Football and the Stink of Hypocrisy

”England captain Harry Kane says he wants to “shine a light” on issues around Qatar, where the 2022 World Cup will be held.”

”He mentioned “the rights of women and the rights of the LGBTQ+ community in particular”.

”Kane said it was “important” to use the platform the squad had and that he and other senior England players plan to talk to other national team captains “to see if we can be unified in how we approach it”.

How fucking disgusting that this overpaid cunt, who takes the knee to honour a black criminal should talk about ‘a unified approach’

A report in the Guardian last year said 6,500 migrant workers have died in Qatar since the World Cup was awarded 12 years ago. And for migrant workers read modern slaves with no rights. It was also awarded after widespread corruption and bribery.

What about a ‘unified approach’ to stay home you hypocritical, greedy, callous cunts?

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Imitation Yank scored a second from close range with this:

Gareth Southgate.

The big nosed, under achieving cunt is so full of hot air and piss, it’s not even funny. This morning (March 25), he’s featured in a story on the Sly Sports website. Link here:

So he’s saying that, having qualified for the World Cup in Qatar, he doesn’t see what England boycotting the tournament would achieve. In other words, let’s not take a stand to uphold a principle. That principle being against the widely reported human rights abuses and Qatar’s ‘unfriendly’ attitude towards the alphabet people, amongst others. In other words, let’s ignore all that and just participate anyway on the basis it’s a sporting event and thus apolitical.

Then here he is in 2020 saying England would walk off the pitch if subjected to racist abuse:

So let me get this straight, Gareth. It’s OK to take a stand when your own sun tanned millionaire players are subjected to hurty words. But when poor sun tanned workers building the stadiums your elitist millionaires want to play in are being abused and killed, that’s not worth taking a standing against. What did I miss?

Fucking hypocrite. Him and his cuntish squad don’t give a rat’s arse about what’s happened in Qatar. As long as everything is all shiny, new and wonderful they’ll carry on as if nothing has happened. Boycotting the tournament would make a huge statement. He knows it. We all know it. To borrow a phrase from Orwell, ‘All sun tans are equal, but some sun tans are more equal than others’. An inconvenient truth. #BLSM (Black Lives Sometimes Matter).

And in off the post is Cuntybollocks with this:

Gareth Southgate and his Merry Band of Cunts.

Old Wokegate has said England will not boycott the Qatar World Cup over ‘human rights abuses’ (he can’t bring himself to say ‘slavery’ when dark types do it you see.)

However, it seems he and his players are going to organise some kind of protest during the World Cup itself. It will include highlighting the slavery (go on Bignose, fucking say it!) and the lack of rights for the gays.

I really hope he and his fucking dumb team start telling the Middle Eastern throwbacks to legalise the gayness. A few lectures using a microphone on the pitch and parading rainbow flags. Even better, get a tranny mascot to lead the team out?

We can then watch these stupid halfwits getting rounded up by the religious police just as they take a knee. A quick beating and a five minute kangaroo court judgement of 50 years each in a 50C hellhole prison cell, shared with about 20 smelly cutthroat cunts.

Here’s an idea. Leave them to their beliefs and culture. Just don’t push for the cunts to come over here. It’s fucking simple. It’s none of your fucking business. The world knew these cunts used slavery before the world cup. They knew they had strict religious beliefs which makes the gayness illegal.

It should never have been given to the cunts in the first place, how about that you cunts?

But they’ve got it so you either go and shut the fuck up, or stay at home on principle.

But please, please do tell the mad cunts how they should run their country and how to be ‘more progressive ‘ with their religious beliefs.

I look forward to the results.

I’m pretty sure the cunt players won’t miss the opportunity to make a fortune on sponsorship deals during the tournament though, the fucking hypocrites.

I’m sure the 6,500 dead slaves’ families will be thankful for you holding up a banner for ten seconds, while you cream it in and donate fuck all to them, you fucking shithouses.

Remember, black lives matter…well not these ones though.

59 thoughts on “Football and the Stink of Hypocrisy

  1. “So let me get this straight, Gareth. It’s OK to take a stand when your own sun tanned millionaire players are subjected to hurty words. But when poor sun tanned workers building the stadiums your elitist millionaires want to play in are being abused and killed, that’s not worth taking a standing against. What did I miss?”

    Nuff said.

    • Take a bow, this nom is superb. Nothing to add but my tipped hat for an excellently worded and thoroughly deserved cunting.

    • Seconded. Did the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq teach the west nothing about imposing liberal democracy and ideologies onto countries who just don’t want it.

      Morning Ruffers, has your neighbours fit Japanese Mrs finished the lawn yet?

      • Morning LL.

        Sadly not. They both have Covid!

        At least that’s their excuse.

        However, not all is lost. Lady Creampuff has bravely stepped up to the plate and is manfully transferring the vast amount of old turf into a skip even as I type.

        Gotta go now – late for my elevenses!

  2. Excellent nominations chaps 👏👏👏

    I now refuse to watch a sport that I used to be passionate about.
    I even turned down a free ticket for a recent “big game”.

    FIFA, The F A-all corrupt organisations, that lack any moral fibre-just like mercenary foorballerist’s.👎

    These cunts are not fit to clean the boots of the likes of:

    Bobby charlton
    Bobby Moore
    Stanley Mathews
    Etc, etc, etc

    Wokegate’s team selection cost England a major Trophy👎

    These modern day

  3. Harry Kane the two faced hypocritical cunt who went in to a sulk when Spurs wouldn’t sell him to Manchester City.

  4. This “We need to use our platform to highlight ‘whatever’ to foster a more progressive society” is what fucks me off.

    No you fucking don’t! Just get on with the fucking game, like we did for about 140 years before you cunts thought you had some right to change global or local politics, when people have paid to watch you kick a ball and nothing more.

    I don’t know if anyone caught that greedy gravy train protector, Alan Shearer, during the Woke (World) Cup draw the other day? He said something along the lines of the players such as Marcus Rashford, have even campaigned to changed government policy ‘and so they should’.

    And yet, it’s not political they say lol.

    I want these fucking pricks to get slaughtered in every game, the fucking pricks.

    And FIFA/UEFA/FA are cunts to, for not nipping this shit in the bud when they started (blame George fucking Floyd and the cowards reaction to it.)

    Anyone remember Argentina invading the Falklands in April ’82? Did FIFA ban Argentina from the ’82 World Cup competition which started about 6 weeks later?


    Did teams wave British/Falkland’s/No War flags in support of the island suffering an aggressive invasion?


    Did our pundits bang on about it?

    Nope, I’m a sad cunt and have watched that World Cup back recently. The war wasn’t mentioned at all during the football coverage on BBC and ITV. Just the football.

    As a kid of a Royal Marine who was deployed to the Falklands, I was as patriotic and as happy as anyone that we smashed those Argie cunts to fuck. I was in Southampton to see the troops home too as a little ‘un. Great day. I am grateful I saw it.

    I’m also grateful BBC and ITV made the decision not to mention the war during their coverage of the tournament. But these idiots don’t seem to get this. FIFA also banned any political gestures by us, the Argies or the Poles (Solidarity protests) and this included fans (they’d have banners confiscated and even baton beatings for doing so)

    And that is how it fucking well should be.

    Using ‘sport’ to ‘shine a light’?

    Fuck right off you fucking cunts! Just who the fuck do you think you are?

    Rant over, sorry this boils my piss.

  5. Brilliant nom, bet there are going to be some vax related heart problems. I remember getting off a flight into Doha at 5am and it was like a blast furnace, good luck running about in 50C heat.

  6. I hope the entire team and that clueless cunt of a manager are found guilty of treason by the host nation and given death sentences.

    Football in a desert?
    Camel jockeys everywhere?
    Millionaires profiting from slavery?
    Hot as an Oven and everyone wearing bed sheets?

    Sounds about right for FIFA.

    • A load of soft cheating thick as shit footballers off to entertain the Sand Devils?

      Fuck off.

  7. I’m surprised they haven’t used the old chestnut about sport not getting involved in politics, but then that would be hypocritical after all the recent virtue signalling shenanigans. They’ve painted themselves into a corner and it’s laughable to see the fuckers spouting they’re prearranged weasel words in order to backtrack. I’d love to see these virtue signalling twats go on a tour of the worlds fly blown cesspits to ‘shine a fucking light’. They’d soon end up like that Nanzanin Zaghari whatsname without FIFA’s billion dollar contracts to protect them. But let’s be honest, none of these ‘warriors’ have got the moral guts to practice what they preach, let alone the intelligence. Knee bending, race baiting, hypocritical cunts if the highest order.

  8. Yeah, “use our platform” when it suits them, when ii’s wokie and right on. But when it threatens big bundles of dosh going in their pockets they don’t want to know. Fucking hypocrites, especially that bastard Wokegate. They can grovel on their knees and stick their rainbow laces up their arseholes the fucking cunts.

  9. The biggest hypocrisy in football is that stale shit heel Gary Neville, rolling in money and a champagne socialist who is working his passage to become a Labour MP in some football crazy seat.His about as socialist as I am. Another wanker who has to stay in the limelight in his sporting doteage like Beckham

  10. “Taking a knee” for thieves, rioters, looters, fraudsters, marxists, arsonists, terrorists and murderers is apparently just fine, and somewhat bafflingly “not political”. (But a poppy to commemorate the dead of war is? – how does “go fuck yourself UEFA” sound?).
    Jake Hepple was one of a group who paid for a banner to be flown over the Pakihad Stadium saying “white lives matter”, got sacked, investigated by the pigs, threatened with his home burning down and innumerable death threats.
    Gareth Wokegate had a storming argument with Jack Grealish after “England” spent a full match and extra time playing for a penalty shoot out then clowngate chose the black players he had chosen and brought especially on towards the end of the game because the little cunt wanted to run around the pitch (presumably dressed as a Woman) waving a rainbow flag and wearing a BLM t shirt – he lost the European Cup Final by picking fucking clowns to take penalties just because they were black, not good – and Grealish made this point forcefully (don’t expect to see too much of Jackie Boy in an England shirt from now on).
    I fucking despise Wokegate, and every player who “takes a knee” for shit and sells their principles for money, and I utterly hate the weak, simpering, piss wet excuses we have for “Men” in the modern world.
    I wonder if the millionaires of “England” will be having a whip round for the Families of the slaves the Qataris killed?
    No, I don’t fucking think so either.
    I will not be watching one match “England” play in, and for the first time in my life I hope they get their little bitch arses handed to them every game – and as Cuntgate does not live too far from me he may find himself “taking a knee” to his smarmy fucking chops if we ever meet.
    Gareth Southgate is a perfect example of how fucked up society is.

    • England could easily field a top notch team without black players, I mean the white boys scored the penalties, the black boys missed, useless cunts.

      • You’re right SOI.

        Most of the dark key players were unavailable for the Switzerland game recently. Would’ve been a honky team, but he just had to throw a debut or two in for dark key players.

        Honestly, if they were English and in their prime and we had Banks, Maldini, Moore, Beckenbaur, Krol, Mattheus, Platini, Maradona, Keane, Cruyff and Messi, he’d still drop at least 5 of those for some useless dark keys.

        He will never have 11 honkies on the pitch. Ever.

      • And at least one isn’t even English, Sterling is Jamaican, what kind of system allows someone who gets a British passport to choose which country they represent, it’s a joke!

    • I wasn’t much of a fan of Grealish but knowing that he’s gone up in estimation a bit. As an Englishman I hope we get knocked out in the group stage. I never thought I would think this. I’m honestly thinking of watching non league matches. Local lads just doing it because they love the game not for obscene amounts of money. No knee taking and highlighting every fucking cause.

  11. The BBC woke panel for the World Cup draw were also gleefully salivating over how Wokegate ‘has changed the England job forever’.

    In summary, they were saying it’s not just about football, but about highlighting woke causes at every turn.

    Just fucking die you cunts.

  12. The crowds will be thrilled at all the virtue signalling gayness on the pitch, I bet Iran will be onboard with rainbow armbands and taking the knee 😂

  13. The cunt as a job to ďyring a sentence together. Try and improve your football and keep your mouth shut.

  14. Diving cunt, plays for Spurs but tried to get a move to Manchester City who are owned by Saudi’s.

    Footballers should avoid political statements and play football. Maybe Harry will shave his beard and play for the ladies which is probably his best option for a cup or two, c cup that is.

    • Only one player boycotted the 1978 World Cup in murderous military dictatorship, Argentina – Paul Breitner of West Germany, who was a Communist at the time.

      When you throw your hat into the political area, you can’t take it back. You can’t selectively support human rights, preaching to people in public, you either go all in or not at all. England players have played in Qatar already, in the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup which Liverpool won.

      Qatar government are hypocrites too as they have “relaxed” their “strict” alcohol laws. Only beach bars will be allowed to serve alcohol and alcohol can be consumed outside the stadiums but not inside. There’s fuck all to do in Qatar, it’s a massive business hub, so the fans will be on the piss from 11am. The police don’t fuck around in Qatar, neither do the locals. Stay at home, watch it in the pubs of Britain and avoid a Midnight Express situation.

      • I think you’ll find Johan Cruyff also boycotted it. Two top players and in the case of Cruyff, world class, both playing for top international teams who were capable of winning the trophy. Now that is standing up for your beliefs and making a stance.

      • Holland should’ve won that final.

        The referee and linesmen for the ’78 final were atrocious. They were bought in my opinion.

        The ref did fuck all about the Argies coming out 10 minutes late, leaving the Dutch team and the ref (who’d told them to leave the dressing room) in front of about 80,000 baying Argies.

        Then, he proceeded to do fuck all about foul after foul from the Argies for 120 minutes. The Dutch were through on goal at least twice when he ruled offside. Incorrectly. They were about 10 yards onside. There were at least two occasions where an Argie defender jumped up and caught the ball to stop a striker receiving a pass. Red card? Yellow? Nope. No cards whatsoever.

        That final was fixed (before you even mention the games they had against Hungary and Peru.)

      • You can still catch the whiff of corruption surrounding the Argentina v Peru match if you point your nose in the right direction.

        Argentina should have been disqualified just for wearing those shorts if you ask me.

  15. Absolute top quality nomination. 👍👏👏

    FIFA, UEFA, the England team, the premier League and all the players, the broadcasters such as Sly and B fucking T et al et al – cannot be cunted enough.

    Southgate and his snowflakes wouldn’t ever dream in a million light years of boycotting any tournament to make a stand or whatever other bullshit – their ego’s wouldn’t allow it and let’s be honest – we all know they don’t give a fuck about Qatar, the death of slaves, discrimination against homosexuals or anything else. All they’re bothered about is their bank accounts and social media status.

    They are just sniveling, race baiting, virtue signalling bastards bereft of any backbone or bottle.
    When it comes to blaming whitey or just being self loathing kiss arses then the England team are already undisputed world champions.

    As for Qatar – what’s that Qatar – you want to buy a world cup from Mrs Blatter & Platini?
    Ok then.
    What’s that? It’s too hot in the middle Eastern desert to host a summer world cup?
    Oh you need to move it to winter even though that was never ever at any point an option in the bidding process and will throw domestic calenders and other sporting calenders into disarray?
    Ok then that’s no problem either Mr Qatar.
    Payment in advance via brown envelopes please –
    Thanks. From all at FIFA

    Fingers crossed England bow out very fucking early from this farce of a tournament and spare us the wankfest.


  16. Fuck Wokegate and fuck the world cup. I and Mrs CuntyMort are going fishing at either Exmouth or Budleigh Salterton. Fucking stick that up your arse Wokegate.

  17. Oh well, at least the weather in Qatar will be predictable – it will be either Sunni or Shiite!

  18. Top notch nomination
    Won’t be watching this cuntshow so they can all get fucked.
    Any cunt who takes the knee deserve to be hung drawn and quartered
    Set of cunts

  19. How can you take anything footballers, pundits, managers spout seriously? How many instances of drink drivings, violent assaults, animal cruelty, sexual assaults, drug taking, alcohol abuse, spitting, illegal payments, verbal abuse (Frank Lampard abusing crying Americans on 9/11 in a bar) and cheating have their been over the years? Fucking hundreds. Just keep your fucking mouths shut the mouth breathing fucking idiots. When I want your views I’ll fucking ask for them (be a long fucking wait).

  20. That wanker Adrian Durham, Mr SJW, was in Qatar for the draw last week. Every day the weak little tosser was on the radio preaching about “respecting other people’s culture” and abiding by the rules in other countries, blah blah woof woof.
    So do Peacefuls and other p*ncing trash come over here and respect our culture and follow our rules? No, they make demands and when they are not met they scream raaaay-sism and wankers like Durham lick their arses and cry about it. The wokies and their Peaceful hypocrite friends can go and fuck themselves the fucking cunts.

    • Definitely, EW. Worst case scenario is they win the fucking thing and we never hear the last of it from the bendy kneed, hypocritical cunts. Best case is that they mouth off once too often and each get 200 lashes.

  21. I could not give two fucks about
    a) football
    b) ragheads
    c) slaves
    e) migrants/refugees.
    Not bothered, they can all fuck right off. Give me a 50 cal and il sink every fucking dingy crossing the English Channel.

    • They’ve spent TWO FUCKING YEARS taking the fuckin knee.
      Football is a cesspit of wankers and massive no- nothing, constantly talking shite arsehats.
      Same for all the other ‘progressive’ educated liberal ‘elite’. Fuckin traitorous smug cunts the lot of em.

  22. They’ve spent TWO FUCKING YEARS taking the fuckin knee.
    Football is a cesspit of wankers and massive no- nothing, constantly talking shite arsehats.
    Same for all the other ‘progressive’ educated liberal ‘elite’. Fuckin traitorous smug cunts the lot of em.

  23. I have to thank the useless England football time for the serious amount of cash they made me in the last WC when I bet against the cunts in their last match. As for the stink of hypocrisy, I find the stink of semen every time those cunts belch to be far more offensive!

  24. I wouldn’t have bothered with this crap anyway since I have no interest in sport. I do, however, heartily approve of this counting for the simple reason that sort of shit has infected pretty much every aspect of modern day ‘life’ in this country. As a Ukrainian I am less than happy with Putin but, even then, there are times I wish he’d put his foot down, head west and take this shithole. I reckon it’d take about 25 minutes. This bollocks would stop overnight as woke wankers start to disappear and, better still, peacefuls fuck off back to the countries they came here from.

    • Precisely that Moggie.

      As I said in a previous comment – the stupid woke self loathing tossers in the west would be lighting candles and singing Don’t look back in anger while Russian or Chinese tanks were rolling down the streets.

      And as you say – the recently arrived fighting age male cultural enrichment brigade would be busy planning their escape by pretending to be refugees all over again requiring asylum and benefits as soon as possible in another country again.

  25. England team? Think everyone’s been missing the the point of at minimal it’s a British team, at best it’s a multicultural team.

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