The Red Arrows

They’re seen as a British institution,
Fly over for the Queens birthday and special events,
Always advertised top billing on posters for events…

They’re boring as fuck aren’t they?

Fast moving jets that have release coloured smoke.
Zzzzz☹️ (Greta won’t be happy. “How Dare They!” – Day Admin)

It holds my attention for about 3 seconds.
Even as a kid I’d struggle to stay awake watching this aerial dullness.

If they want to make it more interesting have blind pilots,
Or pilots who’ve never flown before.
Maybe drop bombs filled with toffees?

Dunno, but its a waste of time and effort in my book,
Just replace them with a wet t-shirt contest.

Nominated by: Miserable northern cunt


116 thoughts on “The Red Arrows

  1. I like to watch them in case one day one of the pilots thinks, fuck it and flys down into the buck palace balcony with all the Royal rats watching… boom….🔥

  2. I’d like to UN-Cunt the Red Arrows if I may please?
    Any organisation that flies the UK flag with honour and represents what can be achieved through, discipline, hard work, courage (flying a fast jet towards another at high speed!! FFS!!) and dedication to learn a skill like flying a jet gets my full respect and admiration. The men who fly these machines should be hailed as true role models for the very reasons above and celebrated in our schools, not the cross-dressing drag queen filth that are being allowed to read stories to our kids in the classroom.

    As boring as it may be to some folk the void they would leave if they were ‘cancelled’ would mean the youngsters of today would be denied of true role models and something to aspire too and left with a vile, deviant, tainted left wing alternative.

    Let’s cherish the few good/pure/un-tainted things we still have left in this country.

    • First John Wayne now the Red Arrows. What next, Morris dancing? Tweed?.

      You are a cultural vandal Miserable.

      • Afternoon LL.
        Ill hand out free tampax and tissues for all my noms from now.😁👍

      • Afternoon Mis. I will make a point of going out and buying a bag of popcorn if you ever decide to cunt fox hunting or the right to roam.

  3. They used to fly in Folland Gnats a versatile training aircraft. Gnats just about sums the cunts up!

  4. Saw them fly over last night as I was enjoying a pint of finest ale in a beer garden. Everyone clapped as they flew over, and all I thought of was Miserable Northern Cunt trying to send a STAM up.😁.

  5. MNC, you’re just jealous of a flying suit and Ray Ban aviators ability to snap knicker elastic at fifty paces.

    Especially around the time of the original Top Gun!

  6. DCI@
    You winning pal?
    Enjoying your time off?

    Im sure the Red Arrows are all decent blokes really its just as a spectacle I personally find it dull.

    If I go again ill take a book.😁

    • Aye, I’m winning, at the moment. Plenty of reading time, queuing at hospitals, aircon going full bore, (fuck off, Thunderpants), and enjoying my days off in the garden. Lovely! If you want a spectacular airshow display, you should have seen a Westland Lynx perform. Until you’ve seen a helicopter barrel-roll and loop, you’ve seen nothing! (I suppose the Wildcat can do the same, same or similar rotor head, I presume).

      Getting a bit fractious on here, lately, eh? Dick Fiddler’s on fine form with some of his ripostes, though!😃

      • Yeah,
        Is a bit.

        You had a taste of the same thing didnt you ?

        Then Ruff now Gutstick.

        Fiddler is The Premier cunter on here, more than capable of holding his own.

        But a show of loyalty doesnt hurt any, and give Dick his due DCI he talks sense and isnt afraid to voice it👍

      • Yeah, I had a bit of the same, but, you just put it down to where it comes from. Being told that what you’re actually seeing with your own eyes isn’t real was/is actually laughable!

        As you’ve probably guessed, I couldn’t give a tuppeny fuck about what other cunters think of me, I’m comfortable enough in myself. As Dick says, this site used to give me belly-laughs most days, some regular cunters well missed, but the constant conspiracy stuff is fucking tedious if not laughable.

        Bring back Hate filled cunt, the Worcestershire Warrior – best laugh I’ve had on here in ages! IsAC would sparkle with comedy gold, again, if he poked his head out from behind the bike sheds!

      • @Mis,DCI

        I’m actually going to take a step back…I’m aware that everyone is bored of me arguing with our resident fantasist and his rather creepy American sidekick.

        Nothing the matter with a healthy bit of racism but there used to be a bit of humour involved…the “armed resistance” cajoling and constant blaming of the “immos/’groids” for every problem is both boring and irritating me….best I take a step back rather than indulge in a screaming hissy fit

      • Evening Dick👍

        Im not.
        I dont really care if my views upset anyone as you know.

        Fuck em.

        But your right in that its not as much fun,
        And with lots of work on at the moment and other interests im losing interest.

        Wheres Jack?
        Hes not been on recently?

      • I’m not bored, Dick. I genuinely still laugh when I remember your post about The Worcestershire Warrior, cauliflower ears, shadow boxing and Eye Of The Tiger!

        Fucking ace!

      • I’m gutted I missed all the hullabaloo, I’d have stirred the shit to fuck and tried to force a fight.

        We all have posters we don’t like. For our own reasons. I’m not even going to mention who I can’t be doing with, but I have decided to ignore all posts from that individual. I just get wound up and who needs that? And I don’t want them banning so best just not to engage (confirmation bias, perhaps on both parts in this case, makes ‘debate’ impossible – provide sources and it’s ‘clickbait’ etc. It’s a waste of fucking time.)

        Yes, I too get frustrated with some of the nuttier stuff (the really nutty one seems to have fucked off, sadly), but fuck it. Sometimes I find the really mental posts amusing.

        Don’t engage is my advice…or maybe you should just offer them out for a fight/pistols at dawn? I’m sure one of them called you a big puff an’ all 😉

        I’ll be sure to keep a close eye from now and stir that pot as much as possible, of course.

        But on a more serious note, stick around your posts genuinely crack me up from time to time (no homo).

      • Post aimed at DF.

        Although DCI and MNC are both fine posters of course. MNC, your ability to not take any subject matter too seriously is very amusing. I dread to think what you’re like at funerals. Probably say ‘pull my finger’ to the widow on the way into church. DCI’s rants are funny. Glad he’s back, takes no shite.

        Stick around you cunts.

        (Endorsed – Day Admin)

      • Think Jack’s on holiday isn’t he?….probably got his mobile-home parked in some farmer’s gate.

      • Hope to see you back cunting again soon Dick. A timeout might be just the thing. Since regulars like Willie Stroker, Ron Knee, Bertie and B&WC have disappeared the site has lost some of its humour.

      • Miss those fine fellows musings.

        No more comments from who B&WC wants to stick his tongue up their arse.

        No more comments from randy Ron Knee and his beloveds naughty escapades!

        Times they are a changing.
        And not for the better.

      • “resident fantasist and his rather creepy American sidekick.” 😂

        Evening lads. 👍

  7. I agree Mis.

    Boring as fuck.

    I look up trying to look interested.

    Gives me a stiff neck.

    • You winning Dick?
      Out an about round calver with the missus & dog yesterday.

      Then fish & chips in Stoney Middleton.
      The church there had a 600yr anniversary,
      Well dressing etc,
      Dont half have some nice places on our doorstep dont we?

      • Evening Mis.

        I’m not too bad.
        But my Crohn’s disease has been terrible the last few weeks.
        Could shit though the eye of a needle.
        At 6 foot 3/4” and now just under 12 stone, I look as if I’ve just been liberated from Belsen Camp.

        Yes, some beautiful places over Calver way. There’s a nice walk up to Eyam from Stoney Middleton up a green lane. Then you can walk up from Eyam on that closed off collapsing road up to the Riley graves etc, and back down a steep footpath though a beautiful wood.
        A nice little circuit.

        We’re very fortunate indeed.

        I get sick of tourists clogging up my village at this time of year though.
        Cars abandoned everywhere, and people traipsing though the yard and staring through my windows.
        Noisy kids around the duck pond etc.
        Not as bad as the last two years though.
        The higher class of tourist has returned, and the weekend chavs have fucked off back to retail parks etc.

  8. Worst place I ever visited was Ashford in the water.
    Beautiful place.
    People are right stuck up cunts.
    Made to feel unwelcome in the pub,
    All pink jumpers and pimms.

    I hope they all get AIDs.

    • The locals in Stratford upon Avon are stuck up cunts too. If you don’t stick your little finger out by 45 degrees while drinking a cup of Earl Grey they think you’re an ignorant peasant.

      • Techno@

        I was with the missus &dog id money in my pocket, in good cheer,
        Only wanted to buy a meal and drink!
        Some old trout like Maggie Thatcher told me

        “Weve just stopped serving food, theres a pub in the next village”

        But the staff were bringing food out of the kitchens!

        She meant not serving food for ME.
        The cheeky old cunt.

    • Ashford In The Water and Bakewell folks want gassing.

      There not local places for local people anymore.

      Full of Sheffield’s and Chesterfield’s high society set. Utter wankers in Pringle jumpers and Chinos etc.

      I like firing my old Toyota into the path of oncoming Chelsea tractors and shouting abuse out of my window and then laughing when folks lose their temper.

  9. How dare you, Mis’!

    Trying to ruin my childhood memory of receiving a Matchbox BAe Hawk in Red Arrows livery after saving up the cereal tokens.

    That BAe Hawk was eventually repainted and sold to crush the rebellion in East Timor.

    I got £4.50.

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