Marc Griffin

This cunt has been up to a spot of tomb raiding. Interesting in that he has been following an ancient tradition dating back to the times of the Pyramids and beyond or more recently to Burke and Hare. No wish to enhance the cunt with a connection to the traditions of ages past but it is a thought.

Studying the mugshot helpfully supplied by Old Bill for a consideration (allegedly) what do we see? Obviously a dumb druggy cunt reeking of the nick with 60 previous, Griffin has the aspect of a villain not too far genetically removed from Neanderthal ancestors. What used to be described in more enlightened times as “born to hang”, now updated to “born to live on benefits”. He did three adjacent premises, a hairdresser, a cafe and an undertaker then nicked the keys to a hearse to make an inconspicuous getaway.

During its orgy of crime to get drugs money the cunt cut its hand and plastered its genetic fingerprint over premises various, broke into mortuary fridges, unzipped and rifled body bags (containing the mortal remains of the late lamented) to half inch jewellery and such items left by grieving relatives to accompany their loved ones to the next world. Happily the intellect of the local plod was not too overtaxed by the complexities of the case and Mr Griffin was duly nicked.

Outraged and heart broken relatives naturally and hacks given the gift of a “trail of blood” headline but let us be thankful that there are no reports of Saville like circumstances to the case. Granny’s pussy remains unviolated.

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Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

(What is even more criminal is that this cunt has 60+ previous offences, but ends up with 2 years in the nick. These days a racist hate crime could earn you a heavier sentence!  – Day Admin)

45 thoughts on “Marc Griffin

  1. Every piece of human debris that comits a particularly newsworthy crime always has a long rap sheet. Amazing that the deterence of punishment escapes the cunts in charge.
    So it’s now clear that liberalism is a dismal failure. Can we please try something else for fuck sake?

  2. 2 years, 7 months. So that’s 15 months in the nick them. These judges really know how to hand the punishment down. We are supposed to take pity I suppose, because he admits to having a problem with ‘substance abuse’ & also he has ‘indicated remorse.’

    Worthless piece of shit and a grade 1 fucking cunt.

    • You will get more than that (all be it in a young offenders enclosure) for calling Harry 1/2 Wit a Traitor, on an on – line post. That one has already been tried & tested. Recon the “offender” had nowhere near this cunts form either.

  3. What a fucking sack of useless shit. The cunt should be wearing shackles and breaking rocks on Dartmoor. Lowlife fucking bastard.
    That funeral home is obviously an old pub that’s been closed down. There’s far too much of that in this country and can only get worse. Enjoy your local, if you still have one, while you can.

    • Are you sure? I recon that was Trumpton Fire Station, before a change of buisness & a blue makeover.

      • Aaah, the famous “Dumpton” roll-call…
        Jew, Jew, Timbuktu,
        Tranny, Jihadi, Dyke.

  4. It always amazes me how defence lawyers can keep a straight face when defending repeat offenders like this cunt, and coming out with the old “deep remorse” or “mental issues” or “my client is also a victim” mantra.

    It is of course only right that everyone should have access to a lawyer, but quite frankly defence lawyers are defending the indefensible at times.

    Imagine if Putin had to go to court for war crimes and his defence lawyer said “My client is deeply embarrassed for murdering 100,000 civilians, and shows regret. But in mitigation someone did call him a bit of a cunt when he was younger, which explains his sociopathic disorder!”

  5. So sixty odd crimes and in and out of the roaringly expensive “justice” system?

    When we still had clear heads cunts like this would swing or maybe get to take a lifelong trip to a barren island.

    Anyhow I hope he falls off the roof of his next “job” and breaks his neck.

    • Further to my comment above UT, I think a fitting end to the shit-stain, given his love of thieving off the dead, would be to nail him into a coffin & bury the cunt alive, akin to Kill Bill Vol.2. I seriously doubt a piece of dog shit like him is going to break out like Uma Thurman did!

  6. Bloody hell what a knuckle dragger. What they need to do is have bins filled with their favorite drug in dustbins in the slammer. Only problem will be, if you overdose NO treatment will be given. Cue the Liberal bedwetters asking about their human rights? FUCK them if you get chokey no human rights.

  7. My recent cunting was of a man who was given 24 years in prison for blasphemy. 24 years for the victimless crime of saying there was no God/Alläh/Father Christmas while this kro-magnon gýppó does just over a year for mortuary-fiddliing.

    • Even Boris Becker was sentenced more harshly.

      “Is it cos I is Ginger, nicht da?”

      • :Mein Gott, after zer gut rodgering Gerhardt gafe me in ze shower, I require new balls please.”

  8. Was he born in the shallow end of the gene pool? Deserves the electric chair.

  9. What’s the point of cunts like this?

    They cost a fucking fortune in prison costs, court costs and benefits.

    Oh, and the ‘rehabilitation courses’ they always promise the do-gooders that they’ll take part in for a reduced sentence.

    And that’s before we mention the utter misery he causes others who have the misfortune to live near the cunt.

    Honestly, just put cunts like this down.

    60+ previous convictions? He’s obviously never going to stop.

    I like the three strikes rule some Yankee states have. After the third guilty conviction it’s life without parole.

    I’d just put cunts like this down like a sick animal though tbh.

  10. In his defence, he was funny in “Carry on Screaming”-particularly that seen when he carried Joan Simms away👍

  11. To be fair, he looks kind of like Frankenstein’s monster so he could just tell the police that his body parts need replacing but Doctor Frankenstein was too busy so sent his creation to do the grave-robbing instead.

  12. Three strikes and out – third serious offence? – Ten years, no remission and just a picture of mangy Angies huge and well used growler for company (well, that’s one cell wall completely decorated! 😀).
    Then watch the fucking crime rate drop.
    Perchance also slip something into the legislation making it a criminal offence punishable by an on the spot fine for being French – shifty no good Frenchies..

    • Vern: our prison system is now so stuffed full with “Muslim gangs”, there is precious little room for scum like this.

      A much better use of tax-payers money, would be turning the fucker into organic fertiliser 👍

      • In 2016, slimes were 5% of the UK population (& growing) & 15% of the UK prison population. Though like our even darker brethren, though there’s no doubt it’s because of racial bias in sentencing rather than them being mainly radical terrorists & groomers. Cunts

  13. Off topic, having been “off-grid” this weekend, I have only just read about that gelatinous pie-key football agent CUNT, Mino Raiola, has passed into the realms of Hades👍

    Eddie Hearn (pi-key cunt), next please👍

  14. A typical product of Socialism. The social “Breeders Benefit ” keeps them reproducing at an alarming rate. Stop sponging rights and sterilise the fucking lot.

  15. Can anyone explain what the libtards argument is against a Three Strike rule?

    • My argument against the 3 stikes rule is that it should be one strike. If the punishment would just fit the fucking crime things would work out much better for all.
      It’s not complicated.

  16. I went to Dartmoor Prison Museum once. It was fucking great showing you all the nasty punishments they used to dish out and old photos of cunts in stripey suits getting pushed around. One photo in particular showed cunts breaking rocks on the moor while two screws sat on horses with Lee Enfields in their hands. Fucking marvellous.
    Then at the end they show you a video of modern cunts moaning and griping about the food, their satellite tv, the out of date gym equipment etc etc….moan moan fucking moan. You’re in chokey you bastard criminals, shut the fuck up.
    I’d give them something to moan about, the cunts, I can tell you.

    • Indeed.

      My nicks would resemble the one seen in Life of Brian.

      “Nail ’em up I say, nail some sense into ’em!”

  17. Boggs Films (Taiwan) Ltd are considering going into horror films, so watch this mans name – I might employ him as a “special adviser” on our very first production – it has everything – a monster, an ugly vamp , gay servants, a defrocked vicar – you’ve guessed it The first film is “The Private Morgue of Dr. Starmer,”, where the hideous deformed, reptile-like creature tries to recreate May 1997, in his cellar with the decomposing corpses of several of his predecessors, co-starring Angela Rayner, Chris Bryant and a special guest appearance of Mandy Mandelson as the camp butler (“can I do you now, duckie?”) – they all get killed off in the final scene. Mr. Griffin will eat some of the evidence.

  18. These thieving cunts need their fingers smashing with a lump hammer.

      • We need to understand why offenders receive short prison sentences – If they’re incarcerated for a longer period of time with Muslim extremists there’s a danger that they’ll become radicalized. Is it better that he burgles businesses or detonates an explosive device in a public place? The judiciary have to take these things into consideration.

        Personally I would take advice on which is the least expensive way to solve the problem – a bullet, a noose or an injection.

    • Some black bloke on Death Row in the US just çhose to die by firing squad rather than lethal injection.

      Think id prefer that too.
      Dunno why they get a choice though?

      Id just hang the cunt.

  19. I’ve had a few rough periods in my life, like most people and I’ve done one or two things I’m not proud of, like most people, but dead bodies? Not even once. Just look at the piece of shit. Waste of skin.

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