Turkey Teeth

(Lift your eyes and admire her lovely set of shiny incisors!- Day Admin)

No its nothing to do with Christmas dinner, I’m referring to the booming trend of jetting off to Turkey, usually including a beach holiday, to get cut-price dental work done costing a fraction of what it would in the UK. Probably by a sweaty Ahmet in between working shifts at his brother-in-laws kebab shop.

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I hesitate to call them dentists because it sounds more like a butchers shop, filing healthy teeth down into sharpened pegs from which crowns or veneers can be attached onto. Needless to say cheap doesn’t mean quality or even safety with many reporting cracked crowns, infections, abscesses or just substandard work that needs fixing within months by UK dentists at great expense.

If I told you Katie Price is a fan and this trend is fuelled by cunts on TikTok wanting a Hollywoke megawatt smile, it will give you some idea of the fucking morons we are talking about. Here is Katie explaining her ‘journey’.

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55 thoughts on “Turkey Teeth

  1. Morn horn! I would give her some of my baby making batter right up her balloon knot

    (Typical – tone lowered in record time! I just knew I should have picked a header pic of Diane Abbott’s festering gob instead! – Day Admin)

    • And I’m sure she’d feel privileged to let you, Sid!

      Or are you just sharing an extract from your latest offering to ‘Mills and Boon’?😁

    • Any hole is a goal as far as women go, but Dianne Abbott admin? That’s just grim

      • Dianne’s my favourite object of wanking desire, Sid.
        But then I am into primate-based bestialiity.

  2. I looked at that link without the sound. I almost chucked up. What a cunt

  3. I’m not sure exactly what these cunts see when they stare into a mirror, but I know a daft arsehole when I see one.

    Katie Price is an abomination. Give her another 20 years and she will have her very own travelling freak show.

    • Perhaps all those blow jobs KP has given over the years has worn her teeth down to just stubs!

      She’ll probably opt for a new vag soon due to the huge variety of BBCs that have drilled her!

  4. This is hilarious.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Deluded self obsessed empty cunts.

  5. I never wanted to look like one of the Osmonds.
    Or the BeeGees.

    Its odd looking.

    Big white choppers.

    Its for wannabe celebs, media whores, ducky darlings, and outright simpletons.

    Waste of good money.

  6. Turkey teeth turkey lips 👄 turkey tits turkey tummy tuck. All available to the cosmopolitan thicko’s. And carried out with fully professional’s.
    Car mechanics probably.

    • As a car mechanic I think I would do a better job, I can do a bit of welding too!

      More seriously my gf dentist has be telling me for years about the horrors of turkey teeth, with in 2 years they get horrible pain, and replacing a perfectly good tooth with a crown is madness, if any uk dentist did this they would get deregistered.

  7. I never recall investigating a woman’s orthodontics whilst pounding her to pulp.Perhaps I need to look up occasionally

  8. Stupid Cunts can do what they want with their own money…it’s expecting the NHS to cough up to fix any problems that pisses me off….or,fucking “crowd-funding”

    • PS…I’d like to take a lump-hammer to Rylan Clark-Neal’s “graverobbed from Shergar” veneers.

      • The only rich cunt with bad teeth I can think of is the Queen mother?

        She had teeth like a abandoned cemetary, but you dont get that anymore.

        Even notorious hardman Chuck Norris has big fuck off donkey teeth in his little wizened crabapple head
        Check it out


      • Ps
        I find Chuck Norris’s character ,
        A kicking cowboy,
        To lack realism.

        Cowboys dont usually go in for kung fu due to having pistols and rifles.

        In historical records not one of the participates at the OK corall was kicked.
        Shot, yes.
        And none were wearing karate pyjamas.

        Chick Norris, your a bullshitter.

  9. Despite this filly having weird alien eyes I’d let her nosh on me all day, using my Weiner as a second toothbrush.

  10. What is the point of going to Turkey to have your teeth fucked up. Enough stories doing the rounds to suggest selling your arse in Kabul would be less dangerous.
    Then on returning to U.K. spend five times as much attempting to sort out the utter fuck up caused by Dr Memet who is qualified but as an arboriculturist not a dentist.
    If you survive the infection, tissue death upside down veneers your lucky and I hope eating through a straw is the least of your worries (as long as I do not have to pay for your idiocy)

  11. Can I express my disappointment at how a serious subject has been debased by some dorty feckers. Shame on you.

  12. That bird in the header pic looks hugely do-able. However, in this current climate you would probably need to ask for all sorts of proof to verify that she actually is, and always has been, a woman and not some sad old geezer with no mates.

    That said, it would be very nice to be kneeling under that table and giving her a good licking.

    Who needs Colgate when you’ve got some Muffgate on tap!

  13. Take another look at that nom pic, and tell me whether you agree it looks like she’s smiling at you whilst cupping your nuts with her outstretched hand.

    …or maybe it’s just my vivid imagination?

  14. I remember seeing an old Parky interview with Christopher Lee where he tells the tale of his motor breaking down in Italy with his missus in tow. He’s in the middle of nowhere and sees a light from this farm house some way off, needless to say he’s a bit messed up by the time he gets there. He knocks on the door and this little Italian opens it stares wide eyed at him and says “It’s him .. it’s him” and then faints.

    I feel the same sense of panic when I very occasionally come across these day-glo knashers, just stop it you fucking loons.

  15. Regrettably I clicked on the Katie Price link.
    Fuck me, I was prepared for sickness, but not that.
    Can only imagine what this fucking beast would look like with the rest of her “enhancements” removed as well.
    Wes Craven introduces Nosferatu’s sister.
    My granny, R I P, dead these 47 long years, probably still looks better than this fucking obscene cunt.
    And the Instagram models and wannabes still idolise the vile repugnant bitch, with the World’s media throwing wads of cash at tne bastard wherever it goes.
    We truly are fucking doomed as a species.

  16. Can you imagine banging that and it’s false teeth fall out leaving her looking like a too far gone smack rats’ police mugshot.
    Instant softie.
    Stupid cunts, I wouldn’t let these cunts cut my hair, let alone do unnecessary surgery on me.

      • Morning Mis.
        Aye, full head of hair me, wasted on a short four eyed cunt like me though.
        However I do enjoy running my fingers through it when in traffic jams next to bald midlife crisis sufferers in sports cars.
        I know a bloke who took his then girlfriend to Turkey for a tit job holiday a few years back. On the flight home, one of her new tits went bang as it wasn’t up to the altitude.
        Naturally the NHS was there to sort it out for her.

  17. There’s an ancient practice called, ayurveda or “pulling” where you vigorously swirl natural oil (olive, castor, coconut, etc.) in your mouth for 20 minutes and it makes them whiter. I’ve never tried it.

    Aye, these overseas cosmetic procedures sound great until you come home and a two years later there are problems and you then have to use a British dentist to fix the fuck-ups. If you must get it done, get it done here. I had an amazing dentist from childhood to age 30 but he retired. None of the dentists I have visited have been anywhere near his brilliance.

  18. My dentists a sihkh bloke.
    Hes alright but im not fond of the dentists .

    Mens teeth shouldnt be like Rylan Clarks,
    Thats for equine types.

    Mine (about 10 left)
    Are a sensible pale yellow colour,
    Some chipping,
    Like a old brew mug,
    Im a Englishman through an through.
    Bad teeth are patriotic.🇬🇧

    • I was reading something recently about the dead from the battle of Waterloo. The teeth were looted from fallen soldiers sold on to dentists of the day and made into dentures. Hopefully not a French set, they would fall out and surrender and the first sign of a bit of gristle.

  19. A group from work were sea fishing when one threw up and lost his false teeth.
    On seeing this another member of the group took out their own, tied them to the line and pretended they’d caught them.
    The first guy takes a look, says nah! Not mine and tosses them back in.

    I’d like this to be true, it could be.

  20. I go to my Dentist in Poland a couple of times a year and get treatment for a snip of the price i get it here. Including the flight it’s far cheaper to go there .
    Dentists and Vets in Britain are ripping the public off big time.

    • Your not wrong FF.
      The fuckin vets had my pants down,
      Well and truly.

      Spent more at the vets than dentists.
      Robbing fucker.

      • Fecking vets, are money grabbing cunts, had dealings with em my whole working life , ego driven self important twats who believe all the crap on tv that’s constantly produced. They charge like wounded Rhinos and in my last contact when the old horse went down in field at night and was obviously dying, the cunt of a vet wouldn’t come out unless we had £500 cash for him to attend, so much for animal welfare.
        Got a knacker man out £100. Fucking banning hunting has ballsed up a whole finely balanced system.

    • Could you post the website link to your dentist in Poland? I need some work done and its too expensive here.

  21. Apologies to the good dentists here on isac, but I’m not sure about the quality or ethics of a lot of UK dentists.
    Agree that if you’ve bucked up some treatments elsewhere then you should pay to have it fixed yourself

  22. White teeth are desired by all races. This common desire should help heal our differences???
    Maybe not. Not everyone can afford them.

  23. Sweaty Ahmet and the kebab shop, I nearly choked on my chips, also that Chuck Norris crabapple face comment.
    I must stop looking at ISAC whilst having my dinner.

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