Selfish People

Whatever happened to the good Samaritan?
A dying breed.

I trust my fellow ISACs would help someone in trouble?
The weak, the vulnerable, the timid?

I was sat in the van in a supermarket carpark t’other day and a little elderly black lady carrying two big bag of shopping came out.
The bags were probably heavier than she was.

She slipped on a kerb directly facing me,
Landed hard, fuckin shopping everywhere!!
She was clearly in some pain,
Probably needed a ambulance.

Do you know not one passerby helped her?!

I was sat watching for about 15 minutes and no one lifted a finger.

It was chucking it down with rain when I left and she was still there!
I had to swerve round her.

Wheres all the Knights in shining armour gone?
The’ lean on me’ types.
Its a sad world we live in.

Nominated by: Miserable Northern cunt

34 thoughts on “Selfish People

  1. But MNC – you were there? (:-

    It reminds me of the time an old beggar a;roached me in the street and said “Guvnor – I ain’t eaten nothiing in three days”

    Of course I had to say something to help so I told him he should force himself.

    • Reminds me of my mate on arriving back into town and being asked ‘have you got any spare change?’, he replied ‘No, I only carry notes’

      • A troubled soul once lamented to me that they felt they were not even worth shitting on.
        My heart broke for them and I offered my consolation by telling them that they were.

  2. I hoped you put the film 🎥 on social media so that a relative of hers may see it and come to her aid.

  3. Well I for one think you are the very epitome of chivalry.

    After all,you didn’t nick her purse.

    Did you?

  4. I think there is a serious point behind MNC’s post, hidden behind his trademark humour. Who hasn’t read of people attacked or helpless in the street where nobody has helped. Apparently this is a criminal offence in some countries.

    There is something called the Bystander Effect. It’s a social psychological conditioning theory that that people are less likely to help to a victim when there are others around. Lab research says this is due to factors such as the number of bystanders, ambiguity, group cohesiveness, and diffusion of responsibility so that no one wants to step forward.

    Psychological and social conditioning can be a cunt.

    • It seems a commonly held view that people generally ignore a stranger who may need assistance encouraged I think, by the occasional shocking story in the MSM. I must say though that this has not been my experience in my many years. I have been helped in some small way by complete strangers several times and family members have been assisted, sometimes to a degree I found remarkable and impressive. I have given some small help to strangers on occasion. I don’t think I was virtue signalling since no-one in the vicinity knew who I was.

  5. These days a lot of bystanders will just get their phones out and record/upload the incident to social media for the likes. And then add follow-up comments about the breakdown of society and someone should have helped!

    On the other hand, if a bystander does get involved they could on the receiving end of a good kicking, or become a witness to the incident, which means the police and the courts getting involved. And all of a sudden everyone knows your name.

    Moreover, if you come to the aid of a wimminz, chances are they’ll scream “rape” and you’ll be done for a sex crime just by saying “Are you okay, love?”

  6. On reflection,
    I now assume she was pissed or drugged up.

    Bit of a attention seeker .

    But as her shopping rolled about the carpark I noticed a tin of beans, and I hadn’t had baked beans in ages!
    Next day we had some with gammon and chips and I really enjoyed it!
    So no harm done.

    • Pineapple with the gammon?
      IsAC’ers need to know these things🤔

      • Pineapple with gammon?
        Sounds a bit wrong to me.
        I’d rather have an egg, HP and Coleman’s mustard.

        Pineapple is all foreign and nasty, and is actually slightly poisonous.

        Only posh people with massive glasshouses can afford British pineapples.

        MNC has Swizzles Love Hearts and Parma Violets with all his meats.
        It’s a New Mills staple.

      • Dick-don’t be fooled by Mis’s white van man persona😉

        In reality, he is a renaissance man and “nouveau riche”🤫

      • I’m not allowed pineapple because it interferes with my mentalist tablets.

      • Yes, you never see a poor white van man.

        MNC’s diet consists of mainly of caviar and peacock.

        He pushes the mints round with all the Stockport socialites.

        He’s New Mills’s equivalent of Ghislaine Maxwell. That van isn’t for moving furniture.

        Lord Lucan is residing somewhere in his vast basement.

  7. Everyone is selfish, no cunt does anything that doesn’t benefit them in some way, look at all the “slebs” lining up for virtue signaling telethons, do you think they really give a fuck about Africunts or the poor, same as the lower echelons of society, only help to get in the Will, people are utter cunts generally, but theres a few decent folk still about!

  8. Should have filmed it Mis. Put it on lime to support BLM to get the supermarket looted.

  9. On the subject of selflessness, true story.
    My friends mum who is100+ regularly knitted clothes for some African charity. He recently asked her why she’d stopped doing it.
    “I’ll tell you why” she says.
    ” I’ve been watching those TV documentaries and never ever seen anybody wearing things I’ve knitted.”
    Old people can say the most innocent things.

    • Bless her heart. It didn’t dawn on her that in Africa it’s HOT? Knitted anything is useless there. Like a skateboard.

  10. I was doing English Channel watch the other day on the white cliffs of Dover. Peering through my bino’s I noticed a couple of dingys out to sea. One of them full of women and children looked in serious trouble. I took out my phone and dialled………… my bookies. I’d forgotten to place that days bets. Behind me my dog was barking so I folded my chair and off we went.

  11. What was it Lammy said, “The world does not need any more white saviours”. Nice to see you took notice, Mis.
    Also, what was she doing with a tin of baked beans? Surely she should have been shoplifting rice and peas instead of culturally inappropriate stuff.

  12. That black lady was N’cuntee “Mammy” Twoshoes-my new Rwandan housekeeper.

    Mis, I claim my £5 for a tin of beans and mental anguish suffered, when poor, battered and bruised N’cuntee, served up my full English, minus beans😢

  13. What tribe was she from, obviously a deliberate ploy to get sympathy and assistance, well done for not falling for the scam. You would have ended up apologising for slavery and giving her reparations.

  14. If it took 10 minutes to drive round her it was an “incognito pie run” by piggy Patel!

    • Piggy ‘Pork Farms’ Patel, is still worth a shag.

      I bet she’s got one of those flabby arses that ripples back and forth when you’re slapping into it.

  15. Selfishness is the root of most of our problems today. We’re all subjective and can’t be bothered to serve something greater than ourselves. We no longer stand on principle. We just do what suits us and vote for the ones who appeal to our emotions. Selfishness makes us avoid truth and settle for blissful ignorance. See what happens if a homely woman needs help vs an attractive one.
    People have always been cunts but a society in decline means the people seve themselves more than ever.

  16. Have to disagree a little bit, society is going to shit but most folk would still stop to help someone in need. Last week I put 2 lambs back in the field with mum and didn’t shag them. Little fuckers were quick.

  17. I would have rendered assistance immediately.

    I would have sought out her owner and informed the gentleman that he really ought to get a new slave. I would have willingly taken him to the auctions. I would even taken the clapped out old cotton picker to the glue factory for him.

    Because that’s the sort of cunt I am.

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