The Guardian (17) – Britain Not Doing Enough or Good Enough!

”Lone child refugees suffering neglect in UK hotels, charities say”

Shocking, I’m sure you agree. Having to come from a tent in war torn Calais to live in a hotel in Britain.

Then consider what sort of parents, having travelled 1000s of miles through the EU then send their kids, with hundreds of young, single Muslim or African (or even worse, both) males, on a fucking dingy?

These caring, loving parents truly would be a benefit to the UK.

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And the Cunstable really has it in for the Grauniad!…

The Guardian and ‘You wouldn’t let it Lie’ as Vic and Bob might say.

‘Embarrassed to be British’: Brexit study reveals impact on UK citizens in EU”

Fuck me they never give up do they.

Then we have:-

“I moved to France in 2020 in order to protect my right to live and work in France post-Brexit. My migration is 100% a result of Brexit.”

Oh dear. A sad loss.
These poor fuckers, the Gemimas and Tarquins can no longer make housing unaffordable for locals in the EU as they have in large parts of the UK. Fuck me they may have to learn the language.

But there’s more:-

”Brexit, and the British government’s handling of the Covid pandemic, strongly affected 80% of respondents’ feelings towards the UK, with responses including “deep shame”, “disappointment”, “a shit show”, “embarrassed to be British”, “shambolic”, and “like watching a house on fire”.

Covid? Really? Compared to the EU? Well you cant let facts get in the way of a good Remoan. God these people will be missed.

The Guardian, makes the Daily Express look moderate.

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73 thoughts on “The Guardian (17) – Britain Not Doing Enough or Good Enough!

  1. I occasionally pull ticks off sheep and cats.

    They remind me of these immigrants.

    Full of germs and bacteria.

    Parasites sucking the blood and life of others.

    All take and give nothing back in return.

    Fuck off the lot of you.

    Can’t we just get a spray for these parasites, like fly spray, but it latches on to the nervous system of people of a certain heritage?

    Chase Abdul round with a can, and one puff sees him running round frantically, crashing into windows and walls, before he does a few last spàz flips on the floor and dies.

  2. The United Kingdom has a long history of taking in GENUINE asylum seekers and refugees – I cannot think of a single muslim Country which has.
    But the modern wave is not – it is unproductive, healthy, rich, fighting age Males who will do nothing but breed, scrounge, turn every single place they infest into a filthy, lawless shithole and import an ideology which hates us and wants us slaves or dead.
    This is not a “refugee crisis” – it is deliberate and premeditated population replacement and in my opinion any who support it should be jailed for treason.
    Because that’s what it is.

    • If only the indigenous soles of this country were able to see the immigration crisis as clear as they are able to see the climate crisis, we would be in a far better position.

      Even if old blighty disappeared under 20 foot of seawater in 100 years time, it wouldn’t matter, because will have adopted sharia law, and be a predominantly Muslim country. Our great grandchildren will be subject to murder, persecution, rape and harassment on a unparalleled scale.
      It’s happening now. Wait until we are the minority. I’m sure that the earth will be spinning around quite nicely in a 1000 years time. But this country will be hell for the white British man, and women (in particular) long before then. Historic cathedrals will be raised to the ground, and suffer the fate of monasteries of old.
      This prediction will not be far from the truth.
      Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see a similar scenario unfolding.

    • Spot on, Vern.
      We are being invaded. The rubber dinghy is the modern day equivalent of the Trojan Horse.
      Protect yourself, arm if possible and get a dog, ( because the Peaceful see a dog, and their lizard brain says Wolf)
      Praise the Lord and pass the bullets.

      • Note pinned to wharf in Dover:
        To : assorted worthless immigrants, scroungers and johhny foreigner:
        The anglo saxons and vikings have no further use for this island. We have left overnight.
        In the centre of every football stadium you will find crates containing ten thousand automatic weapons each with ten thousand rounds of ammunition.
        Let us know who wins. On second thoughts just fuck off.
        P.s. don’t try to follow us. You will be shot on sight. We have commandeered one of your erstwhile shitholes and kicked everybody out.

  3. When a logical reason is given for letting half the World into Britain, maybe I will understand the reasoning behind the previous governments and this one’s abject failure to reduce the numbers arriving. Really is a load of wank.

  4. Brexit a shit show they say? ……… Hhhmmm if only the UK government had had the best part of 4 fucking years to focus on, and prepare for, Brexit and with a democratic mandate………. oh wait.

  5. For once I agree with the cunts: Britain isn’t doing enough. Our navy should be blasting these scrounging white hating scum out of the water the moment they cross our territorial borders.

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