Multiethnolect – the “future” of the English language

“Multiethnolect” is a horrible phrase and tells you all you need to know. The term refers to Multicultural London English (MLE) and it could become Britain’s dominant dialect within 100 years as inner-city effnik slang goes mainstream.

MLE is likely to become mainstream in the next 100 years, academics have said, with social media platforms and grime music helping to spread the “multiethnolect” across the UK. This could lead to slang terms like the greeting “wagwan” (what’s going on), “peng” (good/attractive), “ends” (neighbourhood) and “bare” (very/a lot) becoming common nationwide, along with the use of “man” instead of “I” and “you” or “he”.

MLE has spread among young people in diverse communities whose parents did not speak English as their first language, or spoke patois, with the influence of Jamaican dialect leading it to be nicknamed “Jafaican” (Jamaican and fake). It’s being spread further by the internet.

Currently, it is largely used by Snowflakes, but experts have said that as this generation ages their linguistic quirks will move away from being a youthful slang to the mainstream English of people in middle age, helping to make it more standardised and socially acceptable.

The way we are going, correct English usage could soon be extinct. Much of the blame lies with the education system, too lazy and scared to teach correct standard English to the offspring of Third World refuse and their imitators who think it cool and woke to speak like something that’s just crawled out of the gutter.

What has happened to the language of Shakespeare and Milton? I hope it does not come to pass. Is de nightmare Bro, innit?

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77 thoughts on “Multiethnolect – the “future” of the English language

  1. Used by honkies who are cunts. And dark key wannabe gangsta types. And actual dark key gangstas.

    Joe Dakis are starting to use it too.

    Although you pick up accents if everyone else speaks the same. Which is why a lot of little honky kids in Brum and London sound like Yardies now.

    Soon it’ll be the BBC News. They’re already doing ‘da sports innit?’

  2. That ubiquitous cunt, Alex Scott infesting every TV programme (sport or otherwise) is bad enough. But she can’t even fucking speak properly. I remember when, to be on the BBC, one had to be able to talk clearly and properly. But she can’t even do that. Everything is ‘Innit’ and it’s horrible to watch as well as hear.

    While waiting in Salford Royal Hospital two days ago, I had the misfortune to watch a bit of that Loose Women on ITV. The main feature on it was about ‘Pride Month’ and some poof who used to be on Coronation Street and his ‘husband’ ‘having kids’. That was really awful. but there is a presenter on it (and another dark type) who is another of the ‘Innit’ mob, but she also has a terribly annoying habit of saying ‘Am luvvin it!’ over and over about anything and everything. Every thirty seconds… ‘Am luvvin it!’ Fucking torture.

    • Anyfin’

      The Alex Scott school of diction.

      Even worse, Steve Mcmanamanananamanaman.

      ‘Nothink is harder than stayink tight when you’re anythink but fully fit.’

      Fuck off.

      • Ah, Stevie Macca Lad Bisto Kid and Robbie Foulinbastid.

        ‘It wozzun’t us! We’re di friggen spice boys, like! I’m jack di friggin lad, me! I’ll slap me mam!’😉

  3. It’s because of a unformed palate.
    It’s a speech impediment
    And also a impediment to being employed by me.

    I refuse to entertain some Berk who talks like a Chicano gangbanger from South central LA.

    Ask em.
    Ask em outright.

    “Why you talking like that?”

    They get defensive!

    “Are you from a broken home?”

    Or hit them in the kneecap with a pry bar.
    The accent disappears!

    • My old linguistics lecturer, a native of Airdinbro, said Weegie accent was caused by ill-fitting false teeth…

    • Well said MNC, I will not engage in conversation with someone speaking cuntish or fuckwit. No point as I have not a clue as to what they are saying.
      I treat the users of such a horrible sounding bollocks as if they are speaking a foreign language that I have no knowledge of. What is the point of attempting to communicate using a “language” that sounds like an arsehole with Tourette’s.
      If someone who spoke in such a fashion saved me from some awful incident then being a massive fuck off hypocrite I would be their friend for ever I suppose. At this rate I will have to cunt myself on these hallowed pages. Bollocks

  4. Language evolves, always has, always will, nowt anyone can do about it.

    Besides, who speaks Shakespearean English today? Fucking no one, that’s who. As far as most ordinary people are concerned it’s a foreign language.

    • My accent is terrible.

      It is awful when I analyse what I’m actually saying.

      “Thas nowt wrong wi’ it. Ge it a clout wi ‘ommer an it b rieght.”

      Bit of, becomes “birra”
      Better, becomes “berra”
      Water, becomes “watter”
      Nothing to do with it, becomes “note do weeyit”

      It really is complete gibberish.

      • Likewise, MNC. I sound like Dennis Price in Kind Hearts and Coronets.

      • Hello stranger!!
        Nice to see you Ruff 👍

        My voice is like honey dripping,
        I’ve had to take out insurance due to it making people swoon!

        I once said to the bus driver

        “Hello driver, please may I disembark at the next stop please?”

        He lost control of the bus plowing into a wedding party.

        Although as he got sent to prison for criminal negligence he said it was worth it just to hear me speak.

      • Yeah, decided I needed a break after that Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe nom. Too much negativity. Been concentrating instead on finishing a play I started writing in 1971 when I was an office boy for a firm of architects.

      • Fair enough,
        You haven’t missed anything.

        Bit of ranting
        Bit of racism
        Bit of homophobia
        You know the drill.

        DCI is back👍
        And Gutstick Japseye 👍

        Prodigal sons one and all.

        * Don’t let the bollocks on here get you down pal,
        Sites better for your input.

      • Ps
        Gutstick was bragging that he’d had a girlfriend and talking about swanning around Normandy in his budgie smugglers on here yesterday.

        Thinks he’s Stanley Johnson

      • Cheers, Miserable. Great news about the DCI, thought he’d gone for good. Wasn’t even aware Gutstick had gone awol!

      • Shortly after you Ruff,
        But he’s back now.

        Yes I missed DCIs barely controlled rage and bedside manner.

        This site works better with different opinions and outlooks.

        Anyway here’s a tune for you

      • Evening RTC, hope all is well! Been keeping a low profile myself, as it’s turning into the Daily Stormer here.
        Free speech can be a real magnet for arseholes sometimes.

      • Evening Gutstick, Arfur. Yep, low profile for me too from now on. Reckon I’m done with pissing in the wind on a regular basis. Or force nine gale as it’s become in recent months. Cunt made climate change IAC.

      • Well I’m not keeping a low profile!

        Fuck that.

        I’ve let my shyness hold me back on this site and things are going to change.

        If anything I’m going to be more assertive and narcissistic while having classically chiselled cheekbones and dazzling smile.

    • Prithee! Art thou saying my liege that none speaketh with tongue such as the sweet Swan of Avon?? Forsooth, verily were I to believe such farce I should cast a pox upon thy CD collection!

  5. It’s inevitable that when you import trash from every corner of the globe the language and accents are going to change. At some point a normal English accent, no matter what regional dialect and variations, will become “posh.”
    Imagine that…..a posh Geordie!

    • They can’t say “ninetynine”
      You listen.
      ” Nineynine”
      They’ve dropped the T.

      I was a ice cream man I wouldn’t serve them till they said it properly.

      • 99.99999% of TV presenters seem to be unable to pronounce the word “sixth”.
        Unless it’s a gorgeous bird with huge tits, I wouldn’t give anyone a job that struggles with the most basic English.

      • Duke. You took the words out of my mouth.

        They pronounce it ’sickth’.

        No usage of the ‘x’ whatsoever.

        It’s been pissing me off for years.
        I’m glad I’m not the only one that has noticed this.

        Parky-staan, – instead of Pakistan is another news presenter piss-boiler.

      • Cambridge educated Kevin McCloud can’t pronounce “drawing” correctly; a massive impediment for someone who attempts to talk about architecture.

      • Oh, don’t set me off Duke, Dick! The way posh people cannot say “fifth” and “sixth” and are unable to pronounce hard vowels, e.g. Kabul is car-bull and Coventry is Cuventry, it really gets in my fillings! If they were standing in front of me I would slap them!

  6. London is like beneath the planet of the apes..Full of monkeys and mutants all that’s missing is a nuclear warhead.

  7. I thought we were all going to be dead from climate bollox or underwater in 100 years. Wish they’d get their narrative straight. On another note some peaceful or “Iranian/Norwegian” has shot up a bummers bar in Oslo. That wont last long in the news.

  8. I doubt that ‘Fuck off you Cunt’ will ever be replaced 👍

    I have heard ‘my bad’ on the BBC, and as mentioned before they have a fucking pidgin page on the website, perhaps they should stick with actual English.
    It won’t be long before the only people who speak ‘English’ will be the Germans and other European countries

    MLE, sounds like another minority tail waging the dog, any school that allows this to become mainstream should be closed down.

    • Oh yeah, “my bad”. Fuck that. I’ve heard middle class, middle aged ladies using that. It makes me cringe every time.
      I often say “are you a Blood or a Crip?”
      They look at me like I’m talking Russian or something. Fucking arseholes.

  9. The English language, like the country, is going down the shitter. Where Londonistan starts, the rest follows, innit.

    I see Norway is reaping the benefits of glorious European multiculturalism. I wonder what Norwegian is for: “Lessons will be learned “?

    • It’ll be the same as the Swedes and the UK – invite more of them in and turn our country into a shithole.

    • Also, Norwegian for ‘It’s part of everyday life in a modern city!’ ‘We won’t let hate win!’ ‘Don’t look back in anger!’ and ‘Bumble Bee car stickers, only a fiver each!’ will also come in handy.

      The BBC didn’t even report the death of David Arness (RIP) or the trial of his murderer properly, so we won’t even see this Norway one on their news sites and channels.

  10. Just seen the latest breaking news, the MSM must be reporting it behind gritted teeth, a terror attack in Olso, not far right but ‘a Norwegian citizen of Iranian origin’, so an Iranian cunt 😂

    It’s coming home, it’s coming home…..

  11. Thank fuck I’ll be long dead afore I have to start talking like a drug dealer from Clapham then.

    Fucking savages.

  12. This new lingo is definitely eroding its way into the mainstream.

    Americanisms have become very popular recently.

    Phrases like, “can I get?” and “to-go” are commonly heard amongst the younger generation.
    Both boil my piss.

    “Can I get?”. “No you fucking can’t”, is how I would reply if I was a proprietor of a shop.

    I’d have no business however with my faux morose attitude and tasteless humour.

    • Hehehe😂👍

      Fuck em Dick.
      Long time dead.
      I relish the times I’ve told people including customers to get fucked.

  13. I blame Blair for everything.

    Oh and Lineker, Winklecunt, Alex Scott, Jones, Starmer, Boristhebastard, Sue Perkins, Alex Jones, J Vine, Tarbuck, JLumley, Strictly, The BBC, and any cunt with more money than me.


  14. Obviously Gary Lineker will be a fucking expert.

    “Wagwan Southgate blud , my free holiday to Qatar iz well peng!”.

    • There’s one on the BBC, DCI. I’m already on the omeprazole and the bisoprolol, he makes me want to reach for the baseball bat.

      • ‘Course there fucking is, arfur, ‘course there is. I’m still waiting for the complaint from a cunt that looked like the Milky Bar Kid, and was talking all “Innit, bruv”. I asked him what regional dialect he was speaking and where he was from, (born in the same fucking city as me), and he got defensive and said he wanted another crew, so I told him he didn’t need the fucking crew he had, anyway. He said he’d complain about us so I told him to:

        “Make sure you spell my name correctly, ‘Bruv'”.

        It’d been a long day.

        Still waiting for the ‘Chat’ with the boss! (Been a while, so I think I’ve got away with it).

  15. One I particularly loathe, and has actually been incorporated into Webster Dictionary, is ” conversate”.
    ” I wus conversating wiv ma girlfren..”
    This, and many other ‘ modern’ words now appear in dictionaries and thesaurus ( not Rogers, sadly, at least the piss would be taken).

    • Rogers Profanisaurus is as funny as fuck.
      I picked up a copy of Viz last week and a top tip was on the subject of dogs. Went something like this.
      Not sure if a dog is right for you then collect some dogshit in a black bag and walk around the streets for an hour swinging it about.
      If this isn’t to your liking then a dog isn’t for you.

  16. I’d like to say ” I don’t speak cunt/can you try again/translate” but in the end I just think “fuck it” and walk off. You get old enough and walkng away is seen as “a thing”. Yay, only x<20 til I'm dead, probably.

    • @Whaatt?
      I am lucky enough to have a grand daughter. She keeps me au fait ( see what I did there) with street speak, and also text speak.

  17. Nearly every serious problem in our society today, from violence to homelessness to drug abuse can be linked directly to immigration in my opinion.

    Don’t get me wrong, we’ve always had problems, but not to this scale. I wonder how line graphs of the increases of most of our recent problems would look next to a graph of recent immigration? I think we all know the answer to that, but is it ever spoken about in the public arena? Nope. All we are told is how beneficial diversity is.

    Fucking go home you ungrateful, filthy cunts. Nobody wanted you here in the first place.

  18. As I have mentioned on IsAC before, if I encounter this bastardised use of the Kings, I never hesitate to say something along the lines of:

    “I’m sorry, I did not understand a single word of that, please speak English”

    Seriously, I will not tolerate it.

  19. The rot set in as soon as they allowed regional accents in the BBC! Or was it The Archers? Now there’s a complete set of cunts for you, especially that Shula Gupta!

  20. This is far too prevalent in a lot of our cities. Here in good old Leicester some of the minority population (English) have started talking this gibberish, and the peacefuls seem to like talking like black gangsters. It comes as an even bigger surprise to hear some of them talking about their work as barristers- presumably they turn off the gibberish and speak correctly in court..

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