Criminalising Jokes

Things have come to a sorry pass in Orwellian Britain where you can now be imprisoned for telling a joke.

Paul Busetti shared a crude joke on a private YouTube channel about the Grenfell fire. It was a cardboard model of the tower on fire. The faces of residents were painted in the windows. In the video Busetti can be heard saying “ that’s what happens when you don’t pay the rent”.

Yes, it’s pretty tasteless. But so what. What’s more tasteless is the fact that Busetti has been sentenced by Westminster Magistrates Court to 10 weeks imprisonment, suspended for two years.

Since when is sick humour a criminal offence punishable by imprisonment? Should the likes of Jimmy Carr, Frankie Boyle and even ourselves here on ISAC face imprisonment for the odd borderline joke? Jail time might be good for Carr and Boyle ( a pair of cunts) but it would grieve me to see Lord Fiddler banged up (although there might be some comedic value in it, I suppose).

No one should serve time for a joke even for an offensive one. A joke is not a violent act. No one is physically harmed and no property is damaged or lost. The problem is that the Blob has decided to equate thoughts with violence. It’s now criminal to think or say certain things – usually involving effniks. But Western Liberalism traditionally said that freedom of speech and thought is sacrosanct.

We have taken a seriously wrong turn. The sentence handed to Mr Busetti is deeply illiberal and worrying. Welcome to Oceania.


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Nominated by: MMCM

55 thoughts on “Criminalising Jokes

  1. A very fine nom.

    For me it’s all about the promotion of the wonders of minority groups and their rights over the indigenous population.
    Clout enough people round the head with fines or jail terms for doing a Bernard Manning and it will cow those who simply don’t like what us going on.
    Free speech only works one way and that’s as a megaphone for the liberal shite that holds every lever of power.

    Yet another complete disgrace.


    • Quite right Uncle Terry. Some jokes are now more equal than others. 1984 and Animal Farm were written as warnings not as a fucking manifesto for the Woke.

  2. Grenfell, Auschwitz, Death, Anne Frank, ive seen jokes on all manner of things on ISAC.

    Ive enjoyed them all.

    Nowt is taboo as such.
    Tasteless is our forte 😁

    Someone getting upset by a joke is pretty weak isnt it?

    You spit the dummy over a joke then your a bit fragile.

    “If you cant take a joke fuck off.”

    • Yes indeed MNC…the only thing I’ve (thankfully) not seen here on ISAC is someone making light of genuine child abuse or nice people with a terminal illness.

      • “Religious jokes make me bite my nails” – also Jeebus.

  3. All part of the Frankfurt school 11 point plan for quiet socialist revolution.

    See how many points you recognise.:

    1. The creation of racism offences
    2. Continual change to create confusion
    3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
    4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority
    5. Huge immigration to destroy identity
    6. The promotion of excessive drinking
    7.. Emptying of churches
    8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
    9. Dependency on the state or state benefits
    10. Control and dumbing down of media
    11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family.

    Socialism is a mental illness and needs to be destroyed, before it destroys this country.

  4. Break it down. What should be the purpose of a custodial sentence? Primarily to protect the public and then to act as a deterrent.

    This is a situation where the law has been allowed to exercise power primarily as appeasement for the ‘offended’ and then to act as a message.

    The message being that free speech no longer exists in this country, as distasteful as this ‘joke’ was. The only victims were the faux outraged.

    Worrying times we live in. The troubling thing is that there are many plebs who will be celebrating this man’s custodial sentence.

    • Aye PM it’s not surprising that the so called “journalists” of the MSM have never once questioned how some words on a screen cause genuine harm to anyone at all.

      Is it because they know their audience is made up of 20 stone tuppence lickers with green hair who never leave their bedrooms and the triple soy latte crowd?


  5. Sadly the dirtiest, most tasteless, filthy jokes in this country are not prosecuted. They sit in the House of Commons, House of Lords, the BBC and the Guardian, and the quasi official organisations that give themselves posh or corporate names (e.g. Care For Calais, The Terrence Higgins Trust etc) who ponce off public money to tell us how terrible we are to trannies and illegal immigrants. They are the ones that should be in the dock.

    • Terence Higgins?
      I only support the “Alex Higgins Trust”- to offer support to men who get pissed and play with their balls in public 🤔

  6. Here’s a PC joke you can have. “I was stood on a platform waiting for a train, when I saw a Rabbi. So I shouted across to him, what time is the train due’. I’ll get my fuckin’ coat!! Cunts!!!!

  7. If the Grenfell tower was full of white Brexit voters when it went up, could this guy have even been arrested, let alone sentenced? Like fuck would he. His conviction is off the back of our skewed racial hate laws that seem to work in an opaque manner depending on the moods of twitter and the msm. So if it’s now an offence to cause offence, we should all be able to get everyone else a criminal record. Funnily enough, when some pie keys destroyed our local playing fields, which offended the whole community, they got off scott free. Now I’m confused.

    • Good comment Field Marshal.

      If say Grenfell had been a tower block up in the North East full of white benefits claimants instead of illegal immigrants – would the outpouring of virtue signalling faux sympathy have been the same?
      Doubt it somehow.
      Would a joke at its expense have carried a 2 year suspended sentence? I somehow doubt that as well.
      And I very much doubt there would have been a Stormzy or any other similarly talentless cunt inspired charity single on the back of it either.

      Maybe I’m just a cynical cunt.

      • What the media didn’t tell you is that 91% of deaths were all residents of one flat, and 63% were sharing a bedroom, and 72% of them were female, of which 99% were underage!

  8. We’ve been burning effigies of catholics every year for 417 years. Burning effigies of illegal migrants doesn’t seem much of a big deal to me. Fuck the judiciary and the cunts in the woke old bill.

    • Hmmm SC – you’ve given me an idea. Next bonfire night, make your guy as black as black can be, maybe even put him in an effnik dress. Toss him into the flames.

      If anyone objects to your ahistoricism you could always claim you were inspired by some BBC adaptation or other.

  9. Good cunting MMCM.

    Seems it’s ok to make jokes about killing whitey and throwing battery acid at Nigel Farage, but when a man jokes about organising a Hogmanay party round Wee Jimmy Krankie’s house he gets arrested.

  10. Right wing comedians have to vet their own jokes before going public. In other words they have to make sure their jokes conform to a number of “right on” tick boxes created by the Woke Joke Checkers.

    Only when all tick boxes have been checked and approved can the comedian crack the joke to a hypersensitive audience.

    Left wing comedians are NOT subject to the same rules or tickboxes because they are special and can say whatever they want based on free speech, democracy, human rights and blah blah.

  11. As I understood it, the silly cunt turned himself in. If he hadn’t, I really don’t know under what law he could have been prosecuted. He gave himself up, then they scoured the law books to find something they could have put him away for. A lesson for all us cunters.

  12. Jokes about Boris – fair game because he’s white
    Jokes about Brexiteers – fair game because they’re mostly misinformed ignorant, working class racist gammons (according to Remainers)
    Jokes against Angela Rayner – immediately criticised for being sexist, misogynistic, etc.
    Jokes against Owen Jones/Tom Daly – slammed for being homophobic etc.

    Criticism of anything the woke support will often end up with a label in order to kill the topic stone dead.

  13. Frankly I’ve read some stuff here which I thought at the time was pretty sick and offensive.
    Then I thought what the hell, and clicked on ‘Post Comment’ anyway.

  14. It’s a good job filming everything on phones wasn’t a thing about 20 years back, when a few friends and I were trying to tell the sickest joke. It became a contest of sorts.

    I remember one in particular. I think it won.

    What noise does a baby make in the microwave?

    I dunno I was too busy wanking.

    Appalling stuff, of course.

    • You are that Taff lead singer of Lostprophets & I claim my £5 mothercare voucher👍

      • I had to look that up, cheeky bugger.

        It wasn’t my joke. I was obviously appalled officer.

    • CB that reminds of the telling of dead baby jokes back in primary school days:
      What’s more gross than a dead baby in a trash can? A: one dead baby in 5 trashcans.
      Good times.
      We were all about 7 but every one of us claimed we had already lost our virginity.
      Boys being boys.

  15. This bloke lives just round the corner from me. I don’t know him but if I had been there I would have pissed myself laughing. It was a great joke deserving of a wider audience.
    Far more offensive was that Lawrence bitch saying that the Fire Brigade didn’t try and put it out because they are all raaaaaaay-sists. Don’t expect to see her in court anytime soon though.

    (Talking of jokes, we have a right old odorous, annoying, irritating and totally unfunny cunt of a “comedian” coming up next! – Day Admin)

  16. Here’s a joke.

    BP, today announce 3 month’s underlying profit of $6.2, up from $2.6 for the same period.

    The UK government has pledged another £300 million of extra military support to Ukraine, on top of fuck knows how much other equipment of ours they already have (hmmmmm, who is going to replace that when the Ruskie’s blow up the arms depots….).

    The punchline:

    This Government is doing NO more to help it’s own cuntrymen and wimmin, with Fishy Rishi citing it would be wrong to give more help before energy costs rise again in October. Interest rates going up again, no real sign of the previous rate having offset inflation. Supermarkets, oil firms and other cunty businesses recording record profits, NI contributions gone up – am I living like Alice in Wonderland, is this all a dream or are we being properly mugged off?

    Now that’s a cracker…

  17. Many years ago, I was in a bar in Londstabistan’s west end, with a girlfriend who was of half Asian decent (and fucking beautiful).

    A crowd of half pissed lads came in. The gobshite of the group started making offensive comments:

    “Fucky fucky, ten dorra”
    “Me sooo horny”
    “Me love you longggg-time”

    I stood up and stormed over-his mates apologised for his behaviour and bundled him down the other end of the bar.

    My girlfriend begged me to let it go. So I did.

    About 2o minutes later, he had wandered over to a group of girls on a night out, where, loud enough for the entire bar to hear, he told this joke:

    “Ladies-what’s the worst part of going down on a bald fanny?
    Taking the fucking nappy off!”

    Out of nowhere, a fucking huge bouncer appeared and knocked him out with a beautiful punch.
    He was then dragged outside.
    Not one of his “mates” intervened or objected.

    The payoff for me, came at Waterloo station a couple of hours later.
    He was sitting on a bench, face black and blue, looking very sorry for himself.

    I walked over to him, he looked up.

    “See her over there. She really is sooo horny. I’ll be fucking her all night long. See you.”

      • Wanksock: genuinely, there have been so many😙

        This game me had amazing nipples.
        Like scania wheelnuts👍

  18. Thats all thats left of being British is the sick and twisted sense of humour, we cant be racist, sexist, we cant take the piss out of homo,s fagots,chutney ferrets, limp wristed hair dresser types,Sue Perkins dykes, rug muchers, wierdoes who want to be male/female vice /versa, wear womens cloths,mongs, window lickers, jelly heads, slags, the Government, Royals and many many more cunts who more than deserve endless piss taking.
    Fuck me theres going to be nothing left soon enough, and yet they let cunts protest and hold up traffic and petrol stations and turn a blind eye, this country is run/controlled by cunts, bring back the 70,s/ 80,s when you could say whatever the fuck you wanted……

  19. No matter how ‘offensive’ a joke is somebody will find it funny.

    Sometimes the more tasteless the better in my opinion. Although there are limits.

    I thought that cardboard tower burning was quite funny. I’m not ashamed of the matter either.

    It was just a piece of cardboard burning. Nothing much more really. It didn’t hurt anyone physically did it?

    A suspended sentence for burning a bit of card and posting it online, really? The plod love pursuing this kind of rubbish, but seem lackadaisical when it comes to clamping down on real crimes.

    Taboo is an interesting subject. It exists for a reason, and definitely serves a purpose.

  20. Some jokes are criminally-unfunny but shouldn’t be punished by an hysterical mob.

    I posted a really shit joke last night on another thread but I don’t think it’s the job of anybody else to judge me for my shit jokes; that’s my job!

    If I make a shit joke, I’ll flay the skin off my OWN back with a long, thorny branch like some kind of Benedictine Monk or Jesuit (or whatever).

    Being that I live in a largely urban area with few trees and hedges though, I’ll probably just have to settle for flagellating myself with a sturdy house brick like some kind of self-hating Black Lives Matter or Antifa fuckwit (or whatever).

  21. Q. How do you know when a vegetable has boiled?

    A. The wheelchair floats to the top.

    One for the Sasha Johnson fans out there.

    • Q:What do you call Sasha Johnson & Harvey Price, in a hot-tub?
      A: Vegetable soup.

      Q:What do you call it if Katie Price joins them?

      A: Vegetable soup with dumplings.

  22. 2 white policemen in south Africa see a black man who has been necklaced and has 2 burning tyres round his neck.
    1 policeman says to the other “fuck me look at that”
    The 2nd policemen says “I’ve seen it, I’m going to arrest him”.
    “What for” says the other.
    “Because he’s mixed a cross ply & a radial” says the 2nd policeman.
    Heard that on the tv many moons ago, don’t think it was Britain’s got talent.

    • Another South African joke:

      Q. What’s the difference between a tourist and a racist?

      A. About two weeks.

  23. Bloody hell. Not even Hitler arrested people for telling jokes. But, of course, it isn’t about boundaries or taste. Banning jokes is just another way of saying blacks, peacefuls, pooves, trannies and women are beyond criticism. But white heterosexual working class men are fair game. The BBC allowing ‘jokes’ like ‘Kill Whitey’ to be broadcast proves that.

  24. Is there one about the Catholic priest thinking that Paradise lost is when an orphanage burns down?

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