Formula 1 (4) Bernie Ecclestone (4) and Lewis Hamilton (18)

A cunting for the F1 road show and poor little Lewis.

He is having a bad (ish) year so everyone needs to rally round to give him some love. His car his only third best on the grid which means he hasn’t won a race this year.
A podcast by Nelson Piquet describing the incident last year where Hamilton pushed Verstappen off the track and ended his race has caused a shit storm (well a hurty word shit storm).
Piquet used the word neguinho which is a Brazilian slang word, roughly translated a n*gga but apparently it call apply equally to white or black (I have no idea, just looked it up on the urban dictionary)

To make things worse Piquets daughter is shagging Max Verstappen and she has committed to ultimate crime, yes she ‘liked’ a comment from a relative who defended Nelson Piquet.

This is all at the same time as the Rochdale P*ki groomer cannot be expelled from the UK to his native land and some Islamic cunt thought that shooting Gays in Olso was good sport.

Let’s get a fucking grip here, using the n word might be offensive and only when spoken by whitey but it ain’t the end of the fucking world.

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And another, this time from CuntyMort

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A formula one cunting please for Lewis fucking Hamilton cunt.

Saying that older voices be silenced. Well Lewis this fucking gammon would sooner hear Jackie Stewart Bernie Ecclestone and Nelson Piquet pontificating on stuff than your woke bollocks.

Why don’t you fuck off to Monte Carlo and count your millions? Give the rest of us a break from your woke bullshit. I have no time for your fucking wittering. Fuck of and die you cunt.

And then there’s this from Everyonesacunt

I would like to nominate that old senile coffin dodger Bernie Eccelstone

“ I would take a bullet for Putin “ says he. Well go on then you out of touch with reality old fucking Cunt don’t let me stop you.

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In fact go get me a gun Putin and yourself into a room and I’ll arrange a marksman to get both of you cunts with one shot.

Listen Cunt whatever your political stand point you don’t kill tens of thousands of civilians your own soldiers and the other countries soldiers by the thousands just because you want a bit more land.

Listen Bernie you are a massive Cunt. Nearly as big as Putin the murderer.

And more….. this time from Chuff Chugger

Yeah, yeah It’s Lewis Hamilton…..again, but he can’t help himself!

Where do I start with this cunt of cunts?

Not content with trying to press gang current Formula 1 into ‘his way of thinking’ He is now trying to silence the previous generation of F1 protagonists- actually ANYONE who he doesn’t fits his agenda.

I like Piquet…..a mans man who didn’t bullshit, and spoke his mind. Hell, he even told his team mate Mansell, that he had an ugly wife! Mind you ‘our Nige did pin him up against the wall and smacked him on the nose afterwards.

…a very worrying suggestion from our resident cunt-in-chief Mr Hamilton.

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80 thoughts on “Formula 1 (4) Bernie Ecclestone (4) and Lewis Hamilton (18)

  1. F1 was only good because their was a genuine chance some cunt would snuff it in a burning wreck.

    Too safe now. Boring. Woke, media trained, robotic drivers. Cars that practically drive themselves. Putty ng chicanes into the old straights. Don’t go too fast lads.

    Safety car? Oooh. It’s raining a bit or some cunt stalled. Let’s all follow some twat in a saloon with a fucking helmet on. For 20 fucking laps. What a load of fucking shite.

    Might as well forget the ‘race’ and bum each other in the grid instead.


    • Exactly the same story for me!

      Nelson Piquet👍

      BTW some great noms on here today for some veritable cunts among cunts – we’ll done!

  2. And I may one day but a ticket for a ‘race’. Hamilcunt always takes his poor vegan (as if it chose to be vegan) dog to race meets.

    I’d be lobbing bloody steaks over the fence to give it a proper meal.

    • He should be charged with animal cruelty. Dogs are not Rabbits, but Hamilton is a grade A cunt with honours.

    • A vegan dog you say? That’s just fucking animal cruelty no question. I bet he bums it as well. It should be taken away from him and the cunt should be locked up in prison. He might enjoy that though the little poof.

      • Even worse, some woke cunts are trying to say cats can be vegan.

        Cats are 100% carnivorous and need the protein and taurine from meat to avoid total organ failure.

        Vegan my arse.

      • I suspect Martin-Luther Hamilton gives fido an oral B6 infusion on a regular basis🤔

    • Actually, we covered this about the “vegan” dog, and came to the conclusion that, as you rarely see the hound with Mr. Light in the Loafers Hamilton, it was being cared for by staff, who were feeding it the same fillet steak and lobster they were eating.
      Good on them!
      I hope the dog shits on his bed. Good boy!!

  3. I think F1 is a boring pile of utter wank, which is a coincidence because I think Lewis Hamilton is a boring pile of utter wank.

    • What kind of móng enjoys watching cars go round and round a track? Duller than listening to a Starmer speech on gender and about as watchable as rugby.

  4. And that twat who commentates on it has a very annoying voice.

    ‘Lights out!’

    I’ll fucking put your lights out, you cunt.

  5. I rather think this jumped up jigaboo needs to fuck off under a giant Michelin man for a good rogering.
    “Dreadlocked midget spaz in rubber orgy” shall be the headline.

  6. Martin Brundle’s ‘gridwalk’ is another highlight.

    Preplanned set ups for the most part, but I do enjoy the odd cunt telling him to do one.

    Most of his ‘interviews’ are fucking inane.

    “Oh, look it’s Danni Minoigue. Who do you think’s going to win today?”

    Who gives a fuck? Get your tits out.

  7. I went to a couple of meetings at Brands Hatch years ago. It cost a fucking fortune and I’ve never seen so many wankers in one place, all talking like fucking Clarkson. I’ve never seen the attraction on the telly either…….dull as ditchwater. I’d rather watch wimminz football and that’s saying something!

    • “I’d rather watch wimminz football and that’s saying something!”

      Fucking Hell, steady on, Freddie.

      • Some of them are quite tasty and they don’t all drink from the furry cup.

    • These events like the British Grand Prix or Wimbledon are like files to shit for middle management corporate away days. More interested in boozing and ‘networking’ ie boring some poor cunt into a coma about supply chains.

      And I know for a fact there is always some cunt of an MP and these things, that little turd Bercow was always at Arsenal and Wimbledon kissing arse and schmoozing.

      • Good Evening LL

        That little cunt Bercow always had it in for Andrea Leadsom, The reason being that the Silverstone track was partly in his constituency but largely in hers. Consequently when she expressed an interest in going to the British GP they gave her Bercow’s VIP pass. He never forgave her. Thank God the little shit has been exposed for what he is and hopefully has no further place in public life.

        As for Formula 1 the drivers are still paid the big bucks but a lot of the inherent danger of the sport has been taken away. There are such large run-offs and other safety features that we no longer have the natural wastage that one was accustomed to in the 1970’s. Those drivers had steel balls.

        I was at the Festival of Speed last weekend, old fashioned straw bales for safety and stone walls to run into. There was a car called a McMurtry, designed by, arguably, this country’s greatest design engineer, which went up the hill quicker than any F1 car could ever hope to go.

    • You need to go on testing day.
      It’s free. You get the loons driving like absolute maniacs against each other.
      They spin out, burn out, screech in & out of the pits as they do the fastest refuel/tyre change you’ve ever seen.
      It’s utterly wonderful.

  8. I thought Eccelstone kicked the bucket and ended up in his final pitstop years ago!

    Clearly he has lost his marbles if he thinks he is best friends with Putin. And I do wonder if he and Putin were lined up against a wall in front of an execution squad, whether he would jump in front of him and take a bullet or 50!

    I somewhat doubt it, the dirty old cunt

  9. The best drivers would at one time win in any car. Tazio Nuvolari could do this in a “non competative Alfa” against the might of Mercedes & Auto Union back in the 30’s. & Fangio could drive anything, without whinging when he lost.

  10. Formula ! ? What a load of shite. And Hamilton is a spade. A very boring fucking spade

  11. And on the subject of F! I wonder how big the carbon footprint is for this entire circus at each race?

    When you factor it planes, trucks, vans, cars arctics, helicopters etc all to cater not only for the F1 drivers and their crews, but also the media and all the big-knob VIPs, celebs and WAGs

    Add to that the thousands of cars and vans that enter the circuit grounds by the spectators and we’re probably looking at millions of tons of exhaust pollution being farted out of all those vehicles on a daily basis.

    But nothing is said about that. The Media is strangely quiet, as is Greta and her bunch of eco-wobbleheads.

    F1 can FO

  12. I fantasize about Hamilton smashing his motor, getting cut out of the wreck with multiple, serious injuries, life-threatening, hopefully, and having the cunt in the back of my truck. I’d show the cunt how to drive, hitting every pothole en-route, and, pain relief? That morphine’s not vegan, mate! Ket? Don’t even go there. But I have a vivid imagination.

    Baiting little cock-knocker.

      • Welcome back DCI. James Hunt would have pointed and laughed at little Lewis.
        Then shagged his girlfriend…

    • Love it BB 👍🏻

      I think you mean boyfriend though so James wouldn’t have been interested.

      • Wasn’t he going with that tidy Nicole what’s her name a while back?
        Willing to bet that there wasn’t much bedroom action going on there.
        Unless she was strapping on that is.

  13. “Come on guys” he says through the intercom to the pit wall.
    i want to smash the, the fucking telly.
    Everything is someone else’s fault, and how the Germans are putting up with this little tranny I’ve no idea.
    the fucking tyres are black so its racist and the rubber was produced slaves boo fucking hoo and Max Vernotforstoppin looked at me like i was black or something
    I mean like waaaah waaaah

  14. Poor Lewis, he needs to think about his comments of not giving older voices a platform, they are in a position to say stuff that younger ones can’t, no one can sack Nelson Piquet and he says stuff that other cannot for fear of losing their careers.
    If people could say what the really think without any fear of being sacked then he might find a lot of people think or more importantly would say that Lewis and BLM is a pile shit.

    When Lewis comes out and says that Blicks using the n word or c word as just as bad as anyone else I may give him some respect. It’s only offensive and racist when used by white, which makes that in itself racist 😂

    Remember this – the F1 race card!

  15. As a rabid Formula 1 fan from about 1974-2013 I can say that Bernie is an epic wind-up merchant. Some of his utterings down the years are deliberately calculated to stir the shit, and they certainly have done from time to time.

    He is an incredible businessman though and I remember someone who had a lot of dealings with him saying that if aliens ever invaded earth and wanted to negotiate with someone, we shouldn’t send a political, we should send Bernie. He’s a genius.

    However, he’s lost the fucking plot now and should take his fucking syrup off and stuff it in his gob. Hopefully the little cunt will choke on it.

    • As for Lewis fucking Hamilton, well what can I say that hasn’t already been said on ISAC many times over?

      Talented driver but ocean-going cunt.

      • I also met Nelson Piquet in 1982, had a chat with him etc.

        Utterly charming and an absolute gentleman.

    • That said about Nelson, he has an evil sense of humour.

      Would fit in nicely here on ISAC….

  16. F1 does need more diversity. At present it is only open to those with wealth and privilege. Fuck all to do with colour.
    Hamilton is a snivelling little twat.

  17. I for one will only be finally content when the Gay Chimp drives his shitty go-kart into a tanker full of napalm.

    Til that time I suppose AIDS will do,a new Wuhan made one that can’t be cured.

    C u n t.

  18. Ecclestons Daughter was a right fucking go-er😗

    Move the German GP back to the Nurburgring, reduce the braking efficiency and remove any speed limiters.
    Then it would be more exciting.
    I might even volunteer as a track marshall-scraping bits of social-justice Hamilcunt off the track and keeping a few mortals for his lapdog👍

  19. This is the same guy.who abused he’s nephew on social media for wearing a princess dress..
    Probably angry he stole he’s thunder he had the same outfit..

  20. Why does anyone bother with what this Ecclestone dwarf says anyway? The old cunt is 91 and makes Sniffer Joe look like an adolescent. He’s like your old Grandad at Christmas. He tells you the Turkey is shit, his presents are cheap tat, he fucking hates Christmas and there’s nothing but gay crap on the telly. Everyone laughs because he’s entitled to be curmudgeonly at his age. Five minutes later he’s asleep and snoring like a pig. Leave the old bastard alone!

  21. Reading the link,, Hammytwat comes across as a pathetic little whinger, cancelling older people whose views he dislikes.
    Here’s the rub Scroteboy,there’s only one thing that will prevent ageing,namely, death.
    Give it a go.

  22. loved F1 through the 70s 80s 90s and my interest stated waining in mid 2000s
    There really were some brilliant drivers but my favourite was ubercool SteveMcQueen

  23. I’m not into motor racing, so the first time Ecclestone appeared on my radar was when Blair was caught accepting a £1million pound bribe from him shortly after the 1997 general election – a bribe to exempt F1 from the then ban on tobacco advertising.
    And again in 2014 when it came to light that HMRC had agreed to accept a measly £10 million payment in lieu of an unpaid tax to the tune of £1.2 billion!
    To me his views on Putin’s murderous incursion into Ukraine come as no surprise, they’re two multi-billionaire tax evading psychopathic peas in a pod.
    Hamilton is a race baiting tax dodging cunt but has a way to go before reaching the depraved depths Ecclestone has sunk to.

  24. Hamicunt does know he is 37..he is now part of the problem..he may dress like Peter pan..and like him have a love of young boys and hhhhmmm girls..but it’s only a matter of time before he is cancelled

    • Yeah, he’s gonna get his. He has feet of clay as they say and with his entitled attitude he must have made a lot of enemies. I get the impression he is intensely disliked by other drivers and who can blame them? I can’t wait for him to brought down the tax dodging cunt.

  25. I’m not interested in a sob story from a man with 280 million dollars in the bank. My white privilege card doesn’t seem to include the millions of dollars, jet set lifestyle or even give me a voice that’s instantly conveyed to millions of people.

  26. I sometimes thing that the silly cunt still thinks he is in a go-cart! I have seen some funny footage of an ape “doing his best” on Utube, but that is another story! Anyway carting is classed as a bit of a ‘contact sport.’ Whereas F1 definitely isn’t.

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