Doctor Who the Fuck!? (7) and the BBC What the Fuck!? (62)

(The New Doctor : Ncuti Gatwa – Day Admin)

I would like to take this opportunity to offer the current guardian’s of “Dr Who” for a cunting.

On my return this afternoon from the golf 🏌️‍♀️ course the radio voice in my car said that the new doctor Who would be played by a Scottish actor. The said his name but it didn’t really sound very Scottish therefore I looked this up when I got back home.

See link please. BBC News Link

Well now I’ve tried to read his name I’m still at a loss of how to pronounce it. From the picture he looks more like a half of Guiness than a pint of heavy.

To me just another effort to be inclusive and tick boxes rather than follow the creators take on his creation. And it’s a Cunt.

That’s all folks A Cunt.

Nominated by: Everyonesacunt

And seconded by: Sixdog Vomit


A cunting for predictability above anyone else. We all suspected that the BBC would follow a woman with a black person and he’s also an anal

How transparent is the BBC’s priority of pushing work agenda above quality entertainment?

Wonder how many more will cancel their license now?

Dr Who doesn’t exist anymore, the evil ones have taken over.



And there’s even more. This time from Norman

The BBC are cunts again…

Didn’t see this coming, did we? There are Daleks on Skaro who knew the next one was going to be black. Ah, but has the lad been chosen because of his acting skills, or because of his skin colour?

I think we all know the answer to that one. After all, this is the BBC we are talking about.

Still, it could be worse. At least it’s not another fucking woman…

Sky News Link


..and more. This time from Lord of the Rings

Russell T Davies, the BBC and Ncuti Gatwa? (me neither?)

photo : Guardian Photo Link

link : Radio Times Link

Rwandan/Scottish !! ‘star’ Ncuti Gatwa (who ?) has been announced by the BBC knobs and grinning moron Russel T’wat’ Davies to replace Jodie ‘I’m shit’ Whittaker as the new Doctor Who(gives a shit).

I won’t be watching, as I quit soon after Jodie ‘breathless – look I’m zany’ Whittaker fucked things worse than they’d already got.

Did the BBC even have a white heterosexual on the short list ? I fucking doubt it.

Just as an aside, I was at ‘Star City’ on Saturday to watch ‘Thunderball’ as they are showing all the Bond movies….

Despite the news media constantly telling me that ‘Black/ethnics’ are a minority and repressed by the ‘white privileged’ majority, as a Caucasian male, I represented maybe 5% of the people milling around……welcome to 21st Century Great Britain


126 thoughts on “Doctor Who the Fuck!? (7) and the BBC What the Fuck!? (62)

  1. “Doctor! The Daleks have invaded Earth!”
    “Mu finish mu rice an’ peas and weed den I right on it Raasclaat!”
    “The Doctors assistant is pregnant! Where has the Doctor gone? Anyone seen the Doctor”..

    • You’ve sorted episode 2!

      The Dr finds a black hole in another dimension, which contains all those dark key ‘dads to be’ that nobody hears from again.

  2. If anyone was surprised the BBC would do this….then you must be reading on the wrong page. Meanwhile, Dorrie is working on an “alternate” funding of the BBC. Its called PAYE.
    Government are complicit in all the shite that ever fell from the Devils arse!

    As for the new Time Lord, then he certainly is the correct choice for a programme all about space and going through BLACK HOLES

  3. Well, what that fat doughnut puncher slimeball Davies has done is stick his two fat little fingers up at the show’s history and all its longstanding viewers/fans.

    It is no longer a great piece of science fiction or TV escapism, and it’s certainly no longer a family show. Doctor Who’s priority now is to be a piece of woke propaganda and a diversity lecture. So, this is basically Russell Twat Davies saying ‘Fuck you and fuck off’ to those who remember the days of Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker. I’ve said this before, we will never see a white man play the role of the Doctor again. When Rod Jane and Freddie reject, Jodie Whittakunt got the part, that was the Beeb (and their Grauniad acolytes) ‘cancelling’ the show’s past and saying that a man now playing Doctor Who is ‘wrong’. Now they have ticked more boxes and the identkit black poove getting the part is going to kill off what the series used to be for good, and the BBC want that. This isn’t just the Savile sheltering cunts ruining a TV institution. This is them telling us that people of a certain age and a certain skin colour have no say or place in the modern BBC. If the Beeb has its way, we will – the majority of us here in Britain – be officially classed as ‘inferior’. Well, fuck the BBC, fuck fat fuck Davies, fuck the new Doctor Fairy (not literally, of course), and fuck their woke blitzkreig. Cunts, the lot of ’em.

  4. Jodie could still yet redeem herself though.
    In her last episode at Christmas, she could do a striptease.

    • Iron Butterfly’s In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida would do.
      Then we’d get 17 minutes.

      It would ruin it though, if we copped the lot and then she morphed into a black version of John Inman.

    • You probably would find a big pair of hairy bollocks and a purple headed jizz spitter between her/his/they/ whatever the fuck it is legs, napalm it, then napalm again, etc

  5. Can’t wait for the episode that makes us all feel guilty for the transatlantic slave trade.
    Get To Fuck.

    • Yes, the new Doctor gets mistaken for an Umbongo and taken as a slave to the West Indies. The possibilities for rewriting history and pouring on the white guilt are endless. Somehow he gets rescued and set free by a vegan, transgender, climate change prophet…..,.a sort of 18th century Greta Thunderpants.
      Marvellous entertainment!

  6. James Bond: his 007 handle given to a black woman.
    Later in the film she says: “give back Bond 007 – after all, it’s just a number!”
    Then Bond is killed off.

    Star Trek: the shows central character becomes a black woman, called Michael.
    The senior character an Asian woman. The ships scientist & Doctor, a couple of shit stabbers.

    Star Wars: “kill the past, let the past go!”
    As first Han, then Luke, then Leia are killed off.

    Dr Who: becomes a wimminz, who intimates that she has feelings for her female companion, now replaced by a black, homosexual from Rwanda.

    Any character that is or has been a strong, decent, Anglo-Saxon role model-now sacrificed on the alter of “woke”.

    Fucking dirty cunts!

  7. I hope the ratings crash when this guy starts . But of course statistics can be filled with when it suits

    • Oh, they love bending their statistics. They claim that millions watch the woke excrement that is wimmins football. What they mean is millions watch the first few minutes to laugh at the goalkeepers after EastEnders has finished. They forget to mention that scores of viewers then turn it over as wimmins football is a load of steaming flyblown odorous shite.

  8. And I bet they cast Rylan Clark Cunt, Graham Norton or Andrew Scott as The Master. There will be plenty of hide the Timelord sausage in this new series.

    • Even with Dorries after them they continue. In fact are doubling down on being Woke. Like Disney in America. (Which has a special status re taxes and stuff). On a headlong road of self ‘destructionboth both of them. Cant come quickly enough.

      • Governor DeSantis is revoking their tax status. Cue squeaks from the poofter pips.
        If anyone can’t see this invasion for what it is…..

  9. Isn’t it a strange coincidence, that within weeks of Fatti Patel signing an agreement with the Rwandan government, that in all likelihood will mean that hundreds of thousands of Rwandan cunts will flood the UK*, whilst legal blockages will result in few, if any, illegal migrants going in the opposite direction, the BBC announce that the central character in its oldest, longest running fictional show is to be a Rwandan.


    *cunters may be unaware that 1500 young, Rwandan males are soon to be housed in a disused RAF base in Yorkshire, in a village of little more than 300 people, with no facilities.

    In one fell swoop, de-colonised ☹️☹️☹️

    • Like Jodie’s Doctor visiting Rosa Fucking Parks, you can bet that the New Doctor Up In Banana Tree will turn up in Africa and give all us ‘riff-raff’ an ‘educational’ ‘message’ about how great and lovable they all are. He’ll have a job though, as the place is fucking empty and they are all over here.

      • “They” ruin everything Norman.
        Look how W.ogba and Rashcunt, poisoned UTD.

        The only world class players at the club, recently:

        Dave in goal, Ibra, Edison and Ronaldo 🤔

      • You lads certainly take your Dr Who seriously! 😁

        I couldn’t give a fuck if it was a paki in a wheelchair,
        Its been shite for years!!

        Last one was a splitarse,
        Now some witchdoctor.
        Next a fuckin midget tranny.
        Fuck this shite.

        I served two years in the National Front with some Daleks and we’re still mates now.
        Great lads, live in a adapted bungalow.
        Salt of the earth.
        And if they say the Doctors a cunt?
        Hes a cunt.

      • Said he was a doctor, no medical qualifications.
        Lives in a phonebox.
        Dresses odd.
        Gets into places hes not invited with a screwdriver.

        Picked the right man for the job.

      • Too true, CG.
        And that corrosive cunt Lingard can fuck off and all. Can’t believe the little twat wanted a United ‘send off’. If Denis Law, George Best, , Martin Buchan, Sammy Mac, Bryan Robson, Ray Wilkins and Steve Bruce didn’t get one, why should this little turd get one? The usual ‘Big I Am’ chippy cunt self importance. The same disease that afflicts Pogba and Rashcunt.

      • @Mis

        I haven’t watched Dr Who since Tom Baker had that K9 sidekick.
        It is the fucking principle-anything white, Anglo-Saxon, being removed, replaced & erased👎

  10. We are meant to be sending cunts to Rwanda, not importing them to work for the BBC. And I wonder what “blazing audition” could mean? If it involved Russell T Davis probably the state of Ncuti’s arsehole.

  11. Dr Dark-key. After a wimminz another box ticked by the Bollox Broadcating Cunts.

  12. I imagine that the TARDIS will no longer be a Police call box, but a fucking mud hut wizzing through time and space, while that bloody n*gn*g waves his sonic assegai at Daleks.

    • They can save money on props by just using his massive sonic tool instead.

      • “mtembo, katanga umpopo mganga?”

        *Would you care for a jellybaby?

      • I LOVE (most) jelly babies, reticent about the black ones, they complain when you bite their heads off, whining bastards.
        Afternoon Mis, keeping well I trust?

      • Heyup Moggie 👍

        Aye not bad, grafting away,
        Trying to get infront and treat the missus to a week away.

        Used to take it for granted.
        A week in a cottage somewhere,
        But since Covid the prices have gone mad.
        Everyone doing it, ‘staycation’ they call it now.
        They look at me funny when I say

        “Weve been cottaging”…😀

      • You’re not doing it right. I’ve found a house in the Lake District, apparently available in August. It’s a scam, but we’ll rock up, break in, have a great time then tell the scammer he owes a shit load.

      • Moggie @

        Soon as Fiddler mentions hes going Ireland for the races,
        Im heading to Northumbria!

        Im dying to use his antique walnut peeler!!

  13. I bet Aunty hired him because he came cheap.
    A bucket of fried chicken, a can of Irn Bru and a tube of lube per episode, perhaps?

  14. I’m surprised at Lord of the Rings bemusement at being in the minority at Star City. The local nickname is Stab City, surely an indicator of its main user demographic if ever there was one.

  15. Dr BLM fudger but not trans representative, the BBC should hang their transphobic heads in shame. Proper champagne socialist fuck up from White City that.

  16. Rwandan / Scottish my arse.

    If 2 Alsatians living in Scotland decide to move to Rwanda and have a puppy does that mean that the puppy is a Scottish/ Rwandan Alsatian.

    Does it fuck. It’s just a dog.

    Actually that’s made me think, do English dogs bark in English and French dogs in French and using my Alsatian analogy could they be bilingual?

    Perhaps only those on ‘the right side of history’ will be able to solve this conundrum?

    • It’s the old classic, Cunty.
      The cunts are always referred to as ‘British Citizens’ (even that piece of crap that bombed Manchester)., yet there is nothing British about them.

      • Absolutely Norman.

        Following any slaughter of the innocents at a pop concert or on a train a bridge a market or wherever you may unfortunate to be when a Prophet from the religion of peace decides to blow himself up you can guarantee the MSM lead by Al-BBStan will run with ‘Police have arrested a British Citizen’.

        To any normal person living in the real world that simply means ‘it was a sub Saharan cunt but we want to try to cover that up’.

  17. It takes ten minutes to cancel your TV license and ask for a refund too.

    Defund these cunts.

  18. And I’m going to put a bet on that this next Doctor Who and his series will feature an episode about dem poor ol’ downtrodden dun gone slaves and their evil lordy white man masters.

    A cast iron dead cert….

  19. I wonder if this Scottish black box ticker has had tatties and neeps for his supper tonight?


    But I bet he has tucked into many a fàggot in a Glaswegian public convenience.

    The BBC is now beyond parody.

    Anyone paying a TV licence is funding this propaganda. The sooner this state broadcaster is flushed firmly down the shitter the better.

  20. I am too stoned to read all of the above, but what the actual fuck.

  21. The cunts at the BBC only chose a bl4ck p00fter so that when the ratings tank, they can call everyone a racist homophobe.

  22. I was never much of a fan of the Doctor. Even as a kid it looked ropey as fuck. Red Dwarf worked a lot better because it was a comedy and didn’t need a large FX budget to be enjoyed. I was one of those who were never captured by Doctor Who as it wasn’t on TV in our childhood, whereas Red Dwarf, Star Trek The Next Generation and the X Files were.

    At least the creeps at the beeb haven’t made DCI Gene Hunt gay… yet.

  23. Doctor Who’s greatest period was its Hammer Horror style phase in Tom Baker’s early years. The Brain of Morbius, The Seeds of Doom, Genesis of the Daleks, and Pyramids of Mars being great stories.

    The last remotely half decent stories had Matt Smith in them. It’s been woked to buggery since then.

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