Drag Queen Story Hour in Schools

According their website: DragQueen StoryHour Web Site Drag Queen Story Hour UK provide fun and interactive kids shows with amazing and talented drag performers! Drag Queen Story Hour UK wants to show the world that being different is not a bad thing, and by providing imaginative role models for children to look up to, we can change the world book by book!”

The Telegraph (Telegraph News Link) states that the project is run by Sab Samuel, a 27-year-old male children’s author, who performs as Aida H Dee in a sequined dress with heavy make-up. The classes, which begin at Reading Borough Council libraries on July 25 and will involve 3,000 children, claim to “teach inclusivity” and encourage attendees to “get fabulous”.

It seems that some parents are not buying into this new orthodoxy (you know the one, where 2 + 2 = whatever the fuck they say it does), and are not completely relaxed on the idea of their children being indoctrinated by deviants in dresses.

Some have tried to block book tickets to prevent the shows from going ahead. Oxfordshire County Council defended the upcoming drag sessions in its libraries as “appropriate and well-suited for the advertised age groups”.

Phew, that’s a huge relief, ‘cos we can always trust a LibDem / Labour / Green coalition to uphold normal heterosexual family values, so no worries there, then.

It seems that the parents (or some other unnamed clandestine organisation) have been branded …wait for it… (drum roll, please) a “far-right neo-Nazi group” by Drag Queen Story Hour.

So, let me get this straight: parents who have perfectly legitimate concerns regarding teaching young children about ‘gender fluidity in childhood’ because it might skull-fuck them, are conflated with a fascist regime that repressed free speech and indoctrinated an entire nation? Hold on, that sounds suspiciously what premium-grade cunts like Drag Queen Story Hour and those zealots that push the trans agenda are up to…

Our lauded national broadcaster took a different tack (of course), applauding the fact that the drag act goes on despite all the hate mail:

BBC News Link

The BBC are coy on the exact number of hate mail and the content, but I imagine some of them were fucking hilarious.


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  1. I find it ironic that tranny’s accuse their detractors of being Nazis when Nazi 2ic Reichsmarshal Hermann Göring was a fucking tranny. They should follow his example and eat a cyanide pill.

    • There was also Ernst Rohm, Head of the SA , and very fond of adolescent boys, as were his cronies. It’s well documented that at the Nuremberg rallies the Hitler Youth campground had to be guarded to keep out the SA members looking for a bit of young arse. It seems political extremism and sexual deviancy go hand in hand.

      • Ah yes, the Night of the Long Knives. We need a few of those in this country. Probably a fucking year of them to be honest.

    • I bet Fat Hermann looked… in a frock. Wasn’t J Edgar Hoover into that as well?

    • Those drag queens are actually Russian agents, doncha know. Pootin’s cunning plan is working a treat!

  2. Can someone tell me the whereabouts of the nazi facist right wing transphobics I am considering joining. According to the other side, woke trans embracing heros of the diversity they/thems/it lovely persons a belief that 2+2 = 4 not 2+2 = 49.6 or a Banana is the reason for this outpouring of hate against they it sisters.
    What about this example. A man goes into a female changing room because he identifies as a female. Whilst changing he gets a horn, a female complains to management. Management speak to man who says he is a women they tell him waving his boner around has upset the female users of the facility. Man replies you sexist cunt I am a lesbian thats why I got the boner, all those naked women. How would that scenario play out in todays wokist society.

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