The Cost of Living Crisis (2) and the Wank of England

I recently heard this labelled as a ‘Phenomenon.’ But phenomena are impossible to explain. This “one” isn’t.

You can blame, who you like; Covid. Brexit. Putin. The world markets. The weather/climate change, heat waves or droughts. Solar activity. The cost of raw materials. Supply and demand. The ever increasing population. (now 7.9 billion) or a plague of locusts on their most recent West Africa Tour.

So a combination of the above, perhaps? But then there’s the corporate cunts. Those vultures cashing in, on everyone else’s current misery. The ones that have made more coin, so far this year, on the back of our spending, than ever before!

This October, it will only get worse, because so far no cunt has had the gumption to stand up, above every other cunt and sort this thing out. and if no one does – lookout!

Not a phenomenon here, by all accounts, just a bunch of greedy cunts, taking the piss. and yes, on this occasion I will have to say “Up the revolution!”

Total cunts! The lot of them!

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Nominated by: Lord Scunthorpe

And then there’s this from Technocunt

Bank of England

Just what is the point of the BoE in times of a crisis?

The Governor, Andrew Bailey, said he is “helpless” in the fight against rampant inflation, ad warned of “apocalyptic” global fuel and food prices.

Of course he put some of the blame on the Ukraine conflict where unfortunately both protagonists are seemingly some of the biggest exporters of those very same elements. But despite that, food and energy prices were going up long before that kicked off in February.

Critics warned that the BoE should have acted sooner to the crisis rather than dither over half and quarter point rises in interest rates, as well as the need to reign in the need of printing money as if there was no tomorrow.

Bailey said “To forecast 10pc inflation and to say there is not a lot we can do about 80pc of it, I can tell you it is an extremely difficult place to be. We have to recognise the reality of the situation we face.”

So that’s alright then!

Of course the impotence of the BoE is exacerbated by the ridiculous policies of this government, not least its green net zero bollocks. But it is becoming glaring apparent that cunts like Bailey, and all the twats who sit around tables at the BoE discussing what to do about the economy are clearly out of their depth.

Not that they will care much because on their incomes they are probably well insulated from the shitfest we find ourselves in thanks in part to their incompetence.

And as for Sunak suggesting there is nothing the government can do to help the people out of the impending shitstorm, how about the following Departmental incompetence that he chooses to ignore:-

£36bn penalty to the EU due to Brexit
£8.7bn PPE written off
£37bn fraudulent Covid loans never investigated, written off.
£37bn Test & Trace written off
£512m ventilators never used, written off.
£500m Nightingales never used, written off.
£12bn earmarked for NHS social care, will probably be reallocated on management diversity bullshit.
£111bn+ for HS2 that hardly anyone will ever use.

Not forgetting a bloated public sector, who are already demanding pay rises of over 11%. And the many millions being spent on a daily basis looking after dinghy riders in 4* hotels.

But the government can’t help us plebs get through this cost of living nightmare!

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And here’s one from Sick of it

Struggling to pay the bills is a cunt, or so we are told, inflation at 9%, gas and leccy prices sky high, food prices up and petrol and diesel at prices that no one could have anticipated.

BUT, hospitality so busy and can’t find the staff, massive queues at airports with people heading off to the sun, unemployment at its lowest level for 50 years and allegedly more vacancies than available unemployed people to fill them.

It’s a fucking joke, ok there are some who will be finding it hard, the bone idle and serial benefit claimants but the two paragraphs above suggest the contradictions, all we here is a ‘windfall tax’, a silver bullet, the answer to the Great Depression but there are muted calls to do something about the blatant profiteering on the fuel forecourts, why aren’t the government putting pressure on retailers to cut cost, answer because the higher the price the more VAT, kerching

The moral of this story is stop fucking bitching about the the cost of living and to fucking get on with it! This once great country has become a bunch of pussy wiped tarts.

I have just blown the £150 rebate paid via the council tax system, on none essentials, thanks Rishi

59 thoughts on “The Cost of Living Crisis (2) and the Wank of England

  1. Techno, you forgot about how ever much this government now borrow anually to give away in foreign aid to cunts who would happily see us dead.

  2. It’s a bit funny that our Great Leaders,”journalists” and every other facet of the MSM are all singing from the same hymn sheet.

    Blame everything on foreign wars,diseases and so on.

    Nobody seems to be taking a very hard look at how the BoE and the government have been simply printing more money to “solve” every problem they encounter (or create).

    The value of the money in our pocket has been hugely eroded by this madness and it’s only going to get worse.

    But look everyone! Look over there! A war..a celebrity trial..a Gay footballer…an African Dr Who..

    CUNTS for Oven.

    • Half of it just goes into the deep dark hole of Crypocurrency. Never to be used in the functional economy. Bunch of rookies running us into obvilion.

  3. The policies of the cunts we put in power are the cause. Simple as that.
    I’m looking at pigeons now trying to figure out an effective way to trap them. Those birds are nice and plump. Is seagull meat any good?

    • Their eggs are good M.C. My dad ate them during the war, much nicer that powdered egg at the time. Yuk! Need to be the eggs from fish feeding gulls though. Not from todays ‘flying rats’ going through the bins, on bin day!

  4. The Bank of England are a bunch of cunts and the cunt at the top is the biggest one of the lot. Look at the previous cunt, that Canadian wanker, Mark Carney. A blatant and vociferous remoaner interfering in politics despite being a public servant. Jellyfish should have sacked him the day he became PM but he kept him on until he could find a nice cushy investment job. Now we’ve got this “apocalyptic” cunt on 575,000 big ones. Listen cunt it’s your fucking job to control inflation and to avoid a fucking apocalypse. Economies are floated on confidence, you don’t get anywhere talking it down and using ridiculous expressions like that. We’re being conned and robbed blind and any cunt with a brain knows it.

    • Carney is/was the head of the Financial Stability Board at the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. He ruled which institutions were too big to fail, and as such is a top bloke and not a fucking cunt, at all.

  5. On the news today 28 million tons of grain in Ukraine, stuck there, there will be mass migrations because of hunger, so basically the world is totally dependent on Ukraine wheat, ffs

    Maybe the penny will drop over an ever increasing population in parts of the world where it cannot be sustained.

    Back home in the UK, still banging on about helping the least well off, the windfall tax won’t sort out inflation and giving the great unwashed extra money is pointless, the cunts will still go to food banks and the extra cash will produce a boom in sales….. for scratch cards 😂

    Get a job! Live within your means, so what if living standards drop, it’s still a damn site better now than when I was a youngster.

    PS, I have chosen Eating over Heating, it’s summer (almost) 😉

    • But we’re showing that nasty Mr Putin that we think he’s a very naughty boy. It’s really worth the cost (only to the poor, not the middle-classes).

      • Mr Putin, satan on earth, not only will the world suffer because of him but we also have droughts in Europe (act of God not Vlad) so harvests will be down effecting food exports from the EU.
        Not to worry, the mass migration has a tried and tested route, across the med, land in Italy, straight to the channel coast where the French government will supply ribs to make the last leg of the journey to Utopia 😂

        UK ‘Exports’ to Rwanda has been postponed, legal challenge by cunts, well that’s a surprise 😳

    • Soi@ – As UK farmers are paid not to grow crops and the UK imports produce we could be growing from halfway around the world.
      I wish a journalist or member of the public would demand an answer from a “politician” – this policy is just madness.

      • There was a report on the news about a farmer, North Yorkshire (not sure), his family have been tenant farmers on the land for generations, The land owners have sold off some of the land for fucking solar panels, prime arable land…. What a fucking disgrace!

  6. I read a great book a few years ago – Goliath by Sean McFate. There’s a section that deals with “weaponisation” of refugees (the author is a Yank). As he says, the main objective of war is to ensure that your enemy’s economy is damaged to the point that they can no longer wage war. That used to be achieved by bombing etc. No, it is by the use of much more subtle tactics – importing huge quantities of useless immigrants costs a host country huge amounts of money. Money that cannot be spent on anything else.

    Oh, and the BoE governor is a dick if he says nothing can be done. Interest rates HAVE to rise else we will be in civil unrest and chaos. Look what happened to Weimar Germany (although if our impending financial armageddon results in a new British fascist party, then maybe it’s no bad thing.)

    • Well said.

      The Russkies and The Chinks don’t have Africunts and other rubbish draining their coffers.

      How they must laugh.

    • Did the septic say who was wielding the migrant weapon?
      Personally I think it’s overpopulation in failed states and shit holes, and the relative ease of movement to an easier life.
      But hey, I doubt my opinion would sell any books.

      • Africa is the biggest threat to everyone in the west, breeding like rabbits but without the required amount of grass to feed them, the model is the young bucks shag away and produce a litter then fuck off to Europe and the cycle continues.
        Umbongo is coming!!

      • I don’t remember exactly, but the Chinks and Ruskies seem to be behind most of what he said. Well worth a read – he was a US marine, who then became a mercenary, and is now a lecturer in International Strategy and Georgetown University in Washington. He’s a bright guy and, unlike many people, has been in the shit-holes of the world so knows what he’s talking about.

      • Those cunts would definitely top the list of suspects if it was the case. They have been trying to destabilise the west for years online, creating or amplifying anti Western sentiment, conspiracy theories and political meddling.

      • The Russians have been spiking our bottled water with the Woke virus for decades. Explains why normal people (like me) who drink water from the tap remain unaffected.

      • I’m not surprised that you didn’t get a reaction to your post.
        Aside from this of course. 😃

  7. Drop the Green agenda, plant food here instead of solar panels leeching god knows what into the soil. Sort out the power generation. Get back the money they spunked on fraudulent covid deals.
    And then walk all the MPs off to Uncle Terrys oven.

  8. Imho, the destruction of our currency is policy. They are going to obliterate the bad debt of the global financial crisis of ’08 and if that means you take it in the stern sheets, bonus. The economy = energy consumption, if energy is priced +50% there will be a corresponding ‘adjustment’ in the ‘value’ of everything, including cash, globally. Again imho, we are viewed as little more than a biomass that must endure the consequences of our criminal rulers, and there’s not a fucking thing you can do about it.

  9. Our economically-illiterate lords and masters still believe in the 1970s voodoo that inflation can be controlled with interest rates.

    Energy companies, along with water and the railways, should be brought into public ownership without compensation.

    An aggressive campaign to recover money stolen from the public and placed in tax havens should be instigated. Those who have stolen money should, along with those lawyers, accountants and other assorted vermin who have aided said theft, should be held in custody until it is returned.

    All four home nations should have devo-max and be responsible for all domestic expenditures within their borders.

    Jurgen Klopp should be beaten to death with a corner flag live on television (I don’t know how this would help the economy but it would make me feel better).

  10. And coming over the horizon the next thing to frighten the shit out of us………,monkey pox! Yes, we’re stockpiling vaccines and masks etc and it’s breaking out all over Europe.
    Don’t panic! Don’t panic!
    Just get rid of the fucking monkeys.

  11. I will no longer be able to afford to buy soot.
    Fortunately I have a stockpile of Kiwi Ginger(anag)® Brown quality boot polish.

    • SB@ – Order Mr Beau to get a second job – a classy gal gotta be kept in soot, init!

  12. If we told the eco-loonies to fuck off and resumed coal production and used it in power stations, then that would be a start to reducing prices. Mind you, our energy “policy” is so fucked, it’ll take a century to sort it.

    • Using coal is silly my Lord.
      We sensibly get wood from American trees, chipped over there by fucking great power draining machines, shipped by road, sea and rail to East Yorkshire and burnt in a power station converted from coal, next to the closed Killingley colliery.
      The wood chips have the benefit of being a lower calorific value than coal, needing more to heat the water, and sending up masses of particulates. But thankfully, only over northern England. Which is covered in wiind turbines.
      Net fucking zero bullshit. You know it makes sense.

      • I just got a message from Scottish Power proudly proclaiming that all their energy is from wind farms, and then telling me that from next month my bill would be doubling. Has the wholesale price of wind doubled? Utter fucking madness.

    • LC@ – As well as putting half a million people into well paid work in some of the most deprived and run down areas of the UK.

  13. These Trumpers, these right wing extremists – we’re coming for you, when we are finished you will beg us for a loaf of bread.
    Jackala Harris, CCP “Vice President of the US” – I don’t remember the exact quote but on the lines of the above.
    Food plants and warehouses being deliberately set on fire all across the US, truckers being fired and losing their licences to operate, the CON flict in Ukraine being blamed for shortages of vegetable oil in the UK (I have a financial interest in the restaurant business, been hearing a lot of bullshit about lack of supply due allegedly to Ukraine – I live in the middle of the North Yorkshire farming belt, every other field is filled with oilseed rape – do they think I’m fucking stupid?)
    Fuel, gas and electricity up 25% in six months – do they think I’m fucking stupid?
    Every leech, parasite, piece of shit kiddy fiddler and terrorist in the world flooding the UK and getting everything free as we go to the wall – do they think I’m fucking stupid?
    Bezos, Gates, Musk and all the other worlds bloated thief plutocrats doubling their wealth as ordinary people lose their jobs and homes – do they think I’m fucking stupid?
    They’ll be telling us there’s a deadly pandemic next – I think smallpox is the next one Dollar Bill, along with the WHO, has planned – when the “race between Russia and the US to recover the dirty secrets of US “politicians” is over and we have a biolab exposing/hiding winner and they need another excuse to fuck us over.
    And the sheeple will swallow it, again.

    • @VF the answer is Yes. They think you’re stupid. Most people are unfortunately. Everything you said is true. As they lower the box of rats over your head take solice in the fact that you knew the truth.
      Yell, “Freeeeedooooom!” as your face and scalp are eaten off.

      • MC@ – I get the distinct feeling that with my thoroughly disgraceful anti authoritarian attitude I would be one of the first revolutionaries dragged kicking and brawling to the firing squad shouting “I told you all, yer daft cunts!” as a baying mob (ex girlfriends, Family etc) threw rotting fruit at me! 😀👍

    • They already have but their arrogant hubris will convince them its all conspiracy theo….zzzzzzzzz.

  14. the WEF meets again next week with all the major leaders hellbent on committing to this unipolar world order where a single controlled central bank will control all other sovereign nations central banks
    Not all Sovereign nations want to play ball and hence the current instability.
    As others have said, printing money is suicide as western nations have no real tangible manufacturing or major food programmes to offset the shortages that will inevitably surface as we come in to next winter.
    The WEF has all its chip in the new Green solution as the way forward for the big reset
    but us mere minions might have to starve and freeze a bit first so as to accept this unipolar world order.
    i might be off the mark but that’s what i can make out of the place the nutters have brought us to

    • Mecuntry@ – And the WHO wants a worldwide declaration put in place (which the jellyfish is of course gagging to sign ASAP, the sweaty traitor cunt) so they are in charge of the health of Sovereign Nations if a “pandemic/medical emergency” is declared (by the WHO presumably).
      Something Orwellian and sinister is being played out, and 99.9% of the entire world are either being kept in the dark about it or couldn’t care less.
      And the small minority pushing against it are fragmented, disorganised and don’t have a clue what to do to stop this.

      • It’s obvious our cunt of a ‘leader’ doesn’t want any responsibility and would be very interested in passing the buck but that’s ok, either his fellow MP’s or the voting public will make sure he no longer has any after, or more likely even before, the next election.

      • That seems to be it Vernon, an unstoppable force that will risk even a full confrontation for their control of the endgame.
        the LaRouche Organisation is one that is challenging the system of corruption but is small in numbers but i do not know enough about them as in there alliances and agendas but Harley Schlanger who worked al his life with the LaRouche organisation has daily YT videos on the current state of affairs that are very enlightening
        hope there not commies

  15. Supply and demand. Its not that difficult to understand. If a commodity loses one of its largest contributors, the remaining commodity isn’t enough to supply the whole market, driving up prices (some through profiteering, oil definitely), and causing shortages through extra demand on the remaining stocks.

    • Define rich.

      Come October, even the Beckhams are going to be digging down the back of the sofa and raiding the penny jar looking for enough change to stick £50k on the meter key for next week’s leccy.

  16. Supply and demand is the normal default setting of a world capitalist economy.
    Farmland not being used (and Dollar Bill buying up a huge swathe of US farmland – suspicious), stockpiles of produce being deliberately withheld, premeditated, planned and “assisted” supply chain issues, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens at the US border being given free baby formula as Americans face a shortage that is now a crisis, all the money in the world to support terrorist dictatorships but none to look after your own people when they are in need? – this is not “supply and demand” – this is communist dictatorship starving the people into submission.
    It’s what communist regimes do.
    But the more they turn the screw the more angry people will stand and finally say “fuck this”.
    Then it gets unpleasant.

    • When I heard that Bill Gates was buying up acres upon acres of prime agricultural land a few years ago, I know there was going to be a food crisis in Yankland at some point, didn’t expect to be so soon. The Monsanto domination of agri-business should have been a scandal, but it only made a ripple. Who owns the food and who controls the money are the masters of us all. But it will reach breaking point eventually and add to that the creepy shit going on in schools with kids being taught about ass-fucking and other degenerate shit, people will get medieval very soon.

      • No they won’t, they’re weak and indoctrinated.
        This is the decline of the Western world, good luck,millennial scum.

  17. Russia and Belarus have vast,to-the-horizon wheatfields,oh, hang on…..

    You filthy peasants will get nothing and be happy.

    • It won’t take much to awaken the woke, when the day arrives that they cannot buy a latte for love nor money
      I await that day and not for the pointing of my middle finger but just to say “welcome back to the fight. This time I know our side will win”

      its universal and was made during war time

  18. Maybe hard up folk could sell their stocks of face coverings and C19 tests on ebay. They were free after all,weren’t they ?.

  19. Excellent cunting and some truly thought provoking responses.

    Bravo IsAC👏👏👏

  20. Saw the recent Rich List in the Daily Fail. Wonderful to see that lovely brown man and his wife now have 750m! In this institutionally racist HELLHOLE of GB. Anyway, ever feel like you’re being royally taken the piss out of?

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