Barrowford Primary School

Barrowford Primary School, Lancashire has decided to ban meat… permanently!

In a letter to parents last week, head indoctrinator Rachel Tomlinson said she had made the decision to “stop climate change”. She highlighted that the livestock industry has a huge carbon footprint and that meat and dairy products “come at a huge environmental cost”. The letter concluded: “If you still want to send packed lunches, could you please consider meat-free options to further support us in doing our bit to reduce carbon emissions as a school community?”

Fuck off.

Okay…. so not content with indoctrinating our children with woke lefty nonsense and forcing them wear masks, they now want to deprive them of a healthy, balanced diet, do they?

Kids growing up today will make the soppy millennial generation and Gen Z appear lions by comparison.

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With additional (unsubstantiated) factoids provided by: Get Fucked Woke Cunts

and Rachel Tomlinson is fully aware of course that lefty woe meat free tofu has over 40x the carbon footprint of pork? Along with Nutella which is 50% palm oil poisoning children and killing orangutans and contributing to massive rainforest deforestation. Thick dappy retarded cretinous woke jump on the bus retard. Cunt

60 thoughts on “Barrowford Primary School

  1. She’s overstepped the boundaries.
    Where is the freedom of choice?
    If I were a school governor I’d be wanting her sacked.
    These are not the values we should be teaching, not at all.
    And! It seems like her school is a hatchery for budding psychopaths.

  2. I bet her house is full of cheap clothes and goods from the East and her fridge full of air miles Avocado etc. Stupid cow.

    • The dozy hippy bitch.
      Shed been our teacher wed of demanded dinner money for the chippy.

      Were wed of eaten spam fritters’and chips n gravy.
      Good healthy food.

      If she refused?
      wed of shaved her head and given her a terminal wedgie,
      Flushed her head in the bogs and stolen her handbag.
      Wed of eaten this woke twat alive.

  3. How do these shit heads get away with it?
    Force feed the cow with pigs cocks.

  4. These bastards really take the piss, this type of shite should be buried in slurry along with the followers of this pathetic cult.

  5. I’m a headteacher and it’s people like this twat that make me incandescent with rage. It’s lefty bollox and self gratification. Also my teaching assistants and staff wear jackets and look smart, even my cleaner dresses better than this fat tub of lard. My kids eat a proper cooked meal every day with meat or meat free options.
    We are all not mongs like her. My kids are resilient and ready for the real world.

  6. She’s made that all up to cover herself for devouring all the meat herself by the look of the fat piece of shit.

  7. If she only eats veggies then she must be grazing all day to get to that super size.

    Or she is a lying piece of work that you might find on the off chance slobbering over a Big Mac when she thinks no one is looking, either way not exactly a healthy example to the kids is she.

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