Diversity Activists

Diversity activism is a cunt, isnt it.

Over in Yankland, Hopi Elementary school, of the Scottsdale Unified School District, recently held a fundraiser to benefit the school. They hired a local DJ called Kim Koko Hunter.

Stuart Rhoden and Jill Lassen, two diversity activists (!?) were looking at photos of the event and were horrified to see the DJ in Blackface. Clutching their pearls, the two ‘diversity in education’ advocates blasted the school and PTA, both publicly and privately, accusing the DJ of wearing “blackface” and consequently slamming the school for their alleged racism.

Quite right too. Disgraceful. Can’t be allowed.



There was only one problem; the DJ was actually black.


It’s almost as if these woke maggots are searching for reasons to be offended. What prompts somebody to become a Diversity in Education activist?
Being a cunt?

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and on the subject of “black faces”, here’s one from Liberal Liquidator

Blackface Blackface.

After the Jussie Smollett fake non-homophobic non-racist non-hate crime, you would have thought those pointing the finger would be more careful with their shit slinging, well you would be fucking wrong! Here is a pearler from Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Yes it would seem that there are not enough MAGA hat wearing white supremacist Trump supporting Nazis to go around so now they have started accusing black people of wearing blackface. The pair of cunts who made the accusation work for the district PTA advocating diversity – not diversity of a working brain cell it would appear and will probably get a slap on the wrist and maybe some extra diversity training.

Personally if I was organising this fundraiser I would have gone with a professional and hired Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau.

“Ebony and ivory…..
Live together in perfect harmony”………..

59 thoughts on “Diversity Activists

  1. The world is really daft when shit is given prominent time both on screen and in the press.. Stop promoting these fuckwits, ignore them , and if you can’t just knuckle the cunts.

  2. I would never hit a woman. Until today, that is.
    She needs her ugly face rearranging.

    • It’s not a woman.

      It’s a King Edward spud, that has gone to seed.

  3. This is what happens when you are desperately looking round to find racism. What a pair of wankers. So embarrassing and then they made it even worse by saying “we should have reached out.” You should have “reached out” for a gun and blown your snowflake brains out you cunts.

  4. Shows what happens to a great country when you get a senile old cunt as your President. This should be a warning to Britain with Labour’s fairy cake and his tart as leaders, if Dame Kweer and Angie ever get their sticky fingers on the keys of number 10.

    As for these cunts in the nom, give them to Unkle Terry – he will know what to do

  5. Diversity is like making a glass of squash. The more water you add the weaker the squash becomes until it is so diverse it is just water.
    Diversity equals race. To the weakest link


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    • Good thing I use a Linux distro now. Fuck Windows 10 and fuck Bill Gates.

    • Don’t apologise mate, I for one appreciate your input on such things. I can’t speak for the cunters, but I am sure it’s very much appreciated.

  7. The DJ was a genuine chocolate face? Oh my God, this is just too perfect. Rofl.

  8. How do they know he’s not wearing blackface? They should scrub his face with a wire brush to find out.

    If he’s wearing blackface, would you trust him to tell you the truth?

    Perhaps they can try and spot him in this video?


    • I think you will find that is an excerpt from “The David Lammy Show” recorded at The Mincing Lane Drill Hall with the Peter Mandelson Singers and Dancers.

  9. If you’ve been offended, by anything you’ve read on ISAC.
    Get To Fuck.
    You soppy cunt.
    Good evening.

  10. They certainly have got diversity in education now.
    Stupidity, self importance, misinformation, time and money waste.
    None of these negative attributes existed until the self appointed experts thought it appropriate to to force indoctrination instead of education.

  11. They were quite right to accuse Jimi Hendrix of wearing blackface.
    He clearly is.
    And wearing a afro wig.
    They should hunt down and denounce other faux sooties.

    Will smith, obviously gay obviously in blackface.

    Michael and Barry shoeshine o’barmpot.
    Two blokes who minstrel to the masses.

    Loads do it!

  12. Does anyone else see the irony in a group of white supremacists in an Elementary School named after an Indian tribe?

    White racists naming their school Hopi would be kind of like the Nazi’s having an Asher, Dan or Ephraim Elementary School.

    • I actually thought that, but then thought No, surely they can’t be as pigshit thick as to a accuse a PoC of being a white man, engaged in an activity to raise funds for a marginalised people, of being a fraud!
      No, apparently the only fraudsters here are these two bellends, who in the name of diversity, and all the other shit that attaches itself to that label, activily made utter cunts of their selves, proving that they’re not as attuned to anti diversity as they’d like you to think they are.
      Abismal twats.

      • I’ve only one thing to add, don’t claim this cuntish fuckwittery is done in my name. I don’t want to be associated with blinkered people.

    • Should have renamed Auschwitz, the ‘Solomon Goldstein Free Education Centre’. Offer up a few bargain ‘all inclusive’ weekend breaks that include ‘creative accountancy’ and ‘where to buy wholesale’ courses and the Pork dodging rascals would have driven themselves there!

  13. Meanwhile, back at the BBC, they have a whole pack of diversity activists mooching off the taxpayer.


    June Sarpong OBE (eh?) rakes in £267,000 p.a. practicing her particularly insidious brand of racism. Suppose we should be grateful she’s only on a 3 day week…

    • What the fuckity fuck is “creative diversity” when it’s at home?
      Shit stirring I presume.

      • Creative Diversity is making it up where (and when) it doesn’t exist.

      • Chucking n I g no gs into films and dramas playing white roles.

        Getting as many n I g no gs into presenting roles as possible. Even better if split arse or gays.

        Other races can fuck off it seems. Especially honky.

  14. I’m all up for diversity. Black women in forestry using a chainsaw, Spastic gays working on North sea trawlers. White women scaffolders and asbestos removers.
    Trannie farmers working in grain silos.
    Lesbian Brighton earth mothers working full time as litter pickers..
    Theres a reason 98.5% of work place deaths are White straight British men.
    We house, feed and ensure these cunts can have a 1st world life style..

    • In the link it says she’s an “ally to the LGBT+ community.” More than just good friends I reckon.

      • Nope, hedging her bets in case the diversity gig doesn’t work out, which it plainly hasn’t.
        I bet she realignes her alliegence in double quick time.
        Two faced bitch.

  15. I’m sure they will be American Libtards being paid by Pelosi. They have a tradition of doing it. If they wanted to attack the UK and take over it trust me they would.

    • https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suez_Crisis this will always stick in real Brits minds because all these meddlers want to enslave you. If it ain’t the EU communists it’s the Chinese or Germans or some other wanker. Just fuck off all foreigners treaty’s and alliances act on the basis of truth not fact finding missions because they will be biased to their own imagination.

      Modern democracy if there is a problem fuck the currency and Chuck money at it.

  16. I do think the black guy does look problematic. In the sense he looks like a black.stereotypical Seventies pimp.
    A bit like Antonio Fargas or ‘Huggy Bear’ in Starsky & Hutch.

    • Looks more like Albert Popwell’s pimp in “Magnum Force”
      Just needs a bottle of drain cleaner…

  17. The Dubonnet and chocolates are still available, but not the Minstrels.

  18. I see a lot of Sootie women are now dyeing their hair blonde.

    I’m not tolerating this cultural appropriation.

    I’m deeply offended.

    Nobody ‘owns’ colours. Including the colour black, (which isn’t technically a colour).

    It’s my face, and if I wanted to paint it black I would do.


  19. Talking of coloureds.

    I’ve been to East Kirkby today to the air museum.

    Watched the Lancaster and Mosquito taxy up and down, and had the Spitfire and Lancaster flypast too.

    A nosey round, a natter, a tray of chips and a ‘99’.
    A lovely day out all round. Really enjoyed it.

    And as the great Jon Snow once said….”I’ve never seen so many white people in one place!”

    • Last time I seen the spitfire was Goodwood. What a fantastic noise. Hopefully my grandfather (fuck celebrities my grandparents have always been my idols) serviced one of them because they still last rather than the shite that people buy now a days.

  20. No fucker ever asked me did I want diversity….

    Diversity my Arse……🇬🇧

    • I want diversity at my next birthday party, doing that Saint George Floyd routine they did on the telly.

      I wonder if they would turn out for a 100 quid, a bargain bucket, and a gallon of Kool Aid?

      • Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. But I can say it does taste like shit especially with Sasha Johnsons brain splattered in the mix. Put it this way it’s not shaken or stirred.

  21. Sirs:

    I can’t help noticing that “activists” really don’t do much of anything except protest, riot, and generally make a nuisance of themselves.

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