Daniela Sponder – Another Entitled Karen

Bird poo ruined my holiday!

A full Victor Meldrew “I don’t believe it” cunting for this total Karen.

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She goes on holiday, in a lakeside cabin, and complains about goose crap on the patio area, which is set as an outdoor eating space, not a toddlers playground. Then when it’s cleaned complains that bleach and water were used, making the area unsafe for her 16 week old baby and two year old to play on.

Yeah, right!

Will there be a follow up about all the fox/badger/hedgehog/squirrel shit in the grass? Which wasn’t vacuumed/disinfected to her satisfaction?
What a cunt! What a blatant attempt to get money back.

Stay in Croydon, you daft twat!

Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

74 thoughts on “Daniela Sponder – Another Entitled Karen

  1. Oh fucking dear, I am fucking gutted. I suppose she is one of the cunts that want all life forms eliminating apart from her entitled self. Fuck off and fall into a cess pit you 4 eyed cunt.

  2. I’d rather fuck the goose than that ugly Harpy..is it a Tranny perhaps ?…..Bet it’s kids are ugly Fuckers too…. dunk the whole family in a vat of goose-shit and bleach and tell them to “Fuck Off”.

  3. She’s the type who
    – buys a house next door to a pub then complains about people making a noise as they leave at 11pm.
    – moves to the country and complains about the cows mooing and dropping pats.
    – takes a holiday next to a church then complains about the clock chiming.

    The stupid bitch should be given a court order to stay in Croydon. They deserve each other.

    • Or a house near an airport and complains about aircraft noise. Or near a Victorian prison and complains about that.


      • Indeed DCI. Seen a few news articles down the years, Always with some numpty saying, “I bought the house two years ago and I’ve barely had a decent night’s sleep. Yes, it’s at the end of the runway at the world’s busiest airport, but I didn’t think an endless stream of large passenger jets at full throttle, just 100 foot above my house, would be so noisy.”

        Absolute fucking idiots.

        The newsreader never says what I’d say, “You have to be the most stupid imbecile I’ve ever met, and I met Diane Abbott once.”

      • Tell me about it. I recall a story in the local rag about some dumb fuck who bought a house next to a fire station and moaned about them drilling in the yard with pumps and ladders, the turnout bells and the sirens when they went on a call. And, as you say, no cunt ever tells them to ‘Fuck off’.

      • Evening DCI,

        What if this woman got into a medical emergency and you turned up within say 10 seconds.

        There might be a piece done on it in the local rag the week after-

        ‘First Responders repond to Mrs Sponder in record time’.

    • 100%.

      I once knew a women who moved within half a mile if Epsom racecourse and then moaned when she couldn’t park anywhere on Derby day.

      Oh what’s that, the race that’s been run for over 200 years you daft cunt

      • Haha. Yes I know someone who moved on the road outside a now Championship football club. House was quite cheap she said. A bargain she said. I wonder why lol? We’ll, she complained to a few of us about the crowd noise when a goal was scored and the noise the fans made coming and going to the game. She said it ‘wasn’t on.’

        I remember being speechless for once at such stupidity.

        I didn’t ask, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if she’d stormed down to the entrance and told the fans to ‘keep it down a bit’.

    • I have a mate who owns an original ‘66 Shelby Cobra.

      The noise it makes is unreal as there are zero baffles in the exhaust.

      It’s an 8 Litre V8 and does 3mpg 🤣🤣


      Anyway he wanted to take it to Goodwood but was told he couldn’t drive it there’s as it broke the allowable noise limit.

      I’m like what the fuck is all that about it’s a race track ffs.

      Apparently some 30/40 years ago the current Lord March father gave FOC land to build 30 houses for social housing.

      Over the years somehow these houses have in the main be sold privately, I guess through ‘Call me Dave’s’ disastrous attempt to emulate Thatcher RTB scheme some 10 years ago.

      So these houses have been sold to some rich arrogant cunts who know how to use the law have had noise limits introduced and curfews tightened.

      So just like all the other cunters examples there’s always another one just around the corner.

      Cunts. Utter utter cunts.

  4. She works in HR too…so, as worthless a parasite as the previous nom cunts too.
    Bitches like her are going to get a short, sharp shock in the coming months.

    • Have you noticed that all HR staff, and doctors redeptionists are cut from the same cloth?
      The jobs must be interchangeable. Self important, supercilious cunts.

  5. We had a cunt write into the local rag complaining about siren noise from emergency vehicles. Cunt bought a house on a main fucking road to a hospital. We, all three services, took a sadistic delight in sounding the sirens every time we went past his house day and night knowing there was fuck-all the prick could do about it as we’re entitled by law to use them! Oh, the satisfaction was measurable!

    As for this stupid bitch, fuck off, and keep going you goggle-eyed trollop.

    • All joking aside Gene, I have the blues and twos parading past the house 24/7 on a three minute rotation.

      What are the dB ratings of those sirens? I’m clocking them at 98db.

      Can’t have the windows open in stabby season, because we can’t sleep.

      Asking for a friend who now has debilitating tinnitus.

      • No idea, mate, I’m either in the back or have the windows up with aircon going so I can’t hear them loudly. I keep them on in built-up areas because, and this has happened, some moblie-gawping cunt’ll step out in front of you, you’ll flatten them, go to court and they’ll ask you if you were using your warning devices. If you weren’t using the sirens, just the lights, then you’re in trouble.

  6. I don’t think you can complain about cleanliness and hygiene when you come from fucking Croydon. You are a cunt by definition.

    • Daniela looks like she has an unnecessarily hairy fanny and tits of obvious different sizes.

      • I hope the foreign zero hours agency staff left a monster floater in the toilet bowl or at least skidded it up for her after cleaning her luxury cabin.

      • Yep you’d come up looking like Bluto from Popeye if you were stupid enough to go down on her rot infested growler.

  7. “I want to see the manager” was invented for this whiner.

    Outside of London in the countryside various types of animal shit is a way of life. Cow shit, sheep shit, goat shit, pig shit….we have it all.

      • Googling her name reveals her linkedin page, which imforms you she is and has been a career cunt

      • I would imagine she’s getting quite a few people viewing her page today.

        Imagine if someone sent her a link to this page 🤣🤣

      • I am on a sail boat in Australia and I hate the self righteous fuckwit….she is an International Cunt.
        Do ya reckon her hands are fucking painted on??? Clean it yrself you lazy soft wanker….all 2 sqm of it…to “the highest possible standard”.
        Fucking classic A grade HR prissy twat….these cunts are going to rule the world if they can…Mommy is fucking coming – and all you naughty pervy boys gonna have to clean yr teeth on time…but not with bleach..having said that Fluoride toothpaste and animal testing probably OK with this middle class drone.
        I will pay big money to anyone who can drive 3 hours (ooooohhhh fark!!! ) to Croydon and push a big log of shit into her letterbox.

    • And launched two ejaculations, though fuck knows how.
      One can assume the male that lost his mess inside her was a limp-wristed feminist type of chap; a cyclist, vegan reader of the Guardian.

  8. What about folk who go to Mexico on their holidays and see decapitated heids in the street from cartel wars? No mention of that in Trip Adviser!

    “Daddy, daddy! What are THOSE?!”

    “Those are… Halloween decorations, sweetie.”

  9. I wonder what she does when going to a local park, with geese and ducks shitting everywhere, maybe the pussy whipped husband takes along a brush to clear a path for Daniela.

    The patio was cleaned with dangerous chemicals 😂😂😂 if it was bleach it wouldn’t last long with all that organic matter aka shit. A quick rinse off and away you go you wanker.

  10. I work in a high end rental market and the fucking cunts do this shit all the time. They complain about SOMETHING so money will be discounted.
    “The smart TV in my son’s room buffers”
    He’s gaming and bogging the wifi down.
    “The golf cart won’t get up the boardwalk to the beach”
    You’re fat.
    “The water leak alarm went off.”
    You’re kid used the shower with the curtain outside the tub.
    “The porch light kept me up at night”
    It’s on a photocell like every house in the place.
    “The golf cars driving by bothered me”
    You were next to the drive over the dunes dumbass.
    “The faucet water tastes funny”
    Drink bottled water. It’s provided.
    Etc etc audnauseum.
    Cunts. Good nom.

  11. Has this carping myopic bitch seen the state of Croydon? Swamping the place with avian shit would be a massive improvement.

  12. Should have rubbed her fucking nose in it.
    The snobby golf club near me had a barn dance a while back and put out a letter saying no jeans will be allowed.

  13. I think the real Cunt here is the dip shit journalist and shit rag paper that gave this non-entity mongo bitch a soap box.

    Fucking crappy left leaning ‘news papers’ like this fuel the constant victim mentality that our young people are embracing with open arms.

    Publishing non stories like this and many others like it is giving badges of honour to low life, useless gutter snipe scum like the creature in the nom above.
    Because of rags like the Metro the young have no real role models or hereoes to look up to.
    Just Gas oven fodder like this Croydon slag.

    No wonder our countries future is fucked.

    • My heart goes out to Daniela,
      It must of been dreadful.

      The last thing you expect near a body of water is geese shitting everywhere!

      Illegal immos yes but not geese.

      I once had my holiday ruined by foxes shitting everywhere.
      My dog and I writhed in it ruining my new corduroys and Aran jumper.

      Boy, was I in hot water with the missus!
      Fuming she was.

      Anyway I sent the cleaning bill to the farmer whose cottage we rented.
      Do you know,
      He phoned me up and told me to stick it up my arse!!

      I thought rural types were meant to be friendly?
      Dancing round maypoles and the like.

      • And fox shit is the work of the devil. Worse than my old man and he is fucking notorious.

        The ‘Twizell Turder’ he is known as after an emergency crap at Twizell castle in Northumberland. My mum still goes into hysterics over 40 odd years later. “Can’t take you anywhere you dirty old man”.

      • You probably shouldn’t have rented the cottage from Fiddler Farms Ltd, MNC.
        And why did you join your dog in the shit-writhing? I hope you weren’t turned on?! 💩

      • Seemed kinda fun at the time Thomas.

        Know what neutralises fox shite?


        Dunno why, but it does!

      • Did you know you can buy shampoo that neutralises the reek of fox poo?
        Of course, it’s for dogs, not MNC.

    • Yes, Baron.
      They do give these waste of a skin publicity, but if you can see the readers comments, she got a rightful rinsing, I think “Compo face” was the kindest.
      So, no outpouring of sympathy, and probably no compo.
      Silly cow.

  14. No doubt this demented hag stopped at some motorway services,happily went for a piss,didn’t wash it hands then went straight in the Greggs.

    And aye the newspaper that gives a vexatious whining cunt like this a platform for its opinion is worthy of nowt but oven.

  15. For what it’s worth I’ve emailed centre parks not to give in to her and tell her to do one. So she doesn’t go again ? Good. Don’t want that moaning bitch around me complaining about the sun being too hot or the ground being to earthy!! More than enough people visit centre parks so no skin off their bone if a few dozen people boycott them.

  16. Yester year (Before H&S and Safeism): clean it up yourself, no big deal, shoo the bloody things away
    Today: Can I speak to the Manager? Whinge, waaah, post your ‘ordeal’ on social media.

  17. I can’t believe someone pumped her twice to give her the 2 sprogs in the first place.

    • The most likely scenario is husband is infertile so she went invitero.
      Or it was two different pissed cunts in accounting dept she offered herself to in the hope of career advancement.

  18. ‘’Eventually, she says workers arrived to clean it up, but instead of a jet-washer arrived with only a bucket, mop and some bleach, leaving Daniela furious that dangerous chemicals were being used in an area where her children would have otherwise played’’

    The moose goes on to add….

    ‘’It’s all well and good when money is taken, but basic safety and hygienic matters were not taken into consideration. We’re talking about young children being able to play outside but they can’t because of the bleach.’’

    Fuck where to start on this inadequate excuse for a retard.

    Bleach is the most common commercially available chemical on the earth (probably).

    It’s on the bottom shelf at most supermarkets and as far as I’m aware there aren’t even age restrictions on buying it.

    I’d put everything I own on betting it’s the most common chemical in all U.K. households.

    It’s most common use is surely for mopping kitchen floors and cleaning the toilets.

    So WTF is this dirty little Arab cleaning her floors with?

    I liked the footnote that said ‘Center Parcs couldn’t be contacted for a comment’.

    Excellent and not before time. Don’t indulge these millennial cunts.

  19. Why do these cunts always have that certain middle class, snout in the air and pole up arse, soy look.

  20. There was a really up herself bitch near us, and she moved in across the road from a working mens club (The Unsworth South Social Club RIP). And then she actually had the nerve to turn up at a comittee meeting (I was a comittee member) to say it was too noisy on a Saturday night. She was promptly told to fuck off. She knew she was buying a house opposite a working mens club. So it was her tough shit.

    As for the minging mare in the picture? I wouldn’t touch it even if it was the last woman on Earth and I was desperate for a shag. That’s how ugly it is…..☹🤢☠

  21. I looked her up on line. She has no fewer than three degrees ; sadly they are all from former technical colleges such as the University of East London.
    However, the most interesting fact is that despite spending what, to most people, would seem far too long in ‘education’ and Sponder has had 15 jobs. For someone several years shy of 40 having so many jobs speaks volumes.

    • Yep, she goes into places, everyone hates her inside 2 months and she leaves.

      Probably absolutely toxic to work with.

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