Gareth Bale

I suppose at the end of the day we´re all in it for the money but most of us at least have some self pride and put an effort into earning our wages. Unless you are Gareth Bale, that is.

This guy, who is now 32 and nearing the end of his career, has done virtually nothing for the last five or six years for his club – Real Madrid – or his country Wales – except expand his bank balance.

He (or his agent) managed to get some watertight contract that means Real Madrid – which paid a world record transfer fee of 100 million euros – can´t get rid of him although they hate him and has allowed him to make a fortune for doing nothing. Real were so pissed off they “loaned” him to his old team Spurs where, guess what, he spent more time on the substitutes bench than on the field.

I had actually forgotten about him until I read today that he has just made his first appearance in nearly six months and hit the bar in a game in which Real Madrid drew 0-0 with Villarreal. This was his first game since August 28 last year. Pity he didn´t actually score. If so, he could have asked for a raise from his current wage of nearly US$700,000 a week.

Top 10 highest-paid soccer players in the world in 2021:

Nominated by: Mr Polly

62 thoughts on “Gareth Bale

  1. The salaries of all the footballing wankers are obscene.

    Has that cat kicking cunt been deported.

    • He’s still ” under investigation”.
      Probably promised the RSPCA a £million, so no, he won’t be prosecuted, jailed or owt. Unless France demands his return so they can give the cat kicking cunt what he richly deserves.

      • Nothing less than the guillotine.
        Sod the Bundesliga, Cats’ Protection League rules OK!
        Sod Lineker too, the jug-eared BBC shill.

    • You cunts still on the fuckin cat!!.. Ffs.
      The fucking thing is now doubt so fuckin glad it’s been rescued from its luxury life.
      Fuck off

      • Absolutely true Moggie, but the man bun confirms the fact for us normal(ish) people whose interest in football is about equivalent to our interest in the weather forecast for Pitcairn next Friday.

  2. Footballers salaries are crazy ridiculous obscene even but while ever silly cunts pay to watch it on sky or the foreign equivalent then I can’t blame the fuckers (footballers) taking it.

    Personally I prefer to watch non league, still blood and thunder though I won’t pay more than a tenner or top level kids football. Loads of talent out there. Sadly many won’t get a chance because of all the cheap foreign imports.

    Never watch women’s football though , unless they are swapping shirts 👚. It’s shit.

    • I’ve said this before. It’s the working classes that pay for it, if they didn’t go to games, buy merchandise and pay for sky sports their pay would plummet. They should have a special tax code (25%) until a certain
      £ cap. This would bring it more in line with normal people in terms of scale and still remain a profitable business.

      After all it’s a short career, same as Rugby, basketball etc. My brother in law is a professional footballer, it’s obscene the amount of money they make even in lower leagues, however it’s a short career and they pay half their wages on tax and NI.

      But when you are talking millions a week for kicking a football around something makes me suspicious.

      • I stand corrected. Vernon. I’m just as pissed off with all this government meddling with private markets and wasting tax payers money.

      • I thought you meant discounted rates on mortgages. Not selling under value Vernon.

  3. I live in Spain and watch the football all the time.

    I don’t support Real Madrid (los merengues maracones) but will watch them play.

    I honestly had no idea that Bale was still at the club.
    The useless cunt.

    • A couple of days after this “appearance” he was brought on for the last 10 minutes of the game against Paris Saint Germain. Apart from heading the ball once I did not see any action from him at all. He must make more money for doing nothing than anyone else on the planet.

      • Mr Polly@ – “He must make more money for doing nothing than anyone else on the planet” – Greta Thunberg says (shouts) – “hold my vegan eco beer”!

  4. Football is a Cunt. NHS frontline staff earn basic wages holding the hands of the dying and sick. But yet this country lords over Cunts like this. The system is broken.

    • OVSF@ – Senior NHS nurse average salary? 40K a year, discounted mortgage and erarly retirement on a big pension.
      Factory worker? 19k a year on minimum wage, no cheap mortgage, no early retirement and a lousy pension.
      Bale? Prick but Real Madrid are scumbags who deserve all they get.
      And I heard Bale got bummed off some binmen! 😀

      • Frontline Healthcare assistant at Great Ormond street on the kids cancer ward. 19.000k pa minus 5.000k a year for travel, minus tax etc etc
        Less than this cunt earns in one day.

      • OVSF@ – Apologies, couldn’t post on your reply further down – Great Ormond Street is a business not an NHS entity.
        GOSH CEO salary?
        £125,000 PA.
        I think we see why the minions get such lousy pay..

      • Discounted mortgage? I doubt it. They have access to some beneficial schemes but they don’t have a discount. I work in the industry.

      • You get paid for what your worth. Factory work is hardly brain surgery is it?
        A nurse is a qualified professional who puts up with more shit (literally too) than most jobs.
        If you fuck up as a nurse, people die.

      • Good point arfur, cunts should get themselves a proper job when their ‘short’ career’s are over.

  5. EPL Players still bending the knee while thousands of innocent Ukrainians killed as we speak.

    These same players want to squeeze as much money out of the game as they can, even down to image rights and soundbite interviews.

    Problem is down to market forces. People want EPL football. Not just in England but emerging markets around the world with broadcasters willing to pay big money to have the rights to show the games to huge TV audiences. No wonder footballers and their agents base their wage demands on market forces!

    Fuck the lot of them!

      • HBH@ – Premier League football – a bunch of millionaires chasing a bag of wind around a billionaires lawn in front of a baying mob of 65,000 referees, occasionally stopped by hair crises and prison sentences.

  6. As much as I despise that daft top knot and football generally, he did score an incredible overhead kick goal against the scousers in the Champions of Cunts final that one time. I’d say his salary was worth it just to deny those cunts the trophy.

  7. This is all Jimmy Hills fault – I’ve a good mind to disenterr the blighter and give him a darned good thrashing – the big chinned blighter!
    And if some daft sod paid me 700k a week to play golf I would’t knock them back!

  8. Jimmy Hill campaigned for years – with good reason – to get the cap on players wages removed, but he did this for good and decent reasons, today top level football is a merry go round of jackals – clubs, managers, players.
    One of the many reasons I am never driving down to Old Trafford to give these rats a penny of my money.

  9. IF (haha) FIFA weren’t a corrupt set of cunts they’d cap top flight salaries and the immense amount of surplus cash could be spent on grass roots footy.

    However they are cunts and no doubt the players would fuck off to some private super league in Malaysia or some such hellhole.

    To sum up,greedy useless grasping shite.
    And usually with Gay hair,the cunts.

    • UT@ – Marcus Rashford was signed for Manchester United at the age of seven, and was paid £500,000 by the age of 16 – didn’t start a first team game until he was 18, a “striker” who struggles to hit much more than 10 goals a season – but you should see his house..

  10. Outrageously talented player, but very injury prone. And he’s been that way since his early 20s (he’s the new Darren ‘Sicknote’ Anderton who would also miraculously recover just before big international tournaments.)

    Real Madrid knew Bale’s injury problems when they spunked close to 100 mill on him and offered him a ridiculous (and far too lengthy) contract.

    While Bale may well be a cunt, Real Madrid were bigger cunts spunking all that money on a lazy cunt with glass legs.

    Mind you, hasn’t he won a few Champion’s Leagues for RM?

    He can arsed if it’s a final or a big international tournament it seems, the cheeky cunt.

  11. Gareth Bale is one lazy, greedy bastard.

    Amazing talent at one point but one who’s legacy is tainted because he’s morphed into an unmotivated, overpaid cunt who’s happy to warm the bench and spend more playing the game he’s not paid millions for playing.

    Fuck him and fuck the stupid cunts who pay him.

  12. Nah, he wanted to move to the Chinese league a few years back and Real Madrid stopped him from doing so despite Zidane having no intention of playing him. I’d say he’s within his rights to rinse them for whatever he can after that.

  13. I’m currently watching the boxing on Sly One.

    Vacant Scottish heavyweight title fight.

    One of the more obscure belts.

    Possibly the worst advert for boxing and for Scotland that I’ve ever witnessed.

  14. Real Madrid is owned by the Spanish (Local Government) taxpayer same as Barcelona. Which is completely mad, it’s like being forced to pay for the BBC, when you don’t watch anything. Madness.

  15. That these footballing fuckers in general, paid huge sums of money for doing next to fuck all,.
    Nice work I suppose if you can get it, but what annoys me most about these next to useless cunts, is when they decide to have an opinion about anything, after all they are usual the rems who, s only talent is kicking a bag of air around.
    So kick the ball cunts, do as your told and shut the fuck up, no one care about what you think, do or say..over paid cat kicking retards….

    • Bravo! Get if off your chest, I had too after my partner decided she don’t like hairy chests so I had to veet the fucker. Last time I listen to her my nipples look like a baboons arsehole.

      • Don’t shave your hair off around your tackle, like I did with a cut-throat razor when I was a young man.

        A:- I did this at the request of a young harlot at the time, and B, I thought it looked bigger too.

        I had more cuts than a self-harmer, and when it grew back, it felt like someone had stuffed a handful of Rockwool in my breeches.

        Never, never again.

        Pus filled pimples in your groin and a rash that you cannot help but keep scratching, adding more inflammation and bacteria into the affected area.

        Come on gents, own up, we’ve all been there?

      • A few years ago I was asked to shave my tackle in preparation for a medical procedure. Fuck me, never again ! I think I took off more skin than hair.

  16. Woah. A footballist with a cunty hairstyle and holding a golf racquet.

    Truly a cunt and probably infected by the gayness.

    Fucking golf bat. Christ the silly looking cunt will be taking up snooker next.

    Oven please Unkle.

  17. Wish I could swap pay AND work rate with this twat for a couple of weeks.

    Real = cunts.

    Spurs = total and utter cunts only surpassed in their utter cuntitude by Scouse Cheats FC and their gurning oaf of a manager (a man who looks like the victim of some ghastly medical experiment by Dr Mengele).

    Freedom for East Anglia.

    • Presumably with John Wark as your emperor. The English always call on the Scots when they need help. Having said that, I´ll try and forget the 9-0 defeat to Man Utd and the fact that he sold his free tickets to games to touts. I always liked him and John Robertson at Notts Forest under Clough.

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