The Guardian (17) – Britain Not Doing Enough or Good Enough!

”Lone child refugees suffering neglect in UK hotels, charities say”

Shocking, I’m sure you agree. Having to come from a tent in war torn Calais to live in a hotel in Britain.

Then consider what sort of parents, having travelled 1000s of miles through the EU then send their kids, with hundreds of young, single Muslim or African (or even worse, both) males, on a fucking dingy?

These caring, loving parents truly would be a benefit to the UK.

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And the Cunstable really has it in for the Grauniad!…

The Guardian and ‘You wouldn’t let it Lie’ as Vic and Bob might say.

‘Embarrassed to be British’: Brexit study reveals impact on UK citizens in EU”

Fuck me they never give up do they.

Then we have:-

“I moved to France in 2020 in order to protect my right to live and work in France post-Brexit. My migration is 100% a result of Brexit.”

Oh dear. A sad loss.
These poor fuckers, the Gemimas and Tarquins can no longer make housing unaffordable for locals in the EU as they have in large parts of the UK. Fuck me they may have to learn the language.

But there’s more:-

”Brexit, and the British government’s handling of the Covid pandemic, strongly affected 80% of respondents’ feelings towards the UK, with responses including “deep shame”, “disappointment”, “a shit show”, “embarrassed to be British”, “shambolic”, and “like watching a house on fire”.

Covid? Really? Compared to the EU? Well you cant let facts get in the way of a good Remoan. God these people will be missed.

The Guardian, makes the Daily Express look moderate.

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73 thoughts on “The Guardian (17) – Britain Not Doing Enough or Good Enough!

  1. The Grauniad is simply the print version of the BBC. Has been for years. What’s shocking is seeing The Times, The FT and the Economist morphing into versions of the Grauniad Light. All utter cunts – love doing the UK down and would rather sit in a pile of immo vomit than say anything positive about the UK. All treasonous cunts.

    • The Independent is the worst.
      I know it’s only online now, but independent it most certainly isn’t.

      I’ll stick with The Torygraph thanks.

      “Is, was and always will be.”

      • In my opinion, even the Telegraph, on the very rare occasions that I skim through Mrs Kicker’s copy, has gone all woke and left of what I used to consider to be the middle ground politically, but perhaps that is in part due to my own shift right.

  2. Funny how the West cares about the territorial integrity of Ukraine but don’t give a fuck about it in the US or UK.

  3. The Guardian probably does believe that 35 year old men are “children” just because they say they are. Black Lives Matter and everyone else can fuck off,according to the entitled Tristan and Gemimas who work there.

  4. I do sometimes wonder if these soppy rich puffs ever consider the end result of their various campaigns?

    Uncontrolled immigration by foreign rubbish has the effect of disintegrating society..schools,hospitals and prisons all fucked as they try to cope.

    Forget of course the unbelievable expense that each and every one of the cunts inflicts on the evil,racist British taxpayer and home owner.

    Never mind that every ethnic minority and group of foreign rabble are vastly over represented in our legal system and jails.

    Put all these thoughts away.After all,at the end of the day it’s not like any of the cunts we let in rape children or indeed blow them to pieces is it?

    The persons involved in this ongoing treason should be summarily shot and their property sold off.

    Fuck Off.

  5. It’s a disgrace!
    Unaccompanied children between the ages of 18 and 30 years old crossing the Channel in flimsy boats.
    Shameful! 🤔

    • I also think it’s disgraceful. Furthermore, it’s simply unbelievable!!

      The Guardian has only been cunted 17 times!

      • Only here. You can bet it’s been cunted far more times than that elsewhere.

  6. The Guardian just churns out the same old Remoaner whinge on continuous loop.
    I’ve read more balanced reporting in the Morning Star.

    As for the Tarquins and Lucys, stay in fucking France you cunts, we’re better off without you.

  7. I love the Britain of the past and of my childhood. The place I live now bears no fucking resemblance to that place. Therefor, I would go so far as saying I hate Britain, not what it was, but what it is now. Silly cunts going about poor Ukrainians and their loss of culture – fuck me, it’s been happening here for years. And it’s not the Russians who have fucked my country, but the white, left that live here.

    • I put something controversial again on Ali Beebie, just waiting for the emali now to day it’s been removed.. LOL

  8. “Prison style” track suits? Inadequate change of clothing? My fucking heart bleeds. Do the Frenchies put them up in hotels, do they feed and clothe them? No, they live in fucking tents and have to rely on do gooder charities. But that’s the wonderful EU, who the wokies love so much. The immos put up with it for the chance to get to the terrible raaaay-sist, uncaring and cruel UK.
    Does this make sense to you? No, it only makes sense to posh Guardinista/BBC cunts who don’t know their arse from their elbow.

    • Odd, too, how all these poor, starving refugees have the very latest in trainers and mobile phones, undoubtedly with yewman roits lawyers’ numbers on speed-dial.
      Where’s the world’s biggest wave machine when it’s needed??

  9. Easy fix, dont let the sponging fuckers in, fuck em off some where else, dont want em, dont want to be putting my hand in my pocket for em and dont give a toss.
    The fact that they cross umpteen countries to get here to leech off the system that we all pay for is totally fucking unacceptable, breaking all manor of asylum rules has to count for something, its not that their fleeing for their lives, its that they want to jump on the gravy train using someone elses ticket….

  10. Besides all the cunts in hotels there’s all the unknown cunts who are not intercepted and escorted into this terrible raaaay-sist hellhole. They just disappear into fuck knows where to do fuck knows what. I’m told that Dungeness, a deserted and lonely part of the Kent headland, is a favourite landing spot. They race across the mud flats into fleets of cars parked there waiting for them. If it had been this easy for the Armada in 1588 we’d all be speaking fucking Spanish now.

    • I saw a video a few months ago where some sort of landing/recovery vehicle was ALREADY at the beech to recover/remove the boat that landed there with gimme-grants onboard being helped off with ladders, very well organised operation. Police were there to – not to arrest anyone, just there to see no harm came to anyone. We basically have no real coastguard it seems, the government, coastguard, police facilitate this crime. What a joke Britain is in 2022, whole world is a joke now.

  11. In the 19th century the Guardian did not want to extend the franchise beyond male ratepayers – property owners in other words.

    When the Indian Mutiny broke out The Guardian thundered its “unfaltering confidence in our right to rule over the native population by virtue of inherent superiority”.

    In the US Civil War The Guardian supported the Confederacy. Of Abraham Lincoln it said “of his rule we can never speak except as a series of acts abhorrent to every true notion of constitutional right and human liberty.”

    In 1917 The Grauniad described Arabs as at a “low state of civilisation”. They got that right.

    Surely it’s time these hypocrites cancelled themselves and burned down their office ?

  12. The only reason I’d buy the Guardian would be if toilet rolls are no longer available on supermarket shelves. Their ‘writers’ are nothing more than student activists with little to no knowledge of anything, apart from being able to tell you the best caterers for swanky dinner parties.

  13. Clocked a look at today’s Grauniad front cover in the shop this morning…


    If some global catastrophe really was that close, the various groups of self serving cunts who run the world be switching everything off, grounding every plane (even their own), closing every factory and confining the entire population in their homes (or death camps) at gunpoint. Not for our protection, but in an effort to preserve their own selfish arses. Because if the Armageddon film moment actually happened for real, the cunts in charge and their lackeys would be fucked too.
    Instead, let’s just inflict the Stone Age on the plebs, while living on yachts.
    It’s all about their politics. It always was. Fuck the Guardian..

  14. Fuck off!!
    Child refugees left alone in hotel…
    Theyd fuckin love it!
    Like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone.
    Sliding down bannisters, ice cream for breakfast,
    Boobytrapping criminals..
    What utter bollocks.

    Id of loved to be left in a hotel as a sprog.
    Like Keith Moon.
    Telly out the window
    Car in the swimming pool

    Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!!

  15. The MSM should be showing what is going on in Sweden, there may be less of ‘not doing enough’ and more of ‘sink the cunts mid channel’

  16. Who the fuck reads the Guardian? Never met a single cunt who reads it. The Guardian themselves probably buy up the copies like 1960s pop music labels used to do.

    • Only smug twats called Julian wearing red corduroy trousers shopping for Kiwi fruit and Avocados in Waitrose, oh and BBC staff.

    • The Guardian when used for arse wiping, does the paper clean your arse or does your arse clean the paper? This appeared in a comic strip in the Guardian I think in the 80s. The character wishing to wipe his arse was clutching a copy of the Sun. How times change, tree wasting cunts.

  17. Heres a piss boiler for you.
    Just had a job,
    Local authority paying.

    Big fat dogeater looked like a female chairman Kim.

    3 bedroom house,
    New carpet and flooring throughout,
    New cooker, washing machine
    New fridge.
    Large garden.
    Dining room.

    Said they offered her where I grew up,
    She cried,
    Got somewhere more affluent.

    This fuckin country.👎

    • I don’t know how you do it Mis. I’d be tempted to drive the fucking van over her. I was nineteen when I first lived in a house with a bathroom.

      • Evening Arfur 👍
        Yes I struggled to hold my tongue.
        And dont forget she wasn’t paying me,
        Council paid.
        She got the move free too.

        No wonder they come in dinghies….

  18. I have it on good authority that Priti Patel will issue some vague promises and assurances before doing fuck all – just like the last 2 years the useless fat fucking sandbag has been taking money under false pretences.
    Unless we get rid of ALL our current politicians at the next Election the United Kingdom is lost.
    Traitors out, independents in – doing nothing except seeeing the same old shit get repeatedly “voted in” (if indeed they ever are legitimately elected) to do nothing is now no longer an option.
    The Guardian should change its name to “Enemy of the peoole”.

  19. Any cunt is embarrassed by Britain can fuck off to the Donbas, sure Vlads mates will put them up in a nice hotel. As for neglected children the fucking McCanns have made a mint out of their poor kid.
    Why haven’t those cunts been arrested?? Which lodge are they in??

  20. Support the R.N.L.I.? The picture clearly shows (& I think we will all agree) an example of ‘Why not to support the R.N.L.I.’ For this misuse of their resources, they don’t get my loose change any more. Like off the coast of Somali, gunboats are what is needed as a deterrant. Charity my fucking arse!

      • The problem with Somalians is that they can easily use each others ID.

        They all look exactly the same.

        I watched that Tom Hanks cunt in that Captain Fucklaps or whatever it was called. Ship boarded by a load of Somali pirates.

        Every single one of them looked exactly like that Maurice ‘Mo’ Farah.
        It’s a bit like having Down’s Syndrome in that respect, being a Somalian.

      • Think I’ve posted this before CB, but an acquaintance told me of how his asian neighbour mentioned quite casually that the kids in the family all used the same passport alternately. Used to fly in and out of Heathrow fairly regularly without any difficulty.

  21. These chancers whine because they know they’ll get a free house, which will also be kitted out for free.

    Well, free for them.

    Cost of living crisis you say? Ah fuck it. Let’s keep going until you need a wheelbarrow full of fifties to buy an onion. It might hit these twats at the Guardian between the eyes, once Waitrose becomes too pricey and they have to shop with the ‘oiks’ at Aldi.

    The fucking shithouses.

  22. ‘Embarrassed to be British’

    By Jon, (prick because he omits the ‘h’), Henley.
    Europe Correspondent.

    Sore misgivings Jon? Fuck off and put some talc on them.

    Fake news.

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