Non-Western Culture (2)

Im cunting non Western “culture”. Lets have a quick peek.

Islamic culture is basically tiles that anyone can whack up in their bathroom.

China is as old as ancient Egypt and the cunts don’t even have a legible writing system. The yellow cunts have a medical system just as backward. “Indigenous” cunts, a few feathers, bits of beads, wood and other flotsam and jetsam. Africa ……. How embarrassing. A few wooden masks and Benin Bronzes made from bronze coin obtained from…..slavery.

Other assorted bits and pieces that the BBC thinks are “civilisations”. What a laugh.

Arrayed against that, Giotto, Salisbury Cathedral, Leonardo De Vinci, Shakespeare, Dante, Churchill and an endless mind boggling number of stale pale men who created everything and are responsible for the disaster of 7.8 billion people on this planet, the utterly ungrateful cunts.

Fuck em.

Nominated by: smugcunt

84 thoughts on “Non-Western Culture (2)

  1. Lip plates on those African women, the ones where their whole jaw looks like a dinner plate.
    I’m surprised the twats here haven’t started doing this yet.

    • I would love it if some middle class twat started putting rings around their neck to make it longer ( I recall there is an African tribe where the women do this). I suppose it isn’t that far fetched now, what with these types being so desperate to be right-on and those other cunts that put things that look like Digestive Biscuits in their earlobes to make massive holes – it’s only a small step on from that. I heard that some school in Wales is trialling insect based school meals – I sincerely hope that is robustly rejected by the parents. Has it not occurred to these fuckwits that people only eat stuff like that because there is fuck all else, it’s not a choice as such – they would be all over a roast dinner given the chance.

  2. I’m very cultural.
    Love me ballet an opera an all that shite.

    Islamic culture?
    What, which hand to wipe your arse?
    More culture in a fuckin Aldi yoghurt.

    African culture?
    How long to boil a missionary in a cauldron?

    Chinese culture?
    Squinting while shovelling noodles down your neck with two sticks

    Only culture is British Culture.

    Anything else is just native superstition and bad JuJu

    Why the Empire produced people like us.
    Pinnacle of sophistication and good manners.

    Right, that’s that cleared up.

    off for a shite, haven’t half got the trots,
    Splatter the ceramic with modern art.

    • Morning Mis.

      I used to think British Culture was great, until I saw Tracy Emin’s Unmade Bed.

      Ever since that moment I’ve been wearing a bone though my nose, and have decorated my house with shrunken skulls.

      • Those stains on the scattered knickers-there were real.
        Thos “soiled” bedsheets? The result of a real night of passion.
        Tracey Emin-up there with Van Gogh!

      • Tracy Emin is a proper grotbag isn’t she Dick?

        Clearly a mental.

        Slumber land mattresses put a price on her head.

      • And him.
        Van Gogh.

        “Oh he cut his ear off you know…”

        Clearly not trusted to be left alone with scissors!

        Do your nose next you fuckin loony!

      • True story coming up.

        Lass I knew years back (fit as fuck but she had a bloke) had a fine art degree and kept in touch with some of her arty mates. She wasn’t wanky and had what appeared to be a reasonably tasteful collection of art in her home. She had a cellar which she used as an office. Had a computer, desk, shelves etc.

        One day at a barbecue round hers, she wanted to show a few of us something, or get something from her cellar. Can’t remember what the reason was now exactly, but this lanky arty twat came too. He looked like Mr Logic from Viz.

        When we got there he said, ‘Ohhh this cell is just amaaaazing.’

        I said ‘Do you mean cellar?’

        He scoffed and said ‘No I meant cell!’

        The bird said, ‘No it’s just a fucking cellar not an art exhibit for fuck’s sake!’

        The daft twat thought she’d done a Tracy Emin type project lol.

        Later, I said he could eat the sausages as they’re not part of an exhibit, but that I wasn’t so sure about the burgers with a knowing wink. Alas, I didn’t get near that fine piece of minge, despite making her chuckle.

      • MNC, the crusty sheets from my 14 year old version of ‘the unmade bed’ could’ve stood up like those shields you stood behind at the doctor’s.

      • Cuntybollocks@

        True story.
        When about 14yr my mum said to me

        “Can you start using a tissue your sheets are covered in jizz”

        I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life.
        Stopped me though!!

      • Haha!

        I’d have died you poor cunt.

        I got told off after throwing jizz tissues into next door’s back garden when I had my first serious girlfriend (I was about 17). I think I didn’t want to get caught with jizz tissues on the way to the bog.

        My mum didn’t go as far as yours, it was just a ‘Next door have complained about you throwing tissues into their garden when your girlfriend comes around. Stop it please.’

        That was enough. I knew that she knew lol

        The bird I was shagging was fit as, but the owner’s daughter next door was a moose who fancied me to fuck.

        I reckon she was licking my jizz off the tissues and her dad caught her.

        Silly cow, could’ve been fanny juice. Like Niagara falls when I got to work on a minge back then.

        Get to fuck.

      • When it was ‘in situ’ I wonder if a viewer when conteplating ‘My Bed’ suddenly stumbled and disturbed one of the used condons that bestrew it–
        I wonder would Tracy have gone up to them–
        ‘You clumsy bitch you’ve ruined it now’

      • Emin has been snapped up for the latest Benson’s For Beds TV ad.

        She will be seen bouncing down onto a mattress with the obligatory côön.

        2 years interest free credit and a bottle of chamomile lotion with every Tempur mattress.

        Dirty bitch. Bet her snatch looks and smells like a pork loin that’s been left out in the sun for days.

      • Info for anyone who doesn’t know, (and I wouldn’t blame you for remaining ignorant) Emin’s mother was a pikey, her father was a Turkish Cypriot and her middle name is Karima. So no need for the nose-bone Dick.

  3. The new one is that if honky had not oppressed everyone, then the dark keys would’ve also invented the aeroplane, the electric light and other useful shite. And probably much more. We’d have been teleporting by now.

    What a load of fucking bollocks!

    If you can celebrate being black, you can fucking well celebrate being white too.

    We’ve certainly got more to celebrate. It’s a bit early, but chin, chin!

    • Yeah, I’ve heard that tosh about the jiggers ‘would have invented it too if whitey hadn’t oppressed them.’
      What a crock of shit, the vast majority of ’em would just lie around under trees sleeping, unless whitey took to beating ’em to get the lazy cunts grafting.

  4. Culture?
    When Muhammed & Asif supply vodka to two 12 year old white girls from the estates, before taking the inebriated children to cousin Abdul’s flat above the taxi rank office, where they are passed around and gang raped by an assortment of Pakistani males, aged between 25-50. Culture?
    They are then told that their families will be butchered and their houses raised to the ground if they tell anybody.
    We must, however, understand this is not the fault of these Pakistani males, it is a result of “cultural differences” and for the sake of social cohesion, we must tolerate and celebrate these differences.

    When Sasha leaves her two children (from different “baby-fathers”) at home and parties into the wee hours at a house party in Laaaandaaahn taaaahhn, as a well deserved reward for all her anti-white, anti-British political posturing and is subsequently shot in the head by a fellow black gunman, in all probability, a dispute about gang territory and drugs-cultural differences?
    The wall of silence from the numerous witnesses and members of the black “com-ooon-idy” Culture?

    When 16 year old Bhavisana, a second generation British-Nepalise schoolgirls is so afraid to tell her parents she is pregnant and manages to ‘hide” her condition under baggy clothes, before she gives birth to the child in a park in Aldershot, where the child is left to die in the cold. The innocent victim of “culture”?

    Fuck off!

    • Wheres Foxy?
      Not banged up again is he?
      That lad eats more porridge than the SNP.

      Foxy, I’ll get Fiddler to post your bail.

      • CG spot on concise analysis of some different cultures.
        Once the great and good pushed that culture relativism was the way, the rot started.
        My culture is Christian based as is most Western society’s, not sloppy wokey Christianity but robust Christianity “sell your cloak to buy a sword” thou shall not murder, etc.
        I am proud of my culture and think that FGM, child abuse, and the myriads of other shite that lesser ones do are the sign of barbaric fuckwits. To me they are all cunts and never in eternity will anyone convince me that their culture is equel to mine, it fucking ain’t

      • Of course, no Christian, would ever dream of molesting a child. And if they did, their church would never hide or support them, move them to other areas so they could carry on doing it.

      • Mnc@ – Afternoon Mnc/all – No, Monsieur Reynard AKA “Le Scarlet Pimpernel” is actually at liberty for once, in the bunker, tinfoil hat on staring maniacally into space! 😀
        Chinese culture? Blowing things up and eating filth with sticks.
        African culture? Filth hitting and stabbing people with sticks and eating them.
        Islamic culture? Bumming, bombing and bestiality.

      • Afternoon Foxy 👍

        You know anything about some protest on Friday?

        Loads of them but couldn’t work out what it was about?

        Something about the media
        Something about the jab
        Something about Canada?

      • You may rest assured G J that any member who thinks it would be a good idea to do a bit of diddling would very much regret their choice. No protecting filthy n999c@ bastards or hiding same.

      • BB, both the Catholic Church and the CofE have had many scandals regarding child molestation, and have a reputation for sweeping it under the carpet.
        Is it cos they is white? 😂😂😂

    • I know we moan about a lot of issues on this platform.
      However, the point that CG raised about young schoolgirls getting shagged senseless by dirty pàkis is particularly noteworthy.
      This is because it is so prevalent and widespread. The scale of the operation is huge,- and more alarmingly is its apparent cover-up.
      There will be a tipping-point soon, when decency and common sense outweighs race-relations.
      And I can see this situation arising sooner than some might think.
      These girls need help immediately.
      As I’m sitting here typing this, I have genuinely no idea how the common man like myself could help these stricken schoolgirls.
      Something needs to happen urgently.
      My hatred for filthy Pàkis is truly justified, due to their horrific antics.
      I fucking hate the dirty little bastards.
      Scum of the earth.
      Fuck off the lot of you….please.

      • Carefull Mr Van-dyke-you are likely to be accused of being a far right extremist, white supremecist or member of “Stormfront” for displaying such understandable disdain, by the IsAC arm(s) of “Hope not Hate” or Antifa.

        You tewible waaaycest!!

      • Ah bless, you have my political proclivities and my speech impediment down to a tee. Typical of the mindset, if you’re not with us, you are the enemy.

      • Perhaps I put it a bit too simplistic.
        Just because I have no time for the racist cunts, doesn’t mean I’m an antifa/blm supporter. Far from it, I despise the cunts.
        However, I think the description ‘chippy race baiting cunts, using hate and division against an ethnic group for political purpose to bring about social change and dominance’ applies to both sides.
        That Blm cunt who bought houses out of donations on one side, and the sacred Tommy Yaxley spending his supporters cash on property and gambling on the other. Follow the money as they say.
        Still, the Asian grooming gangs get legal aid, and the church pays big money to lawyers for their diddlers, of which there are many.

  5. Morning Miserable

    Culture used to mean learning and taste. Now it can refer to anything.

    I once read a piece about the ‘culture’ of the mosh pit at a concert. There was analysis of how this ‘Moshing’ ‘culture’ started and how it developed over the years.

    In the Punk era ‘there was a culture of spitting at each other in clubs’ will have been written I bet.

    I suppose you could call ‘Dogging’ a part of the culture now. I write this astonished to find out that a friend of mine does this.

    ‘Cultus’ means care. And the ‘ure’ means ground. So care of the ground where something might grow.

    When Waugh died it was said of him —

    ‘Evelyn Waugh developed a wickedly hilarious and yet fundamentally religious assault on a century that, in his opinion, had ripped up the nourishing taproot of tradition and let wither all the dear things of the world.’

    I like that–‘the nourishing taproot of tradition’.

    • Every culture has elements of great light and beauty, Miles.
      Unfortunately, we in the west don’t see the best of it and what we do get, is not compatible with British tradition, values and culture.

    • Morning Miles👍
      Culture covers all aspects of life,
      Moshpit, spitting, dogging as you say,
      All great fun and highly cultural.

      Punk bands hated the spitting thing.
      The fans thought it was ‘what you do’ because the media said that’s what happens at punk gigs.

      Life imitating art.

      As for dogging wonder if there’s a code of conduct?

      No spitting?😃

  6. Spazmo’s like the BBC confuse these cultures with advancement and endeavour, all the things they lack. These cultures are backward, medieval at best, if not Neolithic. They are simply not a desirable alternative to western civilisation. These woke twats act like teenagers who’ve been to Benidorm for a week and think they know Spanish culture inside out because their mate had paella one night. The same type of idiots who think black people live in a constant Notting Hill carnival type world of reggae and jerk chiggun.
    Fucking mongs.

    • BBC actually admitted that Oslo shooting was “Islamist terror.”
      As usual, mental elf was mentioned.
      Given the amount of inbreeding, mental elf is hardly any surprise.

      • They certainly didn’t for the first few days. I think a lot of people have been taking the piss out of them, so they’ve finally said something tangible.

  7. Culture goes hand in hand with history and patriotism.

    All of which are under constant attack by the rubbish we have running the country and many of its esteemed institutions.

    Fuck it,the British Empire made the world and every jealous cunt is out for our humiliation as payback.

    Lord Nelson would sort the rabble out at home and abroad.

    Thank goodness we have such a majestic history to look back on.

    • “Culture goes hand in hand with history and patriotism.”

      Yes and no I think Tel… It used to be that a people’s culture and hiistory determined its political formulations the results of which was dutifully reported by the media… mostly… in theory…
      Now it’s all shifted position, we now have our culture defined for us by the media and the politicians make policy geared to the placation of the media’s generated perceptions and ‘demands’.

  8. Oh and on Monday we should sink every French vessel in the English Channel.


    That would be the sort of cultural enrichment we need.

    • Boris was right about a reset. It’s just that the reset that is required is a verbal or physical conflict to remind these cunts that we really are superior.

  9. They call all that shit ‘culture’ to make the rank & file feel they have to buy into it or be considered an uneducated heathen. Consequently all the filth of world slowly becomes legitimised. Fuck that!
    I want to go back to the days of the army wearing red & lining up in three ranks & firing volleys into the cunts until they’re all fucking gone.

    ‘Steady lads, don’t shoot til you see the whites of their eyes!!’

  10. Off topic. Was only checking on this Sunday’s helping of Desert Island Discs, & bugger! It’s our old “favourite” Bono no less. After he has had his say, (& he will have) his castaway choices, the bible, & a luxury item, North Sentinel Island would make a pleasant setting for his destination.

    • Terrifyingly, I’ve learned this morning that St Bono the tax dodger is soon to release his autobiography.
      Please no!

      • Bono’s autobiography:

        ‘I am a tedious, woke, sanctimonious cunt.’

        The End

      • Eamon Dunphy did the unofficial biography of U2, called “The Unforgettable Fire”, after the Joshua Tree album.
        As a music fan, I received it as a Christmas present from a family member, around the time of the release.

        It does indeed show Bono to be a complete twat. Larry and Adam as the eye candy and rock-n-roller respectively and The Edge the musical driving force.

        I was a big fan of U2 upto and including the “War” album, which had some well produced, raw & energetic tracks.
        They have gone downhill, since……

  11. I think foreign cultures are great……..IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES!

    I enjoy the diversity of foreign cultures……..WHEN I’M ON FUCKING HOLIDAY!

    I don’t want them permanently in MY FUCKING COUNTRY!

      • Soi@ – That’s the one! 😀👍
        I would word it more simply so there was no excuse for not understanding it – “Fit in or fuck off”.

  12. Sorry to say I’m guilty of cultural appropriation, specifically the fine islamic/africunt culture of FGM. The number of female genitalia I’ve mutilated with my gargantuan member is nobody’s business.
    Sadly I have to report a recent failure when as a circuit judge I got down to it with Katie Price in return for her freedom. Didn’t even touch the sides.

  13. Most of Muslim culture was garnered from those they conquered and enslaved.
    Amazing how many times one reads of some ancient peaceful genius when investigating the claims guess what the person in question was Christian, Zoroastrian or some belief system who had little choice but to convert, die or pay the infidel tax whilst being treated like a cunt.
    History shows that once the peaceful conquest had ended and there were no new ideas to steal progress stopped.
    Consider that so called “Arabic numbers” originated in India long before the Islamic plague arrived. The good lady wife has requested that I complete this comment and not go on about the wonderful Spanish peaceful experience as the waiting time for a code 1 999 call could be an hour.

  14. Just seen a hotel advert with two dark keys playing chess in a wanky coffee shop.

    I have NEVER seen a dark key playing chess.

    White goes first. How very racist!

    • I bet the board is set up the wrong way round if you look closer. The ignorant cunts. Black goes first in droughts though I think lol!

      • Yes they do have to travel a long way to get water, before they go to school, (we all know that fact) but draughts does have an “A.” in it!

    • You’ve obviously never seen an original khun chessboard before it was cuturally appropriated. Each side had a Kang, a bitch, two hoes, two mutherfukkas, two crack dens and eight stabbers.

      Nothing much happened unless somebody white came along and moved something for the bone idle, drooling apes.

      • Nah!
        Dark-keys prefer monopoly.

        Of TV adverts
        Television & film roles
        Claiming victim hood

        They have however, destroyed the original game, by devaluing all the Lonatabistan propert values depicted on the board.

        They have kept the faith with regard to the chance cards: quite often they do “Go to jail” and frequently “Get out of jail free”.

  15. Time to go back in history, back to our English culture (maybe not all the way), treat people the way they deserve to be treated.

    Phrases like ‘Fuck off you P*ki Cunt’ or ‘Stop mincing you fucking shirt lifter’ should be not just allowed but encouraged 👍

  16. Sorry lads, off topic but I really need some advice. I’m starting a new job up North on the 4th and I’ve picked out a room to stay whilst my mortgage application gets sorted, but the landlord for said room wants 20 quid for a credit check. Credit check fees were banned in 2019 as part of the Tenant Fees Act. Do you lot think there’s just been some sort of mixup or is it possible I’m being taken for a ride? There were other people living in the house when I went for the viewing but the credit check issue does have me concerned.

    • Perhaps go online and if possible, print off that part of the 2019 Act and show it to landlord as evidence that he can’t charge you.

      • Can you get in touch with any of the people already in the house ?….they might tell you just what the landlord is really like.

      • I can’t unfortunately. I’ve asked my sister and a few old work colleagues I’m close with what they think so I’ll see what they say, in addition to querying it with the landlord himself (albeit I haven’t got a response yet). The landlord says he’s part of the NRLA and will send over a copy of the contract that they provide:, so I’ll wait to see if that gets sent and go from there.

    • Pay the £20 and, when you leave, make sure to steal at least that amount’s worth of fixtures/fittings for your new house.

    • For additional context the rent is £110 per week, and the house is in very good condition for that price. By contrast an agency house I looked at was £90 a week and far more run down. Which makes me further worry that the whole thing MIGHT be a scam.

    • Right, it’s settled – I changed my mind on the room as I worked out that the landlord was trying to use the whole ‘payments capped at £50 for assignment, variation or novation of a tenancy’ thing in order to subvert the ban.

    • A credit check to live in a room somewhere in the north?

      He sounds like a cunt. Hope you pissed on his toothbrush.

      • Tbh he doesn’t seem like a terrible bloke but dishonesty is dishonesty in my book. Lettings agents are cunts too but you at least know where you stand with them – well, for the most part anyway.

  17. The boat in the header reminds me of Leon Klinghoffer, who was murdered by Palestinians, and pushed overboard in his wheelchair. Oddly, an old Mazi pastime…

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