Lenny Henry [9]

Looks like someone has taken the lid of Sir Lenny (I hate whitey) Henry’s coffin. The cunt now says festivals are not black enough. I am always amazed that no one insights racism more than a person who talks about others being racist.

Lenny, you have had a lucky career, about as funny as genital warts, but you plays the race card at every opportunity and it’s fucking boring you cunt.

I go to a few festivals and have been to many in the past, and those who want to go can go. If black folk don’t want to go it’s their choice. I don’t hear you cunting on about the lack of white folk at Afro Caribbean Festivals though Len.

Let’s be honest you cunt, most of you fame was playing what most now consider racial stereotypes……………are you going to apologise…………….oh and didn’t you make a film where you played a white bloke………….but that alright in your fucked up world


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Lennie fucking Henry a ‘comedian’

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Below taken from some conversation he had with Clive Myrie:–
”Sir Lenny Henry described the lack of Black people at Glastonbury ‘interesting’

”The actor and comedian, 63, also said he was ‘surprised’ by the lack of diverse faces at festivals in the UK generally.”

‘I’m always surprised by the lack of Black and brown faces at festivals. I think, “Wow, that’s still very much a dominant culture thing”.’

”Sir Lenny, who is fronting a two-part documentary about Caribbean culture in the UK, also addressed Clive recently becoming the first black host of long-running BBC quiz show Mastermind.”

‘It’s great to have David Olusoga on television talking about black British history that goes back to Hadrian’s Wall,’

I dont mind Myrie, he seems a decent sort and a good journalist. Olusuga is a cunt with a chip on his shoulder who grasps at the tiniest evidence to show that Britain was built by kaffirs and that we are racists for not acknowledging this ‘fact’

Henry whose prominence owes everything to his colour and nothing to his talent is desperately trying to play the race card where there isnt one.
Nofucker stops blacks going to festivals. And his talk of Myrie on Mastermind hiints at affirmative action by the BBC (as in Henry’s case) rather than Myrie’s merit.

Lenny Henry. A talent free cunt with a short memory.

Katanga anyone? Whiting up anyone? Stereotyping blacks in his ‘comedy’ anyone.

What a pathetic, race bandwagon jumping, cunt.

And another one, this time from Cuntamus Prime

It’s festival time.

Glastonbury is coming up so i’ve decided to cunt it especially in light of Sir Lenworth of Henry’s comments on diversity.

I’m sorry chum but it doesn’t matter how many Jay-Z, Storm-Z and hungry hungry Lizzo (Z’s = buckets of chiggun ) acts you see promoted it’s a festival for the Cressidas and variations of Edward who want to see the doyen of this sort of soft faggut music, Ed Sheeran weeping on stage while he sings about the Joker nd the Queen. It’s about the middle-aged Tobiases with their man buns and non-binary toddlers who want to dance to George Ezra. It’s about witless Lily Allen and William Eilish fans. It costs nearly £300 to watch absolute dogshit in a field.
Indie Crap
folksy crap
Aged rocker crap
Token crap.

Black people are better off out of it. No such thing as ‘da streets’ at Glasto. Any black people there will instantly became ‘magical negroes’ to the soft liberal white folksy freaks… types

They’ll all be waving Ukrainian flags this year as well. Is there a more blonde blue-eyed nation on Earth?

More importantly, do the brethren want to be patronised by oily Blair-faced Oasis fans and selected wreckage from along the M4 corridor?

Emily Eavis needs to stand down and let Lord Fiddler take over, or just leave it to cows and sheep. it’s a corpse and as rock and roll as a property portfolio.

77 thoughts on “Lenny Henry [9]

  1. It should be compulsory for people of colour to endure the vapid mediocre tripe that now passes for music performed at Glastonbury.

  2. I briefly lived near this cunt many years ago, it was amusing seeing the cunt riding his bike around Sandhurst even more amusing was hearing people shout “cunt” at him as he rode by.

    • I noticed you say he was riding around Sandhurst. Not Brixton, not Hackney, but a well to do white area.

      Spouting how hard done by he is, yet living in wealthy white areas through choice.

  3. Oh Lenny why do you have to be such a cunt. Shame because I really like you back in the day. Never saw you as black just liked you for who you were.

    • Before all the Blacks Love Mansions con, I never notice if someone was black as well. It didn’t matter to me, and still doesn’t to be honest, as long as they bat for the UK and avoid all this whitey-baiting nonsense. All BLM and their woke supporters like Henry have done is brought the issue of colour back to the front and centre. Bit of an own goal.


      • True. I see kelly holmes has come out. Good luck to her, quite frankly i dont give a shit, but to me being gay is nothing new or to my mind not even newsworty, which shows just how the public accept it and get on with thier lives. So why the fuck has she has a whole programme tonight dedicated to her issues with being a licker? The public just dont have issues with this anymore, so you are not special in any way or form and no one is fucking interested you self publicising cunt, and the cunting bbc who gave hef the platform. Cunts

      • These marmite badgers stay in the closet not of fear, but out of shame and self loathing!

  4. A sad old has-been, who was never all that much to begin with, trying to show that he’s relevant and influential. Why doesn’t the race baiting cunt set the example by going there himself?

  5. He hasn’t even written or appeared in anything comical in the last 10 years:
    Lenny Henry’s Caribbean Britain (2 Parts, Ep 1/2)
    – That must have taken all of a week to write.

    Lenny Henry’s Race Through Comedy
    – Usual horrified reactions by modern ‘comedians’ to Alf Garnet and Love Thy Neighbour and how they all loved The Fosters and Desmond’s even thought they weren’t born when they were first broadcast.

    Lenny was OoooKaaay in Tiswas when he wasn’t taking himself too seriously, to a mild pain in Two Of A Kind, to a fucking pain in the arse today.

  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I heard it from a very reliable source that this sack-os made a scene in the VD clinic in Dudley back in the day. He won’t sue because it’s true. Mind you, the source should be ashamed of themselves for breaching medical confidentiality .

  7. Here’s something you’ll never hear “ me and a few mates were sitting around trading the few Lenny Henry comedy ‘bits’ “ He is uppity unfunny pavement ape

  8. I’ve been to 14 Glastonbury festivals. Saw B E King in 1987, got stoned with the Wailers in the 1990s and had the pleasure of seeing a Sikh folk rock band etc etc. The problem isn’t lack of black attendance, its blacks just want to rap and be involved in grime music. That’s a black cultural thing and Glastonbury is a white cultural thing. We prefer rock, indie and hippy type stuff.
    Blacks make 3% of the population. So Lenny let’s make Glastonbury 3% black and Notting hill parade 86% white. No I didn’t think so Mr Henry. Shut up and go white up like you did for your failed Hollywood career.
    The blacks that do go to Glastonbury go for Two reasons sell drugs and try thier luck with vulnerable white girls.

  9. Lenny the arsehole Henry is a dirty racist cunt & everyone should turn their backs on the pathetic, hypocritical cunt.

  10. Since I now avoid being a White saviour I have spare cash to burn so I think I’ll go to as many festivals as I like. I can’t help being white even if I wanted to “Lenny Henry”, about as much as you can help being washed up

    • I mixed my tenses there. Maybe my old English teacher would give me another detention so I could leer at her tits. On second thoughts, she’s probably about 60 now and they’ll be tucked into her socks.

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