Wimbledon (4)

(The only good thing about Wimbledon: now banned! – Day Admin)

‘ Da da de de, Du du da da, Du du da da dum ……’
A Purple and Green striped “new balls please” cunting for the Wimbledon tennis championships.

1. It’s only for the rich
Total prize money for competitors = £40.35 Million
Centre Court Ticket £75 to £240 per person
Seated dining with views of the Tea Lawn = £95 per person !

2. The tennis players
A bunch of sulky, whining, self absorbed, ego-centric, over-paid cunts

3. The crowd
People with too much money, or no sense. Then there’s the typical Millwall fan who’s gone for a day out, screaming at the top of their lungs “come on Andy!”. Not to mention the cunts who start clapping slowly because Zuga Fishbreath, the no 273 seed from Albania has the audacity to query a line call – and the fucking sheep like crowd that have to start clapping too.

4. The BBC coverage
With extensive TV & radio coverage, The BBC has money to burn, paying former champions McEnroe, Navratilova, BJ King, etc + has-beens Tracy Austin, John Lloyd, Johanna Konta, Tim Henman (never won shit) Annabel Croft (hasn’t played in 40 years ?) to present and commentate.

5. Sue Barker
The grinning red faced midget has been on a nice little earner for the last 30 years. Calls all the ‘stars’ by their 1st names (like they’re on speed dial!), gushes over the former winners. Never won a twix wrapper herself.

Now all the ‘A’ list cunts are fawning false compliments “you’re last Wimbledon Sue – say it ain’t so” ….Personally I’ll miss the vile hag like a hole in the head !

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Nominated by: Lord of the Rings

And there’ more. This time from The Archbishop of Cunterbury

I absolutely despise everything about that utter sack of sick that is Wimbledon. I’ve watched it a bit in the past which has allowed me to build up a good level of reasoned hatred for it. Here is a brief list of my issues with it:

Fawning gasping crowd when a rally is going on. Absolutely pathetic the way they try and out yelp each other.

The main referee gets a medal presented at the end of the tournament. He accepts it with the solemnity of a soldier receiving the Victoria cross

Mixed doubles. Totally abject event for people not good enough to play individual tennis. (Will there be a trans-mixed-doubles? Day Admin)

Smiley Sue making competitors say that Wimbledon is the best tournament. Even if they are from say France, in which case French open would be more important to them

Stupid cunts who queue up and camp for hours to get the crumbs that rich folk discard

-The line judges who yell “fault” when the ball lands 2ft outside the line. Then pause and do a dramatic arm extension. Wankshafts

Posh twat commentators who’s idea of commentary is saying nothing for an entire rally, then chuffing “too good” when someone hits a winner.

-The fact that they don’t play on the middle Sunday. They couldn’t give a shit about attracting a new audience. They hate poor people.

The only good things about tennis are Boris Becker (the German sausage hider and tax dodger), and that other bloke who gets upset and calls the umpire a cheat. I hope he wins it.

And our Norm isn’t too much of a fan either…

Wimbledon fans are cunts.

OK, not all of them.

Most people inside Centre Court obey the rules and are respectful. But now there is always (and I mean always) some cunt who shouts something like ‘Come on, Rafa!’ in an ear splitting Harry Enfield ‘Loadsamoney’ style voice when Nadal and others are about to serve.

These same cunts have also started football type chants and clapping and the Umpire has to tell these retarded oafs to shut the fuck up.

What is it about cunts like that? They are as bad as the bellends who go to sporting events in ridiculous costumes. If I had paid top dollar for Centre Court tickets and some cunt kept bellowing next to me, I would fill his fucking face in with a knuckle butty.😒

Still, I have enjoyed it this year. I hope that dour cunt Murray loses, Serena and her ‘atitood’ also fuck off, and I must stop having rude and dastardly thoughts about Katie Boulter.

The link is Nick Kyrgios complaining about these backward riff raff:

Tennishead News Link

Bloody hell, here’s another unhappy bod – this time Cuntstable Cuntbubble

I hate fucking tennis. I also hate the BBC. But most of all I hate Wimbledon.

Ooh look there’s Prince Chinless and his lovely wife the Cuntess of Braincell.

Perhaps Cliff will sing one of his greatest hits. Strawberries only £19 each. This is the place to be seen. Just like Arscot. Cant wait for Henley and Twickers.

Yesterday teatime I turned on the telly. Wimblefuckingdon on 1. Same on 2. No bother, I will look at BBC News channel. Yep, fucking Wimbledon. (I don’t see much criticism of “white privilege” at Wimbledong by the usual suspects – Day Admin)

Nothing shows the BBC’s London poncy bias more than Wimbledon. Why don’t they show the French fucker on 3 channels at once? Could it be that the French fucker is actually about the sport and not the snobby arselickers of SW whatever it is?



(A quick note. We have a nom regarding the fragrant Emma Raducanu due to go live soon. Therefore please focus on Wimbledon generally for this nom. Cheers – Day Admin)

71 thoughts on “Wimbledon (4)

    • I go every year .
      Just for the strawberries.
      I sit next to Cliff Richard.
      He’s great👍

      I dont really have any interest in tennis but it’s nice to see lesbians getting some exercise.

      New balls please!

      • Cuntymort @

        Do you know, he’s been nothing but a perfect gentleman!
        Probably a bit shy?
        And they say these rock stars are wild.

        Why he even helped some of
        the young lads from a school trip out by helping them find the toilets!
        He missed half the tennis spent that much time in the toilets.
        Selfless .

        A national treasure.

  1. BBC Sport’s budget is mostly spunked on this champagne socialist spunkfest.

    Tennis is a fucking dull sport. Popular with the gays though.

    At least you could enjoy it back in the day, with the upskirt cameras and skimpy knickers during the ladies’ serves. Well, for the likes of Anna Kournikouva and other member tensers like her.

    Sadly now, we’re treated to the Williams brothers, stomping their opponents into the ground with no upskirts of their few sexy competitors left. It’s all chippy ‘mu strong black wimminz lezza’ shite and Cliff fucking Richard.

    And that 300 year old royal they dig up to hand out the prizes.

    Bunch of wank. Still, at least the BBC are giving the wimminz Euros footy wall to wall coverage.

    Can’t fucking wait.

    And that Annabel Croft used to give me the right ‘orn. I bet she’s a hideous old hag now though.

    • Actually, I looked Annabel Croft up and she’s looking great for 54.

      I’d have to have a cup of tea and a think about it, with regards to wanting to still cover her in my spunk. I might have to camp out in her potting shed and she if I can get a few good wanks out of spying on her first.

      • You wouldnt describe ‘Serena’ as very ‘dainty’.

        Like Chris Evert.

        No it’s all stomping around, ‘grunting’ now.

        All about strength.

        Oh for–

        ‘Miss J. Hunter Dunn, Miss J. Hunter Dunn,
        Furnish’d and burnish’d by Aldershot sun,
        What strenuous singles we played after tea,
        We in the tournament – you against me!

        Love-thirty, love-forty, oh! weakness of joy,
        The speed of a swallow, the grace of a boy,
        With carefullest carelessness, gaily you won,
        I am weak from your loveliness, Joan Hunter Dunn.’

      • Until my cock fell off,and you could use her shite for toothpaste the following morning.
        Crap at tennis though.

  2. Crown jewels or no crown jewels, if it’s on the BBC it’s shit and presumably sky don’t want it. I’d watch it if the female players were naked. I think with the grunting I’d struggle to last a single match point. All the pushy parents, coaches and Harry Webb can fuck off.

  3. Thank fuck Andy (underarm serve) Murray, Sweet Emma and the 40 year old silverback went out early, now it’s just the tennis rather than gushing about the above.
    The BBC are cunts, wall to wall constant coverage, have they no respect for LICENCE payers who don’t give a shit about fucking Wimbledon 😂

    PS, I have been a couple of times after getting tickets in the public ballot, it’s a nice day out if you like tennis.

  4. Splendid nominations, chaps. I hate this grunting shitfest too. I don’t recall Virginia Wade finding it necessary to grunt every time she hit the ball.
    And you can bet your house on all the slebs getting in for free so the cameras can pick them out. Oh look, there’s Cliff. And the Duchess of Nowhere. And Ian Hislop, the shortarsed little wanker. So the brain dead cretins who pay stupid money to watch this bollocks are effectively subsidising the uber rich.
    Bring back Dan Maskell. It was alright in his day.

    • I know Margaret Court is very right wing, anti woke.

      She’ll probably be erased from all history books soon.

      • They’re trying but hilariously Williams can’t equal her record.

        If she did expect them to always refer to her as outright record holder

        She won’t ever manage it though

  5. This is a borderline BBC cunting maybe? Seems to me if not for the BBC Wimbledon could pass unnoticed by the vast majority of people.

    It’s a bit like womens football, the media and in particular the BBC magnify it beyond any real level of public interest. Partially because it’s one of the few sports it can afford to televise?

    Wimbledon is held up as a staple of Britishness or at least a symbol of something left from the history of these islands that is acceptable to the woke.

    Of course it needs more diversity and women have to have equal prize money for less work.

    I actually dread Wimbledon, make it pay per view and see how much public interest there is.

    Wimbledon cost the BBC 60 million, that’s what they pay for it, I think the costs for staff and production will add another few million in top.

    The BBC also spends 60 million on MOTD annually, if the BBC stopped producing MOTD it would bother a lot more people than if it stopped covering Wimbledon I reckon. Football would hardly notice the loss but Wimbledon would lose a quarter of its income.

    Someone needs to tell me why the BBC needs to cover any sport, especially when the license payer is funding a niche sporting event, once they’ve done that they can explain why the BBC needs to cover Glastonbury and why it has refused to reveal how much it spends to do so.

    I fucking despise the BBC, I despise it more when it superimposes itself on events and somehow becomes the centre of the event.

    Tennis for fuck sake, who cares?

  6. Its a long day so take a packed lunch.
    And a flask.

    And it’s a bastard to get to the toilet and back so take a empty bottle to piss in.

    That Penus Williams is a big fella isn’t he?
    Bit touchy though!
    I said

    “I’m glad they let you lot play nowadays, ”

    And offered him a KitKat from my packed lunch,
    Just glared!

    • Like Arthur Ashe on roids,but with a bigger cock.Her bloke in the players box kept looking into the camera and fist pumping,with a “I’m banging that” look. No mate,she’s banging you.

  7. Nastase was a bad boy back in the day as jimmy Connors was a bit of a cunt also but entertaining. Haven’t watched in donkeys, full of cunts and their 1000 mile per hour serves

    • All the girls used to fancy Nastyarse in the 70s which used to piss me right off. They wouldn’t now, mind. He looks like a piss-stained Romanian gyppo street beggar.

      • plus he got fooked out of the tennis association in 2017 for remarks about what colour was one of the silverbacks offspring, a bit of a Royal remark from him, for a gyppo

  8. I must say I quite enjoy it these days,the match the other night between that Williams fella and Harmony Tan was thrilling,not one silly grunt from Ms Tan the whole match.
    The way the crowd and the BBC were cheering on the Williams thing made me actually shout encouragement for HT at my television.I would like to go one year,but I’ve lost my oyster card and you can’t drive through London any more without taking out a loan.
    I also like to play a game where I create my own player using the best bits of current players,so for instance,the arms of Emma Radacanu,the legs of Harriet Dart,the mouth and hair of Katie Boulter,the voice of Heather Watson,etc.I’m not sure what to do with the left over parts though,and the game doesn’t work using male players,well not for me anyway.

  9. McEnroe is a right boring cunt an’ all. Navravioli just eyes up the birds. I bet she didn’t agree with the shorts under skirts and lack of degenerate cameramen nowadays either.

    Sue Barker? I think I played tennis for a few weeks as a teenager, only because I was trying to copp off with a bird. I must’ve played about 10 sets in my life and I bet I could’ve beat Barker.

    Boris? Sounds a bit ducky doesn’t he? He’d better be careful in the nick taking like that.

    I’d watch if they got Annabel Croft to get on the desk, legs akimbo whilst that Raducanu or whatever she’s called, licks her out in a bit of ‘mature/ younger lady’ action.

    Back in five minutes…

    (Raducanu will be coming very soon on here! – Day Admin)

  10. Talking of strawberries, I recently had to go the doctor as I had a strawberry growing out of my bottom. He gave me some cream for it.

  11. If those fucking villains at the BBCistan think it’s jolly good then it’s very wise to take the completely opposite point of view.

    I used to watch it in the 80s and jolly good it was back then with Gabriella Sabatini bouncing about and McEnroe going fucking mental.

    Now it’s a Cunts Jamboree,bland corporate woke arsepiss.

    Another strawberry vicar?
    No Fuck Off.

    • Sabatini was a good ‘un. Mind you, I would’ve finished off by jizzing in her eye and exclaiming as I left, ‘That’s for invading the Falklands, you Argie cunt!’

  12. Admin makes a very good point about the mixed doubles.

    I suspect the transformers will want to get involved, especially the trans-wimminz who were once men, and probably still are given that all they need to do these days is say “I’m a woman” and that’s it.

    Therefore you could have a scenario of two men playing two trans-women, which would probably be a fair fight given that they’re all men biologically speaking.

    But then you might have two trans-men who were women playing two blokes, which probably won’t be a fair fight to the former wimminz.

    Or you could have two trans-wimminz (formerly blokes) playing two wimminz

    or two trans-men (formerly wimminz) playing one trans-wimminz and one bloke


    Fuck it, I’m all confused

  13. Simply, it’s the BBC’s blanket, fawning coverage that has made this unwatchable for me. Simpering Sue Barker asking “what’s it like being so amazing?” to some flat chested girl who’s just out of puberty. The inordinate amount of airtime dedicated to this shit by the BBC only makes them look desperate and the whole thing still smacks of BBC snobbery. If Accrington Stanley beat Man City 25-0 in the FA Cup, they’d still make sure they wrapped it up as quickly as possible in time for Strictly. No such treatment for Wimbledon. They’d delay coverage of the Queens funeral so we could see some useless cunt like Heather Watson go to a tie break.
    It’s a different class of sport, don’t you know!

    • Absolutely how excited Watson has become getting to the 4th round gives away how utterly shit her career has been .

      You didn’t see Steffi Graf celebrating making the the 4th round like she’d won the world Cup.

      It’s embarrassing, you’re supposed to be a professional, fucking act like it

      • That’s British tennis for you. Most of them couldn’t win a raffle. I remember that clown,’Tiger’ Tim Henman failing year after year. Then – after nigh on a decade – the cunt eventually got to the semi finals. He lost, of course. But the cunts were acting like he had won the fucking thing. The classic British media trait of rewarding bums and failures. A bit like the crappy England team being lauded as heroes, when they have fucked up yet another penalty shoot out.🤔

  14. Haven’t watched tennis since Steffi Graf retired. What a woman she is. Probably shag you senseless and still have enough energy left to invade Poland.

    Wimbledon follows ‘Glasto’ in the social life of utter cunts – see my rant in the previous nom about bitcoin. Not interested in tennis but in being seen at Centre Court. Same as all these ‘celebrity’ arseholes who discover their love of footie during the World Cup.

    My inner Leninist is REALLY straining at the leash today.l I fucking hate the rich, privileged bastards who rule us.

  15. Back in the day men were men and women were women. There was no middle ground (at least not publicly)

    With the men you had the likes of :-

    And for the wimminz you had

    and a young fresh Sue Barker (only there for the upskirt shots really)

    Most of these were great players not only on grass, but clay courts. Plus most of them were characters and you could relate to them in both a funny/serious way.

    Moreover these cunts knew how to laugh and have a bit of fun without all the drama, grunting and other “me me me” histrionics we see today (Mac being the exception.. and Connors to a degree)

    Monica Seles, was the first “grunter” that springs to mind. Lots of complaints from not only opposing players but also the umpire and the crowd. But she was allowed to carry on with her grunting and groaning to the point where its now a fucking requirement!

    (That said she had a nice pair of knockers and nipples that stood out like acorns I seem to recall from my sordid yoof!)

    • I remember those days, it was the same old tripe then as it is now.

      The hallowed grass of Wimbledon, could have built a couple more tower blocks there.

  16. Never seen it, never will. Massive lack of interest in anything vaguely sporty, and the fucking BBC in particular. Stuff, that my wife my wife has set to regularly record, not recording because of the fucking tennis and guess who has to fucking find it to download instead. Cunts.

  17. That John Lloyd is still a smug cunt.
    I’ve never liked him. I think it’s because he got to shag Chris Evert, when I wanted to do it.🤔

    Wouldn’t mind giving Miss Boulter a going over with the tickling stick too. Tattyhilarious!

  18. You’ll be delighted you missed Claire Boulding announcing celebs to the Centre Court crowd who then stood up and took in the applause. Even Gareth Wokegate, the England footy manager was introduced, and nobody booed him which shows it’s not a cross section of society

  19. Let me guess… Is Heather Watson the Daily Mail’s new ‘Queen of Hearts’?
    Last time I looked it was some tennis bird called Laura Robson.And she was fucking useless and all.🤣

  20. I love tennis 🎾 real mans game. Remember when I was a young man smashing the ball into my opponent’s face from about 10 foot away at the net, broke both his front teeth he wasn’t pleased. Told him he should have used his racket. I won the point and the match so fuck him.

    Hate wimbleboor double hate bbc cunts and double cunts

  21. And what’s all this kissing the turf, Pope style?
    All these daft cunts doing that now. It’s grass, for fuck’s sake.
    Of course, Sue ‘sycpohant’ Barker will say it’s ‘touching’. And she did, when that booby prize collector, Watson went and did a John Paul II.
    Pass the sick bucket.🤢

    And the all that fuss about that Jack Draper. Sure, he’s British, but there’s no skill. He just whacks it over 100mph every time.He’s another Sampras (and he was a cunt). Boring as fuck and machine-like.😒

  22. I never understood why the balls they are handed aren’t good enough. They are mass produced. Are you telling me that these tennis pros can take 3 balls and tell within 2 seconds that one is better than the rest? This seems like a tactic to impress viewers and nothing else.
    Grand standing cunts.

  23. I used to work with this bitch who used to think she was some sort of tennis expert. She used to refer to the tournament as ‘Wimby’ and she was fucking insufferable. She just had to be into it more than anyone else and know more than anyone else. She was also ‘into’ Stephen Colbert and dyke-rock like Sleater Kinney. I tell you, one of the biggest cunts I have ever had the misfortune to come across.

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