Drag Queen Story Hour in Schools

According their website: DragQueen StoryHour Web Site Drag Queen Story Hour UK provide fun and interactive kids shows with amazing and talented drag performers! Drag Queen Story Hour UK wants to show the world that being different is not a bad thing, and by providing imaginative role models for children to look up to, we can change the world book by book!”

The Telegraph (Telegraph News Link) states that the project is run by Sab Samuel, a 27-year-old male children’s author, who performs as Aida H Dee in a sequined dress with heavy make-up. The classes, which begin at Reading Borough Council libraries on July 25 and will involve 3,000 children, claim to “teach inclusivity” and encourage attendees to “get fabulous”.

It seems that some parents are not buying into this new orthodoxy (you know the one, where 2 + 2 = whatever the fuck they say it does), and are not completely relaxed on the idea of their children being indoctrinated by deviants in dresses.

Some have tried to block book tickets to prevent the shows from going ahead. Oxfordshire County Council defended the upcoming drag sessions in its libraries as “appropriate and well-suited for the advertised age groups”.

Phew, that’s a huge relief, ‘cos we can always trust a LibDem / Labour / Green coalition to uphold normal heterosexual family values, so no worries there, then.

It seems that the parents (or some other unnamed clandestine organisation) have been branded …wait for it… (drum roll, please) a “far-right neo-Nazi group” by Drag Queen Story Hour.

So, let me get this straight: parents who have perfectly legitimate concerns regarding teaching young children about ‘gender fluidity in childhood’ because it might skull-fuck them, are conflated with a fascist regime that repressed free speech and indoctrinated an entire nation? Hold on, that sounds suspiciously what premium-grade cunts like Drag Queen Story Hour and those zealots that push the trans agenda are up to…

Our lauded national broadcaster took a different tack (of course), applauding the fact that the drag act goes on despite all the hate mail:

BBC News Link

The BBC are coy on the exact number of hate mail and the content, but I imagine some of them were fucking hilarious.


Nominated by: Cunty McCunt

126 thoughts on “Drag Queen Story Hour in Schools

  1. Memo to Vlad: You will never have a better chance of world domination what with these lefty woke turd burgling wankers running and brainwashing every facet of society. We’re fucking doomed.

  2. There’s something wrong with that school. All the kids are white in the picture.

  3. Child molesters, degenerates, deviants and people who should never be allowed near kids are welcomed into the schools by “teachers” who have the same agenda as the creepy freaks.
    If a man wants to dress up as a Woman crack on, each to their own – but don’t ever pretend it is normal – it fucking well ain’t!
    And if a freak with a Peter Phile agenda and some ball gowns wants to groom kids then I will not be surprised by baying mobs at schools – just stick a pair of pyjamas on, don’t wash for six months, get a Mercedes with your undeserved free money and tell them you are there stalking vulnerable girls because it’s your right – “cultural sensitivity” will prevent any police action.
    Sick, filthy, disgusting bastards.

      • GC@ – Evening General – my opinion is “dress it up”, so to speak, how you like but the agenda here is Peter Philes who want to fuck kids – it is an unpleasant truth,but the truth nonetheless.
        My Irish Family had a good way of dealing with “unsavoury types” – they shot the bastards, buried them in the middle of nowhere (Ireland is bogs and mole like malice) and nobody said a fucking word – Garda viewed it as a problem solved.
        I like my Irish Family! (Except for that “Bono” cunt – even me old dear couldn’t stand him).

      • Hey Vern,

        In America, even into the mid 20th Century there was such a thing as the “Texas Defence” codified into law as “Justifiable Homicide.” It was based on the notion that the deceased was an unsavory character and…”needed killing.” If convicted it was often a misdemeanor punishable by a fine.

        Where I now live in the Deep South it is referred to as a “Public Service Homicide.”

        With regard to these Drag Queen degenerates corrupting our children…to whom do I make the check (cheque) payable?

      • Evening,General

        You’re quite the one for egging people on to take up arms,aren’t you ?….How did you come on with your own #Armed Resistance to the “stolen election”?

        Hope your tooth isn’t bothering you too much.

      • Mmmm…..not a single shot fired?

        All quiet on the western front.

  4. The only drag that kids should see is Christmas pantomimes, Traditionally having men playing roles like the Ugly Sisters in Cinderella, or Widow Twanky.
    Anyone else trying to push forward their own sick agenda is a p dough file.
    Parents having to struggle to get these kiddy fiddlers thrown off the curriculum is a disgrace.
    If the board of governors can’t put a stop to it, fuck ’em off and appoint one that prioritises subjects like maths and English, and punches weirdos like this in the gob if they come within a mile of any school.

    • The middle two words of Drag Queen Story Hour sound suspiciously like a pseudonym for the Liebore leader.
      I wonder how much longer before the unions stage a coup and rip him a new arse? The goose will goose Old Mother Goose…

  5. I’m gay, right. I can’t stand these cunts. I hate the way the screeching Moon Cricket Ru Paul has SINGLE HANDED MANAGED to tar (no pun!) the rest of us with having same “YAAASSS GURRRLLL”, catty, mean-spirited personality than the freaks he gets on his show.

    I personally couldn’t give a fuck if you’re gay, straight, white, black – a cunt’s a cunt, and I haven’t looked at one of those up close for the best part of 20 years.

    I don’t find drag queens funny at all. I’d rather wank with knives than go to a drag show. It’s purile, unintelligent humour, and these creatures that look like something from Danté’s Inferno frankly creep me out. Fuck knows how the kiddiewinkles must feel with one of these She Demons rocking up at their school.

    A bloke dressing up in this nonsense and acting like a prissy entitled cunt in the name of “humour” and “education” is very much the opposite. It’s degenerate.

    Putin must be laughing his tits off if he read about this.

    Freedom for The Peak District!

    • May I ask your opinion on the LGBT+ issue?
      I would assume it really irritates decent gay blokes and lezzers that that transbumders (and pædos…sorry, “Minor Attracted Persons”) have hitched their wagon to your horse as well?
      What are Stonewall doing about the attempt to normalise transbumderism?

      • Indeed. Because where is the closure point? Are rapists going to try and include themselves to lessen their sentences?!

      • My thoughts exactly CC. How come someone will get torn a new arsehole by the progressives and accused of cultural appropriation for wearing a sombrero yet its perfectly fine for a man to appropriate a woman and create an ugly over the top caricature as a drag act, most of whom are about as funny as a ball bag in a zipper.

      • Yeah, of course. Not a problem, Thomas!

        It really gets on my fucking nerves, to be honest – as it does the few gay friends I have. We all have pleasant professional and social lives, nobody gives a monkey’s about who we sleep with.

        In life, I find that if you’re polite, humble, avoid bandwagons, stay true to what you believe in and don’t make an issue out of – well, anything really! – you’ll earn a lot of respect and make few, but some very good friends along the way.

        If you start getting uppity and becoming one-dimensional in your character, people will go off of you very quick as there’s more to the individual than their race/sexuality/gender, so on, and so forth.

        A little anecdote for you… a month or so ago I was pissed in a local pub (surprised…) having a great old time. I got chatting to an employee of Stockport County Council, an organisation which seems to have a disturbing obsession with LGBTABCDEFG+…

        Anyway, she asked me “what do you think of LGBTQ+ issues, you must be so proud of your community” and when I slurred back “nah, couldn’t give a fuck tbh, just be nice to people and live and let live innit?” she almost fell off her chair.

        Manchester Pride’s next month. I’ll be staying home to sit in the local CAMRA pub until I fall over.

      • Good posts, CuntisCuntis. Well played, sir.

        I hate kids, but even someone as ‘despicable’ as me thinks exposing young minds to this kind of crap is child cruelty. What must the parents think? Can they do anything about it? I can’t understand why anyone in education would actively want to push this on young children. What the fuck is wrong with them?

        As for the ‘pride’ thing, I think it was Jordan Peterson who said having pride in your sexual preference is absurd. Quite agree. What a bizarre thing to be proud of. I actually read somewhere recently some toss piece defending ‘pride’ month by saying it’s acceptable because the other 11 months of the year are ‘hetro pride’ months. Erm…no they’re not. We’re not having marches and rallies and putting hetro colours (whatever they might be) on everything and basically grandstanding based upon what we do with our genitals.

        If there’s one sure way of generating resentment and antagonism it’s shoving your preference, sexual or otherwise, in everyone else’s faces. News flash – we don’t care and kindly shut up.

      • @ Thank you, Imitation Yank.

        And yes, it was Scholar and Gentleman JP. He’s absolutely bob on there, too. Altho, apparently agreeing with him makes you a bigot.

      • @CuntisCuntis

        With regard to your excellent post I echo IYanks praise…or as we used to say in the states when we agreed with someone’s sentiments:


    • Topping form – all the old Queens I am friends with are sick and tired of this bollocks.
      I do not care who people share their beds with – each to their own – but I care deeply about predators who want to r*pe kids in our fucking schools.
      And close that bleedin tunnel for we all get rabies! 😀

    • CuntsCunts, I have a theory about drag queens, and i’d llike your opinion.

      Are they gay men who have never fully accepted their homosexuality and are overperforming as women out of insecurity?

      I ask because Paul O’Grady seems much more relatable and sane as a human since dropping his Lily Savage act and is simply a gay man.

  6. Their absolute determination to get to kids should not go unnoticed.

    If I could be arsed looking for it I would, but I remember something on the Lotus Eaters Podcast where a tranny was ranting that (paraphrasing here) ‘I absolutely will not stop until I get your kids on hormone blockers!’

    I hear protests are afoot this week with some tranny reading tour going on.

    Parents taking their kids should not be allowed to have kids, they are child abusers.

  7. I see nothing wrong in stories of the homosexual chemist “puffin Boots” as long as it is factually based. As for the Drag Queens informing kids of the wonderous diversities that await them in a ” coming soon to a bush in the park near you ” nah!
    The world of normal kweers is a step far to far. and Im afraid I would gladly split the kipper on any cunt with a cock who argues differently

  8. This weirdo makes a booking to a library with the excuse of telling stories to children, I assume the library will perform duty of care and check that the story content is appropriate for the children, assuming they have the authority to do that.
    However the Drag Queen Story Hour have a basic DBS check so there is no need to worry, the kids probably think the silly cunt is a fucking clown anyway or a real life Punch and Judy character.

    Maybe a collective fuck off to Drag Queen Scary Hour would be more appropriate.

    Gender fluidity my arse!

    • Soi@ Check the fuckers browsing history!
      Miss bustys pants are far too small and lacy for me, and I could use her bra to smuggle fkin migrants!
      It’s a fucking disgrace! 😁

  9. This particular cunt turned up at a library in Reading on Tuesday and there were about 25 parents outside and “dozens of police” who had to protect the sick bastard. Yeah bollocks.
    I read about it on my phone newsfeed and then it quickly disappeared and I couldn’t find it on google.
    Anyone telling me there’s no agenda here can fuck right off. Imagine the type of parents who paid money to have their 3-11 year olds in the same room as this sack of shit. No doubt bragging about how right on they are on Faecesbook.
    An absolute bunch of cunts.

  10. Danny La Rue came to my Dad’s school in 1957, done up as a woman and read the class, “Howl” by legendary homosexualist and JEW, Alan Ginsberg. When Danny said, “fucked in the ass by saintly motorcyclists” my dad exploded in laughter and was caned so hard he had to tape a cushion to his arse for a week. His best friend, “Bumbles” was later imprisoned for cottaging, tried to suck off an undercover copper.

    Night-school this was. Dad was 25 years old.

    • I don’t think they had “night schools” like that in 1957. If they did your Dad is lucky he didn’t end up in the nick.

  11. This will be another scenario where speaking out will be instantly dismissed with a torrent of abuse from the Twatter mob.

    From their myopic viewpoint, offending a transsexual (or any cunt that abuses kids) by calling them the depraved cunts they are, is far more serious than the traumatic consequences of the child.


    Drag Queen: “I simply loved fucking your 9 year old daughter last night. It took a few weeks to groom her with story-telling, but I got what I wanted in the end!”

    Reaction from the MSM: muted, or padded with “understanding and support” for the Drag Queen

    On the other hand:-

    Ordinary parent complaining on Twitter “Those ghastly abusers raped my daughter last night. They need locking up!”

    Reaction from MSM: a shit storm of derision and criticism, with the usual “…phobic” cards thrown in for good measure.

    Peter Fillier, will be the new norm soon and no in authority seems to give a shit.

  12. “And, children, it all ended happily”. All the trannie freaks went off to live together on on “shit stabber Island” were they bummed each other senseless until the very last one died.

    No matter how hard they tried they couldn’t produce a child.
    Because you need a real man and woman for that.

    The end. Thank fuck.

  13. Send the cunt to one of those mudslime private schools that seem to usually hidden behind a big wall to do his “reading”.

    No more cunt.

    No charges brought I dare say as well.

    The cunts.

  14. What really pisses me off is that there is no one politician that openly condemns this shit, admits that diversity is a curse, that wimmin’s football is shit, pooftahs in dresses should be arrested for grooming etc, etc.

    Not fucking one.

  15. Reminds me of the kind of thing Legs Akimbo would do from the league of gentlemen……and THAT was a piss take scene!

    • You couldn’t make that today. Leaving aside the blackface that trannie taxi driver would get the BBC closed down. How things change so quickly in the age of soshul meeja.

  16. I had a quick look at the Drag Queen Story Hour UK Summer tour 2022 and unsurprisingly do not feature Bradford or Tower Hamlets. They do go to Rochdale though. Maybe someone should tell this fucking degenerate its already been picked clean.

  17. It was a shock stated one head teacher, I thought I’d ordered some play doh and then this pea……showed up!!!!

    Modern educators don’t believe parents are a good role model for kids. Admittedly some parents try with alcohol or drug addiction and bad choices but this is not what educators want.

    They want to override any of the traditional programs installed by parents and overwrite it with progressive thinking.

    I could go on but what’s the point? None of us is going to do a fucking thing.

    • I always think that, SV…no-one will lift a finger until they haven’t eaten for a couple of days or have no gas to heat their homes. But, this winter, something might finally happen.
      Hanover has just banned the use of hot water because of the Russia gas supply situation.
      If it happens here, especially with food shortages caused by low yields and lack of Ukrainian fertiliser, I’ll volutarily turn to cannibalism.

      • Tony fucking Blair wants to introduce digital ID’s yet again, this time to combat illegal immigrants. Any civil disturbance will be used as an excuse for more lockdowns. This is a crisis being created so they can fully implement the great reset solution.

        We will wish we had risen up but it will be too late

      • Germany.

        Europe’s largest economy, in its determination to persue the WEF green agenda (agenda – are we allowed to call it that?) closes its nuclear reactors, it’s coal power stations and opts to rely on a rogue state like Russia for gas instead.
        Oh and those lovely renewables of course. Good luck with those Fritz.

        I’m at a loss for words to describe such naïve shortsighted incompetence.
        If incompetence is what it is.

    • What is it the Jesuits said?
      “Give me the child until he is seven, I will show you the man.”
      Indoctrination has to start at a very early age. Very young children are seeking guidelines and are unbelievably malleable.
      Disinterested parents ( how many times have I seen them chatting/scrolling on mobiles while the poor kid tried to talk about their day) are as much to blame as wishy-washy local/ government bodies for allowing this insideous corruption of our children to take place.
      So you might offend a minority group, so what? Fuck ’em.
      Stand up to these appeasers. I don’t fucking care what kind of deviant I offend. Keep away from our kids.

      • JP@ – What was it Tiberious said – “send a boy to Rome, he will return a Roman”.
        Something like that, anyway – I wasn’t there (blow drying me hair)
        “Educate” kids by bringing in kid fuckers.
        40 years ago they would have been chased down the street by an angry mob.
        With me at the front.

      • Yes, the mob scene from Frankenstiens Monster would look like ‘Party in the Park’

  18. Children socialised by the State. All dress the same, talk the same and think the same. Soon they will be encouraged to grass up parents for wrongthink and wrongspeak. As Bernhard Rust put it…..”the whole purpose of education is to produce good Nazis”
    And he should know!

    • Like that new fucking birds eye chicken advert and plant based alternative……they’ve got a fucking black key 5 years old guilt shaming her mother coz she’s scared of change to give her kid vegan chicken.

      Its a cunt of an advert

  19. I’m very fortunate. All my lovely girls think this is a pile of stinking shit, that one of these days will spontaneously combust, showering all those close to it with an unremovable stench.
    They will become the modern day equivalent of lepers, and no amount of apologies, weasely excuses, “a big boy did it and ran away” will make a ha’porth of difference.
    They will shoot their selves in the foot, and in the not too distant future.
    How I will laugh, as the try to distance their selves from Sodom and Gemorah.

  20. Can I just say, I don’t care who you have sex with, as long as they are of age. I just don’t want my nose rubbed in it.

      • That sounds suspiciously like independent thinking JP. Your name will go on ze list. It has also been noted that there was an absence of a rainbow flag in your front window during Pride Month.

      • I know, LL.
        Some cunt knocked on my door to point it out.
        I pointed out the sign I have on my front door that reads:
        No unsolicited callers.
        When he started to argue, I shut the door. Then I went onto the back and unrealed the hose, turned the tap on and jet washed the cunt.

    • Hants constab. are on their way with two squad cars and a riot van.

      We are Ha-rrestin’ yoo.. for a public order offence, sunshine. Makin’ fun of the pee… minor-attracted! Causin’ anxiety to a trucker named phyllis…. You ‘orrible little man.’

  21. I can understand children being told about homosexuality – if you were ever in the Army, RAF or RN – or even went to boarding school or a single sex school, most of whom had at least one bent master, you would be aware of it, so better kids are warned in advance, especially those who don’t have frank relations with their parents, but why the hell foist bloody tranny crap on to them. The majority of homosexuals and lesbians are not dressing up like Danny la Rue, so why make out it is in any way “normal”.

    • WCB@ – Is the correct answer!
      Some of my homosexual friends are no longer around, and I miss them every day – I do not care what consenting adult they fuck, but they are not Mandelsons and are/were as disgusted as I am by this foul sickness.
      And despite what some awful (and probably rather lower class) Barristers say Sir Fiddlers “botty dalliances” with the delightful Ms Arterton were consensual and she would have been crying about summat or other anyway!

  22. Its all getting a bit fractious on Isac, a bit contentious.

    And we have the news that the England Women’s football team have reached the final of the Women’s Euros.

    OMG. What moment this is. It will wipe out those ’30 years of hurt’ if they win.

    Surely we can put our differences aside and just get behind the Lasses!

    Cone on you Lionesses!

    • MP@ – As soon as they stop taking a knee for racism and dead criminals and demonising me for having a white face I will be right there supporting them.
      Until then they can go to fucking hell.

  23. I blame scum like that walking tumour Paul O’Grady for paving the way for this sickness……..

    O’Grady (aka Lily Savage) has since the 1970’s lead the way to normalising this deviant behaviour. His shady contacts in the TV/entertainment industry and dare I say it, some 70’s BBC disk jokey friends have helped him gain airtime earlier than the 9 O’clock watershed for his ‘drag act’ over the years.

    O’Grady’s ultimate aim over the years has been getting exposure to the kids in order for them to think this degeneracy is normal. The kids then become parents themselves and allow their kids into a school with a closet N-On-Ce who pretends to read them jack and Jill books but instead identifies fresh meat for future conversion in their newly acquired class room fondle territory.

    Meanwhile the blindsided parents who were once infatuated by O’Grady & his ilk applaud the degeneration of their kids as ‘provressive’ & ‘inclusive’ and so the downward spiral continues.

    Utterly vile what we have allowed the media and entertainment industry’s so called ‘stars’ like O’Grady to do in brainwashing our youngsters…….

    • I don’t pay the Telly Tax and never watch the BBC, but didn’t they have a deviant cross dressing show at Saturday prime time? Another example of brain washing an entire population that the abnormal is normal. Massive cunts!

      • Yes! Initiated by that sick old spunker O’Grady and a few of his tranny mates at the Beeb….

    • Well said Baron. I also notice that O’Grady has an unhealthy interest in dogs. Make of that what you will. I’m saying nothing.

      • Yes, I too suspect the vile old cross-dresser for K9 interference…………
        The sick cunt knows that dogs can never talk or demonstrate where they ‘were touched’, and so his vile secret remains hidden, even while his victims try and carry on their lives on all fours.

      • Nope. Leave Mr O’Grady alone. He was a decent DJ for radio 2 and cares about dogs. I’ve watched several of his programmes about his visits the Battersea dog’s home and never go any weird vibe from him.

        Not sure about his neighbour but never mind.

    • Was he the one who got caught on Hampstead Heath fisting Norman Lamont?

    • I remember being a kid and seeing that Julian Clarey shambles for the first time. What a fucking mess. And that is what I thought as a 10 year old, and no amount of social programming has changed my mind

      That Izzard creature as well

      • You’d love Julian to give you a good fisting though, go on admit it. 😃

      • I didn’t mind Clary. An oddity, like Gyles Brandreth. They’ve remained pretty much as they were in the eigthies but Eddie Izzard, who was a cool cat to all the weirdoes at school, has lost a lot of his fanbase by turning into a far-left activist.

        Who’d win out of Izzard and Laurence Fox in a boxing match?

        Hopefully Lozza, or else Eddie might ‘ave him in another, far more intimate, way.

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