Sports Fans in Fancy Dress

(I certainly Fancy her Dress! – Day Admin)

Cunts who go to sporting events in fancy dress are… well… cunts.

Grown men dressed up in ridiculous costumes, like Batman, Star Wars Stormtroopers, the Devil, Mexican bandits and the Super Mario Brothers. I saw all of these during the Test Match against New Zealand at Trent Bridge yesterday.

Such desperate look at me attention seeking is utterly pathetic, and these immature narcissistic cunts should not be allowed into the ground if they are not dressed suitably.

Nobody from my father’s generation would have made such a wanker of themselves by dressing like a complete cunt and acting like a tosser in front of the TV cameras.

If some cunt went in fancy dress on to the Stretford End or the Kippax in the 70s, they would have been torn limb from limb.

Needless to say, these cunts who were at Trent Bridge will have selfied themselves and posted their pictures all over social media. Such are the cunt levels in today’s society and the attention seeking culture we have these days. What a load of cunts.

No self respect whatsoever. These tossers will think they are being ‘fun’ ‘wacky’ and ‘characters’.

No, they are being cunts.

Trent Bridge News Link

Nominated by: Norman

53 thoughts on “Sports Fans in Fancy Dress

  1. I agree in general- it is a cuntish thing to do. However the darts wouldn’t be half as entertaining without all the stupid cunts dressed up in the crowd, so some of these dressed up cunts do have a purpose in certain sports.

    • Technically Darts isn’t a sport…… it’s a game you can play while getting pissed. Kind of like Pool, card games and shaking stranger’s babies in supermarkets.

      • I swear I didn’t put the “-” in supermarket, and as a newbie just found out I can’t edit my post.

        Kind of ironic I’ve mede myself look a cunt…….

  2. What about the bloke who went to the darts dressed as Diane Abbott, complete with blackface, holding up a card saying “190”? Now that was fucking funny 😁.
    Of course, he had to apologise for his “casual racism”, completely missing the point of the joke. Overall, I agree with you Norman but hats off to that bloke.

    • I do so wish a large group of pensioners would attend the cricket seemingly traditionally dressed..

      Then when in the ground reveal the full Al Jolson,then proceed to get pissed and sing Mammy at the top of their lungs.

    • Perhaps if they hadn’t been wearing the Gay Uniform consisting of a ball-gown,high-heels,bee-hive wig,opera gloves and a pearl necklace they wouldn’t have been attacked….honestly,why The Fruity Gentlemen insist on always making such a song and dance of themselves is a mystery to me…a simple pink star tattooed to their foreheads would serve just as well as a warning to normal people and save The Gays a fortune in dry cleaning and make-up costs.

      Silly Bummers.

  3. They’re just too half-hearted for my taste…I thought about dressing as Levi Bellfield at the next Olympic Hammer throwing event…or Jimmy Savile at the next Mong Games…..I feel sure the camera would pick me out and I could then hold up a sign saying…” Lineker,you’re the reason I hate Sooties….ya Cunt”

    • “(I certainly Fancy her Dress! – Day Admin)”….. I fucking suspected as much….do you think that they’ll have it in your size ?

    • I’m a newbie here, reading comments like yours makes me feel like I’ve found the right place for me.

      Fuckin love it.

  4. Scientific research has discovered there are three types of people who enjoy fancy dress.

    Attention seeking narcissists
    Harry Halfwit

    Say no more.

    • Thanks to Harry’s family heritage, an authentic SS uniform was easy to find.
      Hanging in Great Uncle Eddie’s old wardrobe…

  5. That girl in the photo has lovely knockers. Let’s make her leader of the Conservative party – she has something Starmer and Davey don’t have.

  6. This dressing up things more in America isn’t it?
    Or charity fundraising ☹️

    Not being interested in sports I’m ignorant of this sort of behaviour although I regularly wear a doctor’s coat and check ladies breasts for lumps at the clinic..

    • Funny you should say that. As a student I had a holiday job working in a hospital cleaning and sterilising the instruments. Twice a day I went through the maternity wards, wearing a white coat, collecting the fanny inspection instruments. Every day several women would go “Doctor! Doctor! Can you help me Doctor?” As a 20 year old I had no interest in looking up pregnant ladies’ minges.

      And now the chance has gone. Fuck it.

    • “…although I regularly wear a doctor’s coat and check ladies breasts for lumps at the clinic..”

      You have a very tolerant dentist Mis.

  7. Is it just me, or does the young lady in the header pic look like she’s borrowed that frontage from Cupid Stunt?
    Look at the neck, rather than the melons.

      • Wuckfittery, if you think for one minute the obvious fake would stop the horn, you’ve seriously underestimated NA.
        I can say this because he’s busy getting DA his nightnight bottle ready.

  8. There should only be one sport, hunting and killing cunts. The problem is, too many cunts, no need to hunt them……

  9. I think we should include Morris Dancers in this cunting.
    Especially those who used to perform in black face, but changed to blue face after the St. George of the Holy Banana incedent.
    A pox be upon them, may their withies crumble.

  10. Yesterday I had to work quite late,
    It was most inconvenient.

    I had to drive through Stockport in Friday rush hour and as I came to a big roundabout there was all these banners and people on there protesting.
    Banners saying about the media lying,
    Banners about children getting COVID jabs,
    All sorts of issues
    It was hard to know what the message was.

    Was there some sort of organised protest yesterday?
    and was it happening in other areas?

    They wanted drivers to honk in support,
    Some bloke came up towards the van with a newspaper
    I told him

    “Get a fuckin job you nutter”

    Rush hour and they’re mithering vans!
    Cunts should be whipped.

    • Evening Mis.

      I’m planning a pro-trans rights rally though Hazel Grove next Friday afternoon.
      So no early finish next week either.

      I’ve got loads of supporters. We’re going to block the A6.

      Usually it’s jobless, braindead students protesting about this and that.

      But, if you see me in my stockings and suspenders, please hoot at me in your white trànny van. And free to hurl misogynistic abuse at me. Call me “Whòre”, “slâg”, “pig” etc. I’d love that.

  11. There’s something not quite right about that header pic.
    Clavicle up too high, shiny tits (too shiny) and most worrying, huge fucking hands.
    I don’t want to be say here playing with my peni tremendi and it’s a man or worse a transbummer.

  12. Fucking cricket, it’s not for me anyway and now Yorkshire have handed the cricket club to the taxi driving community I hate cricket even more.

  13. Looking at that picture, that is going to be one of the many drawbacks of the 2022 World Cup.

    As women in general look like pillarboxes/mingers by law in Qatar, we won’t get our customary eyefull. There will be no Brazilian birds in bikinis, no Spanish Salma Hayek look-alikes, no Italian beauties, no big titted Swedish bits, and not even the odd fit England tart.

    I reckon those cunts in Qatar will kibosh that. I’d hate to be a TV cameraman out there….😒

    • Of course, the main drawback is football. Best avoided at anytime, not just a World Cup hosted by peacefuls.

  14. I thought all n*gnogs went out in fancy dress? That ridiculous wig that makes them look like they are wearing a hairy bowling ball, the big fat lips and Huggy Bear lime green suit and gold topped cane. Wait, no! You mean that’s how they all dress? Oh, and those silly cunts from BLM wearing black combat gear. Must think they are Rambo…… or is it S*mbo??

  15. I did chuckle yesterday evening, the BBC show an hour of the highlights from the cricket at 7pm of an evening.

    They have a peaceful presenter, resplendent with beard, tight trousers and gut hanging out under tight fitting shirt (deserves a cunting on its own)

    Yesterday before the game they were showing interviews with spectators coming to the ground in fancy.

    How I laughed whilst he interviewed a group of white English lads looking resplendent dresses as crusading Knights, helmets, chain mail big cross or St George etc.

  16. The local Premier League club were not impressed with my BLM tribute costume. The players pretend to be Derek Chauvin with the knee taking, so I thought I’d do the same. I wore a replica of Chauvin’s uniform. I also made a lifesize latex model of George Floyd and stuck it to my knee and knelt on it at the same time as the players.

    ‘Causing gross offence, the likes of which I have not seen in my 40 years on the bench. Take him down!’ the judge said.

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