MPs Protected from Energy Price Rises

Emergency cunting for two-faced MPs.

Seems that these cunts can claim expenses on any energy used at their London and/or constituency homes. In other words they don’t have to worry about the massive price hikes for electric/gas/petrol that the rest of the country is having to tolerate and will have to tolerate for the foreseeable future!

The Telegraph link below shows a number of prominent MPs who have claimed back many thousands of pounds in energy bills and yet no one seems to give a shit, not least the MPs themselves or the so-called government watchdog – The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority – who decides on ministerial salaries and expenses.

OFGEM announced yesterday that the Price Cap would rise by another 80% from October 1st, with another 40%+ rise projected in January. This will be absolutely devastating for a vast majority of people – except for the rich, the virtue-signalling celebs and the political establishment – all of whom constantly whine about nasty old fossil fuels and the wonderful benefits of Net Zero and how we must all make sacrifices for future generations and saving the planet.

But since all of these entitled cunts can use as much gas, water, electric and petrol as they want without having to watch the pennies, I just wonder if they follow their own diktats?

Well as we all know they don’t because the good old Taxpayer will be there to bail them out again and again and again. In other words they can:-

  • Drive thousands of miles up and down the country pontificating about climate change,
  • Jet around the world ditto,
  • Heat every room in their constituency home without a care,
  • Use as much electric in their homes ditto,
  • Water their gardens despite hose-pipe bans,
  • Stuff their faces on as much gastro food  and booze as they want,
  • Inflation-proof index linked pensions
  • Buying hugely expensive wallpaper – courtesy of Carrie-Antoinette Johnson

Basically they’re doing all the things they’re telling the Great Unwashed not to do, just so long as they’re not footing the bill or making those very same sacrifices themselves.

This is just another example of the class divisions between the Establishment and the Masses, with the former totally out of touch with the realities of their myopic decision-making is having on the latter.

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(We have a separate nom regarding domestic energy costs due to go live very soon – Day Admin)

73 thoughts on “MPs Protected from Energy Price Rises

  1. “Public Servants” are now just parasites feeding off the host.
    Cunt leeches.
    Donald Trump didn’t even take a paycheck when he was POTUS. That right there says a lot about the man.
    I miss him.

    • It says he’s a multi-billionaire who could afford to virtue-signal about not taking a presidential salary, the subtext being he couldn’t possibly be a corrupt individual, could he?

    • The American political system, more than any other, is closed to the humble, honest average Joe or Jane who would genuinely make America great again. America is finished. Hopefully something good rises from the ashes this century. It basically needs to split into two countries: the lazy degenerates and the hard-working patriots.

    • And laugh their arses off about it as they fill their bank accounts and gorge on state funded scoff and booze…

  2. Well. if these cunts were putting 600-quid-per-roll wallpaper and medieval moats on their expenses, they of course they would us plebs paying their energy bills.

    We need a new beginning in Britain. Wipe the slate clean and start over.

  3. Here’s another interesting link:

    Government expenditure on “administration” (I’d bet this is where this money sits on a spreadsheet) is £20 billion p.a.

    That’s like every (legitimate) UK resident (babies, children, adults) giving the cunts £15.

    Doesn’t sound like much put like that until you consider there are 67,000,000 residents and 650 MPs🤬

  4. I’ve been waiting for an energy cunting and normally I do not read the Telecunt (more likely Viz) but hats off to them for exposing what we know are dirty cunty MP’s.

    It is also disgusting that BloJo recently said (extracted from Telegraph article):

    This week Boris Johnson said the public should endure higher bills as the “Ukrainians are paying in blood”. However, MPs can claim back energy bills for either their London or their constituency home paid for by the taxpayer.

    Who the fuck is he to demand we take the hit for some nutter deciding to retake land he thinks belongs to Mother Russia. Fuck that. From what I can tell a lot of Ukrainian’s couldn’t wait to leave their country these last 10 years to get their hands on easy cash through our construction industry, them and the Polaks – all the fucking same.

    It is on the point of incensing national riots that these cunts are allowed to claim energy expenses and I think that’s what this country needs – a good old tear up internally, that’ll sort things out.

    But, stop the press – Nadhim Zahawi, Raggy-head supreme is off to the US to sort all out problems out. Fucking kebab shop boy couldn’t arrange a piss up in a Mosque…

    • Polaks are far worse. At least the Ukies have a genuine excuse to flee. Polish cunts just want to take and contribute nothing while all the time moaning about Britain but….never fucking off back to Gdansk or whichever East Euro shite-hole they left.

    • Spot on comments there👍

      Firstly, WTF has a war in Ukraine got to do with us prioritised above any other war in a foreign shit hole;

      Secondly, Parliament ought (LOL) represent the people’s views not force their own views onto the plebs;

      Thirdly, if you are going to pick a fight with Russia make sure you have your ducks in a row first (EG have your own energy security etc);

      Fourthly, if you are that concerned about the Ukraine why not have done something about it before the war started (EG taking a tough military stance to make Russia fear the consequences of invasion – not get your armed forces to wave the fairy flag etc);

      And lastly, the slaughter in Ukraine will go on and on and on until a peace is negotiated and concessions made (and the longer it goes on the more concessions needed). Putin will throw the lives of every Russian man, woman and child at this until he gets what he wants and there are a lot of them (take a look at mid 20th century history to see how this works).

      Hey ho only 6 days until the “continuity candidate” moves into No 10😞

      • 2014 Russia invaded and annexed Crimea…..
        2018 Russia host World Cup…..
        I don’t remember many players or countries (if any) refusing to take part in the competition…..
        Then again, if Harry Kane had said anything, I wouldn’t have understood the cunt.

  5. Mother Fuckers. Yet another slap in the face for the UK taxpayer and the working class.
    Come October something will kick off and those cunts in the establishment will be getting chased by the masses with pitchforks due to insults like this nom and many others (lockdown parties at No.10 eh Jellyfish?- we ain’t forgot!)

    The fuel riots of year 2000 and Mark Duggan Riots of 2011 will look like a boy scout jamboree compared to what’s coming this winter and those scum in parliament will be the main target for all this anger I think.

    • Stick a few blecks in their with their fried chicken and knives and it’ll be a right old party…

    • Indeed BVC. Once a few pensioners start dying from hypothermia inside their own homes, meanwhile all the darkıe dinghy cunts get warm, free hotel rooms, shit might finally kick off.
      Politicians of all stripes have, for the last several decades, fucked over the indigenous population to swell their own bank accounts.
      Hopefully they’ll be dragged out of their all-expenses-paid houses and murdered by a furious, cold and desperate general public.
      By February, we’ll have nothing left to lose.

      • I agree wholeheartedly Mr Cunt Engine.
        These clowns in parliament are that out of touch and fucking stupid, they haven’t got a bastard clue what the silent majority have in store for the cunts this winter.

        They think for some reason (historical maybe?) That the UK is somehow immune to revolution.
        With the increasing number of sooties and other fiery tempered eff-nicks in the UK, the possibility of a nationwide flare-up is more probable now than ever before especially with the high cost of energy and fuel being the trigger point.
        The mood of the population is dark and cunts like Starmer, Truss, Sunak and the Albino Jelly-fish will be the main targets for public anger.

    • Let’s get ready and check if any lampposts need reinforcement and get some stocks of barbed wire in ready for it😁

      • I knew there was a reason I never binned my old knackered guitar strings, those ‘D’ strings, top notch garott material!

  6. Are we in any way surprised at this “one law for us another for you” approach by politicians?

    There is absolutely no credible plan in the pipeline for dealing with the energy pricing crisis.

    France restrict rises to 4% we just let the market rip.

    A disgrace.

  7. These cunts would kill us all in cold blood if they could be 5p better off and get away with it.

  8. When MPs had that inflation busting pay rise recently, cunts like Richard Burgone and the like said they would donate their rises to charities etc.
    Sounds good, until you see what these cunts claim on expenses. So much so, you could easily imagine their whole wage going into savings.
    Fucking cunts.

    • I knew that those cunts would be claiming their utilities on expenses,just like everything else.

      The disconnect between our rulers and the general population seems to have parallel with 18th century France.

      I hope for the same “upheaval”.

      • Which parasitical MP would you like to see guillotined first, UT?
        Harriet Harman for me.

      • Quite so – except the guillotine was designed as a more humane method of dispatch by a wet Frenchy liberal) we should use traditional English methods from Tyburn.

      • Yes I became convinced of the same thing when I noticed the distinct lack of urgency to do something about this

      • That twat from the Greens who moaned about Armed Forces Day a few years back.
        Can’t remember the pathetic nonentities name but would greatly enjoy watching him blub on the steps to the block…

      • Can this be backdated? With all this wanking on about “historical injustices” surely we have a right to drag Blair to the gallows…

  9. Meanwhile, millionairess, Greta Cuntberg will be sitting with the heating on full blast, with the lights and internet on.

    Cost of living crisis?

    Not for that cunt!

    I think you can now put MPs claiming for heating alongside n o nces as far as being a fucking cunt goes.

    • Plus her earnings from the Cabbage Patch Doll empire will be significant.

      How very dare you

  10. It’s time to forget about Ukraine while the West freezes its own citizens to death. The West is waging a war against its own people, and totalitarianism will be here very soon if enough people don’t wake up….

  11. The majority of European citizens are now against the EU’s anti-Russian rhetoric. Polls have clearly shown this. Then there’s the fact that anyone born after 1975 has absolutely idea what a winter is like without central heating. It’s tough and most homes don’t have a fireplace like they did back then. They’re in for the shock of their lives. It’s going to be a very unpleasant experience for so many and there WILL be riots.
    Finally, just take a look at this. The EU are well aware of what’s going on and are resorting to desperate measures to keep the gas flowing:

    • Can you provide a link to the polls showing this data?
      Preferably something more reliable than Zero hedge please.

      • Thanks for the link, though there doesn’t seem to be any facts or figures in it.
        They seem to come to their conclusion based on the fact(?) that several countries didn’t send any aid to Ukraine last month.
        It didn’t say which countries they were, what type of aid, whether it’s military, economic, or charitable, what they had sent previously, and was it a hiatus or cessation of help.
        It also hasn’t dated very well, as recently Germany has pledged to send more military aid, and more modern equipment than before, as they have come to terms with the idea that Ukraine are not only fighting for themselves, but for Europe too.

        They also seem fixated with U.K., US, and Poland being a problem by helping, like they are pushing for war.
        This is bollocks, Poland has been invaded twice by Russia over the last 90 years, and suffered heavily, during the initial fighting, and the communist occupation.

        As for the U.K. and the US, we have enough problems domestically, and far from provoking Russia, we are all paying the price for allowing Putin and his pals to shoot down airliners, annex countries, invade other countries, and assassinate people using chemical and radioactive weapons on our soil.

        The header ‘Only God can judge us’ was the icing on the cake.

      • Thanks RTC.
        People might think from the tone of my posts that I am pro war and pro west. This is not the case, as I was dead against the second gulf war on principle, the first was a just cause but I wasn’t happy to be going through it at the time.
        This time, I stand to lose everything, job, then house, if things get much worse, so I’m hoping there will be a ceasefire at some point, initially for selfish reasons as above, but also the wider humanitarian catastrophe.
        As much as I enjoy studying military history, it’s the history bit I enjoy, not the current affairs bit. I don’t like living in interesting times one bit.

        As for interest in the war, it’s definitely waning, lack of coverage on the msm, lack of interest with the people, mostly because they don’t realise the possible consequences from it.

        Anyway, it’s back to bread and circus time, as kickball is back, and folk can forget about trivial things like war in Europe and focus on stuff that really matters, like, why is there a stupid woman commenting on football, that’s a stupid man’s job!

      • Good Evening GJ.

        The bread and circuses are part of an escapism for a hell of a lot of people.

        Escapism from a daily shit show of perpetual bollocks and cuntishness inflicted on them.

        The escapism has also been hijacked by cunts with a nefarious agenda of division and hate.

        You might not see it that way because you’re not interested in physical competitive sports.

      • Evening HJ.
        I’m glad I’ve turned my life around, things aren’t that bad that I need escapism, well, not too much anyway.🙂

        Also, I’m glad I don’t see agenda in everything, it must be soul destroying.

    • It’s fairly odd, shortsighted or part of a greater agenda (who knows for sure) how councils couldn’t wait to install central heating and gas/electric fires into most houses up and down the country. Blocking up fire places, banning the burning of certain fuels etc.
      The amount of new houses springing up everywhere as we speak, 110 percent dependant on electricity or gas.
      Not a hint of a plan B.

      I think back to early childhood when the electric cooker went pop and we were without one for a week or so (can’t quite remember)
      My mother basically cooked our meals and boiled water on the coal fire.

  12. Did you know that if an MP cunt lives in Stabistan, away from their constituency they can claim up to £400 a week for food? Why? You still have to eat no matter where you live so how come you get it for free?
    Of course that money isn’t spent on fish fingers and frozen peas it’s spent in high end restaurants in Westminster where cunts like us wouldn’t get through the door. They are fucking scammers, every single one of them.

    • Not to mention the taxpayer subsidised bars and restaurants in both Houses of Parliament.

  13. Not the best time to decorate your home,.looking at some of the ads on telly. Putting the heat on will cost you a fucking kidney soon.

    And fuck Crown Paints anyway. Fucking dozens of couples in one ad I’ve just seen. All honky birds and dark key blokes. The implication being the women are all up the duff to nice, sweet music.

    Well, as Bill Hicks would’ve said, let me pop that bubble and send you hurtling back to reality.

    Only 31.7% of dark key kids in SA have a dad at home, compared with over 80% for honky and Indian kids in the same country.

    Stats for UK? They wouldn’t fucking dare, but we all know reality, we’ve fucking seen it.

    Still, good luck selling your shit paint during this bollocks, you fucking shithouses.

  14. The cunts are trolling us. I can imagine the meetings:

    “Right, what can we do to them today”?

    Never before, have so few taken the piss out of so many.

  15. There is another group unaffected by energy bills, cost of living and anything else, all those fucking channel hopping cunts sitting in hotels paid for by ‘the tax payer’ 🤨

  16. Yeah and it has emerged that this cunty government is paying millions to a private shipping company to assist Border Farce and RNLI in bringing the thieving, p*ncing bastards over here. I wonder how many of them have shares in that company? Meanwhile Priti Useless is bunging even more millions to the Frenchies to help them get rid of their shit. Plus of course millions to maintain the empty camps in Rwanda. This country is like one great free shop where every foreign fucker can help themselves but we can’t afford to shop there.

  17. Oliver Cromwell’s speech to the Rump Parliament
    It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.

    Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not barter’d your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?

    Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defil’d this sacred place, and turn’d the Lord’s temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices? Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress’d, are yourselves gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors.

    In the name of God, go!

    Nothing more to add to that really!!!

      • Its a shame that Anders Brevik didn’t escape out of his Oslo nick, then found his way to London tooled up with a few Autos and lots of ammo then dropped into Parliament during a full session…………..

  18. Bloody expenses. They can live in basic halls of residence, move the lot of them to Hull or Braintree, and pay for anything else themselves.

    Migrants in hotels also immune to energy costs, ffs.

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