Justin Welby (16)

Beam me up Scotty!

Wokery and the hipocrisy of Justin Welby and the Church of England.

Yes it’s virtuous Justin again. Taking time out from the hard graft of archbishoping.

”Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby criticises delay in removing slavery plaque.
Mr Welby criticised delays in taking down a plaque to slavery financier Tobias Rustat at a Cambridge college chapel.
“Why is it so much agony to remove a memorial to slavery?” he said.”

This is from a man who alledgedly covered up kiddy fiddling in his organisation. For decades.
This from an organisation that definitely benefitted not just from the slave trade but also the poverty of British people.

Here’s a thought. Sell off the buildings and treasure the CoE has ownership of. In the fucking £billions. All funded by dubious means. And use it to make restitution to the poor black people starving in the UK because their ancestors were stolen from their lands of milk and honey. Perhaps they might use the money and go back to the paradise that is Africa. Or send it to their kinfolk in Calais to buy pedalos.


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46 thoughts on “Justin Welby (16)

  1. In his Wireless 4 interview series about faith he sounds a real old poofter. For a minute I thought he was doing a Paul O’Grady, but this seems to be the accepted voice for touchy, feely, limp wristed Wrireless 4 these days. Just as long as he is not being touchy and feely where he shouldn’t be. Justin’l Fix It. Hows abut that then, boys and girls?

    • why is the gruniad still sold?

      fucking white slaver founded it

      duplicitous cunt.

  2. Top class hypocrite, remoaner and wokie wanker. The C of E were up to their bloody boot straps in the Slave Trade, made fucking billions out of it, the cunts. Like all outmoded institutions rapidly becoming irrelevant (eg the Royal Family, the House of Old Cunts, the BBC) they think going woke is going to save their arses. They are dreaming. They alienate their natural supporters to embrace the cunts who hate them anyway.
    Muggy cunts.

    • And, if you purchase a property built before 2013 in a church parish the cunts can knock on your door and demand money to repair ” their ” church.. hence the need for chancelry insurance….!

      • How would a fuck off and a kick in the bollocks do for our contribution? Mrs CuntyMort is high C of E. We went to the last remembrance day service. She only wanted to stick £5 in the collection box. I nearly had a fucking stroke. Fuck off £1 each says I.

  3. Don’t take offence Justin mate, but just fuck off and die.
    Sunday morning, I’m on the Glenfiddich, Led Zeppelin on good and LOUD.
    My bit of the world is looking OK.
    Morning all.

  4. I simply don’t believe it.

    A multimillionaire who lives in a palace telling everyone else what to do?


    Anyhow this cunt represents nobody but vested self interest and pass the sherry.


  5. The CofE is the second biggest landowner in the UK ( after the Crown). And what a soppy bunch of woke Lib Dem cunts? They don’t do Jesus anymore but strive for relevance by trying to be ultra- woke. It will end in tears, as it does for any church that tries to be relevant by being trendy.

    The Jesuits tried it Latin America in the 60s and 70’s with Communist inspired “ revolutionary theology”. It ended with most of them being pushed out of the back of military aircraft over the Pacific by the Argentinian Junta. Hopefully a similar fate awaits the CofE

  6. … this arsewipe is a fuckin’ stain on society. I despise religion in all of its guises … if it really should not exist in this day and age it’s just a failed construct … the wreckage of an outmoded control mechanism that no longer has purpose nor direction.
    I’m yet to see what this creature brings to to the table in terms of useful constructive and meaningful debate. Religious fraternity … cunts … all of ’em.

  7. “Religion” flies in the face of faith.
    If it makes people happy crack on – but I will not take lectures in morality from some of the most vile creatures in the world who manage the profit enterprises with different titles.
    God? “Thou shalt not kill” but not keen on people having free will so murders everyone by drowning them just leaving Noah to commit incest and possibly a spot of monkey bumming. Not keen on the misbehaviour in Sodom and Gomorrah? Murders all except one.
    Some kind and benevolent entity we got there then – when is this genocidal cunt standing trial in Nuremberg?
    But “religious leaders” think they have the right to sit in their palaces and lecture ME?
    Fuck off.
    Hell is other people.
    Right, best get ready for Church 😀

  8. This twat should look in his big book of fairytales – lots of justification for slavery in there.

    16 noms? Will no-one rid me of this turbulent priest?

    Freedom for East Anglia.

    • This is a complete aside, but looking at your avatar picture, I remember meeting John Wark when I were a lad when he was at Liverpool. He took the time to talk to me and give me an autograph whilst he was on the phone. Thoroughly nice bloke and top player. Sorry, back to calling Justin Welby ‘just Jimmy Savile in a pointy hat’.

  9. There must be something in the (holy) water that addles the brains of these old cunts. Welby’s predecessor, Rowan Williams, advocated introducing Sharia Law in the UK. Fuck off, Rowan, and fuck off, Justin, you pair of dozy, woke cunts! You don’t speak for me or millions like me!

  10. These cunts have to much time on their hands to “ponder” things…Take the fuckin frock off, stop kiddy fiddling and get a proper 9-5 job

  11. Didn’t this cunt work in the oil business before God’s light shone on him? I bet he spent a lot of time in the Middle East among his Peaceful friends.

    “Mister mister….you wanna fuck my sister, very cheap?……ok…you wanna fuck my brother?”

    I wonder if he knows Randy Andy?

  12. Religion is a cunt. Welby is a cunt. All Clerics of all Religions are cunts.
    But Welby is more than a routine run of the Mill cunt. He’s a hypocritical cunt!
    To take a fat Salary, and preach what you yourself do not believe in, is the worst type of cunt. The man has no belief in his own teachings and religion and needs to shut the fuck up.
    Slavery was a desirable factor in the wealth of all Religions. Churches and Mosques all benefitted enormously from the profits of slavery, and his Lordships gilt edged Pension Pot is based upon a Historical fund from which he will eventually benefit.
    Cancel the churches and pull down the Cathedrals if you are sincere. But he isn’t

    The man iis a cunt of the highest order.

    • These virtuous cunts can’t be like this all day!
      They must do it like having a shit, 5 minutes in the morning curling one out then the next 23 hours for unfettered debauchary..a true twat

  13. Want to make a difference Justin? Lobby parliament about religious institutions should not be exempt from paying tax, and lead by example by registering the CofE as a business, like they all should be.
    Then you might have some legitimacy when you call out Amazon and others for not paying their share.
    While we’re at it, why don’t you sell off a few gold hats and furniture and donate the proceeds to the poor sods in Ukraine.
    You cunts.

    • The church itself shouldn’t be a business. However if they sell stuff and have business investments they should have to pay corporation tax on that. Not through donations, that would be a charity cause.

  14. From the article: “Imagine what it is to go into a place of worship to look up and to see a monument to someone who was a party to the enslavement of your ancestors,” said Lord Boateng.

    Strangely, I couldn’t agree more. A reckoning with the Norman occupation is long overdue. But where to start Mr Welby?

    • We can start with the Romans, the greasy wop cunts. You can bet Welby’s ancestors had their tongues firmly up their bums while we slaved away cleaning out their fancy shithouses.
      What did the fucking Romans ever do for us?

  15. It won’t be long before he gets into bed with the peacefuls and announces the move to Chrislam. Good luck with the woke and alphabet soup brigade after that’merge’!

  16. Welby is the epitome of simpering ninnydom, and should do the decent thing by fucking off.

    Afternoon all.

  17. ‘ It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven ‘ Matthew 19:24.
    See you in Hell, Justin.
    Get To Fuck.

    • JTC@ – Afternoon Jack – that’s the one! Boring historic fact, camels were used as transport and were loaded up with goods on the sides, when entering a City the camels were unloaded as they could not get through the specifically constructed entrance with the goods in situ, the needle eye was what the trader went through at the side – nobody could pull a fast one by hiding goods and not paying a tithe on them.
      Shifty no good tax dodging A rabs..

  18. Oi Welby. Instead of grandstanding about slavery hundreds of years ago why dont you pull your finger put of your arse and condemn the slaughter and genocide of Christians going on right now all over the middle east, you useless cunt.

  19. Justin isn’t a name that inspires confidence, it’s a wishy washy name given too timid children who hide in their mothers skirt folds.

    • A few Justins just in off the top of my head: Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Justin Trudeau, Justin Fashanu, Justin Hayward, Justin ItfortheMoney etc.

      • Justin Martyr the great early Christian apologist Mr Polly?.You forgot. But I will overlook it.

      • Apols Miles. St Justin the Martyr is the patron saint of philosophers which in my book makes him the patron saint of all of us ISACers.

    • It’s also given to someone with a 1/2 inch nudger. That would ruin anyone’s confidence, owning a small holding that small!

  20. Oh he is having an off day again. Oh well, can always go home put your feet up and have his partner ram his slong up his backside.

    • …it’s Welby.
      Has the cunt said anything condemning the Russki invasion, or is he scared of getting something nasty smeared on his knob?

      • I agree with him not saying anything about anything apart from gay numbers ruining humanity. He is pro everything. The guy is a complete plant in my eyes.

    • His photo looks like it should be below the headline

      “Serial child rapist guilty!!”

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