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Metro are cunts. This is one of their latest headlines:

‘Zahir, an asylum seeker who was due on the UK’s first deportation flight to Rwanda says security officers had tied detainees up by their feet and that by staff from Colnrook House detention centre assaulted him.’

Metro, predictably, will automatically side with the poor innocent ‘Zahir’ and accept his word without question. Of course, ‘Zahir’ will be as pure as the driven snow, won’t he? His sort never act up, get aggressive, or cause trouble, do they?

‘Zahir’ (not his real name, of course) claims he was a ‘refugee’ fleeing from Iraq. For starters, there is no war in Iraq to flee from. Also, notice all these asylum seekers and ‘refugees’ are all Middle Eastern and African men in their 20s and 30s, there are no women, girls, or kids. But Metro won’t go into that though, will they?

Of course, those leftist turds at Metro will take this person’s word for it. I don’t believe that he or anyone else was tied up.

‘Zahir’ claims he was ‘threatened’ with being tied up, and he was told by ‘friends’ (more Iraqi men on the make) that they were tied up. In other words, it’s all bollocks and hearsay. But Metro will believe it without question because they want to. They will do, say or believe anything to scupper the Rwanda deal and attempt to make these unwashed freeloaders and threats to UK security look good. But obviously threats to the British Public aren’t on Metro’s list of priorities. Metro are more concerned with not finding a Father’s Day card with (get this) a ‘Black Dad’ on it.

Funny, all the times I got my old man a Father’s Day card, I never saw a human being – black, white or otherwise – on them. I also never got my father a card with ‘To my white dad’ on it either.

The cunts are obsessed with trying to sell these types to us. Metro is anti white, anti heterosexual, anti British, and it’s so bad they have to give it away. They also can’t even spell ‘assaulted’.

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45 thoughts on “The Metro News Site

  1. Am I correct in saying they only give this rag away in the capital of knife crime and diversity? Hopefully that’s the case and yet another good reason never to visit😁

    • That’s why sales of toilet roll are so low in London. Half the City’s population use their left hands. The other half use The Metro.

      • I live in London and when bog roll or the Metro are unavailable, I use the Quran.

  2. I don’t know about other cities but this shitrag in Londonstabistan is aimed at the libtard commuter, given away free on buses and train stations. Of course we have more w*gs and wokies than any other city so they are the captive audience. I don’t know how they make any money as they are competing against the Standard, another free libtard cuntrag. I suspect that, like the Guardian, some cunt somewhere is propping them up for political reasons.

    • Agree……all these london free newpapers are just multi page propoganda flyers.

      • It’s given away free in Norwich too. But then Norwich is being rapidly transformed into London MK2.
        Rainbow shit and diversity bollocks everywhere, with smug manbun types braying and hooting outside a growing number of trendy coffee shops. Racks of rental pushbikes and e-scooters cluttering the pavements. That sort of thing.
        So glad I live in the countryside now…

  3. It would be easier to find a Father’s Day card with a black man on it than find out the black fathers address

    • Reminds me of an old primary school joke we used to tell in the early 70’s

      What’s the definition of confusion?

      Fathers Day in Brixton.

      (true story that)

      • Hehe, I bet Brixton has the highest number of single mothers in the country 😂

  4. No black Fathers Day cards eh?

    Maybe they would have more luck with ‘Babyfather MIA’.

    • Why would you want a Father’s Day card when you’ve never met the cunt?

  5. The black man is not on television enough, the wokes are saying. I’d put Crimewatch on seven nights a week to appease the bastards.

    • Not on television, enough??? I sometimes think I’ve tuned into the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Company, by mistake, there’s so many of the cunts on the box.

      Under-represented my fucking arse.

      • In the pub tonight a advert for live sport..
        BBC itv sky sports..the 3 characters hamicunt, pogba and Joshua…three chippy whiny losers…

  6. I’m only surprised he’s not suing the Rwanda airline for not having a urinal on board the aeroplane against which he could have a shit.

    • Complaining about the cabin crew too.

      “Who are these old hags? There isn’t one who is under fifteen.”

      I would have made sure it was staffed by the airline industry’s biggest mincers and drag acts.

      • Zahir: Bring me zum water and Halal-slaughtered lamb. I free man now.

        Flight Attendant: No water or lamb, Mohammed but here’s your vodka and pork sausages.

      • “Todays inflight entertainment includes Lord of the Cock Rings and Forest Spunk”.

  7. I couldn’t give a fuck if they tied “zahir” to a trawlers anchor and dropped him 100 miles off the Outer Hebrides.

    As for this shitrag Metro,well they are Quislings and deserve oven.

    • UT@ – Unkle Terry! That’s a terrible thing to say!
      Wasting a good anchor with only one of the cunts attached? 😀☠👍
      Then push them towards the underwater oven..

  8. The Metro on Monday will be wall to wall coverage of the Great Poof Parade in Stabistan. It will probably be all over your telly no matter where you live.
    We have a better class of degenerate here in London. We’re so fucking proud.

  9. Depending on how you interpret that headline, you could argue Metro are pretty right wing, and are summing up the race demographic in the UK quite accurately

  10. Having moved from London after 58 years I really dont think most of the English people realise London is a foreign country with a population unrecognisable from 20 years ago. Its a shit hole full of cunts.

  11. “Female and genuine child refugees – as rare as rocking horse shit”

    A headline you certainly wouldn’t see in The Metro

  12. Next week’s edition

    “I come refugee. Put me 4 star hotel. What I am? Animal to you? How can me live like animal? Only give to me iPhone 11. I cry every night this racism to me. I must iPhone 13 Pro Max. Cannot live like this. I get lawyer, yes you must pay and lawyer try to get me house. I must 5 bedroom in London. Near Queen please. And money every week. And car. New car. I like BMW or Audi. I PTSD from war my country. Cannot work. I want blonde girls to help my sadness. You must give to me. You are all racists I hate you.”

    • You don’t know how true that is, Cuntybollocks. And that’s just the ones that are in our hospitals. They are cunts.

  13. The one question I can’t seem to get a straight answer to; if they are running here as refugees away from war torn countries, why are we accepting them from France? I’m no history professor, but from what I can gather, France hasn’t seen a shot fired in anger on its land since WW2.

      • I mean, France isn’t at war and the cunts who did the Bataclan etc, are on the same side as the dingy riders anyway. You know what I meant.

    • We accept them because to turn them away would upset guardian readers and other such cunts.

      Couldn’t have that..

      • I just see a brilliant video actually. Load of Guardian reading bell ends protesting with placards saying “put up a refugee in your home” etc. Bloke goes up to them asking them if they’d mind putting one up in their own homes. “I can’t, I rent”and “my place is too small” and “I have a family” etc etc etc….

        So none of us rent, have small homes, families etc? Typical champagne socialists; say they want to help the needy, just as long as it’s not in their back yard and not by them.

        Utter scum.

    • Apparently it is because they have family already in the UK.

      Just goes to show that this is the gift that just can’t stop itself from giving.

      • I have an aunt in Canada. I wonder if they’d give me a free house and money if I just turned up?

        All those years I didn’t get around to visiting her because of the expense.

  14. Wonder if Marcus Rashcunt sent his pater a ‘black dad’ Fathers Day card?
    I fucking doubt it. Because the cunt doesn’t know where he is, or even who he is.

  15. I remember that horse faced shrieker, Paloma Faith in Metro talking about her Top 5 favourite artists and albums. Naturally, they were all black. Talk about made to fucking order….

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