The Pope (7) Wants More Kids

The Pope, again.
I wish this cunt would shut the fuck up and fuck the fuck off.

Today’s papal pissboiler? He wants everyone to stop having pets and have kids instead.
The cunt doesn’t care if you can afford them, house them, feed them, school them, just get out and make some kids. He thinks cunts like me are selfish for not having children, which I personally think is a responsible thing to do in an overcrowded, increasingly dangerous and uncertain world we currently inhabit.

Also, I’m thinking of the planet, with its dwindling resources and climate issues.
Unfortunately, the Pope gives zero fucks for these issues, all this cunt wants are more retards to fleece for cash, gold furniture and clothing doesn’t buy itself, and more kids to tempt his employees.

Sadly, many of those suffering from Catholicism will go out and heed his words, and in a year or two there will be another famine, another civil war, another refugee crisis, and the old prick will have something else to pontificate about.

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101 thoughts on “The Pope (7) Wants More Kids

  1. Who is going to take notice of this cunt? Latin America for a start. They’ll be straight on the nest, banging away for the Vatican. Not many peaceful fuckers there, just cafferlicks, where they live in peace and prosperity, with no crime or hunger, and there are queues at the border of people desperate to go there, so they too can live the dream.
    That’s the thing about religious people, if they can’t find people from a different religion to kill, they will gladly murder their own.
    Cheers popey, I hope you choke on that baby’s wooden cock.

    • Those “world indexes” are not sacrosanct, not perfect, but they give a better picture of what those countries are like better than the bullshit media articles and images give you. If your opinion/view of a country is based on what you read, saw in the papers, TV news and Hollywood movies, then you’re an semi-ignorant person, aren’t you? You need to go live in a country for a couple of years to see what it is really like. I’,m sure that if all people in America ever saw of Scotland was footage of Motherwell on a Saturday night with people going mental, then the Yanks wouldn’t come here in droves to see the hills, rivers, castles, golf courses, etc.

      Same with Columbia and Mexico. All we ever hear and see is cocaine cartels, cocaine documentaries, movies about cocaine, heids chopped off. But in reality, those countries are gorgeous places with happy, chilled out but hard-working people. That’s another horrible stereotype: the lazy Mexican. Those people work hard as fuck then have a few beers, have a family outdoor party, dance, sing, shag. What do we do? Eat our suppers in separate rooms, moan, phone in sick over nothing.

      Media has a very bad effect on us. Countries with low media output, have very apolitical cultures, focus on family and know when and how to truly relax tend to be very happy communities. Our obsession with media in our “developed” countries and our frenzy to make money and , “get ahead” is what kills our joy. These folks in small, poor countries or regions of bigger countries know how to live and love better than we do. Britain is a miserable fucking place where too many (not all) people are too lazy to improve their communities, cultures, councils. They are all over the internet blaming, “the fucking immigrants, Muslims, LGBT,” etc. It’s not as cut and dry as that. It all starts with YOU the individual making an effort to improve your area, city, country.

      Moaning alone doesn’t solve anything.

      Anyway, here’s the greatest living comedian, Doug Stanhope…

      (3 mins)

      • That was a party political broadcast, on behalf of the “Rose Tinted Spectacles” Party🇬🇧

      • LOL! Nah, I just have better knowledge and experience than the shite they show you in the mass media. I’ve honestly never encountered a nasty non-white person in my life. All the horrible cunts I’ve had the misfortune to grok in my life have been white Scottish. I’ve never even met a horrible cunt Englishman/woman. They exist, but I’ve never met them in the flesh. You can travel the world for years and never met a truly nasty specimen, bu then you fly home to your own manor and within a few hours you’re being ear-raped by a screeching spastic psycho-munter.

        Most people are harmless, nice, friendly. But the media filters those 99.999% out and presents you with the worst of the worst, most violent, most desperate, most inarticulate, worst dressed, craziest motherfuckers because that’s what voyeurism is all about, what sells, what sticks in the memory.

        We – you and I, all of us – make our own realities, not the media, not the government. Or we used to, then mass media and social apathy kicked in around the 1980s and now we have a moribund, lazy general society, slob culture, imported from America and reinforced daily through the media, especially the internet. A generation of kids are growing up now with no adequate vision of where we are or where we are heading and if it is all worth it. That’s a dying people, folks. That’s a land ripe for the taking. Violence won’t solve anything in this country, we haven’t used mass violence within this country in over 300 years, that DNA is switched off these days. We just need to stop being lazy and out-culture the other shit cultures!

    • Big G must have told them, dress your hair in ringlets like your sister, wear ankle swingers with white socks, borrow a hat thats too big for your dad and suck a baby dick everyday…oi vey

  2. Argies should stick to what they’re good at, namely
    The Tango
    Harbouring Nazi war criminals
    Losing wars over a pile of penguin guano
    Handling the ball into the net

    Frock-wearing, Friday fish munching gaucho.

  3. with coof closing down the churches the priests are running out of alter boys to molest

  4. If they want fresh children to indoctrinate, why don’t the priests go to where they usually go? That huge warehouse that doubles as a place for illicit sex and brown love with choir boys:

    Boys ‘R’ Us.

  5. According to this cunt, the Lord said “Go forth and multiply”, so that’s what we’re supposed to do, spend our lives churning kids out. Masturbation is sinful because it’s non-productive and menstruation is sinful because women should be having back-to-back pregnancies as long as they’re physically capable. Does anyone in their right mind believe this shit?

  6. He’s Pope-eye the Pontiff man
    Wasting good spunk he’ll ban
    He’s no fan of frigging
    He wants us deep dicking
    He’s Pope-eye the Pontiff man
    Toot toot

    He wants more cat-licks, cause His-lambs are moving in.

  7. “Go forth and multiply “ for what and whose end , el papa

    Only cunts run and ruin the world
    We little lambs are now being asked to make up the numbers
    Fucck off with your arms race of humanity because if you didn’t need us you certainly wouldn’t be asking .
    it’s well and truly fucked currently with division created by cunt manipulation of click bate and 30 second slots.
    I couldn’t care less anymore because it’s always the cunts that ruin things that suddenly need everyone’s help, like they cared so much before the absolute cunts that they will always be
    You fucked up “Privileged Man” and fuck off if you think I’m helping you out this time ,you cunt and always will be a cunt

  8. Perhaps he’s running low on child blood in the Vatican’s private bank. Pope Innocent VIII was keen on the stuff.

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