faces ‘significant risks’ to quality of food imported post-Brexit, says report

British history should not be treated as a ‘soft play area’, says David Olusoga
The NHS wreckers cannot accept that the British public still back it
Six years on, the cold reality of Brexit is hitting Britain
The US supreme court is letting prayer back in public schools. This is unsettling
Children aren’t the future: where have all the young climate activists gone?
Qatar fails to offer World Cup safety guarantees to LGBTQ+ fans
UK government to scrap European law protecting special habitats
Police lied over Tasering of black social worker in London, court told
Banning babies from parliament shows just how out of touch Westminster is
The Guardian view on Boris Johnson abroad: more indulged than feted
Tory contempt for the arts means we face a second dark age
Lies, spies and dirty tricks: the truth about Britain’s undercover police
Half of all children in lone-parent families are in relative poverty
Families facing income woes on a par with Greece and Cyprus? That’s ‘global Britain’
Neglect Africa now and we will face labour shortages globally, IMF warns
Female trafficking survivor targeted for UK removal to Rwanda, says charity
Black BBC presenter praised for reading news with natural hair
Post-Brexit red tape poses threat to cross-Channel pigeon racing

I don’t want to live in a society where people are kidnapped from their homes’: the neighbours fighting immigration raids

Six charts that show how the UK economy is in crisis

Everything tainted by Johnson’s lies needs to be undone. That includes his Brexit
Brexit legacy is just the start of incoming PM’s problems as cost of living crisis spirals

Would a ‘Black Friends’ fix it? TV’s white New York still needs a reckoning
Average UK household £8,800 a year worse off than those in France or Germany
Whiteness of England Women squad is stopping too many girls from dreaming”

If any cunt managed to get through that well done. And what does it tell us?

Well, we have rabid papers of the right. Mail and Express churn out some shite. The Mirror is anti Tory. And churns out shite. But none of these papers actually hate Britain and it’s majority population like the metropolitan, privileged middle class tossers of the good old Guardian.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

(Note. We do have an additional nomination due to go live soon regarding the Grauniad and the Northern Police Monitoring Project. So please focus your comments for this particular nom, thanks – Day Admin)

63 thoughts on “The Guardian (20)

  1. It must be hard writing for the guardian with all that bile bubbling away..constantly throwing up in your mouth on being forced to live and work in such a horrible nasty racist country..

    • Yes but at least you don’t have to mix with the unwashed working class……or the w*gs you are always crying about.

      • wonder how many effnics work there? I know a mixed race fella who works at an NGO in London. He can’t stand all the woke bollocks and the middle class cunts wanking over him coz he iz black. I bet they tell all their (white) mates about their “edgy black mate” at work – although he thinks they’re cunts.

      • Yeah I know a couple of blokes like that. The stories they tell about the wokies licking their arse gives me the guts ache from laughing.

      • Some guy on GB News this morning pointed out that in the seventies Millwall FC had more black people on the books than the Grauniad..

  2. Obviously the Gwardian is awful and written by unbearablly po-faced cunts but if you really want to feel nauseous, delve into the comments. It is like you’ve landed on a different world. They loathe Britain and everything it represents. Who are these foul individuals?

    The Gwardian contributors consist of foreigners, fanatical Remoaners, hómos, environment hypocrites, and feminists so ugly, they’re probably suffering from testicular cancer.
    I could eat a bowl of Alphabet Soup and still shit out better articles.

    • I do wonder what those laughable cunts are going to do when they realise giving the country to foreigners,especially the Followers of Peace,didn’t quite translate into a lglobal village of love?

  3. Thanks very much CC, I’ve just pissed myself laughing at: ‘Post-Brexit red tape poses threat to cross-Channel pigeon racing’.
    You didn’t think of that, did you, all you racist, xenophobic, pro-Brexit imbeciles? The country’s finished now because you’ve wrecked cross-Channel pigeon racing. Auntie Graun says so.

  4. I am aware that the Guardian was originally founded and based in Manchester.
    Thank fuck it isn’t from there now.

    The cunts that work for today’s Guardian are totally insane. Fanatical one eyed frothing dribbling woke zealots. Who are obsessed with blacks, poofs, peacefuls, wimmin, and trannies. Everyone else can go and hang as far as they are concerned.

    Their hatred for the UK itself and the majority of its people (i.e: white and heterosexual) is diabolical. The Grauniad always go on about what ‘offends’ them. But there contempt for the British people and their hatred for white straight people (especially men) offends me, and I fucking hope they go bust and close down while they burn to the ground. A set of bastards and toxic cunts, without a doubt.

  5. I got as far as ‘says David Olusoga’, that was it, couldn’t go any further 😂

    Fuck off back to Nigeria. I have as much interest in Black History as I have about fucking Quidditch, cunt

      • Not sure, his name has featured a few times, another of the ‘migrated to the Uk’ cunts who then proceed to tell all of us who have families going back generations that we are racist and should apologise for our white privilege.

        Black history, no one gives a shit, even most of the blacks 😂

  6. And let’s nor forget super cunt and phantom flasher, Sachin Nakrani (aka Charlie Clitlicker). Who wasn’t – and still hasn’t – been sacked by the Grauniad for his antics. So that shows their hypocrisy and stinking double standards.

    Straight up. Look up Nakrani and his Charlie Clitlcker alias. Not nice reading at all, and what a cunt.

  7. Neglect Africa now and we will face labour shortages globally, IMF warns.

    Well that bison piss ain’t gonna collect itself .

  8. The Guardian is just another totem for the Woke. Up until the Brexit result back in 2016 the Guardian was just a sideline rag constantly trying to be taken seriously with its far Left opinions and editorials.

    However, post-Brexit and post “Me Too” and they seem to have found their bile-filled voice thanks also to the like of Twatter and Farcebook.

    As a consequence we have a rag that spouts all sorts of unaccountable bile and then goes all hurty when other rags criticise them.

    The only good thing in their favour is/was a rather excellent sports section. But the other 90% is so biased and subjective that it would be an act of torture having to read it from start to finish.

    It’s a good thing we still have a democracy here along with the freedom of speech (although as we know this is slowly disintegrating before our very eyes). Therefore its good to have opinions from the Left, just as much as it SHOULD be the right to have opinions from the Right. But this logic doesn’t work with the Guardian – for them they are always in the right, and the Right are always wrong!

    • hm. Freedom of speech – have you seen the video clip of the guy being arrested by Hampshire police as he posted something on soshul meedja which “caused anxiety” according to the pig arresting him.

  9. I find the best way to get a Grauniad reader to melt like snow is to say LONDONDERRY is a British city, there’s only 2 genders and Whiteness is next to Godliness, the cunts would probably have blood coming from there ears and eyeballs, the fucking Anti Anglo Arsecandles!!!

    • I love the Guardian.

      Absorbent, doesnt tear and leave your fingers covered in partially digested chips n gravy.

      And its cheap, normally left lying about.
      The fuckin litterbugs that read it never heard of ‘keep Britain tidy’?

      • I always enjoy the virtual begging bowl that pops up when you drop in to have a laugh at whatever ballbaggery they are going on about. They must be getting pretty desperate.

  10. When a newspaper has to beg for charity at the end of every article it can’t be that successful can it?

    The guardian is where the BBC gets it’s ideas from!

  11. Half the copies of the Guardian are bought by the BBC. It’s like a bible at Jimmy Savile House.

    • I’ve never met a Guardian reader. Can’t be many in Scotland. Hard to see newspapers being a thing in twenty years. Young people don’t read newspapers. You never see someone reading a paper in public anymore, it must just be pensioners and smelly laborers on building sites.

  12. Probably due a makeover. Some suggestions for a new title:
    The Woke Times
    The Bile Duct
    Now Wash Your Hands
    The Bottom Enquirer

  13. Today’s Grauniad headline is about the “Far Right” internet brainwashing of children.
    Sounds like jealousy to me…

    • Oh not the far fucking right again. For these cunts Sir Kweer is the far right.

  14. Any of you guys going to glasto?
    I & cressida went,
    We go every year.
    Its amazeballs!
    This year we attended a yoga workshop for all genders,
    Cressida is ‘with child’ and weve been worried sick the baby might be racist?

    I wore my vegan Doc martens and dungarees, and it was just fabulous to mix with The People.
    We pitched next to some great guys from Brixton who were there for Stormzy’s set,
    And I went over and fist bumped them all!
    Offered them some vegan flapjack.
    On saturday we headed off for Mumford and son on the pyramid stage but when we got back someone had stolen all our gear and slashed our tent☹️
    Probably the ‘Far Right’?
    Got wind I was a journalist for the Guardian?
    Anyway were both in therapy now,
    Shouldnt dwell on it I get panic attacks.
    And it might effect the baby.

    Ive bought a papoose to carry the baby in for our cycling holiday in Andalucia.

    • Does Chris Martin know you’re publishing pages of his diary on the internet MNC?

      Btw very well thanks. Sorry caught your reply from the other day a bit late.

      • Hehee😃
        Yeah Chris Martin!
        Little Apple in the papoose as Chris helps melt the wax for Gwynnys fanny candles!

    • You were doing so well, until the last bit, its a cycling holiday in Tuscany, we managed to bag a lovely villa in the hills (its Cressida’s Mamas pad) and the fresh olive and walnut bread from the village is to die for.

  15. The Guardian. Of all things woke anti western civilisation and ethics know best.
    Hate it with a passion

  16. Where does one even start with this immense crock of shit.
    Even Josef Geobels himself would be jealous of the amount of bullshit propaganda this toilet roll rag comes out with.

    I find it difficult to believe that there are cunts living in this country, born here, educated here to a high standard who actually buy this drivel, consume it AND actually believe it.

    Fuck me readers! All hope of a normal society is dead if this is what our mainstream population read and digest therefore become themselves!

  17. I would like the Guardian to do a piece on the world’s most technologically advanced country, Wakanda.

    Everytime I see this woke shite in Marvel films, I think back to the time I was in Sierra Leone and fell into an open sewer or the time I was in Nigeria, where they still fuck kids up for being witches.

  18. My wife is a teacher, so I often end up at lefty cunt parties with her.

    Despite having been a Royal Marine between 94 and 99, when people ask what I do /have done once they realise I’ve served in NI etc their tune changes .

    One of the cunts even asked how I lived with myself being a fascist . Wife had to take me home before I put the cunts head through his own patio door .
    Yeah mate I’m a fascist sure but who’s going to protect you when those who don’t respect limp wristed bumlords come knocking.

    People like me so fuck right off

    • People have forgotten how insane the IRA were from 1969-1999. Cunts were blowing people up. Leftism is basically weakness and naivety wrapped up in an air of pompous arrogance. It won’t end well for these clowns.

      • My old man served with the same unit in NI when things were really lively and he takes great pride in how many cuntish 18 year old heads he opened up when they’d chuck bricks at him.

        Dozy piss weak cunts.

  19. A couple of my high school teachers were guardian reading cunts. As a protest against leftist indoctrination we set up a short lived chapter of the Itleryouth movement. Kids today are soft little bastards. Wait til China attacks Taiwan (about a month from now) and they can’t upgrade their social media devices due to chip shortages.

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