Formula 1 (4) Bernie Ecclestone (4) and Lewis Hamilton (18)

A cunting for the F1 road show and poor little Lewis.

He is having a bad (ish) year so everyone needs to rally round to give him some love. His car his only third best on the grid which means he hasn’t won a race this year.
A podcast by Nelson Piquet describing the incident last year where Hamilton pushed Verstappen off the track and ended his race has caused a shit storm (well a hurty word shit storm).
Piquet used the word neguinho which is a Brazilian slang word, roughly translated a n*gga but apparently it call apply equally to white or black (I have no idea, just looked it up on the urban dictionary)

To make things worse Piquets daughter is shagging Max Verstappen and she has committed to ultimate crime, yes she ‘liked’ a comment from a relative who defended Nelson Piquet.

This is all at the same time as the Rochdale P*ki groomer cannot be expelled from the UK to his native land and some Islamic cunt thought that shooting Gays in Olso was good sport.

Let’s get a fucking grip here, using the n word might be offensive and only when spoken by whitey but it ain’t the end of the fucking world.

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Nominated by: Sick of it


And another, this time from CuntyMort

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A formula one cunting please for Lewis fucking Hamilton cunt.

Saying that older voices be silenced. Well Lewis this fucking gammon would sooner hear Jackie Stewart Bernie Ecclestone and Nelson Piquet pontificating on stuff than your woke bollocks.

Why don’t you fuck off to Monte Carlo and count your millions? Give the rest of us a break from your woke bullshit. I have no time for your fucking wittering. Fuck of and die you cunt.

And then there’s this from Everyonesacunt

I would like to nominate that old senile coffin dodger Bernie Eccelstone

“ I would take a bullet for Putin “ says he. Well go on then you out of touch with reality old fucking Cunt don’t let me stop you.

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In fact go get me a gun Putin and yourself into a room and I’ll arrange a marksman to get both of you cunts with one shot.

Listen Cunt whatever your political stand point you don’t kill tens of thousands of civilians your own soldiers and the other countries soldiers by the thousands just because you want a bit more land.

Listen Bernie you are a massive Cunt. Nearly as big as Putin the murderer.

And more….. this time from Chuff Chugger

Yeah, yeah It’s Lewis Hamilton…..again, but he can’t help himself!

Where do I start with this cunt of cunts?

Not content with trying to press gang current Formula 1 into ‘his way of thinking’ He is now trying to silence the previous generation of F1 protagonists- actually ANYONE who he doesn’t fits his agenda.

I like Piquet…..a mans man who didn’t bullshit, and spoke his mind. Hell, he even told his team mate Mansell, that he had an ugly wife! Mind you ‘our Nige did pin him up against the wall and smacked him on the nose afterwards.

…a very worrying suggestion from our resident cunt-in-chief Mr Hamilton.

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80 thoughts on “Formula 1 (4) Bernie Ecclestone (4) and Lewis Hamilton (18)

  1. Just wait till Lewis comes prancing out of the wardrobe.
    The woke MSM will canonise him,…

  2. Scalextric boy the fascist is all upset that he no longer has a car a corpse could win in, the fact George Russell and a host of other, and considerably younger drivers, are all faster than Hamilcunt.
    And Nelson Piquet used a word common in Spanish and Portuguese which is not racist.
    Fuck off Lewis – want to “silence me”?
    Come and try, little bitch.

    • So, Lewis wants to ‘slience’ people?
      I bet the little cunt has got a pair of jackboots and alll.
      They’d go well with his diamond earrings. The strutting little faux-fuhrer.

  3. Jiggabôö Lew should retire like Jackie Stewart suggested.

    F1 drivers of the 50’s and 60’s all had black faces at the end of a race.

    Lewis would have a meltdown if some exhaust fumes or tyre dust got on his face. “Quick, get me my exfoliating scrub and my moisturiser”.

    Fucking black pûff, and an apology for a racing driver.

    Get round the old Spa circuit or The Green Hell in a old 60’s Lotus and see how you fair.

  4. Personally, I can’t stand the loudmouth, woke n*gnog and it’s not because of his colour. Right from the beginning when I found out he was a complete cunt and bully at school I took a dislike to him. I bet he cries himself to sleep at night like all bullies. CUNT!

    • “… I bet he cries himself to sleep at night ”

      …on his cock shaped pillow!

  5. “Older voices’ should be refused platform to make offensive comments”

    What that really translates to is “White people should be refused platform to make comments I don’t agree with”.

    So Lewis, you poor little underprivileged black kid with nothing, who lives in a ghetto and has to commit crime to just to survive, with zero chance of achieving anything in life etc, etc, etc, seeing as your a half chat, which 50% of you can or cannot have a platform to spout off?

    I’m sick of this spoiled little Caramac bar. It was the environment last time (preached to us from onboard private jets, yachts and from an industry that uses and promotes fossil fuel and combustion engine driven cars on an industrial scale). Now it’s who can or cannot have an opinion.

    Half breed cunt. I’m not a big F1 fan, but I’ll watch and rewatch many times the race where he stacks it and burns to a crisp, KFC hot wing…with sheer glee!

    • I’m hoping Jackie Stewart will sneak into the paddock with a 11/16” open ended spanner and take the nut off a steering rod on Caramac’s motor.

      I could nip in with a junior hacksaw and partially cut through his steering column for good measure.

      • I’d pay good money to see that happen.

        Who exactly does this diarrhoea coloured halfboon think he is?

        Delusions of grandeur.

  6. I would love to see how Hamilcunt would cope in the F1 car Jackie Stewart used to drive back in the day before technology took over.

    He wouldn’t have a fucking clue!

    No doubt he would then storm off clutching the biggest of big tantrums and moan about the car, the engine, the crew, the weather, the tyres and the whole conspiracy that everyone hates him. And he’d be right!


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