Roe v Wade – Anti-Abortion Hysteria

Whoopie Goldberg pointing, jabbing the air. ‘this is MY BODY’. Elizabeth Warren jabbing the air as well—‘I’m as mad as hell’.

Contrasts sharply with the calm, considered legal Opinion of Samuel Alito that has been leaked.

Which I’ve just read.

I wish I could download it to the site but I cant.

Goes through how incredibly weak the original judgement for Roe was. How abortion is not mentioned in the Constitution. No legal precedent for the Decision.

I am not sure if he uses the phrase but basically an example of ‘legislating from the bench’

It was.

I confidently expect violence. The Justices are targets, Catholic churches definitely.. Oh well.

A bit premature but I suspect the majority on here will be pro-choice. I did this before with my Humanist UK Nom asking the question –shouldn’t you be more careful of the company you keep?

I mean the screeching Pocahontas. Whoopie Goldberg disclaiming hysterically. Kamala Harris ‘How dare they..?

Will this be the catalyst that will finally bring a second civil war to America? I have been thinking for a long time that’s the way they were headed.

Spectator News Link

Oh, I did it.

Nominated by: Miles Plastic

And Miles does it again with this similar observation

Zero Awareness

“Pelosi says Supreme Court “slapped women in the face” with draft opinion in abortion case – YouTube Link

Absolute zero awareness wishing each other ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ then straight onto Abortion. Not the slightest unease at all.

Just so you get it here’s the transcript of the opening-

‘Margaret Brennan.  And we go now to the top Democrat in Congress, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who joins us this Mother’s Day from San Francisco.  Happy Mother’s Day to you, Madam Speaker.

Speaker Pelosi.  Thank you.  Happy Mother’s Day to you, Margaret.

Margaret Brennan.  Thank you.  And before we get to abortion, we did have….’

Something about the First Lady visiting Ukraine…it goes on…

was listening to Ben Shapiro about his thoughts on the Pro-Choice side. Said something like ‘they just ignore one side of the argument’. Namely of course the fetus.

Like another I heard when asked about ‘when life begins’ simply replied ‘oh, I’m not getting into that’.

How things change, how things move. Roe v Wade will never be overturned. It is ‘settled law’. It will never be overturned….until it is.

We have Donald R. Trump to thank for getting these conservative justices onto the Supreme Court. That will be his greatest Legacy in my opinion.


61 thoughts on “Roe v Wade – Anti-Abortion Hysteria


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    • Cheers Techno!
      Now, onto Roe Vs Wade – what a crock of mental shite – crazy leftwaffe whores on one side who just regard abortion as birth control and crazy god squad psychos on the other side who regard ANY termination for any reason as “the work of satan” etc.
      If a Woman is raped by a Family member (who mentioned Joe Biden? – enough of those dreadful rumours you rotters – I’ll mention this outrage in my diary! 👍😀) and it subsequently transpires that the child will be born hideously deformed and will endure just a short life filled with agony would a termination not be the only kind and decent choice?
      And if some gal wants to spend every Friday night “getting Raynered” up against a toilet wall behind a pub somewhere would it not be a good idea to take contraception instead of deliberately getting pregnant and boasting about killing the child?
      What a crock of mental shit – but a very good (and planned) distraction from a stolen “Election” and the ongoing communist takeover of the US.

      • Of course there are ‘hard cases’ Vernon. But as the old legal adage has it-

        ‘The exception proves the rule’ but when that is broken ‘the exception BECOMES the rule’

        Thats what happened with Abortion.

        Something to do with human nature.

      • ‘For those identifying historical figures with racist roots who should be removed from public view because of their evil histories, Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, must join that list. In promoting birth control, she advanced a controversial “Negro Project,” wrote in her autobiography about speaking to a Ku Klux Klan group and advocated for a eugenics approach to breeding for “the gradual suppression, elimination and eventual extinction, of defective stocks — those human weeds which threaten the blooming of the finest flowers of American civilization.”

  2. As I have mentioned before, more black babies are aborted in the USA than are born. And I don’t think the problem is abortion, it’s the lateness that many abortions are performed. And don’t the silly cunts know anything about contraception after all these years? Perhaps they should terminate the parents instead.

      • Odin@ – Many a true word said in jest!
        “Ah cain’t afford ma crack AND a kid!”..

      • Under the Biden administration, the ghetto felon factories of America no longer have to make such tough budgeting decisions.

        Child protective services usually impound the little butt nuggets, allowing Shaniqua to send all of her welfare on crack, fried chiggun, ludicrous weaves and 4″ long false nails.

  3. Is all this mither something to do with the American branch of The Institute of the Perpetually Outraged?

    I recall the British branch near collapsed with the death of Mary Whitehouse.

    Fuck em.

  4. As I pointed out the other day, for historical and cultural reasons, this issue is very different in the US compared to over here. Over here most people, especially blokes, tend to think ……..not my problem, don’t give a shit and, in reality, it’s more or less abortion on demand.
    In the States it’s a highly charged political issue and a lot of Yanks go apeshit over it. Even if Roe/Wade was overturned it would be left to individual States to decide abortion law. Therefore if your State makes it difficult you just fuck off to the next Sate. I’ve been in counties in certain States where the sale of alcohol is banned. Cunts just cross the county line once a month, load up with booze and Bobs your Uncle. As long as you’ve got the money nobody gives a fuck. Same with abortion. It ought to be more controversial over here because it’s fucking free but it isn’t. Don’t ask me why, don’t fucking know.

    • They’re even talking about prosecuting those who go to another state to get an abortion. What they’re saying is ‘you will no longer have the right to decide what happens to your own body, we’re going to decide that for you.’ Land of the free? Yeah right.

  5. Pelosi is the yank version of Jess Phillips – big mouth, small brain and an absolute willingness to make herself look a total arsehole in return for publicity. She is butting in on the N I protocol now – somebody should tell her to her face to go and fuck herself with a poisoned dildo.

    • For a dreadful moment I thought you had typed “ the wank version of Jess Phillips”.

      • I daresay there are some ISACs who get the horn from these two old harpies. If that is the case I would be more than willing to hire out the spouse for “personal services” for a suitable fee. She has cost me so much money over the years it would be good to get something back from the white elephant.

      • The inevitable question that will arise if anyone is crazy enough to fuck Pelosi is what do you do with her colostomy bag?

  6. Roe v Wade, what a load on Baloney, let’s discuss important stuff like Rooney v Vardy and keep god out of it 😂

    • Surely someone must’ve nommed these two airheads recently? I saw a photo of La Mardy the other day, thought it was Ginger Hewitt’s pet chimp.

  7. Well, it’s very fortunate that US abortion clinics don’t make a fortune selling body parts and stem cells – it would probably “cloud the judgement” if this was a multi million Dollar business from other peoples misery..

    (Vern. Seems that the innocuous word “judgement” dumped your comment in the MQ. No idea why but there you go. Anyway, all sorted – Day Admin)

  8. I think your right about the violence Miles.
    Yanks are very excitable anyway,
    And a divisive issue like this leads to frayed tempers, flag waving and ultimately.. shooting.

    A nutty element on both sides stirring the pot,
    Bound to end in tears.

    I’m pro choice,
    In that I choose not to get involved.
    Fuck em all.

  9. I have always found this subject difficult. I have no religious faith but still think human life is precious and not to be ended on a whim or convenience. I wouldnt want to line up with either side of this debate.

  10. I think it would be better to compare the ‘rabid’ people described above with the completely mental pieces of crazy religious shit that hang around abortion clinics harassing the patients and staff, calling them baby killers, and sometimes even murdering doctors to prove a point. Yeah, those cunts. Failed to mention them in the one sided argument. They don’t know the circumstances that led to that person making the choice that they have. And they don’t care.
    Where are the right wing crazy assault rifle armed spree killers when you need them. Ah, they’re in the crowd shouting baby killers with the rest.

    Conspiracy bellends like that Watson prick call out the double standards of the ‘shitlibs’ saying it wasn’t ‘my body my choice’ when it came to the covid vaccine.
    Well, surely it works the other way around too? Is personal freedom only ok if it means them?
    Mindless crackpot cunts.

  11. Ezekiel 25:17

    I think Our Lord makes his feelings on the subject quite clear………

    And I will strike down upon thee
    With great vengeance and furious anger
    Those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers
    And you will know my name is the Lord
    When I lay my vengeance upon thee

    End of debate.

    • The only problem is that Putin seems to think he is The Lord…
      Afternoon Dick.

      • Afternoon,HBH….I always thought that he seemed such a nice man…perhaps he’s just suffering the after-effects of a bad bottle of crusted port?….I know that I was most irritable for a couple of days last time I over-indulged.

    • PS….Anyone who disagrees should get educated by closely studying The Good Book instead of indulging in shenanigans.

      • I like a hood book, but I rarely read fiction.
        Afternoon Dick
        P.S. without shenanigans, life wouldn’t be worth living. 😉

      • Afternoon,G.J.

        I’m thinking of offering Zoom lessons for those poor sinners who I feel sure would benefit from learning how to embrace a religious mindset ….Shall I sign you up ? ……I hope to have Miles giving his invaluable insights into The Jewish Problem…. that alone must surely tempt you.

      • Thanks for the offer Dickbut I think I’ll give it a miss.
        The plot is far fetched and full of holes, the characters are not believable, and it’s too long.
        And it’s violent. Very violent. 🙃

    • Who are these “brothers” Our lord supposedly refers to?

      Zeus? Apollo? Neptune? Thor? Hermes? Lord Adonis?

      Notably unconcerned about his sisters, it would appear.


    • DF-F@ – I am afraid we will not see any of the IAC coves and blaggards at chapel on Sunday!
      Despicable behaviour I say! 😀

      • I’ll be there Foxy.
        Not just for the lead on the roof either.
        The pews fetch good money,
        And those Stone fonts fetch a mint!
        The places ouse wealth.

        I sit quietly adding it all up.

  12. This issue sharply divides people that’s for sure and the demonrats are using all sorts of lies to make it a front and center issue for the mid term elections. That won’t work because it will be overshadowed by skyrocketing prices of gas and food etc.
    This abortion issue is sacred to those who insist on a promiscuous lifestyle. The left HATE the traditional institutions of marriage and family and want people to behave like animals.
    Is abortion murder? It can be if a fetus is developed enough to receive life from God and live outside the womb.
    Ideally it should be a rarely used procedure.
    My daughter is alive because her birth mother chose to have her and put her up for adoption.

  13. I see the “Catholic” Pelosi as been banned by the Catholic Church. The vile corrupt bullshit hypocrit will now go to hell. Better off burning the hag at the stake.

  14. This reply is in response to the idiot types referenced in the nomination; not to Miles Spastic. Just thought I’d preface with a disclaimer.

    Firstly, anybody who goes to another person’s place of residence to protest them is a cunt by definition. Just because a person is a public servant or public figure, that doesn’t mean that they lose the right to privacy. Cunts.

    Secondly, Roe Vs Wade was never “settled law”, as it wasn’t ever law at all…….. it was merely judicial precedent.
    The fact that rabidly pro-choice, demo-rat fuckwits don’t understand that difference is proof that the US public education system needs to be abolished (not just overhauled).

    The fact that Catholic Churches were invaded and defiled actually annoys me believe it or not; yes even atheists can respect the right to, and sanctity of, peaceable worship (even though I don’t respect the beliefs themselves).

    The thing I don’t understand though is the bizarre link between being theist/pro-life and atheist/pro-choice.
    My Dad and I are both atheists and yet I’m moderately pro-choice (with limitations) and he is more on the pro-life side (with exemptions).

    The abortion debate link with religion seems to be more of a Yank affectation as abortion is less important-a-topic in more secular nations and comes across, quite frankly, as overly obnoxious (as do so many things about the American experience).

    I used to think back between 2017 and 2019 that the US would fall into civil war until I realised something which is just as true today as it was then – the majority of American conservatives are gun owners but also successful, family-orientated, contented, peaceful people who just want to live and let live.

    The only way that the US could fall into civil war is if the malcontent, useful idiots of the left such as the revolutionary larpers of ANTIFA ever declare war….. if they do then it’ll be a short war indeed.

  15. Cards on the table. I am anti abortion in all but exceptional circumstances. What these are exactly I can’t say specifically but the argument my body is bollocks in this day and age of a plethora of contraception ways.

    Maybe rape might be an exceptional circumstance??

    Killing unborn babies is just wrong in my eyes.

    Exceptional circumstances yes there may be some. Taking a responsibility towards not conceiving should happen. Baby killers can fuck right off.

    • Cuntymort@ – It does rather smack of hypocrisy when the Catholic Church tries to take the moral high ground on ANYTHING.
      Still funny though.

  16. You wouldn’t even consider a murdering a child out of the womb.

    Why is it acceptable to do so when it is inside the womb?

    It is a life form or child irrespectively.

    Women ought to be more careful and keep their knickers on, and take responsibility for their actions for once.

    Rapists and vile men who take advantage of vulnerable women should be castrated.
    (In such cases there may be an acceptable reason to consider abortion).

    Abortion is too commonly reverted to as a posthumous form of contraception.

    It’s not right. And abortion should be considered in the most exceptional of circumstances.

    • If the unborn baby is going to be born deformed or into a life of pain and illness I’ve no objection.

      Or a paki .😐

      • Pàkis are exempt from the above.

        They are not human beings.

        They are more like honey fungus.

        They latch onto trees (us), and attack our root systems, until we decay and inevitably die.

    • -Up to 9 weeks its a foetus, not a ‘child’
      -After 9 weeks, its not a foetus and considered a baby
      -I think abortions after 2 months get grosser the longer the baby has been in the womb e.g. an abo at 28 weeks is gross
      -If the mother is in medical danger, was raped, the child is a spas, or the mother cannot care for it or doesn’t want to carry to term, then go for the abo, but do it early if possible
      Yes life is precious but there are 8 billion precious fuckers now

      • The problem with the pro – life position is that you can’t be totally committed. Every time I have a wank thousands of little half- flobs get flushed down the bog. Eggs and sperm are alive aren’t they? If so all forms of contraception are bit like abortion. So, every fuck must produce a sprog.
        I’m told I have an odd way of looking at things..

  17. and i thought it was only Kissinger who wanted the blood of the unborn
    Fucking maniac of a place, they only understand what is Law in the good old USA not reason, as that just there to be exploited by the shits picking holes, in something that was unspoken until only recent history
    this is one of the reasons why there litigious bile pours out at every turn and unfortunately has travelled the globe at this stage
    the fuckin stupid cunts need everything spelled out for them or its “fuck you too time”

  18. I wonder if there are any statistics available for abortion, on how many were performed on people who just used it as a form of contraception?
    Who needs stats and facts when all you need is opinions?

    Seems it’s all the fault of the women too. And there’s me thinking it took a man and a woman to make a baby? Doesn’t the male have any responsibility?

    As for contraception, some of these batshit crazy religious authoritarian mentalists want to ban that too. No sex without babies. It will be wanking next. All the pornhub wankers will soon be bleating about my body my choice.
    You’re murdering babies blowing your beans into a crispy sock, according to another religious zealot, that raisin headed witch mother Theresa.
    The world is going backwards, with the west showing the Middle East anything they can do……

    • Facts, where do they enter the argument in todays master debates.Yep as others implied, its being used as a weapon of mass hysteria by cunts who should know better but any old excuse to divide and then ride for exposer

  19. Abortion has only recently become legal in very selected circumstances in Ireland, thousands of Irish still come to Britain each year for often late abortions. Surely the morning after pill should be readily available everywhere? Easy to be simplistic about a complicated subject, but if your body chooses to accept a penis surely you should take responsibility for sorting out the results at the earliest opportunity?
    Look at China where the moronic 1 child policy led to the murder of millions of baby girls, now we have hordes of sexually frustrated little psychopaths getting ready to invade Taiwan. I predict they will get their arses handed to them, but we might have a nuclear winter to cure global warmbling which should cheer the Greens up.

  20. Mind you, one would have to be fucking mental to screw a tub of chocolate lard like Whoopi Goldberg. So, I can’t see how she’d get up the stick in the first place…

    Unless, of course, it was a Chicken Floyd George or Marcus Rashford Senior type. A’m in dat bitch, an then a’m dun gone!

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