Wimbledon (4)

(The only good thing about Wimbledon: now banned! – Day Admin)

‘ Da da de de, Du du da da, Du du da da dum ……’
A Purple and Green striped “new balls please” cunting for the Wimbledon tennis championships.

1. It’s only for the rich
Total prize money for competitors = £40.35 Million
Centre Court Ticket £75 to £240 per person
Seated dining with views of the Tea Lawn = £95 per person !

2. The tennis players
A bunch of sulky, whining, self absorbed, ego-centric, over-paid cunts

3. The crowd
People with too much money, or no sense. Then there’s the typical Millwall fan who’s gone for a day out, screaming at the top of their lungs “come on Andy!”. Not to mention the cunts who start clapping slowly because Zuga Fishbreath, the no 273 seed from Albania has the audacity to query a line call – and the fucking sheep like crowd that have to start clapping too.

4. The BBC coverage
With extensive TV & radio coverage, The BBC has money to burn, paying former champions McEnroe, Navratilova, BJ King, etc + has-beens Tracy Austin, John Lloyd, Johanna Konta, Tim Henman (never won shit) Annabel Croft (hasn’t played in 40 years ?) to present and commentate.

5. Sue Barker
The grinning red faced midget has been on a nice little earner for the last 30 years. Calls all the ‘stars’ by their 1st names (like they’re on speed dial!), gushes over the former winners. Never won a twix wrapper herself.

Now all the ‘A’ list cunts are fawning false compliments “you’re last Wimbledon Sue – say it ain’t so” ….Personally I’ll miss the vile hag like a hole in the head !

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Nominated by: Lord of the Rings

And there’ more. This time from The Archbishop of Cunterbury

I absolutely despise everything about that utter sack of sick that is Wimbledon. I’ve watched it a bit in the past which has allowed me to build up a good level of reasoned hatred for it. Here is a brief list of my issues with it:

Fawning gasping crowd when a rally is going on. Absolutely pathetic the way they try and out yelp each other.

The main referee gets a medal presented at the end of the tournament. He accepts it with the solemnity of a soldier receiving the Victoria cross

Mixed doubles. Totally abject event for people not good enough to play individual tennis. (Will there be a trans-mixed-doubles? Day Admin)

Smiley Sue making competitors say that Wimbledon is the best tournament. Even if they are from say France, in which case French open would be more important to them

Stupid cunts who queue up and camp for hours to get the crumbs that rich folk discard

-The line judges who yell “fault” when the ball lands 2ft outside the line. Then pause and do a dramatic arm extension. Wankshafts

Posh twat commentators who’s idea of commentary is saying nothing for an entire rally, then chuffing “too good” when someone hits a winner.

-The fact that they don’t play on the middle Sunday. They couldn’t give a shit about attracting a new audience. They hate poor people.

The only good things about tennis are Boris Becker (the German sausage hider and tax dodger), and that other bloke who gets upset and calls the umpire a cheat. I hope he wins it.

And our Norm isn’t too much of a fan either…

Wimbledon fans are cunts.

OK, not all of them.

Most people inside Centre Court obey the rules and are respectful. But now there is always (and I mean always) some cunt who shouts something like ‘Come on, Rafa!’ in an ear splitting Harry Enfield ‘Loadsamoney’ style voice when Nadal and others are about to serve.

These same cunts have also started football type chants and clapping and the Umpire has to tell these retarded oafs to shut the fuck up.

What is it about cunts like that? They are as bad as the bellends who go to sporting events in ridiculous costumes. If I had paid top dollar for Centre Court tickets and some cunt kept bellowing next to me, I would fill his fucking face in with a knuckle butty.😒

Still, I have enjoyed it this year. I hope that dour cunt Murray loses, Serena and her ‘atitood’ also fuck off, and I must stop having rude and dastardly thoughts about Katie Boulter.

The link is Nick Kyrgios complaining about these backward riff raff:

Tennishead News Link

Bloody hell, here’s another unhappy bod – this time Cuntstable Cuntbubble

I hate fucking tennis. I also hate the BBC. But most of all I hate Wimbledon.

Ooh look there’s Prince Chinless and his lovely wife the Cuntess of Braincell.

Perhaps Cliff will sing one of his greatest hits. Strawberries only £19 each. This is the place to be seen. Just like Arscot. Cant wait for Henley and Twickers.

Yesterday teatime I turned on the telly. Wimblefuckingdon on 1. Same on 2. No bother, I will look at BBC News channel. Yep, fucking Wimbledon. (I don’t see much criticism of “white privilege” at Wimbledong by the usual suspects – Day Admin)

Nothing shows the BBC’s London poncy bias more than Wimbledon. Why don’t they show the French fucker on 3 channels at once? Could it be that the French fucker is actually about the sport and not the snobby arselickers of SW whatever it is?



(A quick note. We have a nom regarding the fragrant Emma Raducanu due to go live soon. Therefore please focus on Wimbledon generally for this nom. Cheers – Day Admin)

71 thoughts on “Wimbledon (4)

  1. Wokegate goes?

    Why doesn’t that surprise me? He probably sucked the Williams brothers off in the bogs, while Cliff Pilchard watched.


  2. And what’s with the touching each other’s hands after every bucking point in the doubles? Even after losing the point.

  3. I’m not into any kind of sport unless it’s a championship boxing match.
    For the life of me i cannot get my head round watching tennis , indoor bowles or fucking Golf. If it comes on the telly my main objective is to stay awake. And the Pundit’s that talk about these dismal sports are such boring cunts to.It’s on par with watching paint dry.
    Maybe i’m not an easily pleased Cunt.

  4. The line judge during Rafa Nadal’s last match was ridiculously loud and she sounded like Olive off On The Buses.

    I kept expecting her to shout, ‘Ohhhh! Arthur!’😆

  5. I wonder who will be the next British “one hit wonder” to get a permanent “job” with the fucking BBC…..💩

  6. Umpire:- “New balls please!”
    “Ok Cliff, you can stop playing with that nine year olds now.”

  7. Kiln-fired face Barker can get fucked too.

    Was she a Tussaud’s waxwork that went horribly wrong?

  8. Der da der der der da derra der dera derrrrrr.
    “Quick,- where’s the fucking TV remote.”

  9. The way they tap the third fucking ball they don’t need on the floor to the ball girl/boy whilst turning their back as if they’re fucking dog shit. If they did that to me they’d be having a Slazenger battered down their fucking gob with their own racquet. I despise these wankers. Who the fuck do they think they are? Wimbledon sums up all that’s wrong in this fucking country. Fuck the BBC too, fucking cunts.

  10. I noticed there ain’t many blick players and even fewer blick faces in the crowds……I posted as much on the BBC HYS comments section…and added ‘where’s Lenny Henry when you need him?’

    ..after all, that blick cunt said the same about Glasto last week.

    Anyhow….loads of people tried reporting me for somehow being ‘racist’ in that comment, but when I pointed out the BBC ran exactly that comment from Henry only a few days earlier, so they should be reporting themselves, they only managed to remove it because it was ‘off topic’

    For me that was as good as a win. CUNTS!

  11. The golden age for tennis is well over. Infact, the golden age for most things is over.

  12. Having given weighty and elongated consideration to this I conclude that tennis is shit.
    Played by cunts, watched by cunts.

  13. On the upside, back in the day I would have been filthy with Annabel Croft………particularly her arse.

  14. Tennis, cricket, golf, snooker, darts, motor racing, in fact all sport, a load of boring shite, where people earn millions for doing nothing of any real value.

  15. Now and there there is some nice totty playing, aside from that zero fucks given, especially when moto gp is interrupted because a game ran on…

  16. Tennis is the sport of spoilt brats, wimminz and elderly pooves who wear their jumpers around their shoulders and sunglasses perched on their heads.

  17. Anyone who thinks a Millwall fan would turn up at Wimbledon to cheer on Andy Murray is a bit of a cunt.

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