Not so Green Recycling

The endless bollocks about so called green energy is a cunt.

if you study the above pic, the little yellow thing is a bulldozer and the white things being buried are the blades of wind turbines that wear out and are not recycled.

This literally makes so called clean wind energy a load of bollocks, ipso facto.

WTF else is being flushed, buried, set on fire, hidden, shot into space in the name of so called green energy, that’s before they find about little African kids digging Coltan out of the ground for electric car batteries.

So if all this really is bullshit, there must be a lot of cunts making allot of money out of this shit to warrant keeping it going….

Nominated by: Fuglyucker

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53 thoughts on “Not so Green Recycling

  1. Yeah those wind turbines. Do they marr the landscape? I think thry do a bit.

    I see them on the horizon. There are 4 in a line. Very very rarely are all 4 going at the same time.

    I can’t believe they produce that much energy. Maybe its just pressure from the Green lobby.

    Fighting the good fight against climate change?

    Tillting at windmills.

    • They do mar the landscape your right Miles.
      Ugly things.

      I even got your literary reference!
      Tilting at windmills -Donkey oatie.

      Huge tracts of land for these things that’s be put to better use for farming.

      • The land should be used for brand-new luxury houses for dinghy immigrants.

      • Those blades are fibre glass.
        It’d be better used for making bodywork for Reliant Robins.
        A affordable low fuel 3wheel classic.

        Or those pale blue spacker chariots you used to see.

      • Morning MNC…I hope that whoever upticked my comment above realised I was joking!
        Immigtants could indeed be used to help the country. Instead of vile, gigantic, bird-mincing turbines, all immigrants should be required to put in a full day on underground treadmills, generating electricity for the national grid.

      • Morning mate.

        They land on our shores they should automatically be classed as property of the UK and used for organ donation, or sold to arable farmers as slaves.

        The dinghies confiscated and turned into affordable blow up dolls for lonely hearts.

    • hey i’m a tofu munching loon and deficient in all the necessary b vitamins for cognitive processing, otherwise known as brain fog.

      i’ve got an idea though let’s drain a peat bog and replant with trees. I love’s the environment me.

      Oh dear the trees you put on the peat bog use less CO2 than the peat bog green knight and moral superior.

      Go boil your bottoms sons of a silly person….

      • This is a very good point – these sort of ideas are being promoted by people who are basically malnourished and therefore incapable of being rational.

  2. I worked in the blade industry for 5 years. 15 years ago nobody would answer my question “what is going to happen to all these blades in 25 years?” No one cared, making too much money. Fuck it lick the can down the road and leave it for the next generations. Pleased you brought this up Fugly.

  3. I looked into those air/ground source heat systems…basically involved paying a lot of money to provide a dribble of luke-warm water when (and if) the sun was shining….bio-mass boilers were a ridiculous price and as far as I could see did nothing that my old multi-fuel Aga doesn’t already do. ( I basically run it on seasoned hardwood).
    I’m bored of being told that it’s my responsibility to Save The Planet…I don’t agree and, what’s more, I don’t give a fuck what happens in the future and resent being forced to subsidise whatever crackpot ( and money-guzzling) scheme that “science” and that utter fool,Johnson.deem the latest flavour of the month.

    Roll on Global Warming…it’ll be the only heat most people’ll be able to afford.

    • It’s suddenly gone quiet about these ‘heat pumps’ hasn’t it?

      Not a whisper.

      Is the company manufacturing them no longer owned by a friend of Boris Johnson?

    • I’ve said it on here before. Air source heat pumps become inefficient when the external temperature drops to freezing. When this happens the unit can just about cope with hot water heating or space heating, not both. The answer is to heat the water by electric immersion heater! Great, just how ‘green’ is that?

      Until they are outlawed, I will continue using my kerosene boiler. It is 2 years old and around 97% efficient. I don’t give a shit if it is fuelled by green bio fuel in the future, just leave me the fuck alone.

      What would help combat energy consumption, globally? Reduce the population growth and rethink the throwaway, consumerist world we now live in. The western world was a different place 50-60 years ago. There were no plastic drink bottles for a start. We were being told the next ice age was coming!

      • The question of insulation seemed to be a big problem in older houses…the systems seem to produce so little in the way of heat,you need very efficient insulation….never going to be able to achieve it in an old,stone-built house…also seemed that the electric used pumping luke-warm water around a central heating system would cost as much as heating it properly to begin with.


  4. The earth’s temperature has been the same for 15 years,hasn’t risen at all.

    Recycling seems to me to be about doing the council’s work for it and a load of fucking waffle in London,peace be upon it.

    Get the eco hippies to row or walk to China to scald those buggers for using all that nasty oil and coal..

    Full oriental oven is what those bedwetting cunts will get.

  5. Wind farms? When I went to California some years ago the place was covered with them, driving through the desert out to palm springs it’s all you see, oh a Greta thundberg is still a cunt

    • Greta’s at the Glastonbury festival.
      Paid to whine onstage.

      Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, Greta.

      Well worth the £200 a ticket!
      And the 11hr coach journey due to the rail strike..

      • I wonder if Greta, Macca and “The Toss” will be roughing on coaches on their way up to Glas?

        Also notice all three cunts are multi-millionaires and probably have a few favourable “sponsors” pushing the Green Thing. Therefore they won’t have to fork out the many thousands the plebs will have to find in order to go net-zero and save the planet!

        Of course it would be nice if all 3 cunts donated their appearance money to good causes. But I somewhat doubt it.

      • Think they’ll make their way by green transport Techno.

        A coracle up the Avon.
        Dogsled over the Mendips.
        Sinclair C5 up the M5.

        If all else fails just take the helicopter

      • Just realised that all three of these cunts are white!

        Not very diverse, and Lenny Henry will probably kick off, not least for not being invited!

        But then again I suppose Greta and Macca could do a Lineker and pretend they had a tan back in the day which resulted in racist abuse etc.

      • Bruce Springsteen both walks and dances like he has just messed his underwear. Cunt.

      • Can’t remember who, but someone once said that “he always sounds like he’s having a shit”

    • @techno , maybe Paul and Bruce are going to gang bang Greta on the tour bus, now Greta is over 18 they can plow her senseless to her screams of HOW DARE YOU! as Paul and Bruce are on the vinegar strokes,

  6. “Green “ energy is a load of bollocks. It’s not green and it’s shit energy. The reason petrol is so expensive is because they don’t want us to use it. Supply and demanded. The supply could easily be there if the cunts would let it. And inflation wouldn’t be there if the cunts did. It’s not fucking difficult and there plenty of it in the ground. Trouble is blue red and yellow are all fucking green the cunts. There is no point voting.

  7. A wind farm was proposed and was to be sited on a nearby Fen. All going well (government subsidies etc in place) when one dark night the test tower erected to monitor wind speeds on the site, fell down.
    Sabotage cried the owners of the site. Fucking right said many locals.
    Myself and others have been of the opinion that these fucking monstrosity’s should be built were they are needed. Hampstead heath, centre line of the Thames, Hyde park and so on save millions on ground work and such. As an aside one of the recurring complaints about using windmills to move the water to drain the Fens was “the wind is not reliable” so we build more and bigger.

  8. Harness leftard vocal emissions,wails and shrieks for wind energy instead.
    Perpetual motion.
    Good morning fellow eco warriors.

  9. You can see over 80 turbines looking west from our village. If you look NW you can see Drax, now (American) wood burning, a monument to green bullshit. I have detailed this before, so here’s a link.

    90% of ‘green’ policies are utter bullshit. And then there’s Carbon Trading. A whole subject of bollocks.

  10. Also none too Green are the single-use lifejackets handed out to Channel-hoppers. Collected up on arrival at Dover and chucked into landfill, thousands of them. (The lifejackets, not the immigrants..)

    One rule for them another for the silent majority etc blah ..

  11. A local farmer heats his home by running a coil through a midden. As London is by far the biggest shit heap, perhaps we can all have hot water at their expense.

  12. Like good citizens we sort our rubbish religiously into 3 different bins. A few years ago it got out that the dry, recyclable stuff was being shipped by the council to China and Malaysia and dumped into landfill. I shit you not.

    • Same here, and I heard something similar a while ago. We also have a Council devised system for sorting that would test anybody. It speaks volumes that the Council have put stickers on the wheely bins featuring a sad faced wheely bin cartoon, saying “please don’t put food in me, I’m on a diet!” ( really fucking annoys me but I don’t know why). The Council simultaneously underestimates and overestimates the intelligence of the local public. A better way of promoting this, especially at the moment, would be to focus on how much money the individual saves, for example by cooking a meal from scratch, and then much of the waste can go into compost and you use your own cooking and storage items. Even the dimmest people can see the benefits of saving their own money

  13. The latest buzz phrase from the green gobblers is ‘the planet is on fire’, great that will keep everyone warm in winter.

    The cunts still trying to stop the new coal mine up t’north even though it will produce coal for steel production rather than importing it, some 40% from Russia.
    There is no compromise at all with these green cunts, best to just ignore them or put them in secure facilities.

    If labour get in there will be a lot more on shore wind turbines, the country will be like the lasithi plateau only shit.

  14. The youth have been brainwashed to believe the green bullshit, they seem to think there is an emergency: the world will end next Thursday. They can’t remember all the ‘experts’ predicting the end of sea ice by 2000, the coming of an Ice Age etc. and they scream ‘follow the science’ like they did during the covid bollocks. There are none so blind as those who will not see.
    The solar panels won’t get recycled, but may leech toxic materials into the soil thus rendering good farmland useless for generations.
    Blades are buried as above.
    Biomass transported over vast distances.
    The list goes on
    And we’ve got gas sitting under our feet waiting to be fracked.
    Each major party has signed up for this shit – what can we do?

  15. It’s a massive grift for the most part.

    Climate change is real. It’s natural. Pretty much fuck all can be done about that. Does man have an effect? Yes, but the level is unknown in reality. My educated guess is that it is nowhere near as drastic as the leaders of green energy and politicians, who stand to gain by all this, (includes that fucking cunt, multi millionaire Thunberg) lead us to believe.

    However, your kids are being told in school that man (particularly those on the west – whitey in other words) have caused the planet to be in an ’emergency’.

    We’ve got a whole generation believing this ‘the end is nigh because of selfish old honkies!’ shit, with very little in the way of real evidence. The media are fully on board, as are the politicians.

    The endgame is outrageous energy prices which will make a small few incredibly wealthy and powerful. That car or motorbike you use to give you some element of freedom? Well, unless you can pay the high price of buying and running a vehicle with all the ‘green taxes’ on top, we’ll all be on the crowded bus.

    The rich see the population increasing. Their quality of life must not suffer due to gridlock on the roads. Solution? Get the plebs off the fucking road. Cost isn’t an issue to these cunts paying £20k for a meal in wanky restaurant. How to get the plebs to buy this bollocks?

    Tell them they’re saving the planet.

    The fucking idiots!

    • Cuntybollocks@ – Yep, that’s the one. Global warming and cooling has been happening naturally since the creation of Planet Earth and after nearly 40 years of looking into this I see no causational link between the CO2 output of humankind and any artificial or accelerated shift or upward trend in atmospheric CO2.
      I simply do not believe a word of this nonsense, and I am pretty convinced it is being used to usher in a new age of “the few” with everything and “the many” with nothing.
      Every vehicle could run with the addition of a hydro generator – add water, get fuel.
      So why aren’t we doing this I wonder? – Maybe because they haven’t found a way of taxing water as a fuel.

  16. The BBCistan have managed to recycle the attempted mass murder in Oslo off their main news page this morning.

    I can’t think why?

    • I nommed the reporting of this yesterday.

      “Man arrested’ lol.

      You have to go on a mission nowadays to find out what the fuck happened. They just won’t report on it properly, if at all, if a non honky is the alleged perpetrator.

      Fucking sick of it.

  17. All this net zero bollocks is going to have to be binned the moment the likes of Germany start reverting back to a plentiful fuel source. The very same fuel source that our country has an abundance of. Coal.
    Countries like Germany simply will not be able to import enough gas from alternative sources, so what else can they do over the next 12 months?
    Wind farms have been an utter waste of money and time, time that we and others are now finding in short supply.

    • And there lies another problem.
      If the UK were to decide that the fuel situation warrants the reopening of mines, who the fuck is going to get the contract?
      Most of our mining experts have long since retired or turned up their toes.
      Mining machine manufacturing companies, do we have any?
      So, who you gonna call?
      Which countries still have a thriving coal production industry?
      Undesirable bastards like Russia, China, India, Poland etc.
      It’s not hard to imagine another influx of immigrant workers, their families and any other leeches and hangers on.
      And then how will they divvy up the final product.
      Will it all be stockpiled for the benefit of the domestic market?
      Will it fuck.
      It’ll be treated exactly the same as North Sea gas and oil.
      One ton for us and a hundred tons shipped as fast as possible all over the world.
      The financial leeches will bleed the industry dry and leave the majority of us holding the shitty end of the stick yet again.
      Successive governments have proved time and again, that the only time they are shrewd in negotiation is when money is being injected directly into individuals wallets and offshore bank accounts.
      Whatever happens will not benefit the common man.
      No fucking chance.

  18. The worlds population is so high and out of control, you can recycle as much as you like it’s not going to make any difference. Most local councils can’t cope with the recycling so they land fill a huge amount of crap

  19. It would be interesting to see if it was feasible to fill old mine workings with inert landfill – massive spaces sometimes miles underground.
    But we need to be concentrating on producing things which can be recycled.
    And a lot of condoms and birth control pills to be sent to certain areas! 😀

  20. Apparently wind turbine blades are an Eco nightmare to dispose of.
    Miss Turnipheead has turned up at Glastonbury. I hope she falls turnip first into latrine and drowns.

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