Common (Sounding) TV presenters

It seems the modern way to present TV now is to do away with received pronunciation and bring in people who ‘doesn’t talk likes I does’.
(Received Pronunciation is the accent traditionally regarded as standard for British English – NA)

Now, I don’t mind people presenting if they don’t have received pronunciation, but they seem to seek out ‘efniks’ and ignorant types who sound like they have the IQ of an ameoba. They also seem to have an annoying habit of taking like they’re presenting a kids television show, even if presenting crime documentaries or sporting events.

At least get someone on who doesn’t sound like they’ve just done a drug deal on a Peckham street corner for ‘fack’s sake!’

All box ticking bollocks.

And no, I don’t pay the BBC licence before you ask, I just caught a bit elsewhere. I’d like to watch sport again one day, without getting fucking annoyed, but it seems that’s not going to stop anytime soon.


Nominated by: Cuntybollocks

73 thoughts on “Common (Sounding) TV presenters

  1. I’d make the Queen do it…. greedy,coffin-dodging, old mare has sat on her lazy,fat arse doing nowt for 95 years…do her good to actually contribute something instead of just leeching off the taxpayer.

    • Quite frankly I don’t think Any ethnic types should be on such a fine institution as the BBC.

      My mummy an daddy wouldn’t let me watch Playschool as a nipper because it had Floella Benjamin on it.
      Thought it was disgusting.

      And they were right.
      I was impressionable.

      I didn’t let my son play with a chinky kid when little because he started to talk without pronouncing his ‘R’s.

      But turned out he just had a speech impediment.

    • Now now dick the queen is ace. Please let your misplaced hate jealousy??? Spill over well aware that you disapprove of her being.

      • Difficult to tell due to the fact that the idle old Trout hasn’t as much as raised her arse off the rubber ring on her throne(commode) in years…only sign of life is the grasping claw held out for money…and that could well be down to robotics.

      • She must be dying of boredom now that Phil is gone. It will be weird as fuck when Liz goes beyond the barrier sleep.

      • I agree since Phillip died she hasn’t heard anyone being referred to as filthy dirty pavement ape.

    • I’ve written to the BBC telling them that Equality means they should have at least one Tourette’s sufferer introducing programmes or even that mongy woman comedian who talks like Stephen Hawking when the batteries are running low on his squawk-box….either one would at least bring a smile to my face.

      • I think it’s something we should all push for.

        I’d definitely pay the license fee, just to see Gary Lineker being constantly interrupted with shouts of, ‘Shitty arseholes!’, ‘Cunt!’ or ‘Suck off a n I g n o g!’

    • DFF@ Morning Sir Fiddler – in fairness to to Adolf “Windsor” all that waving must have tired queeny out a bit.
      That, and 9 decades of protecting her enormous taxpayer funded Family of parasites and sexual degenerates.
      Yorkshire News presenters – “Nowt much ‘appenin – I said nowt much bloody ‘appenin – and they can bollocks if they think I’m spending 2 quid on a cup o’ fkin tea! Call that a canteen? Reet, weather – ‘ows it lookin Tracy”?
      “Thanks luv”.
      Of course you would be pencilled in for the culture section! 😀

    • What is with you and your hatred of HM, Dick? Did she knock you back, or something? Personally, I think she’s out of the top drawer. The UK will finally go down the shitter when she sees her last day because that dimwit Charles couldn’t lead a horse to water, let alone a kingdom.

    • yeah and who is the massive afro cunt doing the snooker, bizzy, whizzy or cunty who gives a fuck, Alex higgins in his current state would be better.

      put naga down she is a mega cunt

  2. BBC continuity announcers these days appear to be Benjamin Zephaniah, Danny Dyer, Hilda Baker and the late Idi Amin.

    “BBC English” is now a byword for sloppy and lazy pronunciation. They even speak better English on Russia Today.

  3. I worked in the East End of London for more than a decade. NO-ONE talks like that cunt Danny Dyer. Twat.

    Humid as fuck here at the moment. But at least we are being spared the soaking they are getting further south. My wife’s mother has a river in her street.

    Freedom for East Anglia.

      • But Danny dryer is the rightful King of England and France, as he never tires of telling us.

        “ I wuz robbed and dun over by those Annover bastards, innit”.

      • Danny Dyer the insufferable Mockney cunt. Cannot stand this cunt and his overuse of the ‘F’ word. Maybe, he thinks it makes him sound ‘ard and macho. I always switch channels or mute the sound when this utter ballcock and ubend is on.

      • HJ@ – Check out when “ard man” Danny Dyer met Mo Teague.
        I think Dyers delicate little Royal botty still puckers at the memory – and I would always recommend treading lightly around a Man with a live grenade in his living room!

      • Don’t forget, the Dyer is the “self proclaimed” ‘ard man! What a cunt! While I’m on here I just as well take a pop at the gormless cunt “Perf wiv Surf” daughter! Two complete cuntard!

  4. I think that it was Channel 4 that had the programme announcer that sounded like Arthur Mullings.

    They don’t use him anymore but they still have the women with the weird Jamaican accent.

    All TV presenters are cunts.
    Everything has been dumbed down and they all want to appear to be comedians.

  5. Agreed cuntyBb Where do they find these fuckwits?
    Another thing struck me last night at one of Mrs Everyonesacunt friends is that so called light entertainment shows resemble TISWAS I sat through ant and lards show then yet another karaoke 🎤 show. Fucking hell all the presenters do is shout. Bring back spit the dog

    • When they get some of these owns to present sporting events, they talk to the viewers as if they’re all five years old.

      Now a lot of sport fans aren’t very bright, granted, but we used to have the likes David Coleman, Des Lynam and Dickie Davies. At least they spoke to you like adults.

      I saw some ‘street cred’ accented dark key lady on the Olympics in recent times, reminding me of Playschool the way she was presenting.

      Fucking ridiculous.

  6. And that cunt that does the commentary for Come Dine With Me.

    Annoying or what?

    I would give him a damn good kicking if I ever met him.

    • That commentary is the best thing about CDWM.

      Jehovah’s fucking Witnesses interrupted my viewing pleasure near the end of one episode, never did find out who won, I was gutted.

  7. Coincidentally my thoughts were on exactly the same subject at the minute. Switched on the radio for the seven o’clock news and followed by the Sunday morning god slot. Not interested in fairy tales at my age but the presenter is Ed Stourton. Now Ed Stourton speaks perfect RP by which I mean he does NOT pronounce off as “orf” or house as “hice”. He used to be on more programmes during the week but I guess his polished vowels no longer suit the narrative at the BBC. I don’t have a problem with dialects, with my accent I cannot afford to ! However it’s clear that the BBC now search out people with accents so strong they approach being unintelligible and encourage them to lay it on with a trowel. They are also obviously happy to broadcast glaring corruptions of the language like the word “data” being treated as a collective noun and the word “gay” to mean homosexual.

  8. One of the best voice artists the BBC ever had was Andrew Sachs. Fortunately he resisted doing his voice overs as Manuel.

  9. Eben though Mega Chutney or whatever her name is (nom pic), is an annoying woke cunt, her accent and use of the English language is fine.

    Stacey Dooley, Alex Scott and a few of those many efniks though…

  10. I recall Stacey Dooley (I still would, yes) ‘investigating’ the rather serious topic of stalkers. She said to one poor woman at the end of her tether something like, ‘It’s a faackin’ mess giwl.’

    Reminded me somewhat of Laurence Olivier narrating the World at War.

  11. And whose that bloke with the scary dark key rapist rapper voice that they keep using, on every channel it seems?

      • I turn the sound off and put subtitles on at the merest hint of a cockney accent.
        It ruins tv for me.

        That Danny Dyer is dreadful for it, encourages other simpletons to sound like bloody barrow boys.

        I narrate tv shows myself.
        I have a lovely speaking voice as well as singing beautifully.

  12. “Listen!! Der Fing iz wid dis team”

    Football pundit, Philosopher, Social justice warrior & Cunt – Mr Rio Ferdinand.

    Good Morning.

    • Starts every sentence with ‘Listen’

      As somebody once pointed out on here, the response is ‘No Rio, you ‘listen’ and listen carefully. Fuck off thick chippy cunt.’

      • I’d happily send the cunt to the Ukraine – Russia border where he could maybe educate the Ivan’s on “taking der knee in der future innit”

        That would show them.

  13. It’s all part of the BBC ‘s wonderful scheme of acclimatisation.
    If you see Dark Keys every time you turn on the TV and all the “presenters” sound like they specialise in moped robbery with chiggun then you won’t be alarmed when they move in next door and rape your wife.
    Vermin in a barrel.

  14. Parents should be up in arms.
    As a little boy my viewing was strictly monitored.

    I couldn’t watch Rod Hull as it encourages people to put their hands inside animals.

    I could watch Snorbitz the dog but only if he wasn’t with Bernie winters.

    I could watch Fred Dibnah, One man and his dog, and Go with Noakes.
    These were wholesome and imformative.

    Oh and old Tarzan films in case I went into the diplomatic service.

    • And we’ve another cunter MIA.
      Wheres Cuntfinder General?

      Not in Ukraine shooting Russians is he?

    • As bad as these cunts are, what’s even worse is our ironically named Home Secretary (un)Priti Patel. She sounds like a fucking moron who needs to buy a G, and that’s coming from a Geordie!

      • DGC@ – Idi Amin knew what to do with Patel and her grubby little Family.
        Ugandas gain is our loss.

    • Mnc@ – That’s nothing – you should have seen what Bernie Clifton did to an ostrich! 😱 – the dirty fker!
      Dave the ostrich is still in counselling..

  15. The creepy cunt who says ‘Bri’un’ for Britain. The sight and sound of the cunt makes my flesh crawl.
    Ryland something?

    • The well-known gay android Rylan Clarke-Neal (although Clarke-Neal might be a manufacturer’s name, similar to Weyland-Yutani)

      • Apparently the -Neal comes from his gay marriage which ended a few years ago. He spent a few years trying his hand at appearing on reality TV shows, including Katie Price’s modelling programme and X Factor. He wouldn’t simply take a real job, just kept appearing in reality TV crap until he became ‘famous enough’ to be considered a celebrity of sorts. Being an orange homosexual help as well.

  16. Neil Muniz off wireless 4 boils my piss, sounds like he’s left the voice distortion device on Crimewatch when he speaks, the cunt!!!

  17. Micky Flanagan should read the 6 o’clock news.

    ‘It’s kickin’ off proper in Ukraine. We’re sendin’ a few tanks ’round to Estonia…’ave a look abaht. Russians are in Kyiv…


    • That Mickey Flanagan makes my shite fizz.
      His voice sets my teeth to grinding.

      Wish that cunt was in Ukraine.

      “Aaarggh, arrgh, ive been shot in the wooden pegs,
      Its blown me jacobs off!
      My moody blues are covered in claret.”

      Sorry pal, dont do rythming slang.
      Better find a dog an bone an get yourself a ambulance.
      You irritating twat.

      • Ray Winstone too, its like he has been written by Guy Ritchie for one of his Laandann gangster films.

        “Its all kickin off in the Ukraine but who will win? Putin’s geezers or the uver lot? Bet in play naaaa”.

      • That’s the worst sort of racism. Anticockneyism. Punching down.
        Suffered oppression from the Luftwaffe.

      • Hello Mis.

        I cannot stand that Flanagan either.

        Look at the positives though, if there’s an oil crisis, it looks as if Mickey’s greasy greko mop of hair would yield at few barrels of Brent Crude oil daily.

        Just stick that oil slick through a mangle with a bucket underneath, and I’m sure you’d collect enough oil to run an LDV Pilot for a week.

  18. Brian Sewell, full morning suit, fob watch and top hat.
    Mockney black gangsta impersonators?

  19. I met Mr Flanagan once when he was jogging over Dulwich Park. I remember he was wearing the most expensive tracksuit and trainers i’d ever seen and he didn’t talk anything like he does on the telly, although he did drop a couple of f bombs.
    He’s a fucking fake.

  20. Years ago I would have said an East Midlands middle class accent would have been perfect for presenting on TV.
    Now here in Leicester the youth seem to be talking a horrid mongrel accent, innit, bro.

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