Lutfur Rahman (2)

If ever there was a reason that followers of the religion of peace should never be allowed in civilised countries, this is it:-

”Lutfur Rahman: Former banned mayor re-elected in Tower Hamlets”

Corrupt and proved to be. But never mind, the carpet kissing vermin are so fucking stupid that they vote him back.

Apart from himself and family who will he benefit? No fucker’ and will continue to turn the shithole that is Tower Hamlets into a clone of Bangladesh.

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50 thoughts on “Lutfur Rahman (2)

  1. This time round he’ll really line his pockets.
    Dodgy as fuck.

    • Mnc@ – Morning Mnc – now I’m not one to spread “ugly rumours” but it is very easy to get any candidate you want in a muslim area because there is no vote checking – dress up in a letterbox, vote 30-40 times, then times that by the 50% of muslims in certain areas and you realise why so many of these dirty little crooks get “elected”. (I KNOW this happens, have reported proof of it to the police and was told “no further action taken”).
      And it is all arranged beforehand in the mosques.
      The police and politicians know full well this goes on – but they are as diligent about admitting and prosecuting this as they are about the muslim Peter Philes.

  2. I always thought that Tower Hamlets was an ape enclosure, rather than a pakı paradise?
    If their honky-hating communities are mingled, do these two groups of undesirables manage to co-exist?

    • No. Not in the slightest.

      Go to Westfield in Stratford and observe the food court.

      The stabby lot seems to congregate around the KFC and the carpet riders the McDonald’s, each exchanging glares.

      I’ve been there when a dispute over father’s day, or Mohammed liking them a bit young has kicked off. It happens in an instant and is the kind of mob violence you would expect to see in a third world shithole.

      Chiggun bones and prayer mats everywhere.

      • That sort of despicable violence (at least between darkıes of various hues) is to be entirely encouraged.

      • Totally agree with you. I’ve seen it happen there many times. It’s now got the point that my family now just stay on the train and carry on to central London.

    • Actually the rag heads view the sooties as sub human. Thats the reason they shipped millions north from Africa and castrated all the males so they wouldnt reproduce. This is a fact in Tower Hamlets. Iv heard them openly saying it.

  3. You can dress these backward fuckwits in the best suits, teach them to talk in a civilised manner, introduce them to wine, Shakespeare, Chopin’s Nocturnes, cutlery, architecture, debate, and soap….but they will still shit in the urinal.

  4. One would hope that government auditors etc are keeping a very close eye on him or is that wayist.
    Why the fuck was he banned from public office for so short a time?

  5. I thought it impossible to despise these filthy cunts more than I already do but there is something about them in a suit that makes me go Gas Mark 400.

    Fucking vermin.

  6. Tower Hamlets means either this criminal lowlife or the Labour lowlifes. They would vote, like most Labour voters would, for a dead cat if it had a red rosette on it, which explains Kweer Starmer – all the vitality of a dead cat, but without the charm

    • Retards they may well be Ted, but they vote for him because he is the right colour and corrupt as they are and they are comfortable with that.

  7. Diversity, multiculturalism, electoral fraud, rucksack bombs, and the sexual exploitation of vulnerable working class white girls is our strength.

    • This the reason for the continual importing of camel turds. City after city will become a zoo without cages or keepers.
      The absolute cunts overseeing this transformation need to be forced to live among this human debris. Hopefully they are white and have young daughters.

  8. Surely the significance of this is that this cunt kicked out the Labour cunt with the Joe Daki vote. It is only a matter of time before they cotton on that they don’t need Labour, they can do it for themselves. “ Aspire” this Tower Hamlets lot call themselves. Aspire to do what you wonder? I think we know and they won’t get it from Labour.

  9. So he’s known to be corrupt and yet the Pissfull’s still vote for him. Which is why they are not fit to vote.

    • The Peacefuls will always vote for one of their own. Whitey can call him a cunt all day long they still get the Peaceful vote. That’s why the major parties are recruiting Peaceful candidates in Peaceful areas. All they care about is winning the seat not the actual corrupt sack of shit who wins it. They think the Party can control him but they think wrong. Just look at Suckdick if you want a classic example.

      • Morning Freddie, you’re a London fellow aren’t you?
        Has Suqdiq managed to get your address dragged into his Ultra-Low emissions zone of pakıness?
        Won’t be long before every car inside the M25 is caught in his smelly brown web of theft.

      • I’m sucked into a web of car hating cuntishness whenever I take my diesel into London and have to pay additional parking in addition to the virtual 24/7 cuntgestion charge Suckdick has imposed. A few years ago we were told to buy diesels to save the planet. Now it turns out they are public enemy no 1 and we must be punished for following the advice of HM Government and buying diesel. Twats.

      • You have my sympathy MMCM. Before my recent retirement I drove in London regularly but my employer picked up the tab. To me the whole diesel debacle is a perfect illustration of how the government lives in a bubble. Several million people in this country work in the motor trade. Pretty well any one of them could have told the bunch of lawyers in the HOC why diesel was not the way to go for light vehicles but it wouldn’t have occurred to the MPs to ask. Similar situation at the BBC where the talking heads who front the programmes will sometimes illustrate their total ignorance in any technical subject while being surrounded by technical people.

  10. “Democracy is a train and you get off once you have reached your destination”

    Recep Erdogan – another peaceful.

  11. Corruption, rent boys, small boys, brown envelopes from property developers, attempting to avoid driving convictions, all part of the service with these tribally elected chancers. They bang on constantly about white man judging people by the colour of their skin, yet do precisely that at the ballot box.

    • If we started judging them by the content of their character, they would be begging us to judge them by the colour of their skin.

      • And this dear moggy, is why the good lord (Odin) made them smell that bad.

        So that blind people can hate them too.

  12. What a shit show, his ‘Party’ is all P*ki (well Bangladeshi, but what’s the fucking difference), so it’s a big fat No to diversity, but why would any self respecting white man want anything to do with the smelly cunts.

    London is beyond repair but still time to rescue the rest of the country, most of it anyway 😂

    • I am heading for the constituency of Gainsborough next week to look at a gaff. Unfortunately, I am obliged to take coach into London, as the cross-country train fare isn’t far short of 200 quid, which is probably one reason why people don’t bother with the railway. At least I:m only doing Victoria – Kings Cross return within London. Hopefully not too smelly, as at half six in the morning most pissfuls will be asleep in their shite-infested pits.

      • Kings Cross to Victoria, only a few stops in between, not too much hardship, wear a mask just in case one or more of the infestation does a bit of coughing 👍
        Train fares are a fucking casino, I would love to see the criteria they use to make so many different fares for the same journey. I have used Leeds – Kings Cross (and onward) many times and the variations are incredible.

  13. At least the apes of Tower Hamlet have had the bollocks to vote an independent in.

    It’s more than we can do. (And I’m guilty of that too).

    They obviously think it will be to their advantage somehow.

    Lufter’s first policy will be to install free Kool Aid dispensers on every corner. Very popular.

  14. We need some nationalists taking these mayoral seats etc. But it will never happen in these big cities because there is none of us left to vote for them.

    We need nationalists targeting certain other areas, it’s the last bastion of hope. Surely people will see the light one day?

    • Worked out well in Germany.
      And Russia.
      In fact I’m wracking my brain trying to think of a nationalist government that actually worked, or improved the country they took over.
      Any suggestions? Genuinely interested, not shit stirring.

      • Spain? Portugal? Years of post-war stability. Both countries would have been even more fucked had the commies got in power.

      • I suppose there is a difference between being nationalist and trying to take over half the world.

        The latter never seems to end well agreed, but the former could certainly be a solution.

        But a very valid point GJ.

      • Spain was facist under Franco, and I’m not sure if the alternative would have been better or worse. Communism is just facism and nationalism mixed up.
        Both countries are corrupt as fuck, from the bottom up.
        And they are both members of the PIGS group of EU countries that have failed economically, along with Greece and Ireland.
        Nice weather though.😎

  15. There’s a girl’s school in tower hamlets – best fo everything. Best equipment, small classes, etc. etc. 100% parki. Complete waste of money as the girls just leave and get married.

    • Yeah….and who do they marry? Some cunt they’ve never met straight off the plane from Islamabad, bringing with him his parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, cousins and any other cunt pretending to be a relative. More diversity, more votes, more Mosques and so on and so forth.

      • That’s not fair Freddie. As they are cousins they may have met when children.

  16. Islam?
    Communism with BO.
    Time they were cleared out like the fucking disease they are.
    The “religion of blown to pieces”.
    Fuck off, don’t come back.
    Time for a right wing Nationalist Government.
    “Nationalism” – patriotism for your Country (Ooh! Waaycist!” “Shut your fucking mouth wokeflake or I will knock your teeth out!”) and hatred for those who would damage or destroy it.
    Nationalism is not racism, but is dressed up as such by REAL traitors and racists as such.

  17. I see Mr Corrupt wants to end the slow or blocked off streets in the area as it is unpopular with the voters. Presumably interfering with the drug trade.

  18. Feel sorry for the grandkids, these vermin will be in charge then……

    • Consider what the cunts get away with and tell me they aren’t in charge now?

  19. Governments fault, everyone knows this cunt is so bent he can kiss his own arse.
    Keeps the peacefuls happy ticks the diversity boxes etc though doubt if he will champion LGBT etc, so what. Chittagong on Thames has the leader the shithole deserves. Fucking pisstake to nth degree.

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