Natasha Devon – Hates Britain But Still Lives Here

Natasha Devon, another tiresome woke merchant, who appears on that cuntfest LBC, for stating something along the lines of:

‘It’s not true that everyone wants to come here. Britain is not a great country, we are just a silly little island, full of racism…’

Something like that anyway. There is actual audio/video footage of this, I saw it on GB News, but I can’t find a suitable link.

UK might not be perfect, what country is? But if she believes her own bullshit, perhaps she should get in her own dinghy, go to the middle of the Channel with a loudspeaker and tell all the illegals to go back to wonderful tolerant France, or whatever flyblown shitholes they originally came from.

Then she should apply a sharp pin to said vessel and disappear.

LBC Link.
(News link provided by Ruff Tuff Creampuff)

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90 thoughts on “Natasha Devon – Hates Britain But Still Lives Here

  1. She’s big mates with that Uber cunt James O Brian.

    I think that in itself sums her up.

    She came to prominence as she led a campaign against body shaming and she also had a large part of her bowl removed so has a colostomy bag. She was pictured in just her underwear with her bag in full view. (How brave).

    That said I do sometimes genuinely wonder if these cretins actually believe the guff they spout.

    It seems to me that nowadays there are no debates and only polarised opinions make the ‘news’.

    Most people don’t give a dogs fuck about the shit coming from the gobs of these talking heads but sadly they are able to dominate parts of the media as they are paid advocates of the bigger fish who IMO thrive on creating division.

    Natasha and her echo chamber friends really should get out of London and visit these places they speak of in such general terms to seek out these nasty far right racists that apparently make Britain a nasty racist country and give them a jolly good telling off.

    But they won’t. Because they have no interest in genuinely trying to understand the ‘debate’, only in stoking it.

    • Fitted with a colostomy bag, you say? Wonder if she hangs out with that chod bin wearing cunt, Cliff ‘Yew Tree dodger’ Richard?

  2. She may be of interest to Mr. Cunt Engine.
    There must be some gaps in his ‘ Carnival of Filth ‘.
    Surely, not even he has ‘ Colostomy Bag Porn ‘, in his filthy collection.

    • Ho ho, once my dinner’s gone down far enough, I’ll be searching the dark web for exactly this sort of disgraceful filth.
      As a connected aside, I hope she had to have part of her bowel removed after receiving a full unlubricated Barrymore-ing from an over-excited Harvey Price.

  3. You could open a beer bottle with those gnashers.
    Fuck off and die. Preferably somewhere other than England…

  4. Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom.

    Not watched it for a while 😉

    • Salò…4th on the list of challenging wanks.
      3rd…A Serbian Film
      2nd…Grotesque (Japan)
      1st….Schindler’s List

  5. Breaking news…….
    COVID-19 has tested positive for Nicola Sturgeon !
    The poor cunt.
    It’ll never shake her off.
    Get To Fuck

  6. I’ll admit Poms aren’t my favourite people, but I love the Empire. I have no time for cunts that deride our glorious civilisation, they’ve chosen to live in a dominion. Be grateful for the better life granted to you by her Madge’s grace or fuck off back to Ishitistan © Fuglyucker.

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