Boy George (4)

Boy George has just had a outpouring of me me me why not me I’m a celebrity too nuclear ☢️ level display of cuntitude.

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Oh how very dare they let posh tits off the plane before me. “Don’t they know who I am?”

What a twat. Listen lard arse sometimes in life you just have to wait. Might be for an old man fumbling for his money at the checkout or it might be some fucker gets of the plane before you. Stop 🛑 B itching you pathetic piece of yesterday’s news. Move on. Go raid the fridge looks like you haven’t eaten for at least 10 minutes you Cunt

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76 thoughts on “Boy George (4)

  1. Two people Holly Johnson and the supreme court Justice Clarence Thomas.

    I have left Greatest Hits Radio on the er…radio.

    Holly Johnsonson doing a ‘documentary’ for Pride Month. ‘Pride NOT prejudice it is called.

    The history of the ‘liberation’ of lbgtq people. In pop music.

    And yes it does go back a long way I thought. Marc Bolan mentiomed, Bowie.

    It will never change I thought. The cat’s out of the bag. The genie out of the bottle.

    In his concluding remarks on the historic overturning of Row v Wade Thomas said they (the Court) must look, are obligated, to look at other decisions set by precedent.

    He means Gay Marriage. Oh this is great. Is Normality on the agenda again?

    I think it could be. And who do we have to thank? Donald R Trump.

    More I could say..

    • “Is Normality on the agenda again?”

      Why yes, it seems the Normies (to use one of your favourite bits of social media jargon) are on the rise again! All part of The Great Reset. 😃

      Btw, it’s Donald J Trump.

  2. Another elderly poofter who thinks he deserves to be treated like a queen because of all the “suffering” he and all the other mincers and benders like Fat Reg went through forty years ago when they were rightfully regarded as the freak show they were, and are.

    If I recall this little duckie had a penchant for tying up young men to his bed for which he went to prison. I bet he was forever dropping the soap in the shower.

  3. Monkeypoxy at risk vulnerable spoilt peoples fly first class for ass wiping up mess left behind.
    Quares all of em

  4. Shut up ( bum) Boy you ugly untalented fucking cunt. What the hell are you even meant to be ? What purpose do you serve you degenerate perv?

  5. A towering talent. Dressed in a skirt and a cunt’s hat miming shite, twee crap.
    A national treasure, like Sir Jimmy and the rest.

  6. Oslo Norway, Annual (Or should I say Anal) Gay Pride Bollocks. 2 people dead & 21 injured. Terrorism is to blame. A Hate Crime, It has now been stated. At least those fundamentalist fucks do on occasions, get something right. Fuck the lot of them. Rubbing their shit in my face ~ Cunts!

  7. This is a man who was found guilty of tying another man to a radiator and raping him all night. His punishment? A highly paid job co-hosting The Voice on BBC One. This is after the Jimmy Saville et al scandal, not before.

    Now let us imagine a straight man was convicted of raping a woman all night; what are the chances of him being employed by the BBC? He wouldn’t even get a job cleaning the toilets (and nor should he).

    So, what is the message the “social justice, let’s all love one another, we are all equally valid women’s rights champions ” BBC sending here? It’s OK to be a convicted rapist on the sex offenders register – as long as you’re a gay

    And these deviant defenders want us to pay them a toll for owning a television?


  8. Didn’t this worthy individual do time for some kind of sexual crime?

    Self-importnat deviant wallowing in his own self importance.

    All these old has-been pop “stars” can eat shit and die and then rot for all I care, I wouldn’t stop to unrinate on them.

  9. George is a pathetic specimen, always has been. Gets worldwide fame and fortune with Culture Club, then he just turns into a raging smackhead. Culture Club were operational as a band for about one and a half to two years, that’s all. By late 84, the wheels were falling off. By 1985, they were nowhere, and by 1986, they were finished. And that was down to their cunt of a singer and him entirely.

    Of course, there have been bands with druggies in the ranks who have still maintained a high musicaLstandard and continued to function (Led Zeppelin,The Stones etc). But any group with a frontman who is as self pitying, self centred, and as soft arsed as George is on a hiding to nothing.

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