Lenny Henry [9]

Looks like someone has taken the lid of Sir Lenny (I hate whitey) Henry’s coffin. The cunt now says festivals are not black enough. I am always amazed that no one insights racism more than a person who talks about others being racist.

Lenny, you have had a lucky career, about as funny as genital warts, but you plays the race card at every opportunity and it’s fucking boring you cunt.

I go to a few festivals and have been to many in the past, and those who want to go can go. If black folk don’t want to go it’s their choice. I don’t hear you cunting on about the lack of white folk at Afro Caribbean Festivals though Len.

Let’s be honest you cunt, most of you fame was playing what most now consider racial stereotypes……………are you going to apologise…………….oh and didn’t you make a film where you played a white bloke………….but that alright in your fucked up world


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Lennie fucking Henry a ‘comedian’

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Below taken from some conversation he had with Clive Myrie:–
”Sir Lenny Henry described the lack of Black people at Glastonbury ‘interesting’

”The actor and comedian, 63, also said he was ‘surprised’ by the lack of diverse faces at festivals in the UK generally.”

‘I’m always surprised by the lack of Black and brown faces at festivals. I think, “Wow, that’s still very much a dominant culture thing”.’

”Sir Lenny, who is fronting a two-part documentary about Caribbean culture in the UK, also addressed Clive recently becoming the first black host of long-running BBC quiz show Mastermind.”

‘It’s great to have David Olusoga on television talking about black British history that goes back to Hadrian’s Wall,’

I dont mind Myrie, he seems a decent sort and a good journalist. Olusuga is a cunt with a chip on his shoulder who grasps at the tiniest evidence to show that Britain was built by kaffirs and that we are racists for not acknowledging this ‘fact’

Henry whose prominence owes everything to his colour and nothing to his talent is desperately trying to play the race card where there isnt one.
Nofucker stops blacks going to festivals. And his talk of Myrie on Mastermind hiints at affirmative action by the BBC (as in Henry’s case) rather than Myrie’s merit.

Lenny Henry. A talent free cunt with a short memory.

Katanga anyone? Whiting up anyone? Stereotyping blacks in his ‘comedy’ anyone.

What a pathetic, race bandwagon jumping, cunt.

And another one, this time from Cuntamus Prime

It’s festival time.

Glastonbury is coming up so i’ve decided to cunt it especially in light of Sir Lenworth of Henry’s comments on diversity.

I’m sorry chum but it doesn’t matter how many Jay-Z, Storm-Z and hungry hungry Lizzo (Z’s = buckets of chiggun ) acts you see promoted it’s a festival for the Cressidas and variations of Edward who want to see the doyen of this sort of soft faggut music, Ed Sheeran weeping on stage while he sings about the Joker nd the Queen. It’s about the middle-aged Tobiases with their man buns and non-binary toddlers who want to dance to George Ezra. It’s about witless Lily Allen and William Eilish fans. It costs nearly £300 to watch absolute dogshit in a field.
Indie Crap
folksy crap
Aged rocker crap
Token crap.

Black people are better off out of it. No such thing as ‘da streets’ at Glasto. Any black people there will instantly became ‘magical negroes’ to the soft liberal white folksy freaks… types

They’ll all be waving Ukrainian flags this year as well. Is there a more blonde blue-eyed nation on Earth?

More importantly, do the brethren want to be patronised by oily Blair-faced Oasis fans and selected wreckage from along the M4 corridor?

Emily Eavis needs to stand down and let Lord Fiddler take over, or just leave it to cows and sheep. it’s a corpse and as rock and roll as a property portfolio.

77 thoughts on “Lenny Henry [9]

  1. What Sam Beau doing in the header pic? Anyway I used to live in Clapton East London. It used to be called “murder Mile” because on the leabridge roundabout there was a club frequented by black “gangstas” . Stabbing and murders were common and in the end it was closed down by the old bill and became a gastro pub.The area became “gentrified”, if you can polish a turd, and white upper middle class twats moved in ( all the same cunts as the cunts at Glastonbury). They loved the idea of blacks (Stormzy) but not the reality so the only black people in the pub we’re in the kitchen. Diversity is bollox.

  2. Weirdly, I met Lenny Henry recently. In a a Premier Inn of all places, down at London Expo where he was doing a speaking gig at a conference I was at. Unfunny cunt was cracking jokes about homeless people and monkey pox in the hotel the night before. Didn’t seem to have a problem with all the white folk there when he was being paid a fortune for an easy gig.

  3. Glastonbury eh? So BAMEs don’t want to sit in a field with thousands of posh, middle class poofs and snowflakes being lectured by a load of multi millionaire has beens? I wonder why?
    If anything Sir Lenworth should be congratulating them for having the good sense not to waste their time and money on such a pile of old shite.
    But never waste an opportunity to have a crack at whitey. Total hypocrite fucking cunt.

  4. Glastonbury is traditionally a rock/indie festival (although cheesy pop and rap has now joined in). The ‘big’ acts were on the main stages with lots of little stages with jazz, foreign music etc to cater for different tastes.

    Dark keys, for the most part, don’t like rock/indie/pop music. Is that honky’s fault?

    Seems it is.

    What does this prick suggest? Maybe we should round them up and march them at gunpoint to Glastonbury and shout ‘Dance motherfuckers!’ at them?

    How about your own festival of ‘music’. Oh, I think you have quite a few of those, don’t you? Not many honkies there either.

    And who gives a fuck? I couldn’t give a shit, so why does he?

    It seems to me that this cunt won’t be happy until every honky disappears from view in blighty.

    Is he trying to make amends for making his wealth by being racist himself?

    Well, he’s being racist against white people in doing so.

    The unfunny fucker just can’t help himself.

    • Maybe we should be congratulating black people for their good taste and sense in keeping away from the snowflake pimple fest that Glastonbury has become.

  5. Lenny Henry crossing the road on a zebra crossing – “ now you see me now you don’t”.

    Seriously, Henry’s talking rubbish. The reason you don’t see many black people at Glastonbury is that not many black people want to buy tickets for it. That’s because it’s a rock festival, a genre usually patronised by the white middle classes. Henry sees to be suggesting there is some form of arpatheid at play and dark- keys are banned from buying tickets.

    Race baiting of the highest order.

  6. Spoons don’t do festivals because they get a nose bleed when they leave their preferred urban jungle, and they don’t have a trust fund.

  7. If the south and east London blick tribes all went to Glastonbury it would end up as a stabathon, come to think of it, what a good idea.

    I wonder what the umbongo in the header pic would say then! Oh yes we know, it’s whiteys fault.

    I don’t get why these cunts are so enthused about fucking diversity, who the fuck really wants it anyway.

  8. Rastonbury is what he wants.

    Next, the Trooping of the People of Colour.

    Then, Premier League to be renamed ‘The George Floyd Memorial League’ (might as fucking well, to be honest).

    I heard black people only make up around 3% of the UK population. They’re about 30%- 50% of premier League footballers it seems.

    Surely honkies are unrepresented? I thought all races were equal? This must mean honky kids aren’t getting the same opportunities. Which is clearly structural racism. Is he campaigning about this? Does he find this ‘interesting’?

    No, I didn’t fucking think so either.

  9. Well, this bloody n*gnog is from Birmingham which says it all. On top of that he’s a bloody s*mbo which means his brain isn’t as developed as the white man. On top of that, he’s a complete and utter cunt who married some fat white bird. What’s up Lenny? Your own kind not good enough for you?

  10. I like having & doing things the boons, peacefuls, gooks & assorted world filth don’t want or do. Used to be you could walk up a fell & only see fellow caucasian walkers, now the filth are even infesting that, the bastards.
    I don’t go to Glastonbury & I don’t give a fuck about whoever does, but if the ‘black & brown faces’ stay away, I might fucking start.
    As it happens I DO go to quite a few car & bike race meetings …& you don’t see many of Lenny’s brethren at them either. Or working, the lazy cunts.

    • Farmer Cunty down at Glastonbury should hire more black cunts to do talks and lectures.

      Black cunts like Gary Lineker.

  11. I think the cunt is suggesting that black people don’t go to these things because they are made to feel unwelcome by whitey. Well the average whitey at Glasto ( see how right on I am?) is a BLM loving, soft as shit, trannie adoring, lefty wanker who would take the knee at the drop of a hat. In fact, exactly the sort of BBC whiteys that Sir Lenworth hangs around with. If they don’t want Chicken Georges turning up then what chance have you got? I’d give up if I were you Sir Lenworth. Just enjoy your money you wanker. You didn’t steal it so no need to feel guilty you cunt.

  12. Lenny should thank his lucky stars he was born black and that Glastonbury operates a strictly whites only policy. Speaking personally, it’s hard to think of any other place I’d prefer to avoid.

    Apart from a Premier Inn bed. No way would I want to get into a Premier Inn bed with the knowledge that Lenny Henry might have previously slept in it.

  13. I used to enjoy going along to the odd music festival back in the day and the only black faces you would see were the lads working for the various security rackets.

    Blacks don’t do white music festivals just like they don’t seem to ever attend museums.

    Is Lenny going to accuse the museum of racism next ?

    • They do claim that history is in fact racism of the highest order don’t they? I’m suprised they haven’t tried to throw the Natural History Museum into the docks because their ancestors once had some beef with a fried chicken eating diplodocus…… I don’t know if I hate Glastonbury or Henry the Cunt more.

  14. ‘Katanga’, Lenny, fancy a De-Condensed Milk sandwich, Oooooooooooookaaaaaay?

    Race-baiting, hypocritical, as-funny-as-cancer cunt.

  15. I’m sure that this Cunt used to do impressions of Frank Spencer. Isn’t that the same as a white man doing impressions of say the black and white minstrels ?

    Fucking racist Cunt.

  16. Maybe Glastonbury clashes with a BLM rally?
    This now endless race baiting and anti white discrimination will only stop when we stop it.

  17. Someone should tell ‘Sir’ Leonard that those two monumental – and black – cunt trumpets, Kayne Cunt and ‘Stormzeh’ headlined the yuppie twat hippy fest in recent times. Not to mention 80s novelty act, Lionel ‘I’m melting’ Richie.

    The cunt makes me laugh. Henry has played the Uncle Tom all his career, and played black stereotypes and cliches to the hilt. From Mugabe types to Barry White, he’s done the lot. Henry actually was worse for black stereotyping than old ‘Nick Nick’ with his Chalkie character. But now Lenny acts like it never happened. Nobody likes a sanctimonious cunt. But a sanctimonious hypocritical cunt is even worse.

  18. He’s about as funny as a burning orphanage. I need his ‘comedy’ like a reindeer needs a hat rack. If a white bloke was saying what he said about the blicks, the coppers would be round to your gaff quicker than Ben Johnson on crystal meth. People like him actually create more racism with the fucking bile and race bating shit he comes out with. I think irony is a word lost on this stupid bastard.

  19. I note that Sir Lenworth is shacked up with some posh, white bird called Lisa Makin who bears a striking resemblance to Dawn French.

  20. Also, let me guess… Paul McCartney did ‘Blackbird’ at Cuntsonbury, and he preceded it with a lecture about how it’s about those wonderful dark personages and civil rights.

    Yet, in 1968, at the time of the White Album’s release, the song ‘Blackbird’ was confirmed to be little throwaway tune about an actual Blackbird, as in the worm eating feathered variety.
    Virtue signaling and classic Macca revisionism par excellence.

  21. Maybe there’s less black attendees because blacks don’t buy the white mans poison. Because white music and culture isn’t promoted to black kids the way black music and culture is promoted to white kids. The BBC etc cream their pants over every black ‘artist’ even when they are obviously devoid of talent!

    Maybe black kids don’t get excited at the thought of paying a small fortune to camp in a wet soggy field that brings painful memories of a refugee camp in Calais flooding back just for the privilege of watching an 80 year old has been perform the astounding feat of getting paid to be there?

    Whilst on the subject of pop stars I note many of them have used their celebrity to bang on about abortion rights. Billie Ellish lauded for her comments on the main stage and then Pink tells anyone pro life “not to fucking listen to her music!”

    As with all the woke politics these cunts involve themselves in they have no idea of nuance, the abortion debate is not black and white and the extremists on both sides are clueless cunts!

    Sorry for straying so far off topic but I’m sick of cunts who are famous through ever diminishing talent spouting off about issues they can’t begin to understand.

    As for you Lenny, you’re love of everything black stops the moment you find a fat white woman happy to climb on your dick. I guess your own racism against women of your own race is a preference not a prejudice?

    Anyway blud, the bruhs are too busy stabbing each other for kicks, they ain’t got time for events where stabbing is frowned upon.

    Silly washed up cunt

    • Absolutely. Abortion isn’t black and white.

      Having seen a video of an abortion from inside the womb, I can tell you that it changed my mind. That baby was screaming as it was pulled apart. One of the most harrowing things I’ve ever seen.

      It’s fucking murder when left too long.

      And these 0.1% rape/incest arguments still don’t really cut it with me after seeing that. If the mother is at risk of death..ok, that’s different. But do it as early as possible.

      Abortion isn’t contraception, as it seems to be for many sluts.

      And fuck Pink. Who the fuck listens to her shite anyway? Wankers, that’s who.

      America is doing the right thing here.

      Go Biden 😉

      • Trump certainly lined this one up to land in his lap.

        Abortion should be considered on a case by case basis in my opinion. It would probably be a good thing if everyone was taught about what abortion actually is, it might prevent a few people from ending up needing one.

        It isn’t helpful that abortion is viewed as a quick fix and a right. It does bother me that the destruction of the most defensive human beings is celebrated as a freedom and a right .

        Whatever side of the debate your on surely it’s plain to see abortion is an ugly act.

  22. What a successful example of an ungrateful foreigner who makes a living being an irritating cunt.

    Another cosy Uncle Tom shithouse,who very likely doesn’t even believe the bollocks he spouts.

    Give the boring fucker the Mouth Pear.

    • I had the misfortune to see this boring cunt at a theatre in Gloucester many years ago. The former mother-in-law gave the ex husband and I a pair of tickets she couldn’t use. We weren’t especially interested but it was free and not far away. Anyway the cunt bounded on stage and his opening gambit was “White People!. Pretend to be black tonight and have a better time!”. I should add that the audience was 99% white. The cunt was heckled and some folk were lobbing crisps at him. He didn’t seem to take it very well. I do recall him playing a character on TV years ago who wore a leopardskin loincloth and headband and shrieked Katanga over and over again. I don’t recall anyone having a go at him about that ,so clearly double standards being employed.

  23. I’ll take notice of what ‘Sir’ Lenny has to say about this when they cancel the MOBO’s for excluding whitey.
    I imagine I’ll have a fucking long wait.

  24. Maybe most black people aren’t interested in spending a weekend surrounded by a load of middle-class hipster twats, smoking weed and talking bollocks about how much they hate capitalism but have paid £300 JUST FOR THE TICKET to a festival.

  25. Remember that lame old gag he used to roll out.
    Have you got any African in you love?.
    Would you like some?
    What an absolute cunt this twat is.
    Then there was the other one which I’m fairly sure he didn’t tell.
    What do you call a dog with a sp#de up its arse?
    A. Dawn French

  26. Lenny reminds me of spent potting compost. He really should fuck off and spend his money. Hopefully when jumping on the next bandwagon he will slip and vanish up hi s own raggedy arse. Fuck off Lenny.

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