Natasha Devon – Hates Britain But Still Lives Here

Natasha Devon, another tiresome woke merchant, who appears on that cuntfest LBC, for stating something along the lines of:

‘It’s not true that everyone wants to come here. Britain is not a great country, we are just a silly little island, full of racism…’

Something like that anyway. There is actual audio/video footage of this, I saw it on GB News, but I can’t find a suitable link.

UK might not be perfect, what country is? But if she believes her own bullshit, perhaps she should get in her own dinghy, go to the middle of the Channel with a loudspeaker and tell all the illegals to go back to wonderful tolerant France, or whatever flyblown shitholes they originally came from.

Then she should apply a sharp pin to said vessel and disappear.

LBC Link.
(News link provided by Ruff Tuff Creampuff)

Nominated by: mystic maven

90 thoughts on “Natasha Devon – Hates Britain But Still Lives Here

  1. Champagne socialist, rich bitch, loves the immos and the trannies, always going on about the mental elf. A classic posh wokie who hates the working class. Fuck LBC, this slag fits in nicely there alongside O’Shithead, Lammy and Suckdick. Cunt radio for cunts.

  2. Rich white “liberal” (which in reality means “rich, whining, racist, greedy, champagne socialist cunt who would have non wokeflake whiteys in a death camp as soon as look at them”).
    Socialist rats never want to live in a socialist Country but infest a decent one with this ideology of theft, brutality and mass murder – socialism and communism is not wanted by the vast majority in the UK – why don’t these fuckers ever get that?
    Do me a favour Natasha – move to Venezuela and live in that “socialist” utopia for 12 months and see how “simply dweadful” 😢 the UK seems after a spell of hiring yourself out for a slice of bread a time.
    Jumping on a dinghy for Cuba anytime soon Vanessa?
    Thought not.

    • I worked in Venezuela before that cunt chavez got in. Fantastic country. But the socialists tell everyone they can have free stuff paid foe by the rich. It never works. We’re going the same way – used to laugh at food queues in the eastern block. Look at us now!

      • Oddly enough, Macron tried that in France.

        All the rich people fucked off with their taxes and now live in Holland Park Avenue.

      • Seems to me that Venezuela is a textbook example of what Maggie pointed out all those years ago;
        “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

  3. If cunts like these hate Britain so much, why don’t they fuck off to Moscow or Beijing? Thought so, you have to accomplish the impossible and keep their mouths shut. Otherwise the KGB or the chinky equivenent rock up and arrange your disappearence at 3 am.

    Just feed the bitch to the pigs.

  4. Make her take up genuine whoring insted of the journalistic kind. Give her a flat in Soho and let her entertain her gentleman friends up here – the ones who like it rough with bondage thrown in and the whip. get her a good pimp so she will work till she’s bow legged.

    • I read somewhere WC, that in parts of eastern Europe the name Natasha is a commonly used colloquial expression for a whore.

  5. It seems to be woke and metropolitan to hate Britain. The guardian, BBC, C4 nurtures the cunts. The Unis are full of diversity and equality officers who justify their pointless jobs by sniffing out injustice, witchfinder style.
    All paradoxes of how unequal, undiverse and racist the 3rd world is goes over their silly little heads.

  6. I agree, we are a silly little island! Full of cunts like her!

    If we are so shit then there is nothing wrong with telling the immos to fuck off to Rwanda, great country, great people, salt of the earth 😂

  7. She looks like has a touch of the tar brush to me, about a 5 or a 6 on the flavour scale, i deduce from this that she probably hails from some fly blown shit hole like Iran,Irak,Syria, Ishitistan so i would say you obviously are not bothered about benefiting from the health care and benefits system so feel free to FUCK OFF back to your ancestral home you gormless,gobshite cunt and red rum his fucking teeth back you dont need them to suck the sweat of some filthy Arabs sack….
    Not racist at all, dont know where these cunts get these ideas from……

    • So it’s not just me Fugly. I also thought touch of the tar brush, more so looking at her in the link kindly provided by Ruff.

  8. There seems to be lots of people who hate this country yet never leave?
    Lots of places to choose from!
    All apparently better than here?
    Pack your bags then
    I’ll even give you a lift to the airport,
    Go on, fuck off,
    What you waiting for?

    …they’re all full of shite.
    Not fuckin one would leave here!
    Slag off a country abroad you’ll be in a cell or tasting the riflestock of a soldier.

    • Mnc@ – Afternoon Mnc – I second and approve this excellent policy – driven to the airport at gunpoint, size 11 up the arse to “assist them on their way”!
      Hate the UK?

      • I would even waste the fuel or air fare on her.

        A syringe full of fentynl and then chuck her in the Thames.

      • Afternoon Foxy👍

        I’ve never heard of one of these cunts leaving for distant shores.
        It’s just posturing.
        The freedom to whine and criticise but they know that freedom isn’t available overseas,
        They’d rightfully get battered, then deported.

    • We know where Shergar’s teeth are at least.

      Fuck me, she fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch.

  9. I’m pretty sure this posh slag has travelled to other countries. If so then she must have seen far worse raaaaay-sism than she will ever find here. Of course it’s possible that she has never strayed outside the higher end tourist resorts. It’s also possible that she’s a lying shit stirring fucking whore.

  10. Who is this woman? As far as I can tell she’s one of a breed making a full-time living out of continuous whinging. She cites no professional qualifications on her website other than the honorary ones and awards, so presumably if you’re going to cite these you’d be pretty much certain to name the ones you’ve actually earned??
    So why is anyone listening to her, and why do they give her jobs such as ‘mental health tsar’ which she then has to be removed from because she simply can’t stop whinging about that as well???
    It really is amazing that someone without any professional qualifications, experience or insight can achieve a position like this purely on the basis of being an ‘activist’, and the question we should really be asking is who appointed her and why. How many more people like this are there in our public sector and why are they even being entertained as serious holders of these offices?????

    • Cunt Me In@ – I believe Natasha Devon had a “creative input with the design of the Emperors new clothes”..

  11. Yet another media luvvy fifth columnist. What a surprise.

    I hate everywhere that’s not Britain.

  12. I’ll give her her due, she’s free to speak her mind.
    As am I currently, though doubtless her sort would call it hate speech and cancel,or attempt to,my entire life.
    It’s always the posh fuckers isn’t it ? Not many gyppo,immo or efnic enclaves in their neighbourhood environment.
    Seriously, bath the cunt in petrol and advance with a zippo lighter until she falls off of Beachy Head.
    If you despise this country,why,with your wealth and eduxation,don’t just duck off somewhere else, like the third world. Go on,have at it .

    • MF@ – Natasha Devon is free to speak her mind – and WE are ordered to speak her mind.
      According to Natasha and people like her.

  13. I had a pleasant dream about this just recently…

    Traitors who spout this bile have their priveledge sleep ruined by the Duke of Wellington platoon.

    Dragged out then shot.

    All of the fifth column that are hell bent on our destruction.

    Gone and immediately forgotten.

    Happy times.

    • I wonder if, being Eastern European, they would allow my cultural differences if I kicked the shit out of this cunt and ripped his bollocks off on the end of a toasting fork?

  14. If, for just a moment, you can look past the long hair, lippy and droopy earrings, does anyone else think it looks like a bloke?

    • I was thinking it looked a tad tranny.
      It certainly needs a good kicking in its lower orifices.

  15. 50 Valium? Are you sure Admin. Think you may have the decimal point in the wrong place. Just checking.

      • Hope she gets a load of gyppos camp at the bottom of her, no doubt, huge country garden.

      • She brought them into the country.

        She was raped by a chimpanzee back home.

        The chimp was desperate, and had a sackful, poor thing.

      • She’s just done an “Oo, oo, ah, ah,” personal health check. So far so good.

      • I bet her fat baboon arse has turned bright red.

        It’s mating season if anyone is interested?

  16. Throughout history, we have had cunts like this who berate the Land of their birth. The differences are this. In the past , a knuckle butty would be donated by the local populace, and the NHS had not been invented. Today, the fuckwits in our society are given a platform to express their hatred across the entire Nation.
    Media are responsible for this self proliferation. If no attention were taken, we would be unaware that our local Village Idiot was bugle calling,

    I actually despise these wank stains for what they truly are. Self attention seeking clods who should never have escaped the womb.

  17. When the Mullah and the Imam Call to prayer from the High Minarets of The Grand Mosque in Peterborough, that all good Muslims should embrace the practices of the Homosexual, the Transexual and those Effeminates of the piano Keys, and that all white people of the Great Nation of Britain are superior in every way to those unfortunates not indigenous to this country. Then I shall be a happy man.

    • You’ve got more chance of Peterborough Cathedral being demolished by peacefuls.

      It’s stood for probably 900 years.
      It won’t last another 200.

  18. If the champagne quaffing bitch doesn’t like it in the UK, she should fuck off to the Sudan or some other third world shitpit. Take one of the recently abandoned dinghies in Kent and fucking well paddle there. Better still, try your hand at swimming, you cunt.

  19. Borrowed with pride from this site and slightly adapted:

    Oh do please take a 🚿 you unwashed beehatch and use Zyclon B 🧼

  20. I tend to agree with her…we are indeed becoming a shitty Country rife with racism… replacing “Britishness” with “Metropolitan Wokism” and unfettered immigration’ll do that.

  21. In the Hitch hikers guide, she would be sent off planet in the B Ark with all the other tossers.
    Except telephone sanitising engineers of course.

  22. Just looked her up on line as I’d never heard of her. On each of her msm pages she announces that she has an MBE. Fuck me , an MBE is awarded for sweet FA, it is on a par with an O Level in needlework.

      • You and me both Moggie. A gong is the badge of an arse hole. Any normal person would tell ’em where to stick it.

    • Mostly

      She should hand it back,
      British Empire!
      Hardly PC then?
      …..but she won’t will she?

    • It’s not an MBE from the Queen.

      It’s just a title she uses. It stands for Manky Black Effinck.

    • The comments are a natural, and to be expected, reaction to some entitled bitch who thinks that everybody in the world should be allowed to live here and benefit from it with no personal responsibily. Oh, except the poor bastards who actually belong here.

  23. I think Natasha provoked those responses GJ.

    Sneering anti British stance can do that .

    For every action a reaction,
    Wax on Wax off,
    She’s going about it a funny way if appealing to the British public to sympathize with immigrants by slagging off the country!😃

      • Evening GJ👍
        Wasn’t having a go pal,
        What I meant was,
        If she’s so concerned with their welfare and rights why would she want them in a shitty island populated with neo Nazis?

        She’s posturing for woke gold tickies.

        Zuby was on about people like her on GB news,
        She causes more disharmony than any Nazi bonehead
        She’s a better recruitment tool.

      • No offence taken buddy, just trying to offer a different perspective. It’s a pointless job, but someone has to do it.😎

  24. Just go and nibble on some hay you fucking doss cunt. North Korea would welcome you with open arms I’m sure. Do you want me to arrange that Natasha?…Hello, are you there Natasha? Thought not. Fucking idiot.

  25. She is the female James O’Brien, except she’s worse as she is actually British, but at least she ain’t got a bogtrotter name like that cunt!!!

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