Guns and the 2nd Amendment

That fucking prick in the US who wants to go and shoot a load of innocent people with children. What’s the point?

What makes me even more annoyed is the people who say Trump is to blame.

How can they link Trump to this?

Frankly I agree with the second amendment, it would be quite easy to ask all normal people to keep their guns at a gun range as automatic or semi-automatic weapons (Just as what the UK does with country bumkins in country do with clay pigeon shooting).

No way on earth should they give up their right to bare arms. We have given up way too many of our civil liberties in this country. I’m fucking pissed off with this shit reaching our shores, got a fucking problem speak about it..

If you feel you need to coup it up see a shrink.

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On a similar note, here’s one from Gutstick Japseye

American school shootings.

Land of the free, home of the school massacre. Yesterday, another unbalanced piece of shit walked into a school in Texas and murdered a load of children and a couple of teachers.

This being the second spree killing this month, with some far right mentalist carried out what can only be described as an assault on a supermarket, where he singled out black shoppers and murdered them.

He unfortunately survived, and left no ambiguity of his actions, siting Anders Breivik and other far right maniacs as role models. I hope he gets the chair, and a malfunction means it takes a painful fifteen minutes to die, the cunt.

Yesterday’s massacre was carried out by the usual suspect, young lad with obvious mental problems, a loner, weirdo and incel looking motherfucker.

For his eighteenth birthday he popped out to his local store and LEGALLY bought two assault rifles. What the actual fuck?

Apparently it’s perfectly legal to sell assault weapons to 18 year olds, but they have to wait until they are 21 before they can buy a handgun. Or a beer. Imagine that, they don’t think you’re mature enough to buy a beer, but AR15s? No problem.

While anyone with anything resembling a soul in America thinks why do we allow this to happen, the gun nuts are already on the offensive. Like this turd.

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On average, twelve children are shot and killed in America every day. I can’t understand how this is allowed to happen and I’m not a parent, so how the fuck can anyone square this fucking circle?

I’m sure the loonies will say their right to bear arms protects them from the Gov’mint, but who the fuck protects normal people from them? Surely somebody’s right to life is more important than some dickless cunt who thinks he’s fucking Rambo.

I wonder how many of the pro gun lobby, the NRA, and all the other cunts who think it’s a god given right to buy firearms easier than alcohol are against abortion and planned parenthood?

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  1. The American constitution, what a load of shit, they can roll it up and shove it right up the arses, the Americans are always going on about their rights especially in foreign countries where they think they are special, they can poke their guns up their own arses and pull the trigger, can’t even protect its own children at home, cunts all of them

  2. The US with its second amendment has proved highly successful in creating a largely peaceful continent. Millions of people including millions of children have been killed in Europe with a largely unarmed population , especially in Germany. Stalin managed to murder millions in the Soviet Union with a largely unarmed population. 70 million unarmed Chinese butchered by their own government. Half the unarmed population of Cambodia wiped out. An armed population is a great preventative of tyranny.

  3. I saw this sentiment yesterday and I wish I had thought of it.
    Why don’t the Republicans just offer ‘thoughts and prayers’ to the victims of abortion like they do with shooting victims?

  4. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    Primary sources are an absolute must for the study of, well, everything.

    Our American friends seem curiously fixated on firearms. Or the shit-for-brains media love to push that view. Even so, this is an odd case. Eighteen years old, $10,000 worth of weapons and ammunition, previous arrest for threatening a school massacre.

    Lots for the conspiracy types to chew on.

    Soon be forgotten when Markle wears a new dress or some bum lord says he’s a woman.

  5. I understand the gun culture and the polarising views.

    But what legitimate use does a civilian have for automatic weapons?

    In this latest case it seems the opportunity to shoot the mad cunt was missed with terrible consequences and that in a state crammed with people with firearms.

    What a mess.

    • UT@ Morning Unkle – maybe to stop some child murdering bastard the police won’t?
      Ain’t the calibre or the mag capacity here, it’s the principle.
      Nearly forgot – FJB! -Some daft fuckers still think he was elected! 🤣🤣

    • Theodore Rapley springs to mind. Threatening shoppers and staff with an automatic pistol. He met a 9 mm projectile fired by a cashier. Family up in arms re him getting offed. I leave it to my fellow cunters to guess the ethnicity of the late unlamented Theodore.

      • Cuntymort@ – Theodore won’t be reoffending will he?
        Armed and dangerous criminal popped?
        Good – fuck him.

    • @Unkle Terry

      From what I understand, none of the recent mass shooters had automatic weapons; maybe AR15s but not automatic weapons/assault rifles.

      Those sorts of weapons and the permits to own them are prohibitively expensive which is why very few people have them and just have semi automatic hunting rifles like AR15s. Unfortunately, some nutters think that hunting children is the correct use for a sporting rifle.

      As for a legitimate reason why a person should own such a weapon…….. keeping tyrannical governments in check with the threat of resistance seems a legitimate reason for average, law-abiding people to own automatic firearms.

      Because rights come with responsibilities, I think that US gun owners should be required by law to attending a range on a regular basis for practice, weapon handling tests as well as tests on rules of engagement. If I and many other people had to do that in the military, the same should be expected of civvies too.

  6. Some good comments. If i may add, that it is easy ( relatively ) to aquire an illegal firearm in the UK. In Northern Ireland, the IFA and UDA had few problems in acquiring automatic weapons. My point is, Gun control should be about making sure that people acquire guns legally, and those who are undesirable do not. Very good nom, and very thought provoking.

    • They fucked up by giving that Jake Davidson a gun in Plymouth, aspiring nutter given a gun licence…..

      Not gun related but when a nut job says he is going to throw someone off a roof …. Oh we will take him on a trip to Tate modern (nice high building)….

      If we can’t keep known nutters from getting a firearm or being let loose on society I doubt the the Yanks will have much success.

  7. The 2nd amendment wasn’t written with deer hunting in mind.
    Ban guns,they use blades,ban blades,they use vehicles, ban vehicles,they use rocks.

    • I have a room in my house full of very nasty and effective potential murder weapons.
      It’s called a kitchen…

      • BB@ – A good point Baron – I have on my drive 1.6 Tonnes of vehicle which in the wrong hands could kill dozens – are we banning cars?

    • @Morello Felch

      The US Constitution only lists the things the US Government is allowed to do and the things it’s prohibited from doing.

      The 2nd Amendment was only written so that the American People could own and carry weapons as it would enable them to fight a tyrannical government.

      Any legal use of a fire arm other than that would have been implied as a retained right under the 9th Amendment as the US Constitution was never meant to endow the people with rights; it was intended to protect and guarantee those rights.

  8. Law abiding Citizens need firearms to protect themselves from criminal scum who would murder them in a second with their ILLEGALLY HELD firearms – why do people not understand this?
    The cops waited outside for nearly an hour at the latest “convenient mass school shooting”, refused to enter even though they knew children were being murdered inside and instead arrested, pepper sprayed and handcuffed desperate Parents who wanted to save their kids (he pigs should be fired and jailed) – and where did a broke kid get tens of thousands of Dollars of weapons and equipment and an expensive pickup truck? Find who paid for these and the mystery unravels.
    Biden and the commies want Citizens disarmed because they csnnot overthrow an armed population, and I strongly believe these “random shootings’ are being arranged to force legislatiin through banning private Citizens from firearm ownerdhip, but will the “politicians lead by example” by giving up their firearms and armed taxpayer funded security? Will they fuck.
    Then the real bloodath begins.
    Hey! Yanks! Best buy more arms and ammo – you’re gonna need ’em!

    • @Vernon. You have good insight and info! I knew nothing of the Truck or the costs involved. As you suggest, they need to follow that line of enquiry.

    • ” and where did a broke kid get tens of thousands of Dollars of weapons and equipment and an expensive pickup truck? Find who paid for these and the mystery unravels”……

      apparently he worked at Wendy’s where he boasted that he was saving up to buy guns (

      The pickup truck belonged to his Grandmother.


      • should say that the AR15 apparently retails at $400 to $2000….can’t imagine that a vest costs much more than a couple of hundred dollars…then there’s the ammo. cost to add in….suspect $4000 was as much as it took unless he had some other equipment that I’ve overlooked.

      • DF-F@ – Afternoon Sir Fiddler – the assumption could be that he saved every Dollar etc – which would be a perfectly legitimate explanation but it just doesn’t add up – this kid had threatened to do this before but there were no red flags or firearm application restrictions, and he was allegedly in regular contact with a former Fed – something stinks about this.

      • ….but with the greatest of respect,it does “add up”…he didn’t have “tens of thousands of dollars of weapons and equipment”…he had approx. 4 thousand dollars worth that the had earned and a stolen vehicle.
        Maybe there just isn’t some huge mysterious conspiracy to unravel…just a Nutter with access to automatic weapons.

    • Hear hear! I couldn’t agree more. Spent a lot of time in the US and everyone I met there owns or carry’s a gun, but not one of them has ever had to use it in self defence. When I asked one if he had ever had to use it he said ‘showing some asshole I’m carrying is has always been enough’.

  9. Since the original nom, it’s happened again. Bloody silly, such a waste of life. How can someone buy 365 rounds? Mental.

    In all fairness the per capita rate of deaths resulting in stabbing in this country is higher, but it is mental to think you can turn 18 and buy an AR-15.

    • You should be able to buy a pistol with 3 in the chamber for self defence, licenced and ensure mental elf is up to scratch.

      I’m not anti gun, I’ve shot guns on gun ranges and had lots of fun.

      • CCTM@ – You’d be fucked if there were 4 of them!
        Best have an AK as well – can’t be too careful! 😀👍☠
        Got some punch those shoulder bruising buggers have!

      • An AR 15 is a semi auto ie keep pulling the fucking trigger fast and bullets come out fast and gives you time to aim. Full auto/machine guns are crap most ammo wasted only any good for suppressing fire in a real war contact.

    • CCTM – how many rounds would you need if 4 heavily armed George Floyds smashed their way into your home at 2AM?

      • Surely an “Assault Rifle” is a military weapon capable of selective fire.
        The AR15 is semi auto only with a smaller magazine.
        Pedantic really but there is a difference…

      • They’re easy to outwit. Either a hastily-thrown banana or KFC leg ought to get them hurrying in the opposite direction.

  10. Guns don’t kill people.
    Cunts do.
    Banning legally held firearms, in an attempt to stop unlawful deaths, is akin to the arsehole mentality that nuclear disarmament would end all wars.

    Irrational, reactionary, illiterate thinking from people who never consider BOTH sides of the debate with EQUAL measure.

    These massacres in America are a direct result of intersectional politics, race grifting, educational establishments radicalising and poisoning young minds and perhaps most significantly a massive failure on behalf of the authorities, who are/were aware of phycopathic tendencies in some of the perpetrators.
    As was the case here.

    Lots of rumours of “false flag” in this latest incident. The yanks gave quite a history of those….

    • I can see it now.
      Day one. Mass seizure of legally held firearms.
      Day two. Squads of heavily tooled up Antifa members patrolling the streets, with everyone else wondering where they got their guns from…

      • BB@ You have just predicted the future if Barry the butcher (Biden ain’t running things) disarms the people.
        But a convenient distraction to bury the news that Killary Clinton fabricated the entire “Russiagate Trump bullshit” turns it was Cunton colluding with foreign powers to rig “Elections” all along!
        And not a fucking thing done about it.
        Lock and load.

  11. It matters little what any individual or even political party thinks about the right to bear arms, the 2nd Amendment is rooted deep in America’s history and culture and, on a practical level, it would be impossible to confiscate those guns in a society where there are 20% more guns than people.
    A better idea would be to restrict the supply of ammunition but that would only create a black market and all that goes with it. Remember Prohibition? That worked well didn’t it?

    • FtF@ The 2nd Amendment, contrary to what people think, does not give the people the right to bear arms – it prevents ANYONE from taking their arms.
      It was created for this – to stop a rogue “Government” and enemy, foreign or domestic, from disarming the people and taking power by force.
      Never has it been needed more.

      • In our shit hole they would ban gun power deer and lead but doesn’t really matter as only the crims have guns now

    • @Freddie the Frog

      I think the US Armed Forces should have their ammo restricted so that:

      a) They’d actually use the change lever
      b) They’d use controlled rates of fire
      c) They’d make sure every shot counts so would be more accurate
      d) They wouldn’t kill so many of their own/allied troops with “friendly fire”.

      • TiTS@ – Ah – “gung ho” cunts who appear to think the most lead wins the fight.
        The most ACCURATE lead wins the fight.

  12. If they banned all automatic weapons in the US tomorrow, it would take a century or so to see them disappear from public circulation. I’ve found WW1 and WW2 weapons stashed away in deceased relatives lofts and garages in recent years, and they can still kill equally effectively all these years later. The thing is, we can legislate all we like, we can’t legislate for the nutter.

      • Unless you treat the entire population as potential transgressors and offenders.
        I believe it’s called socialism…

    • There was a ten year ban starting in 1994. In that time there were just as many mass shooting as before and after. Most mass shooting in the US are gang related

      • Full auto firearms are (I believe) totally illegal in the majority of US states, yet the “gangbangers” seem to have limitless supplies of Uzi SMGs and ammo…

      • @Baron Bastard

        Correct. Although I believe it’s possible for US citizens to get hold of full automatic weapons but the weapons and permits are prohibitively expensive and their may be enhanced back ground checks which take time so it’s not like a person can just go to a gun store and come out with one 20 minutes later.

  13. I will admit if I lived in Yankland I would want the best firepower I could afford…….I don’t want to be outgunned by the crackhead who lives round the corner. I would also carry a concealed weapon ………I don’t want some Georgie Floyd type cunt dragging me out of my car and driving off with it. I’m sure just about every law abiding Yank thinks the same as me.

  14. Ban something and it will only invite a black market (can I still say that!).

    America knows only too well what happens then. Just look back to the 1920s when they banned booze. Criminals had a whale of a time bootlegging liqueur to those willing to buy it. Crime went through the roof, as did shootings. So much so that the government of the time abolished Prohibition once and for all.

    Any US government trying to ban guns will be another Rinse and Repeat

  15. It’s a different culture,
    And I wouldn’t dictate to yanks about their own country and how it’s run.
    Nowt to do with me .

    But selling high powered weapons to kids is asking for trouble.
    Then it’s tears and looking shocked?
    You sold a 18yr old goth military grade weapons!!
    What did you think he was going to do?
    Fuckin gardening?

    If I lived in the US I’d be armed,
    Lovely pump action shotgun and hefty handgun.
    No way I’d trust the mental cunts .
    Get in first I say.

    • Mnc@ – If they are in the same State (geographically not sartorially) and look the criminal type (facial colour, baggy pants not covering underwear, strong whiff of fried chiggun and weed) they are virtually “on your porch” so the only sensible thing to do is bag the blighters before they start causing trouble!
      Can’t be too careful..
      Well, best be off to Cliffords Tower then a spot of church door painting! 😀👍

    • @Miserable Northern Cunt

      AR15s are not military grade weapons; they are hunting/sports rifles. Were it not for restrictive federal gun laws however, the shooter probably would have had a military grade weapon and caused much more carnage than he did.

      • In the 80s there was a Sunday papers campaign to ban the Jackal air rifle, which came with a military style ABS plastic stock and fake magazine to store pellets in.
        It was however a normal 12ft lb air rifle no more powerful than a traditional wooden stock gun, but it’s appearance had the headless chickens running around calling for the banning of everything down to water pistols.
        Think it was the Sunday Mirror or News of the World.
        One of those red top shit rags…

  16. The problem with gun laws is that only the law abiding obey them. The law breakers don’t. So all the Beto O’ fucking Rourkes out there saying we need stricter laws are failing to see this simple fact. If a declining society being overtaken by mental illness is armed, mass shootings will happen. Those who still have their wits need to be armed. What if a couple people in the supermarket had been armed? Or the school had an off duty cop? These mass shooters are cowards who would not pick easy targets. My advise: Don’t be an easy target. Also, be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet. This is the world we live in thanks to reality being out of fashion.

    • MC@ -Beto O’ Rourke (the name this creature is now using) is one abnormal fucking thing.
      Kill it with fire before it breeds!
      (I somehow doubt this degenerate will ever manage that given its proclivities)

  17. I love shooting. I had my first air gun when I was 10, and a lifelong hobby was born. I’ve fired a variety of guns, shotguns, assault rifles, even an uzi.
    Target shooting is my preferred vice, I’ve never been one of those Mike Ryan looking fuckers who dresses up in real tree camo to go and liquidate as many feathered and furry creatures as possible. Or their richer equivalents who pay to shoot birds and other beasties, seem a bit dickless to me.

    So, why are my opinions coming across as some liberal propaganda?
    Because I seem to be alone in thinking it’s fundamentally wrong for a teenager to get hold of military grade weapons easier than beer. And they are military grade. The US took away the full auto capability of the M16 when the A2 version was adopted for use, as it was found that troops were wasting too much ammo in Vietnam. It is now back on the M4, but semi is preferred. The 5.56mm ammo is the same, it has a tumbling quality that ensures a bigger wound than it’s size.

    As for the conspiracy theories about these school shootings, that fat lying mental cunt Alex Jones said that about the Sandy Hook shootings, and was taken to court over it. Political shit stirring for his own agenda.

    Anyway, Trump addressed the NRA conference and said something should be done! Restricted sales? No, arm teachers, have bullet proof glass, and employ ex servicemen as school guards. Stupid orange cunt.

    • I understand the need for guns .
      Lots of Americans supplement the table with deer, wild pig etc.

      Self defense from desperados, red injuns, and bears .

      Most cunters on ISAC are pro gun,
      Obviously I wouldn’t trust any of you with cutlery nevermind a powerful firearm.

      Most of you cunts shouldn’t be allowed scissors without supervision.

      • I love guns, but don’t need to buy an assault rifle.
        The only reason I would need one was all the far right and far left wankers could buy them.
        And the tinfoil brigade.

    • @Gutstick Japseye

      The M16 A2 replaced fully auto with 3-round burst fire; not single repetition fire. The AR-15 only has single fire repetition.

      • I know it had a three round burst capability, but my point was full auto was done away with based on earlier experience.
        The British army went the other way when it replaced the SLR, adding full auto to the SA80, based on its experience during the Falklands, as the semi auto SLR wasn’t able to put down adequate suppressive fire, unlike its almost identical adversary the full auto FB FAL.
        Full auto is only used as suppressive fire, to keep enemy heads down or to repel an advance, whereas semi auto is used for normal combat for aimed and accurate shooting.
        So, the AR15 is 95% a military grade weapon, in calibre, style, and purpose.
        I’ve fired civilian models of the AK47 and the M4, and there is no difference in killing power.
        But teenagers can buy them.
        And mentals, religious maniacs, political shit stirrers, and many other cretins who shouldn’t be allowed anything more dangerous than a rubber band.
        Thank fuck we don’t have to have bullet proof glass, armed teachers, and armed ex servicemen, who might have undiagnosed PTSD, needed as guards in our schools.

      • @Gutstick Japseye

        I am aware of the function of both the SA80 L85 A1 and A2 as I’ve used both of them in the British military since 1999.
        Because of this I’m aware of the reasons for, and uses of, rates of fire and the firing mechanisms therein.

        To say that the the AR15 is “95% a military-grade weapon” is like saying a person is 95% vegan because 95% of their diet is meat-free and the remaining 5% is only eggs/dairy…… that’s called vegetarian; not vegan.

        Such is the case with this comparison; either it IS military or it isn’t. Considering that the civilian AR15 lacks some of the defining capabilities of it’s military counterparts (such as 3-round burst fire or full auto for suppressive fire)…….. I’d argue that it’s not a military-grade weapon by any logically-coherent definition.

        I do agree with one point you made though which is that it’s not a good idea to put armed, former service personnel with potentially undiagnosed PTSD in an environment with kids……… not a good idea.

  18. It is fundamentally wrong for a sexual predator pretending to be a teacher to tell 5 year old kids that p**do bahaviour and hacking up their genitalia is normal.
    It is fundamentally wrong to say a teenager cannot have a firearm unless they are fighting a politicians oil war.
    And it is fundamentally wrong to throw away a constitutional right to allow the butchering of a Nation.
    Lock and load.
    I wonder how many NRA members have committed mass shootings?

  19. I wonder what the comparative statistics are regarding planned parenthood deaths as opposed to mass shootings?

  20. I fucking love guns and have owned several hunting rifles while living abroad.

    Not once have I ever pointed a gun at something I didn’t intend to eat.

    Guns aren’t dangerous. They’re an inanimate object. People are fucking dangerous once they pick up a gun with malice a forethought, load it, cock it, take the safety off and point it in the direction of other people.

    Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

    Ban people. They’re cunts.

  21. Legally held firearms.

    Why would any sane person own an assault rifle? I saw enough of the fucking things in SA. They serve no sporting or hunting purpose. They are deadly and indiscriminate.

    And Trump is shooting his fucking mouth off about protecting schools instead of helping Ukraine. And by protecting schools he means arming teachers.
    Words fucking fail me.

  22. “Stupid orange cunt suggests arming teachers, bullet proof glass and ex serviceman guards”?
    What – a solution that ACTUALLY WORKS?
    No, don’t be silly – just take the firearms away from law abiding Citizens so criminals who could not give a fuck about gun laws can murder them at will – what a fucking genius idea!
    Especially if you want to disarm Citizens to enslave and murder them.
    Which is the plan.

  23. Under the circumstances Trump’s ideas seem as good, or as useless, as any other. If I were an American teacher I would certainly want a gun on me at all times. But as I’m not a poof snowflake I wouldn’t be allowed to be a teacher in the first place.

  24. Couldn’t these schools have security guards and make use of doors and door locks to keep the nutters out?

    • Cuntologist@ – Afternoon Cuntologist – yes they could, but commie puppet China Joe has sent all the money to be laundered in Ukraine.

  25. Never understood the left’s hate on ‘incels’ (in one of the noms). I believe it means involuntary celibates. They want to get jiggy but can’t. Probably because they’re a bit ugly.

    I feel sorry for the hideous cunts. Most of them don’t shoot up schools though.

    But lefty types call them fucking terrorists and want them dead it seems lol.

    You can start with those biffa birds with red hair and face piercings and those soy, honky-hating, honky geezers with skinny legs, zits and halitosis then.

    The shooter was a mental cunt (a beaner) who should never have been able to buy guns after saying he wanted to shoot up a school a few years back. Agree with that. Gun laws are not so clear though. America is still the most free country on Earth (with regards to freedom of speech) for a reason. The nation is armed.

  26. Quite a lively debate. If anyone’s interested, I’ll share a few thoughts.

    Like many (all?) issues these days, there is no reasoned, fact based and logical discourse. In the eyes of the extreme anti-gun cunts, all pro-gun, 2nd amendment supporting, responsible law abiding gun owners are in favour of mass shootings. Utter nonsense of course. But it’s just easier for the closed minded to overlook the fact that millions of Americans legally own firearms, handle them responsibly and are absolutely not prone to angry outbursts resulting in mass shootings. Disarming everyone is not the answer. Remember that nutter who drove a vehicle into a Christmas parade in Germany I think a couple of years ago? Should all privately owned modes of transport be banned because of that? Of course not. As some of the smarter comments on here have said, it’s not the gun that’s the problem – it’s the nutter with his finger on the trigger.

    Now all that said….

    In my experience, legally acquiring a firearm in Texas is too easy in my opinion. I’ve done it myself on 3 occasions. All that’s involved is filling out a background check form which is sent (electronically) to the FBI where it’s processed. The questions are mostly what you’d expect. Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Any involvement in the use/sale/distribution of drugs? Connections to any terrorist organisations? History of domestic violence? That kind of thing. Depending upon how busy the FBI computers are at the time, it can take anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes for the ‘cleared for sale’ or ‘not cleared for sale’ decision to come through. In my case, it took a little longer since I’m not a citizen so some additional background checks were performed. I have no idea what they were, but even I get around the background checks now. Explain in a moment. Once your purchase is cleared, you pay your money and can walk out the store with your gun and as much ammo as the store is prepared to sell you. That’s it!

    The really scary thing is you can do this without even needing to know which end the bullets come out. Absolutely no skills, knowledge, experience or training is required. Any sane, rational and responsible person will seek out training and practice on a range as I did. I hold the Texas License To Carry (LTC) which means I’m not even subjected to the FBI background check anymore when buying a firearm. I’m considered ‘good to go’ as the Yanks say. So, was the training and exam really intense and difficult to pass? Nope. I can explain that in case anyone’s interested.

    I followed good advice by starting small with a .22 semi-auto. You need to overcome or at least manage the sensory assault of holding a loud bangy thing relatively close to your face and body. The bigger the calibre, the louder and more bangy it is. I can now confidently handle my revolver which fires .38 Special and .357 magnum rounds and my latest purchase, a sub-compact 1911 chambered in 9mm. My point is, millions of Yanks go through this process and more and are no threat to anyone. So why should they be tarred with the ‘ban all guns’ brush?

    Over here there’s a saying, “When seconds count, the cops are minutes away”. If some cunt breaks into my house with bad intentions, I hope I’d have the balls to plug the cunt and stop the threat. That’s why many Americans practice at the range and have firearms at home. Self defence is key here. Homeowners defending themselves and their family through deadly force happens up and down the country every day. Some of it gets reported, but it’s mostly ignored because the narrative is ‘responsible gun ownership saved lives at the expense of some arsehole homicidal criminal’. Can’t have that now can we?

    • Great read my fellow Texan. I enjoy having several firearms myself. My business partner has an arsenal that could hold off an army. Neither one of us are a threat except to someone who intends us harm. Same with most gun owners. I wish I didn’t feel I needed to carry that hunk of weaponry around with me but alas it’s the world we live in. I’m thankful for every day I still have that right intact.

    • If everyone who borded the plane was given a gun, you wouldn’t have had 9/11 because people would have just shot the raging mental cunt.

      So I agree that people should have guns who are responsible, but it’s just the frequency of the rounds that can be shot and the amount of Ammo he held. It’s just mental. If you’re going to buy that much ammo it should be for an Ammo for an automatic weapon it should be sold at ranges only and ensure none can be taken off. You don’t need to bloody hunt with an AR15, you can use a single bolt rifle. As for personal self defence, why can’t you just use a pistol? It’s excessive. I think most people who hold guns in the main part are decent people, but you’re always going to get nutters. It’s about damage limitation and for the good gun owners, that’s what being a gun owner is about. Self defence and shoot a nutter who wants to cause chaos.

  27. We have had mass shootings in this country. In Cumbria and in Plymouth., Dunblane ,Hungerford. I am amazed to find the UK list only those where deaths of 3 or more people have occurred. Most shootings resulting in less than3 are not included. ( not as newsworthy I bet )

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