The Right (or Left) Side of History

A cunting for the latest Buzz phrase ‘The right side of History’

It’s been thrown around a lot these days, particularly now with the situation in Ukraine but compare what is happening with Yemen, condemnation of Saudi and Iran using Yemen to fight a proxy war.

The West is now heading in the same direction to use Ukraine to fight a proxy war against Russia. Comments like ‘weaken Russia’ (Lloyd Austin) point to the desire to escalate the conflict. Russia now saying they will cut off gas to Poland and Bulgaria and Liz Truss wanting to supply war planes to Ukraine.

Back to the right side of history, we heard it from the four vandals who destroyed public property in Bristol, guilty of an offence but justified by being ‘on the right side of history’

History is what has happened, being in the right side cannot be determined until all the consequences of an action have happened. If the destruction of a statue in Bristol had led to civil unrest, further major destruction of public property in any cause where the excuse would be being on the right side of history then the Bristol example could be seen as the wrong side of history, setting an unwelcome president.

India must take a different stance over Ukraine – Russia, otherwise they will be on the wrong side of history

I know this concept is a little vague but just saying being on the right side of history is complete bollocks

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54 thoughts on “The Right (or Left) Side of History

  1. How can one know if one is on the right side of history? Not until it’s history. So a total non- sequitur. A meaningless bollox phrase used by cunts.

  2. Don’t know what side of history I’m on and I don’t care but it won’t be too long before I am history.

  3. More like ‘ I stand on the Woke side of history’.

    • I’ve added a paragraph to my will, no statues to erected of me at any time now or in the future. So when they want to pull it down, it won’t be there. Sorted.

      [Lawyer enjoyed wording it, “Do you want a headstone?” “No.” “What about if it has no writing on it?” “No.” “What about a statue not of you but an abstract form representing one of your ideas?” “No.” and surprisingly complicated it turned out to be.]

  4. I wonder if Stalin was on the “right side” of history?

    He oversaw his armies blunt then destroy one of the most effective armies in modern history,the Nazi wehrmacht,ensuring freedom for the enslaved peoples of Europe.

    He also arranged the murder of millions of his own countrymen.

    Who should weigh that up? Some cunt on Twatter?

    Leave interpretation to the experts,like the outstanding historians who decided Mary Queen of Scots was black or something.

    • Communists frequently claimed to be on the “right side of history”. According to Marxist diabetic materialism, history would culminate with the triumph of communism and thereafter end. It was a millennial belief. And how did that turn out? Just as well as Francis Fukuyama’s claim that the triumph of the West had ended history.

      History has no value until it’s history. Before that it’s futurology and about as accurate as astrology.

  5. Anything that helps demonise the past achievements of the European male, be it truth or completely made up bollocks is called being on the right side of history.

    • We all know know that highly intelligent, visionary, motivated white males did fuck all for this planet compared to the almost moronic, stabby, hands-out, gimme black cunts who are responsible for every good thing ever discovered, developed or invented. Innit.

  6. A phrase beloved by lefty woke wankers to justify their selfish, don’t give a fuck, I’m always right behaviour. They love to compare themselves with the Suffragettes and Civil Rights movement.
    Look, they say, they were ridiculed, they were called cunts, they went to prison and look how history judges them now.
    Therefore in the future we will be seen as the heroes…….I can’t wait to tell my epic story on some documentary, then you’ll be kissing my arse.

    It’s a very child like, simplistic and cyclical view of history completely ignoring long term causes, not to mention short term effects. History doesn’t work like that so when you hear that wokie phrase you know you are talking to an attention craving simpleton who knows nothing of history. It’s pitiful.

    • Spot on. How can you judge your present day cause with something that you didn’t experience? And it doesn’t help if your brain isn’t wired up correctly either!

  7. Best reply to some cunt saying this is, “How? Have you got a fucking time machine then?”

    I bet Uncle Adolf thought he was going to be on the right side of history. Instead, he ended up blowing his brains out with a cyanide pill in his gob on his wedding night.

    A lot of these sayings are bollocks.

    “A little bit of what you fancy, does you good.”

    That didn’t turn out too well for Gary Glitter.

    • Or George Michael, meetings with undercover cops in the Gents or crashing into Happy Snaps.

  8. Future historians will write books about the self-implosion of the West from within. Probably right too.
    By that time there will have been a seismic event off the fucking Richter Scale as 3 billion woketards jaws all hit the floor at the same time.
    Release the Kraken.

    • Im confident history will remember me fondly.
      Ive no doubt.
      From my chairmanship of the High Peak flashers association to my pending court case of alledgedly stealing from Angela Rayners washing line.

      History is written by the victors or victims, or something?
      Build my statue of bronze and facing North.

      “He inspired others and never said a bad word about anyone..”

      • As well as the North Wests editor-in-chief of ‘Country Cream Artisan Monthly’.

      • I think the New Mills Dogging Association will also remember you fondly.

      • Id like to think so CC,
        Out in all weathers,
        Steaming up car windows,
        Never so much as a box of Cadburys Roses.
        Dont even claim expenses for having my mack dry cleaned….

      • Mnc@ – A sterling idea Sir – perchance there could be a device on the statue where a flap opens and it indecently exposes itself? 😀👍
        I think a statue of me in York City centre would be good – me stood smiling benignly with my foot on the throat of a foreign devil and a tankard of good ale in my hand.
        As opposed to what I will probably end up with, a small wooden plaque in the grounds of Broadmoor with the legend “Here lies Foxy, he was poxy – just ask Roxy!”..

      • Hi MNC from fbook, it was the pick matey, there’s not going to be 2 people using that….

      • Angela Rayner actually washes anything??
        Reusable French tickles, perhaps?

  9. Speaking of wokie libtard wankers I’ve just seen a video of some scruffy cunts heckling Priti Useless at some meeting last night.
    “Say it loud, say it clear
    Refugees are welcome here”
    No they’re not. They can fuck off and you can go with them.

    • Agreed they are not welcome in England.Send the dirty goat shaggers back to Africa.

    • Always some delusional cunts ruining the fun. I would have used a stentorian voice to encourage to a counter chant of “say it loud, say it clear refugees my arse.

  10. Chris Bryant and his fruity friends stand on the mincing side of history. By definition that means the Left but it is triangulation, as Dame Kweer don’t likes to hear about the left, and Angie don’t like to hear about the right.

  11. 50 years from now and the UK is a hardline Islamic country, blasphemy is punishable by death, the remaining western historians concluded that the UK was on the wrong side of history.
    After threatening to impose a no fly zone over Ukraine in 2022 the Russian military decided to make an example of the UK and fired a dozen nuclear missiles at the UK destroying London and other major cities.
    A new government was formed under a ‘Unity banner’ to rebuild, however the situation did not deter the channel migrants and as there was no tangible border force the several thousand became servers million who were welcomed and given preference over what was left of the UK population.
    By 2024 the government was overthrown by Ayatollah Goat Shagger and all white girls between the ages of 10 and 15 were rounded up and sent to special reeducation camps.
    January 2025 the UK officially become an Islamic state.

    And all because Liz Truss thought she was on the right side of history 😂

  12. History is whatever the lefties and bleeding heart’s want it to be, just ask bomber command veterans. One minute you’re a hero and the next you’re a murderer. And all because of this ‘we’re all human’ and ‘all you need is love’ bullshit. Kindness has always been interpreted as weakness and always will be.

  13. Meaningless twaddle, beloved of people who are ashamed of their country’s past and believe they must apologise for it.
    Even though it is absolutely fuck all to do with them.

  14. History is written by the victor.

    Wokies, leftards, transbenders and ecofuckwits won’t even be worthy of a footnote once the purge begins.

  15. Right and wrong are seen differently depending on the individual. History is an absolute. It’s over and done. This phrase is to entice people into being part of some imaginary legacy.
    As for me, I am on the “wrong side” of 95% of everything happening in the world today starting with my skin color.
    Fuck off. Way off.

  16. Sometimes, all you need is a functioning moral compass to see what the wrong side of history will be. We have 2000 years of documented human activity, and the majority of what was wrong throughout this period is still wrong now.
    Contrary to what some believe, the bear has been poking the West for the last twenty years, and we’ve done fuck all to counter it, because the west is awash with filthy Russian money, and dependent on Russian energy. Now, and very reluctantly, we have woken up, and it’s time to put this freedom shit to the test.
    I don’t want war. I don’t want to see dead civilians on the TV every night. I don’t want food or fuel shortages, or not being able to heat my home. I want peace.
    But unless we make a stand at some point, there never will be.

    • Evening GJ

      Fair comment mate but I think the West lacks the will to even defend itself in an argument in the 21st century.

      The perpetual, steadily more appalling terror attacks across European cities these last 20 plus years have been greeted with ever more apologetic apathy, resulting in more elaborate and self loathing ways to look inwards and almost blame the victims instead of the murdering low IQ bastards who were responsible, has shown this worrying trend of spineless appeasement.

      Freedom of speech is all but gone thanks to political correctness/woke and the creeping influence of Islamism – the most recent example being a school teacher who had to go into hiding over a fucking picture.
      The cunts making threats against this teacher should have been caught and jailed. (They maybe have I don’t know but I’d doubt it)

      Rabble rousers, losers and looters can desecrate historical monuments and statues, almost with impunity and almost demand history be rewritten so as to avoid causing offence
      The middle class wokey arseholes who do get tried for vandalising historical monuments can now end up escaping being charged because they’re on the “right side of history”

      I could go on.

      As I’ve alluded to before, the West has not got a single clue who it is as a collective any longer and if this nation or any other liberal Western European country, was invaded by a legitimate military force I’m convinced a sizeable portion of the public of these countries would light candles and wave them through.

      I fully agree with your sentiments of wanting a peaceful life by the way – I think any normal person should but fuck knows how we’re going to get any at this rate.

      • Evening HJ.
        A more pessimistic version of myself would have been in total agreement with you some time ago, but I’m happy I don’t anymore. It’s so easy to go down that rabbit hole and emerge with a poisoned mind. I always try to find a counterpoint to the troubling issues, and can usually find some ray of light that tempers the sensationalism.
        Don’t forget, our army has been fighting a savage enemy that will give no quarter for twenty years, and although politically we lost, we were victorious militarily, so when I hear ‘the army has gone woke’ bollocks, I think of the young lads who’ve been mixing it with the taliban for the last decade, and they have not been found wanting.

      • I’m currently reading the new Douglas Murray book “The War on the West” and thoroughly recommend it.

        That bloke seriously has his shit together.

  17. Great nom.

    It’s yet another trope used by Leftists living in their state of perpetual disbelief that they can be wrong about anything and it’s perfectly acceptable to predict the future and not expect any scrutiny or possess even 1 ounce of self respect that in normal people would make them think ‘if I say that I’m going to make a twat of myself so I’ll keep my trap shut’.

    Genuinely where have all these Soothsayers appeared from?

    Was there a unit they studied at St Second Rate University II but kept quiet about?

    It’s also at the core of the climate change ‘non debate’.

    How many times has the Seychelles been claimed by the sea?

    Never but I reckon it’s been predicted that in ‘5 years the Seychelles will be permanently under water’ at least half a dozen times.

    Or what about Brexit, fuck me Gideon and Co predicted some proper belters, it will trigger an immediate recession, 1/2 million people will be made immediately redundant, House prices will fall a minimum of 30%…….

    If you take the concept of what is history to its limit it was just that last word you read.

    But is it bollocks, history wasn’t even last week or last year or the last 10 years, surely that’s just the recent past.

    All normal people know that, history is I guess the study of the distant past.

    Anyway back to the Nom

    ‘The right side of history’, I can only assume that there’s a special advanced course in Soothsaying where only the fucking shittest of the shittest students at St Second Rate University II were allowed to study, a bit like the remedial classes of the 70’s and 80’s but much much worse.

    These mongs believe that history is now, despite hard facts to the contrary they are right and they know because they can see the future.

    So that’s all sorted then.

    • OsborneCunt’s was my favourite bit of Project Fear right after Cameron’s World War Three hysteria. All I saw that June were some angry bumblebees and shitloads of angry Remain losers.

  18. I agree with Odin. I’ve actually said it myself, in a long previous nom.
    History is indeed written by the winners.
    So when people say that they want to be on the right side of history, what they actually mean, is that they want to be on the winning side.
    Not to be sneered at, who wants to be a loser?
    But this expression, catchphrase, call it what you will, is being adopted by people who just want to be perceived as being “on the right side”. It’s posturing and self-agrandisment at its worst, and should be ignored, or pissed on from a great height.

    • It is indeed JP and done with hindsight too. Of course its easy to position yourself as being on the right side of a particular issue when looking at it though a 21st century prospective decades or even hundreds of years after it happened.

  19. Two years ago if I had said we would be locked in our own homes, arrested for going out in public, beaten senseless and dragged off by our own police, fired from our jobs for not taking untested and potentially fatal experimental medication, gaslighted, lied to, deceived, fucked over and a Tory “Government” would put us in a hundred years of debt by handing money out to chancers and crooks I would have probably been accused of being a tinfoil hatter on the wrong side of history..
    How’s everyone enjoying food rationing and “two years to flatten the resistance”?

    • Oh, it’s fucking delightful, Vern.
      I’ve emailed my energy supplier asking them to explain why the fuck my last bill, for 30 days, was over £115, when it’s usually under £65, especially as I only use the washers in the cheapest periods, and recharge my battery powered devices at the same time, should they need it.
      No response, at all, so far. The cunts.

  20. Most of the cunts in the UK bullshitting about the Ukraine are doing exactly that.
    For all their posturing, yellow and blue flags and ‘solidarity’, most leftie twat vegan hipster luminous hair fuckflake cunts would drop their keks to the Ivans and shit themselves sharpish if they actually turned up.

    The Ukraine is just another virtue signaling toy. This year’s craze, replacing BLM and Chicken Floyd George. And most people who go on about it are look at me do gooding attention seeking cunts. That’s a fact.

  21. well there’s rumblings in Italy about the support for arming Ukraine, it started with El Papa and then former head of NATO during the Balkans conflict and he’s Italian and now some very serious industrialists are getting on board.
    The fact of the matter with history is, it unfolds before one can know enough to know that one didn’t know fuck all
    The many government assisted arms support that supply Ukraine are supplying a very dangerous group in Ukraine, the same group that wanted Zelenkies head a number of years ago
    brothers in arms my bolocks

    • This proxy war if you can call it that at this stage is all about central banks in the west and the inevitable collapse (again) facing them
      Meanwhile Russia and China might not want to play in the Big Reset tv family entertainment Financial game and this is where we are currently
      So grind Russia into the ground for a regime change and maybe China will be more compliant for the next couple of decades

  22. Great nom on a totally smug and empty expression.

    Not sure why Ukraine has been brought into it, however. For the benefit of the hard of understanding (see above) it is not about being on the ‘right side of history’ so much as being on ‘the right side of international law’. You know, the law that says you can’t just invade a neighbouring country for no fucking reason other than you are high on the autism spectrum and a lifelong fanboy of the Soviet cunting Empire.

    It is simply not on – a bit like spreading Novichok around picturesque cathedral towns.

    No need to wait for it to pass into history, just take off the tinfoil and use your fucking brain.

  23. To my friend’s son who claims to be studying history: in 1066 there were 3 battles on English soil. Name one of them.
    His answer: the Battle of Britain (and he wasn’t joking).
    The rot set in a long time ago.

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