Putney Lawn Tennis Club

This tennis club in London has sparked a transgender row after the option for ‘female’ was classed as “no longer valid” on its membership system. A member by the name of Julia Stephenson was trying to renew her £300-per-year membership when she spotted it.


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68 thoughts on “Putney Lawn Tennis Club

  1. Its seems the reason was an IT fuck up for the mistake but its telling in the current climate of arse covering from the transbender zealots that they feel they still needed to put out a statement that the club is “representative and inclusive for all people, and is a place where everyone is welcome and respected”.

    • “…….and is a place where everyone is welcome and respected”…….I bet I wouldn’t be.


  2. What the hell is happening in this country that these damn people are indulged all of a sudden?
    All trans athletes are disgusting, sick-in-the-head, mentally deranged, self-important freaks who, far from being allowed to compete, are cowards and cheats and should be beaten up until they crawl back under their stones.
    Obviously wimminz’s sports is a hilarious skill-free joke compared to men’s, but biological females of all ages ought to be able to compete against other birds, fairly. Not against some 6 foot probable pædo. Hopefully wimminz will grow some balls and refuse (on camera) to compete.
    Fucking trans cunts, how I despise them. I never thought I’d be on the side of wimminz for any anything.

  3. Those poor old women’s libbers from the 70s burning their bras and all for nothing! Not to mention the suffragettes.. Rise up women of the world and protest so loudly so these “weirdo’s” fuck off back into their closet.

    • The feminists aren’t putting up much of a fight against the transmonsters are they?

      A real feminist would throw herself under a racehorses hooves.

      Poor show bra burners, poor show.

    • I have wondered at times if I was meant to be a man. Not that I fantasise about wearing Y fronts or owning a pair of bollocks, you understand, it is just that increasingly I have trouble relating to women. I do have female friends but they are sensible middle aged people.I enjoy either proper conversations or peace and quiet and dislike dramas I don’t need anyone to come with me when I go to the toilet as I’m not confused or incontinent. I just do not recognise myself amongst these people. I frequently feel embarrassed by them and wish I could be “beamed up” like in Star Trek, when all the screeching and mithering is going on. Also, I have absolutely no trouble removing a spider from the bath.

  4. From a purely semantics point of view, aren’t the terms transman and transwoman in themselves transphobic? A trannie identifies as a particular sex, man or woman, so whatever the actuality, surely they should still be the only options available. Non-binary should be relabelled as ‘too fucking thick to know what sex I am’.

    Morning all.

  5. Not really surprising. The sport always been aligned to the carpet munching community.

  6. Even in a posh tennis club I presume they have separate changing rooms and showers etc for male and female. It’s not mentioned in the article but I imagine your average woman doesn’t want to face some hairy arsed fucking weirdo waving his winkle about. Of course, I’m not a woman so I don’t really know. Just an ill informed assumption on my part I suppose.
    Most of these posh cunts wouldn’t dream of having anything negative to say about trannies so they can suck it up, if you pardon the expression.

  7. I wonder if the pre-op trannies wear the little tennis skirts and knickers…some six foot 4, 16 stone navvy trying to cram an extra couple of balls inside them.

  8. How ironic! It is probably the sort of place full of middle-class wankers who are all for trannies and immigrants. Yet, the last thing they want is them on their doorstep! I wonder if they have many programs for outreaching to young, white working class boys?


    • Cheese & wine evenings, baking competitions, yoga & Pilates…….

      For fucks sake-sounds like my idea of hell on earth ☹️👎

  9. I’d like to see the Tranny Freaks destroy female sports.
    Perhaps then there will be some resistance against this insanity.

    As for the tennis club and it’s shitty Web page?
    Just fuck off.

  10. These lot are pandering cunts aren’t they.
    Batshit fucking crazy.

    These trannies aren’t even remotely convincing either.

    For example, I read somewhere recently that record breaking female swimmer Lia Thomas has been giving her fellow female competitors a glimpse of her dangling cock and balls in the changing rooms before swaggering out and leaving them all at least 2 laps behind in a swimming race.

    • I’d compete against women any day of the week. Not that I’d beat them but showers would be so much more enjoyable.

      • Not if you find yourself in the showers with that “stunning & brave” Kiwi weight-lifter 🤢

  11. Yes, and it’s deliciously ironic that, at a time when the fakestream media are trying to promote Wimminz sport, for virtue signalling purposes, they are saddled with this trannie dilemma. Oh dear, what a fucking shame.
    Wimminz football is their current favourite so I can’t wait for the first trannie to turn up and run fucking rings round them. It would help if the cunt is black. Where is Justin Fashanu when you need him?

    • Wiminz cricket, rugby, football all a load of crap not worth watching and it’s all being rammed down our throats, these trannies may well be our saviours.

  12. I’ve seen the likes of the BBC and Adidas supporting all this ‘brave tranny’ sport shite.

    None of these cunts ever say the fucking obvious.

    Why don’t we see any :female to male’ (not possible, but you get what I mean) trannies as eager to compete in men’s sports?

    Mind you,the only people I’ve had rows with on this topic are all women.

    They’ve encouraged all this sick shit, so suck it up and sort it yourselves.

    However, I would cheer any female athlete made to compete against these cheats, who stood still when the gun went or who refused to get on the rostrum with the cunts.

    The solution is simple. The other athletes stand still when the gun goes for the running/swimming race. Let them ‘compete’ alone. Let the crowd ‘boo’ the fuck out of the freak as they start, and chant ‘Cheat, cheat!’

    However, I’d expect most of the wimmins to be too scared to do that.

    If so, tough shit and suck it up.

  13. Women’s sport will be dead in ten years. Lots of bitch on wannabe bitch fighting ahead.
    More popcorn, garcon.
    Get To Fuck.

    • No tranny’s in my tennis club.
      Its a exclusive wholesome family environment.

      I often play mixed doubles with cliff Richard, Billy Joe king,
      Or one of those Donkey Kong sisters.

      Dunno which one?

      But its a lovely place,
      I take my own barley water though.
      In a sealed bottle.

      • Brings back old memories of two lasses from college, who wanted me and a mate to join them in a game of mixed doubles at a local club. One bird had membership and signed us in. It was during Wimbledon and a hot summer, I recall.

        I still recall that game, and their tanned supple legs and short tennis skirts. Quite a few knicker flashes too.

        Back in a minute.

      • Yes the flash of white knickers!

        I sometimes see Serena’s big black mamba coiled inside her knickers,
        Like a half pound of black pudding in a pillow case.

      • Yes, and I think I had blue undies on that day. By the time the game ended, there may have been a few white stains though.

  14. The smart thing to do would be making all sport gender neutral. If men are going to be allowed to compete in womens sports there is no womens sport.

    Women need to sort this problem out and the only way it can be done is for women to refuse to compete against men in frocks.

    The message that a trans woman isn’t a woman can only be conveyed by women refusing to comply with the destruction of their gender.

    • There could be three categories: men, women, and trannies of either way round. Men in knickers competing with other men in knickers or women in y-fronts seems a fairer competition.

  15. Wimmins footballers earn quite a bit at the ‘highest’ level.


    If you’re some bloke working a minimum wage zero hours job, but who is a half decent player but not good enough for pro or even semi pro football…just say you identify as a bird and you too could soon be on half a mill a year.

    The tennis, athletics and golf cunts make much more, if you can do that.

    Actually, you could probably do them all with a bit of practice.

    How brave you will be too, you trailblazer you.

    • I am,of course,a world-class Real Tennis player…trouble is that Prince Edward is the only other Cunt in the World who plays the game and there’s no fucking way that I’m risking a fore-arm smash up my base line off that Cunt.

      My Real Tennis court is vast.

      • Morning DF
        I once read somewhere that Mary Queen of Scots rocked the establishment by donning mens breeches to play Real Tennis.
        So maybe Real Tennis and that cross dressing bint are to blame for all this modern day confusion we’re witnessing.

  16. To be fair they’ve allowed the Williams brothers to dominate women’s tennis for years and nobody complained.

    • Wrong. I’ve always advocated against animal abuse and if training a couple of gorillas to play tennis isn’t abuse, then I don’t know what is.

      • Mere? Mere??? I used to play tennis for a fortnight with my cousin when we went on holiday as neither could be bothered lying on a beach getting bored. Even my tiny bollocks got hot, bothered and painful after a few sets. I have great respect for this pair of primates playing 3 sets with bollocks the size of coconuts and just as hairy.

  17. Oh dear. An IT fuck up proves that pandering to minorities doesn’t necessarily mean everyone loves you. Politicians take note. Rather than ‘reaching out’ to these people and making the entire population fit in to whatever it is they require, it may be more humane to suggest that they seek psychological help, away from the public gaze. Fundamentally, we are being told that we should ‘celebrate’ something that is a sexual perversion, and it won’t end there.

  18. Tennis is a bit gay isn’t it?
    Not as much as badminton but plenty ducky.

    And all that grunting,
    Right raquet.

    • Remember that Navravioli or whatever she was called?

      I bet she pisses standing up.

      Fucking rank.

      Although, I do have some female players in my wank bank.

      Anna Kournikova (stunning)
      Jelena Dokic (fantastic tits)
      Maria Sharapova (lanky but fit)
      Martina Hingis (although I didn’t like her wonky gob, I wrote to her asking her to sort it out but she never did, the cheek of it)
      Gabriella Sabatini (looked proper dirty like that 80s Euro pop sauce ‘Sabrina’ who sang ‘Boys, boys, boys’)
      Steffi Graf (dodgy fizzog but those legs)

  19. I love it, a bloke wearing a dress always makes me chuckle and even better if they are a hariy HGV driver or builder type.

  20. Women’s sport really isn’t worth watching.

    Besides a few gymnastic disciplines, beam and vault, they are rubbish compared to men.

    But if they are dedicated to their sport and train hard then it’s up to them to stop the obvious cheating by men who want to identify as women.

    If they can’t be bothered to protest about it, then who cares if their sport is getting fucked up.

    • I never gave a flying fuck about sport in the first place and this doesn’t even register with me. If they want competition, make it a total free for all: men, women, women who think they are men, men who think they are women, men or women who haven’t a clue what the fuck they are, drugged up cunts, robots, muzzies, MP”s, spastics, cunts in wheelchairs. Let’s have teams, where applicable, consisting of a mix of all those areholes and flush sport down the toilet, once and for all.

    • I can remember while at primary school when I noticed that the wimminz shot put ball was noticably smaller than the mens. The word ‘cheats!’ came to mind back then. They were good at net ball, beach volley ball & mud wrestling though. Can’t take that away from them.

  21. A few years ago, I was working at a further education establishment who hired a trans for their arbor culture department. Before it joined us, we were all speedily put through trans awareness training and every disabled toilet in the complex was re designated gender neutral. We and our teenage students were warned, under pain of dismissal, not to laugh or take the piss. Extremely difficult when a bloke in a skirt and blouse, with stubble, is wielding a chainsaw or riding a quad bike. Everyone had to accommodate this individual, and where did it get us? The fucker was asked to leave after 12 months because he’d been recommending his ex wife’s training company to us and he was still the fucking co owner. Cheeky cunt.

  22. Putney, is that in London 😂

    Bunch of cunts, male and female are the only valid categories, if someone wants to identify as an Amazonian tree frog it’s their business but it doesn’t alter the fact they are either male or female.

    All this shit about blokes in dresses participating in female sport is obviously wrong, you have to ask why isn’t there any complaints about women who think they are men competing in mens sport.

  23. If wimminz still comply with this shit it’s their problem.
    But it’s probably some sort of ’empathy’ bullshit so they continue to compete, continue to comply, put some fecking banner up on their f@gbook account stating their support before continuing to lose every single time. Reap what you sow,bitches.

  24. It looks like a right dump. If that’s what an upmarket tennis club looks like, then I wouldn’t want to see a downmarket one.

    • Forget discount tins of soup, its quail eggs and mung beans for this lot.

  25. Timea Bacsinszky gives me the ‘orn something rotten. That’ s all I’m saying.

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