The Pope (7) Wants More Kids

The Pope, again.
I wish this cunt would shut the fuck up and fuck the fuck off.

Today’s papal pissboiler? He wants everyone to stop having pets and have kids instead.
The cunt doesn’t care if you can afford them, house them, feed them, school them, just get out and make some kids. He thinks cunts like me are selfish for not having children, which I personally think is a responsible thing to do in an overcrowded, increasingly dangerous and uncertain world we currently inhabit.

Also, I’m thinking of the planet, with its dwindling resources and climate issues.
Unfortunately, the Pope gives zero fucks for these issues, all this cunt wants are more retards to fleece for cash, gold furniture and clothing doesn’t buy itself, and more kids to tempt his employees.

Sadly, many of those suffering from Catholicism will go out and heed his words, and in a year or two there will be another famine, another civil war, another refugee crisis, and the old prick will have something else to pontificate about.

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101 thoughts on “The Pope (7) Wants More Kids

  1. Tell the cunt to pay for them then.
    And given the behaviour of some “Men of the cloth” what sane parent would listen to these fucking deviants?
    Carry on doing what you do best Popey boy – charging people money for believing in fairy stories, making people feel guilty for the sin of being alive and covering up the widespread sexual assaults on children by members of the Catholic Church.
    The “House of God” has no walls but the salesmen always live in a nice place.

  2. Hey wants more kids like i want more bints with very big tits. Im guessing for the exact same reasons. Fuck off you delusional cunt.

  3. Whats he doing in that picture?
    Bobbing for apples?

    Its alright for rich cunts like him!
    Kids are expensive!
    Anyway he hasn’t got any!
    Must be firing blanks?
    Or hes a jaffa.

    Ive two kids, our Chardonnay and our Wayne .
    Cost me a fuckin fortune over the years!
    But was it worth it?

    Was it fuck .

    Get a Akita much more value for money.

    • MNC@ – A weird one – Catholic Priests etc cannot have a relationship with a Woman, and they wonder why foul sexual deviants gravitate to the job?
      Every part of Catholicism is just wrong – we can’t have kids but those who can’t afford kids need to have loads – WTF?
      Off now before MP starts whacking me with a ruler – I have seen The Blues Brothers! 😀🏃‍♂️

      • Perhaps Pope Adolf IX is just angry because pets can’t be brainwashed to believe in an almighty being in the sky. So many devil-dodgers died of the Covid because they thought gOD would save them. Consequently, the church has to find new people to brainwash although that’s no good if people are adopting cats or snakes.

  4. You could argue the ‘Great Replacement’ is happening because were not listening to the Pope.

    There are no such problems with Islamics and Jews and their birthrate.

    What with abortion and contraception rife in the white Protestant and nominally Cathilic countrues the birthrate is pathetically low.

    That supposedly good Catholic country where the Pope lives Italy has had an alarmingly decreasing birthrate for many years now. The only growth comes from illegal immigrants.

    Mostly of course Muslim.

    • MP@ – Miles, you are a good sort and a Man of faith – power to you I say!
      But faith is either something you have or something you don’t – there are days where I would love the idea of behaving yourself and doing the right thing for 80 miserable years of life if the reward was an eternity in Heaven – but I get the feeling that St Peter will be chasing me away from the gates shouting “You’ve already been thrown out once – now for the last time fk off back to Hades”! 😀

    • There are certainly more Muslims worldwide than Catholics.

      But many more Christians than Muslims.

      Jews barely get a look in.

      2.38 billion Christians (31.11% wp)
      1.9 billion Muslims (24.9 % wp)
      1.3 billion Catholics (17.7% wp)
      15.2 million Jews (0.19% wp)

    • Quite right,Miles…The Pope can see what is looming… the Coming of The Antichrist… a Muslim Antichrist who will herald The End of Days unless a Crusader Army ( led by Jesus) is bred to save us.

      PS….I wouldn’t bother about The Jews too much…. I expect Jesus still bears them a grudge and will get his revenge in early.

    • I’m in agreement with you Miles, it seems we are responsible for our own demise. Muzzers don’t give a fuck, they have loads of mini Mo’s. The wife/s don’t work, so they can have loads, not so sure even the husbands work, the cunts.

      • all paid for by the white man’s benefits. Benefits were never meant to be for breeding pakis.

      • I’m never sure how the blokes manage the enthusiasm to get it up so often, seeing as how the women are usually fat as fuck and twice as ugly.

      • The indigenous (generally non practicing Christian European) taxpayers, contributing to the burgeoning numbers of peaceful offspring is a peculiar case of mass cuckoldry.

        A lot of white couples are, or appear to be often both working with one, or possibly two offspring.

        Most peaceful – specifically Parking Stanley females, don’t work and instead, breed like bacteria.

        Plus these offspring tend to be heavily over represented in the birth defect department as well.
        Thanks to inbreeding.
        Further draining the system.

        Diversity is our strength.

  5. Excellent choice of header picture admin, seeing the cunt going down on the training aid made my Christmas day!

  6. I had three kids in my early twenties. Iv got eight grandkids and am hoping that by the time I’m sixty il have great grandkids and by the time I die il have great great grandkids. All that life just because of me.

  7. Now let me see, the Catholic Clergy and small children….I can’t see any issues her at all, none whatsoever.

    • Exactly. If you did have children, why would you want to tell the leader of Planet Earth ‘s most prolific pædo group?

  8. Adored by millions,
    Resplendent in white gown…
    But enough about Elvis,
    What about the pope?

    I don’t mind anyone having religious faith,
    Or the pope talking about spiritual matters .
    Its when he tries to address stuff he knows fuck all about.

    Over population is the biggest humanitarian and ecological disaster facing us!

    He should be calling for a crusade against the moors not telling everyone to fuck without johnnies on!

    Hes off his fuckin nut.

  9. I’d love to comment but that would be an ecumenical matter.

  10. Not being rude but I refuse to take relationship advice off Frank,
    Hes never had a girlfriend
    Swans around in a frock
    And doesn’t have kids himself.

    When he finally starts dating and has a couple of kids I might listen*.

    *Not a chance.

  11. I’m almost a god, I cannot turn water into wine yet, but I can turn a bottle of wine into piss water. All KNEEL BEFORE ME, FORE BLESSED ARE THE CUNTERS.

  12. He also said getting the covid jab was a moral obligation… from within his private city-state fortress, adorned with fine art and golden furniture.

    Yeah. Right. Mind your own business you jesuit cunt.

    How about a moral inquisition aimed at that temple of global pillaging and nõncery? Jesus would shit on your doorstep for sure.

  13. I sometimes wish I was one of the Fishfryers and could go in the confessional and tell the cunt all my sinful and hateful thoughts. From Carole Vordeman to Blair and Jellyfish…..that would shake him up a bit every week.
    I have no prejudices when it comes to religion…….they are all weak minded, gullible wankstains easily manipulated by evil cunts. The Pope is nothing but a witch doctor……and probably eats da poo poo.

  14. I think he’s taken a kickback from the Cute Mongrel For Lockdown industry. Round my way you can’t move for these Instagram-ready furbabies (ugh) attached to twats by their Trip-U-Up extending leads.

    Worth a separate cunting, in fact. The rescue dog places used to be full of mongrels nobody wanted. Nowadays they are full of expensive mongrels nobody wants since the owners had to go back to work; cockapoos, labradoodles, whimsiweilers (I made that one up) and pitzhus (that one, too. Perhaps)
    We need a Papal Bullmastiff, say I.

    • oh yes, aren’t I sick of hearing “oh yes, he’s a coclerpoo/laberdoodle/whatever”. I usually say, “oh yes, he’s a mongrel then”. We have always had dogs, and we lost our collie during the lockdown. Waited a while, then looked for another rescue dog – no collies about, so we had a Romanian. I don’t see why we should have all their strays, but he’s a lovely boy and he’s a great dog. I knew the shelters would end up getting full of unwanted dogs. General public are stupid cunts.

  15. I think he may be hoping to influence White persons as he can surely see that they are an endangered variety of human. The birth rates of all the darker varieties is awesome.

  16. Our Alien overlord caretakers will arrive soon, so will explain all this worldwide woke fuckery, for peace be to all freaks and deviants.

    If we havn’t stopped all human conflict, they will eat us. hence the desperate push of the woke agenda.

  17. Given what I see locally, we do need more white, English families to have kids (not the scrotes, obviously). We are being out-bred by the pakis, dark keys and dooshkas. Come on ladies, get breeding.

  18. Can a baby find people after an earthquake?
    Can a baby sniff out drugs from a South American at Heathrow?
    Can a baby catch a frisbee in its teeth?
    Can a baby lick its balls then chase its tail, and still bark at nothing for half an hour?

    Pets, especially dogs, are far too intelligent to base their life around a fairy tale.

    • Yes.
      I was born with a full set of teeth.
      All boys are in my family.
      So could catch a frisbee!
      And could lick my balls and chase my tail,
      Still can .
      Not the other stuff though…

  19. Penny has finally dropped, we’re being outbred by the Muslim. Catch up time,, right lads shag the bibby’s , as an ex ww2 squaddy I used to work with said….👍

  20. The last thing the Catholic Church needs is more children! Or are they running out? After all. wearing a floor length Black Dress and chasing choir boys is Man’s work!

  21. Imagine there still being people who listen to what the fucking POPE has to say? No Pope has ever said anything of value, just banal homilies, idiotic edicts and defending child rapists. Beat it, fish-heid.

  22. Mormons and filthy carpet kissers can have a few wives.

    Catholics get a ‘get out of jail free’ card by confession.

    Buddhists get to be slobs and laze about as meditation.

    Wiccans get to dance round bonfires with no undercrackers on.

    Every religion has its bonuses.

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