The Demise of Bitcoin (3)

The Demise of Bitcon and the wankers who invest in it.

Well all I can say is good. I understood how it worked as a so say gold backed asset, however where has all the money gone? In one of these pits that Escobar or Hitler dug?

I can’t wait for this next Discovery channel special when they find a pit of overpriced Chinese made graphics cards and a load of worthless pieces of foreign exchange paper.

I mean how fucking thick do these people have to be pumping money into a con with no one’s head honcho to string up to the wall.

Don’t forget guys buy the drip.

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(Hope we don’t see another government bail out! – Day Admin)

67 thoughts on “The Demise of Bitcoin (3)

  1. When one invests hard-earned monies into something with no tangible asset, you get what all speculators should be getting regulary and that is a shafting, up ones hole.
    The biggest giant of a Ponzi scheme ever to visit the inter web designed for fucking morons and criminals.
    And yes some people have done very well out of it, but it has no foundation that creates enterprise, it simply is a fucking joke and don’t forget your password or you’ll never see your money again

    • Look seriously into the World’s existing financial system.
      You will find it is a much bigger and more sinister system than Mr Ponzi would ever have come up with. Goes back a very long way.

  2. I know bitcoin is a crypto currency but didn’t fully understand it,
    Like those digital artwork things you buy= intangible bollocks.

    Bet there’s some shamefaced nerds in silicon valley?
    Cut down on your cocaine luv!
    Tighten your belt,
    The road gets rocky from here… hehehe 😂

    • Oi mecuntry,
      Wanna start up a currency with me ?
      We can jump ship when it goes tits up and our pockets are bulging?
      Fleece gullible nerds?

      Call it the ‘spud dollar’ or the ‘cunt quid’

      In six months we can be swaggering about in mink underpants

      • If i had the skills for cunt coin, you MNC would be CEO along with a team of familiar board members

    • can you imagine the stupid cunts that bought in at 60,000 dollars per share for bit bollocks. im not laughing but fuck em if they thought it was a safe place

      • ‘crypto currency’

        When I hear it I think of a crypt. A sepulchre. A place where the bones of the dead are laid.
        And it fits because these things are ‘mined’ arent they? Once again Undeground.
        And all the little Chinese ‘Miners’ are working undeground. Slaves to it.
        An image if a dungeon.

  3. Fuck ‘em. Greedy rich cunts, no doubt with their hands in the till.

    Why is it that whoever you vote for, the country is run by rich, privately-educated, Oxbridge, thick, posh twats. Everything these chinless bastards touch turns to shit. Media, universities, acting, charities, every-fucking-thing is run by these gormless cunts, for their own benefit and the benefit of other rich, Oxbridge twats who spend most of the day either counting their ill-gotten gains or slamming their dicks in refrigerator doors. Utter scum.

    Currently reading Anthony Beevor’s new book about the Russian Revolution and the civil war that followed. My inner Leninist is straining at the leash.

    • Lenin fathered a more elitist system than we have. Poverty we was more equally distributed if that’s what you want.

      Our system is deeply flawed but it’s way better than anything that came out of Marx or Lenin.

    • Never mind your magic beans! I’ve got 200lts of vintage 4 star in the back of my motor. £1.50 per litre. You do t need to know where it came from, just that I’ve got it. Know what I mean?

    • I was intrigued by bitcoin for a while but would never have gone in to it – I prefer to use simple West Country logic in these circumstances , i.e ” I don’t understand it and therefore I don’t like it”

      • Well said Mary. What we used to call acting on one’s instincts, i.e. if it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t.
        In the woke world of course this is seen as a sign of prejudice and a closed mind.
        And the woke buy bitcoin……

  4. You just know these investors are going to demand some kind of state bailout. It will be a repeat of 2008/9 all over again. Greedy cunts become even greedier by ignoring the risks and any lack of self-responsibility and invest shedloads to begin with.

    They then make a quick profit and invest even more when the markets are keen. But as soon as something goes tits up and the markets have a wobble the share price in bitcoin tumbles and these cunts end up skint!

    That’s when they start to scream and shout that “It’s so unfair! No one told me about the risks. You can’t blame me! I want my money back. I want the government to do something about, now!”

  5. I.of course, have a vast Bitcoin mine…I found a rich seam on the Fell while digging 10 foot deep rambler traps…. I now have a huge opencast pit that where I dig out those glistening nuggets…I’m probably richer than anyone in the world…or I was until that cabal of pesky James Bond style villains caught sight of my humongous heap of wealth from one of their spy satellites that constantly monitors my activities…the Cunts clubbed together with several unfriendly nations to sabotage me….frightened that I might put a spoke in their evil plans…if only they’d asked, I’d have told them that I’d happily join them….I quite fancy living on Uranus and firing death rays at Earth.

    However, the most irritating thing is that I used to enjoy going out for a meal and when asked to pay, I’d produce one of my Bitcoins and say ” Only if you’ve got change for a zillion bitcoin nugget..tee-hee” before putting on my top hat and cape and sauntering jauntily out of the door.

    • DF-F@ – Morning Sir Fiddler, rest easy – I have brought down the spy satellite with my “Massive laser death ray gun”, and Putin has been told to shut the fk up and mind his own business!
      The UK Jewish Tailors Association are proving “somewhat more difficult to placate”.. 😀

  6. Investing and speculating in something that, fundamentally, doesn’t exist, always seemed a bit dumb arsed to me.
    The internet age has created many alternative ways of doing things, but I can’t see a replacement for tangible commodities. Anyone who’s been caught out by Bitcoin should receive nothing but a Darwin Award for financial suicide.

  7. Paper money isnt even paper anymore. Its just digitally printed nothing. Were £2 trillion in debt with it. What could possibly go wrong. If you started counting to 2 trillion it would take you 62 000 years.

    • which is why the Fiat system is collapsing, and lets blame the war in Ukraine for the ill gotten gain the vultures have speculated along with the help of various governments in the West.
      i will say this once only, Boris is gambling everything on a conflict with Russia.
      The Biden administration come WEF in disguise along with other cunts are staking our future on a doomed mission because of debt.
      China is in all our hands for the moment.

  8. What! So you mean all those emails I received telling me I would become a billionaire over night by investing in Bitcoins were a lie ! Surely not.

    Next you will be telling me that the nice email I received from Mr M’Bongo of Nigeria to transfer my bank account to him, because he needs a bus ticket to visit his sick mother in Lagos, is a fraud as well.

  9. And to think this is what governments and financial institutions around the world are trying to push us into using. Not just Bitcoin but the poorly defined area of a cashless society. Which is all very convenient when it works (apart from the fact it can leave electronic bread crumbs as to what you have bought, where and how much).

    But as soon as something goes wrong millions of people are affected as well as being inconvenienced at not being able to pay by contactless card.

    You can understand why cybercriminals are already attacking finance houses that deal with e-currencies and want to bring everything down using ransomware and denial of service.

    But the so-called experts keep banging on about how well protected e-currency is and there’s absolutely no chance of a cyber attack blah blah woof woof. Which only makes criminals even more determined to target such places.

    It is also worth noting that some banks that deal in e-currency have added in very fine print as part of their T&Cs that should the value of e-currency sink or the bank is hacked and money has been illegally withdrawn from customer accounts, that the bank won’t be liable!

    This doesn’t affect High Street banks, just specialist finance houses. But it will only be a matter of time before the likes of Lloyds, NatWest and Barclays will do the same.

    e-currency is definitely NOT the future!

    • Governments aren’t interested in the slightest.Boil them all in horse piss.Arseholes.

    • E-currency is very much the future. Government issues e-currency issued by the central banks.

      Programmable, they decide on what you can spend it in.

      The best bit is they are discussing how to make the switch over when ready. It’s already been proposed that the switch over should be used to redistribute wealth.

      White middle class you get 30 pence in the pound for your sterling, black single trans mother, you get £1:30 for every pound sterling.

      Full digital currency is coming.

      A side note one of the many jolly think tanks is proposing that assets stop becoming transferable on death. At the time of your death your assets are passed to the state.

      This will enable the state to redistribute your wealth and allow them to clear residential area for regreening.


    • I have a large number of Churchill commemorative coins given to me when I was a child. I was surprised to find out they are worth very little – about £1.50 each. They can still be used as legal tender are still worth more than a bitcoin – and unlike bitcoins they are tangible things which are quite beautiful.

    • Unbelievable eh Ruff? After reading the link I rolled back to the top and my eye alighted on “your basket is empty”. I thought, yes but my head isn’t yet. Probably a better investment than bitcoin though. At least you would have the scrap value of the metal.

      Hope you’re well.

  10. Shitcoin was always an accident waiting to happen Ike a Ponzi scheme a few investors made money and became “calling birds” to the wary , making it look like money for old rope it ignited a frenzy of buying , investors all dreaming of unimaginable returns, who needs a solid investment when you can get vast returns on something unregulated and as easy las shitcoin?
    What next virtual cars and houses maybe?🤣

    • “…What next virtual cars and houses maybe?…”

      …errrmm… already here it seems,
      The Ultimate Guide to Metaverse Virtual Real Estate

      …and I did encounter a story last month of some cunt apparently shelling north of $10m for some non-existent mansion in an ‘exclusive’ area of the metaverse. I mean what the fuck is that anyway? Does it mean you’re on the same server as other rich cunts/celebs or something? Can you variously wave – insult – throw virtual dog turds at Bono over your shared firewalled boundary fence or something?

      • Maybe we should go there as virtual burglars and turn over that cunts $10 million house ? 🤣

  11. I haven’t got any crypto currency, too much like a Ponzi scheme for my liking …but my feeling is this current slump will only be yet another glitch – it comes in cycles, the fuckwits will be jumping back on board when the price is low enough & it’ll skyrocket again.
    Like any investment , not a fucking problem if you can afford to lose the money, & better than giving it to the taxman or those energy company cunts.

  12. At least now we can buy a decent graphics card without some cunt wanting it for mining…cunts.

  13. I’m investing in tulip bulbs at the moment. Have you not noticed the price rocketing recently? Soon a bulb will be worth more than a house! INVEST NOW! Tulips are THE FUTURE! An investment that can’t possibly go wrong!!!!!

  14. Some muggy cunts invested in invisible,non-tangible assets believing they’ll be fabulously wealthy ?
    Doesn’t Fiat currency do that already ?
    Hahaha 😄, Kings new clothes and all that. Invest in skills, they’ll always remain transferable.
    This reminds me of the Lloyd’s ‘names’ whose gambling losses sent them whining for a tax payer bail out.
    💸 cash is king.

    • I wonder how much electric was used to host the Glastonbollocks festival the other day?

      How much of the planet is being destroyed making batteries for electric cars?

      Bunch of arse

      • In a few years time, new electric (battery) cars to be banned from 2055 😂

  15. On the one hand a finance system that has no government intervention, no bankers creaming off money just for transfers sounds great.
    But then it has to be converted to a real currency and there starts the problem.
    And I’ve never understood how some geezer with a bank of PCs can ‘mine’ the stuff : what value is he adding to the world?

  16. We all know someone who has made a bad investment. When I retired and ended up with enough for life (just) there were a few who couldn’t resist that gamble..
    Buy these shares, invest in this etc
    I watched some of them fall flat and end up with just a basic pension.
    Rapacious cunts.

    • Me too, Ifg.
      I know a stupid cunt who lost his and his wife’s entire retirement savings of £200,000 trading in cryptocurrencies. His missus of over 40 years has now dumped him, and who can blame her?

  17. Invest in Anneliese Dodds’ used underwear!

    They’re a rarity because she probably wears one or two pairs per year.

    Must be worth a fortune. Just ask W.C.Boggs (her alleged toyboy)

  18. I have no idea how this shite works, but I do know a bloke who made quite a lot of money out of Bitcoin, but he did it a few years ago.

    I don’t know the amount he made, but I do know he bought a house in his 50s. Six bedrooms I think he said and he had to put a very large deposit down due to his age.

    But he did say it’s a bit volatile and expensive to get involved with now. He said he won’t be bothering anytime soon.

    I wouldn’t have a fucking scooby anyway.

  19. Ironic that we are cunting crypto. It’s the same as ‘real money’ but on a smaller scale.

    Bitcoin crashing may well be a symptom of a crash in the value of US debt bonds. The world financial system isn’t underpinned with tangible assets but with debt bonds, debt being the only currently known infinite resource.

    FIAT banking allows banks to create money from thin air and lend it out at a ratio of 10 to 1, every dollar they have they can lend 10 times meaning you borrow fake money and pay it off with real money or your assets when you can’t pay, plus interest. Unfortunately we’ve passed the point when there is enough real money to ever pay the debt back.

    Crypto is a scam but nowhere near the scale of the scheme that the world economy is precariously perched upon.

    Crypto is a rebellious idea but unfortunately open to all kinds of abuses.

    We are all going to be using digital currency in the future, governments are looking at this now.

    To me it’s a bit shortsighted to cunt crypto but ignore the elephant in the room.

    • Had a sobering conversation with a friend of mine who works in finance based in Dubai. The stuff he was telling me, if it comes to pass, will make the 1920s look like boom time, and will end up with China owning everything.
      So much for this great reset bollocks, as that requires the dollar to be the dominant currency.
      “You’ll own nothing……” and that’s it.

  20. I’m swimming against the tide today as I see it as just another investment vehicle,no better nor worse than shares,funds or bonds.

    The profit I’ve made from bitcoin has paid for the renovations to my cosy country cottage.

    • That’s fair enough Terry, I think where it goes wrong is when cunts who get stung by these schemes then expect to be bailed out by others.

    • It’s ok if you’ve made money out of it. But it doesn’t create psyical jobs like shares do, that’s my point. With shares it’s actually doing some good and doesn’t require vasts amount of electricity and graphics cards. Simple old fashioned me.

  21. Read how much energy and computer time it takes to “mine” a bit coin. Not very green this make believe money making schemes are they.

  22. I gotta say I feel vindicated by the Bitcoin demise. Part of me felt like I should at least have some investment in crypto as the dollar becomes worth less and less. Now I feel relief knowing that my financial downfall will be gradual and I won’t be alone. 🙄

  23. Bloke I worked with retired just after Christmas on the back of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

    Turned the £500k from the compulsory purchase of his house into £4m.

    When I say retired, he just didn’t bother turning up for work in January and sent us a post card from Costa Rica.

    • Hope he enjoys his spoils. Most likely a labour voter. Hates the country what it’s become wants to fuck off to somewhere peaceful and quiet and has a lovely life. No statues getting chucked in the river. Fair play to him, how does he pay for the Upkeep? Money made of the backs of others Globalism? Ring any bells.

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