Tony Blair [26] – Still Alive Unfortunately

Like that one fart that is thick enough to cut with scissors, the one that simply will not dissipate on the air, it drifts back again demanding our loathing and disgust.

Yes, Anthony Charles Lynton Blah (Knight Commander of the Importuning Arrest) has bobbed to the surface of the slurry pit that comprises our public life like a decomposing turd, bloated with the gasses of it’s own rot.

And what wisdom does the cuntiest of all the cunts have to bestow on his lessers? Apparently, seventy-percent of our spawn should be sent to university. The residual thirty-percent or so can do absolutely everything else; what could possibly go wrong?

Just picture that one if you can. Seventy percent of the national youth armed with pieces of paper that once upon a time would have set them on course to Fat City, but now wouldn’t even serve as bog-wad.

Imagine their frustration and resentment when they’re flipping burgers despite being up to their tits in debt to obtain their BA in Lesbian Interpretive Dance, or their PhD on M’Bubabongo’s Basket weaving in Togo (Innit).

Blair did more damage to the UK University system than the Luftwaffe and it seems he’s not done yet. Skills? Practical abilities? Oh, fuck that shit, who needs those when you can run a country on fairy dust and good wishes.

What a cunt…

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Nominated by: International Cunt of Mystery

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And there’s this from Cunt Me In

Tony Blair
In case you didn’t know, today marks the 25th anniversary of the election of THE worst Prime Minister we’ve ever had. I really mean THE worst and I challenge anyone to show me a British PM or Monarch who did any worse.

Now where do I begin? Almost every problem facing our country today stems from the his Government.
– breakdown of social cohesion as a result of uncontrolled immigration – Blair
– creation of precariat graduate class of 50% of young people with worthless degrees expecting graduate wages – Blair
– long tail debt from taxpayer to private sector for white elephant PPP programmes that often don’t even work – Blair
– failure to repurpose the education system to cope with a new digital economy – Blair
– failure to stand up to federalists in the EU, leading to increased demands for more sovereignty in the country – Blair
– separatism in regions caused by increasing separation of legislation, culture and politics ; the direct result of devolution – Blair
– reduction in the quality of political discourse from proper debate down to soundbite vs gotcha moments + triumph of style over substance – Blair

These are all things he did as PM without mentioning his later grift and frankly despicable post politics career. He really is the absolute worst.

As with Barack Obama or Joe Biden, one asks oneself, ‘If this man had been hired to ruin his country, or was secretly a thorough-going Satanist, what would he have done differently?’

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55 thoughts on “Tony Blair [26] – Still Alive Unfortunately

  1. Almost everything that’s wrong in the UK now has Blair’s fingerprints on it. One of the worst worst cock up’s being devolution, which, ironically enough, really has caused devolution – in brain capacity north of the border as Scot Nats continue to devolve to semi-simian status.

    • You also forget the human rights act he signed us into MMCN
      This twat everything he touched we are now suffering from I think Knighthood he should be swinging from the nearest lamp post 👎

      • I’d like to see his head, dangle from piano wire. Somewhere appropriately near Traitors Gate, having already been on the rack, for a few hours, before being hung, drawn & quartered. A fitting end I think, to a total, & utter cunt.

  2. He seems to be trying everything he can think of to endear himself to his fellow globalist elites.
    College has become a black mark on a resume as far as I’m concerned. It means you are most likely a liberal cunt with no real life skills.
    This is what the globalist want, obedient, dependent, hate-filled libtards that are antagonistic to reality.

    • He’s obviously giving the interviewer an example of how Satan likes his balls caressed with his left hand.
      He’s perhaps demonstrating with the other hand how George Soros likes to be aggressively fingered in the anus.

      The cunt.

  3. Any person that answers a question by staring off with “Look…” is obviously a complete an utter cunt of unrivalled magnitude.
    His summary judgement on all things is an unwelcome irritation almost too much to bear.
    Look Tony, you’re the cunt’s cunt if ever there was one

  4. Universities are now Marxist production lines.
    That is why he want more impressionable youth indoctrinated👎

    • Maybe that was his intention all along ??
      There have always been two guys that were top of my list to suffer the hellish demise of hell-fire – Mr Blair and Mr Obama. But even though Blair is poking his fuckwit nose in again, I think I will elevate Putin above both of them …

  5. Once upon a time – and not so very long ago – I would have agreed with every word of these two wortghy nominations – and I still do, except if you think Blair is the worst cunt in the world – just wait till Kweer Starmer gets in. Sucking up to every minority, every woman, like Rayner, who is even thicker than pig shit, the slimy lawyer who supports every sort of kinky practice and perversion.

    Starmer has stooped to levels unimagined by Blair. he might only be a cheap plastic copy, but his plastic is even more toxic. He replaces Blair’s relgiosity with the typical lawyers dissembling, telling half truths and full-on lies. Give him power and he will get even worse than the two faced, spineless grinning cunt he is now. Even more of the pansies support him than they did Blair.

    Not for nothing did Owen Jones of all people, the other day write “At least Blair stood for something, Labour now stand for nothing”.

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day. The biggest question remains unanswered – Mandelson and Blair – who was the mincer and who was the bender?. No doubt Alcoholic Ali no doubt has the answer oin his Blackberry.

      • Her problem was not crossed legs, but open legs. The sort of slag who only wears knickers to keep her ankles warm.

  6. Considering the amount of Iraqi illegal gimmegrants in this country, I am both shocked and surprised that none of them have taken the destruction of their home country up directly with Satan’s envoy on Earth, the Blair cunt.

    Preferably involving pliers and a blow torch.

  7. It’s his birthday on Friday. 6th May 1953….a black day in the history of the United Kingdom. Absolute worst cunt this country has ever produced.
    Die soon shithead.

  8. Bliar = 1 International Standard Cunt, a unit so impossibly large that even Putin only manages 100ųISC.
    King Midas in reverse. Bet he’s best mates with Lavrov

  9. One of Britain’s most cunning serial killers (allegedly). John Smith, Robin Cook, David Kelly…

  10. This prick loves attention to much, I wouldn’t be surprised if he posts on ISAC…….. or possibly lurks.

    There are very few people to whom I wish death (of natural causes) but this guy is defo an exception. Horrible, Hague-dodging, war-criminal cunt.

  11. The absolute epitome of everything wrong with politics and our sham democracy.
    As ever,many of the simply gigantic decisions of the day were never tested by referendum but simply waved through.
    The EU?

    No just a simple pack of lies and a pat on the head for the serfs.

    The most disgusting public figure this country has ever seen,against some stiff competition.

    Full cunt full oven.

  12. I came through Terminal 3 Heathrow airport early this morning, whilst waiting for my sister whilst she was in the ladies I thought I would play spot the white face, I didn’t. Thanks Tony that was down to you, I really worry about the social cohesion of this country.

      • That’s a game you can play in many parts of Londonstabistan, especially now so many cunts are “working from home” and not commuting in from the suburbs.
        In central London there are days when you could be forgiven for thinking you were in another country. A country populated by cunts.

  13. Like a flesh eating zombie, just when you think it’s finally dead, up it pops!
    He really gives me the willies.

  14. A shower with Caplin and Missus. Yuk. Shows you what kind of cunt he is

  15. This is the total cunt who turned Manchester into a cross between Bucharest, The Congo, and Islamabad. I dare say every other major city in the UK suffered the same fate. What a cunt Satan Blair really is.

  16. The only crumb of comfort we can take from this cunt’s existence is the nightmare that he is married to. I just hope she makes him fuck her every night, twice on weekends and Bank Holidays.

  17. Vampire, Lich, space lizard, possessed by Adolf’s ghost or Satan himself? I just can’t be sure what this cunts is. Seal it in a silver barrel full of holy water then chuck into a volcano, Cherie as well.

    • Blairzebub destroyer of nations, wicked, evil, corrupt cunt. Lover of mandy, mondeos and brainwashed debt serfs. Nuke the cunt and he’ll morph into a cockroach.

  18. If they made a film about him hed be played by Christopher Lee.

    Hes that evil that he owns timeshares in hell.

    That fuckin grin.
    Born grinning
    Die grinning.

    I hate grinners,
    Whats so fuckin funny?

    • Mnc@ – Con an entire Country, fuck the people over, start wars that kill hundreds of thousands, open the floodgates for population replacement and get paid a fucking fortune for it – grin, grin, grin.
      This gurning chancer went to the Richard Branson school of selling greedy sleaze methinks.
      And he tries to bum people outside toilets – the dirty little fker!

      • Foxy@
        Imagine doing one of those charity skydives,
        The instructor stares at you grinning all the time,
        Comes time to jump.
        Your last,
        Hes giggling,

        “Right ready? Its perfectly safe!
        I packed your parachute myself!”

        Not jumping are you?
        Cant trust a grinner, kid.
        Or charity.

    • Die grinning? I hope he shits the most enormous Turd of Death.

      He is Hell’s slum landlord.

  19. Colleges are turning out Marxist robots on an industrial scale.
    I’ve heard many parents lamenting about their offspring returning from college unrecognizable.
    Not a good return on investment there Mom and Dad.

  20. Tony Blair Satan revisited 👎👎
    Back Stabber
    War Maker
    War Criminal
    Die Die Die
    Ask Starmer about his new right hand man EX Tony Blair Cheif Executive another poofter gay boy 👎👎

  21. Ever since he was elected as PM in 1997, I always thought that this cunt looked like a wooden-as-fuck ventriloquist puppet with a hand drilled up his arse.

    Now it turns out that that hand was the hand of either Klaus Schwab, George Soros or some other manner of cunty, parasitic scumfuckery.

  22. I have Blair and his cunt of a mrs, hoping a plane crash gets both the cunts. Then CuntyMort has the dead pool first double death. Please die soon you cunt, just to make me a winner.

    • If that one comes off we should have a whip round for you. I’d bung you twenty quid for starters.

    • I think you need to let Shaun nominate them next Dead Pool, he seems to have a magic touch.

  23. I was quite pleased when Blair and “New Labour” got in power (although I would have preferred it was still led by John Smith) as I thought Labour had finally cast off the unelectable mantra and ideology of “flat cap, donkey jacket and t’ communism” but I could not have been more wrong – Blair did more to destroy The United Kingdom than Adolf Hitler and I do not believe the policies of ruination were by accident – they were the evil seeds deliberately planted by much more powerful forces, Blair was just the puppet.
    But snake boy has had a taste of power and his ego will not accept that his time is gone, although if the full truth of his betrayal ever gets out the only footnote he will leave in history is as the British Benedict Arnold.
    We can trace our demise and managed decline from the first second this “Man” took power.
    And he is lucky people are not chasing him down the fucking street.

  24. There is a degree course that all the young fuckwit woke twats should be sent on…

    A degree in common sense and the bleedin obvious….💩

    • Too right, JM.
      Unfortunately, because they are young and feel entitled, common sense eludes the majority.
      And some of the degree courses that are being offered these days, fuck me.
      A treatise on the History, Mystery and meaning of Hopi Basket Weaving!
      OK, I made that one up, but along those lines.
      Someone once said ” when I was young, I thought my father was stupid. Since I’ve become a father, I’m amazed how much he’s learned.”

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