Doctor Who the Fuck!? (7) and the BBC What the Fuck!? (62)

(The New Doctor : Ncuti Gatwa – Day Admin)

I would like to take this opportunity to offer the current guardian’s of “Dr Who” for a cunting.

On my return this afternoon from the golf 🏌️‍♀️ course the radio voice in my car said that the new doctor Who would be played by a Scottish actor. The said his name but it didn’t really sound very Scottish therefore I looked this up when I got back home.

See link please. BBC News Link

Well now I’ve tried to read his name I’m still at a loss of how to pronounce it. From the picture he looks more like a half of Guiness than a pint of heavy.

To me just another effort to be inclusive and tick boxes rather than follow the creators take on his creation. And it’s a Cunt.

That’s all folks A Cunt.

Nominated by: Everyonesacunt

And seconded by: Sixdog Vomit


A cunting for predictability above anyone else. We all suspected that the BBC would follow a woman with a black person and he’s also an anal

How transparent is the BBC’s priority of pushing work agenda above quality entertainment?

Wonder how many more will cancel their license now?

Dr Who doesn’t exist anymore, the evil ones have taken over.



And there’s even more. This time from Norman

The BBC are cunts again…

Didn’t see this coming, did we? There are Daleks on Skaro who knew the next one was going to be black. Ah, but has the lad been chosen because of his acting skills, or because of his skin colour?

I think we all know the answer to that one. After all, this is the BBC we are talking about.

Still, it could be worse. At least it’s not another fucking woman…

Sky News Link


..and more. This time from Lord of the Rings

Russell T Davies, the BBC and Ncuti Gatwa? (me neither?)

photo : Guardian Photo Link

link : Radio Times Link

Rwandan/Scottish !! ‘star’ Ncuti Gatwa (who ?) has been announced by the BBC knobs and grinning moron Russel T’wat’ Davies to replace Jodie ‘I’m shit’ Whittaker as the new Doctor Who(gives a shit).

I won’t be watching, as I quit soon after Jodie ‘breathless – look I’m zany’ Whittaker fucked things worse than they’d already got.

Did the BBC even have a white heterosexual on the short list ? I fucking doubt it.

Just as an aside, I was at ‘Star City’ on Saturday to watch ‘Thunderball’ as they are showing all the Bond movies….

Despite the news media constantly telling me that ‘Black/ethnics’ are a minority and repressed by the ‘white privileged’ majority, as a Caucasian male, I represented maybe 5% of the people milling around……welcome to 21st Century Great Britain


126 thoughts on “Doctor Who the Fuck!? (7) and the BBC What the Fuck!? (62)

  1. I knew this nom was coming. This is wokery gone wild. Not a Dr who fan but did see the downfall of this British institution as they went to a woman, then decided that wasn’t woke enough. Now behold Dr. Poof.

    • I read somewhere that this cunt received praise for his acting skills in a series called Sex Education, that no fucker seems to have watched, in which he played a camp gay black man. Imagine the sheer hard graft and determination that must have gone into that performance.

  2. And there was me thinking that no one could be a worse Dr Who than Sylvester McCoy.

  3. Cunti Tawag…umm no…Ticun Twaga….no….Cutin Gataw…Fuck it I won’t bother.

  4. I am confused, born in Rwanda but is Scottish – Rwandan, I didn’t know Scotland were issuing their own passports.

    The cunt must be ‘British’ – Rwandan lol, who just happens to have been brought up in Scotchland.

    What a pile of piss, a n*g n*g with blonde hair, fuck me what has the cunt been drinking up in Haggis land, I wonder who will be the doctors assistant(s), maybe the cast of the old PG tips adverts.

    The BBC are cunts

    • If he’s Scottish he must have a drinking problem.

      I can see him shitfaced in The Tardis clutching a bottle of Buckfast.

  5. I gave up on Dr Who shortly after Peter Capaldi began. It was getting more and more woke that I couldn’t take any more. Not just the Woke Who but look at the companions we have been saddled with. Once there were some halfway decent actors and a few getting started. Dear Daleks, we couldn’t ask a favour could we…

    • Same here. I only watched it occasionally for nostalgia purposes since Eccleston quit, and when Capaldi started quoting Marx I thought that’s it, I’m out…

  6. I was watching a bit of telly last night and there was a white fella on an advert.

      • It must have been that anti waycism advert, where a ‘gammon’ gets frog marched out of a football stadium.

        He must’ve said, ‘Raheem isn’t playing too well today.”

  7. Give it another 5 years and the next Doctor will be an immigrant from Syria identifying as a non-binary, pansexual rabbit with a twitch and rides around in a wheelchair.

    Welcome to Doctor M’bongo

    • Dr. Ooga: Quick, mek da Tardis to getta me to Galactika 9 on outskirt of ga-la-xy.
      Token gay/spakka/effnic assistant: Why Galactika 9, Dr?
      Dr. Ooga: Dem’s got fried chiggun and ganja der. Me um get high.
      Token gay/spakka/effnic assistant: We have to save the universe!
      Dr. Ooga: Sigh. Me prefers dee old days when da Ah-siss-TANT woz white girl.

  8. Fuck me, the Scottish Jussie Smollett.
    Hope he doesn’t nip out for a late night sandwich and bump into the “far right.”

    • When you say ‘the far right’. You did of course mean ‘two African puffters who he was wanking off in a sauna a week beforehand’?

  9. William Hartnell would be turning in his grave. It is no surprise though – the “man” in charge, Russell T. Davies is a raving Irish poof, whose every TV work is about The Gayness. He wears his sodomite tendencies like a badge of honour. Proud to work for the BBC – the British Buggery Corporation

  10. I used to love Dr Who when I was young. Quite liked the revival when Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant were in the lead role. Went rapidly downhill after that twat Moffat took over. Will probably give the new bloke a look now Russell T Davis is back but I won’t hold my death.

    They have had had multiple stories when several versions of the Dr Who meet up. If I had a Tardis, I’d go to a timeline where I could have a threesome with Mary Tamm (Romana I) and Lalla Ward (Romana II). I always had a bit of a thing for Sarah-Jane too. She was looking MILFtastic when they brought her back in a Tennant story.

    (I always quite fancied Jo Grant and Katy Manning as the Doctor’s assistants back in the 70s. Perfect wank material for a hard-up teen back in the day – Day Admin)

    • KK@ – “Me vinyl wrapped da Tardis init – it look proper bling blood!”

  11. Such are the cunts at the BBC that they know full well that the vast majority of people see this as just more dreadful Burn Loot Murder shite but will also overlook the fact that this is a kid’s TV show…that the broadcaster can use to indoctrinate small children with.

    A Scottish blek homosexual? Yes there’s several round every corner.

    This fucking cunt is no more Scottish than the Afghan set up in a tenement in Glasgow.

    Time warp the bag of vermin to Planet Oven.

    • PS:There is no depth those traitorous cunts will not plunge to subvert this country.

  12. Highly disappointing news – I had a tenner on the next Doctor Who being Mason Greenwood!
    But as I am over the age of 9 I could not give less of a fuck who the next Doctor Woke is.
    Any Government with a pair would cancel the BBC theft charge with 6 months notice, but we don’t have a Government with balls – we have a lying, sly, talentless psychopath cunt pretending to be PM as his mental harpy of a Wife makes all the decisions.

  13. Witch Doctor Who. I believe Colin Baker will soon lose his place as most hated Doctor ever. Fuck knows what the next one will be.

    • A creation from fantasy island will be a safe bet.

      A transgender, vertically challenged, disabled, peaceful person of colour from the Ukraine called “Santa Susanna” .. Or very similar would be my best guess.

      Oh and maybe they ride on a white swan!!!!

      • Not just “non-binary” but every one of the 428+vat genders. The TARDIS will be a mini-mosque using a hybrid drive. Their companion will be an androgynous vegan with an artificial leg, entering into peace negotiations with the Daleka for a Free Palestine. Preferred pronouns:- CUNT, FUCKBUCKET.

  14. There used to be a running gag on a comedy show years ago featuring the “Gay Daleks”. They were pink and trundled around shouting “white wee wee, white wee wee” while squirting a spunk like liquid all over the place.
    I pissed myself laughing not realising that one day this would be a mainstay of BBC children’s drama. You can’t rule any madness out these days.

  15. Saw it once. In the 60s. Cardboard shite. So couldnt give a fuck if Kunta Kinte is in it.

  16. I believe this gentleman is also a gay.

    Will we now have daleks with the AIDS? Perhaps Davros will exclaim, “Oo-ooh, get her!” when the Doctor makes another ‘Lily Savage: type comment? The Cybermen will now ‘eat da poo poo,’ perhaps?

    It seems that they go more woke with each Doctor they go through now.

    Give it two or three more and it’ll be a dark key, transgender, paraplegic, conjoined midget, refugee climate change activist, islamic gypo with tourettes.

    Get to fuck.

  17. The whole thing went to fuck when Tom Baker left. Everything afterwards was a load of wank, rapidly turning into woke shite that was unwatchable for anyone over about 14.
    Now is more about subliminal woke indoctrination than any elements of entertainment.
    Watched one Christmas “special” a few years ago, for about 5 minutes and switched off since.
    Time for the daleka to have their victory and put it out of our misery. One more iconic programme, milked and then fucked into oblivion. CUNTS!!

  18. No shiny shites awarded at all.Dr Who?Dr Woke.Stick your sonic screwdriver where it hurts.

  19. The next reincarnation will just be a rainbow in a wheelchair shaped tardis going from time slot to time slot indoctrinating young kids to the bumfoolery telling them they are not gay but born into the wrong body

  20. I’m convinced that sooner or later the daleks and all the other creepy monsters from the 60s, 70s and 80s will all be pardoned and offered amnesty by the new Dr Wanker. They will then be entitled to live in the UK (preferably a 5* hotel with £1000 per week living expenses)

    Davros will become the new editor of the Guardian and Sutekh will be the new director general of the BBC

    Dalek lives Matter

  21. Gone from nicking police cars and driving them around the estate, to a police box that goes around space… Done pretty well for himself if you ask me.

  22. Judging by the unwatchable shite being produced and rammed down our throats, it’s already happened. Just the job for the products of today’s dumbed-down apology for edjookayshun.

  23. Clearly he’s the boyfriend or chutney chucker of the Welsh gaylord. Bbc – we knew it was coming but fucking hang your heads in shame

  24. I’ve thought of how they could open the series.

    They weird noise you get (I presume they at least kept that) at the end of every episode?

    They could also use that noise when the Dr fires spunk from his arse at the daleks? He must have 50 pints up that hoop, like that Marc Almond or whoever they said it was.

    The BBC had the courtesy to reply to my idea and said someone will visit me today at my home, regarding this matter.

    Oh, they appear to be here now. They’re coming up the path now and for some reason, appear to be dressed as policemen.

    • Cuntybollocks@ – Afternoon Cuntybollocks – they’re not real coppers – they’re BBC red nose day comedy stooges – get the boot in! 😀👍

      • One is a lesbian midget and the other is a bloke all of 4ft 10.

        I reckon I could have these.

    • It’s the Gay Sweeny!…….and they haven’t had their vegan dinner!
      Run and hide!

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